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Chinh Khi Viet
(Joseph Pham)


Former CIA Colonel Andre Sauvageot (right) chats with former Deputy Prime Minister Vũ Khoan on the celebration ceremony of the 10th year of U.S. – Vietnam Bilateral Trade Agreement  (2001-2011) Photo: NVCC

On the on-line state-sponsored paper of the Communist there is an article of state-run writer Ngọc Thọ which reports his discussion with former CIA colonel Andre Sauvageot.

If you are interested in this ariticle please read the whole text by writer Ngọc Thọ which was published in Dân Việt paper under the following link:

After reading the whole article there are many issues which need to be “corrected”. Because Andre Sauvageot, former CIA colonel, obtained very much inaccurate information. The truthfullness of Andre Sauvageot’s information does not exist at a minimum acceptable level.


Note 1: The hat on Sauvageot’s head was in red color with yellow star on it. This is the symbol of the Vietnamese communists  which represents its illegitimate and illegal governing authority. Because the flag of the Vietnamese communist party has a red background and the yellow hammer and sickle which is also the flag of Soviet Russia’s government flag. Under the yellow star on his hat is the word “Việt Nam”.


This is the first nonsense, bullshit of Sauvageot’s hat which is always carried around on his head. Question: Has Former CIA colonel Andre Sauvageot been aware of the national flag of the Republic of Vietnam which is consisted of yellow background and 3 red horizontal stripes upon which Andre Sauvageot was assigned to the Republic of Vietnam to serve and fight during the Vietnam War  in his position as  a “top political tool” of the American government which was a closest ally of the Republic of Vietnam. The yellow flag of the Republic of Vietnam has been flown high everywhere and also in the open sky of the United States. This flag has been solemnly recognized by a number of state governments in America, if not to say almost all states in the U.S. have recognized this yellow flag as an offical nationalist symbol of Vietnam.


Therefore, the unclear representation of Andre Sauvageot when he only shows the word “Việt Nam” demonstrates that he is a mostly reckless former American high ranking CIA offical. It should say on his red hat “The Socialist Republic of Việt Nam” instead of Việt Nam. But if one wishes to be more precise to describe accurately the daily horrified realities in Việt Nam which happen every minute and every second in Việt Nam now then Sauvageot should wear a hat whose logo should be “Socialist Republic of cheating and brutal...Việt Nam”.  Because the red flag with yellow star is the flag of a local province, Phúc Kiến, in China. And the red flag embedded with a hammer and a sickle is the flag of Russia and its three international communists which were trained and under the leadership of Russia. While the flag with yellow background and 3 red horizontal stripes have been long recognized for thousands of years as the national flag of Việt Nam and of the Vietnamese nationalist people.    


This is the excerpt of Andre’s statement to state-run writer Ngọc Thọ:

I would like to request your permission to call you (my) “comrade” because only comrades do not differentiate or discriminate gender, age, rich or poor, social status or social class. I like to call you “comrade” due to the great equality or equal status  between us. And all Vietnamese people whom I meet I call them “comrade”  (sic).


1/ Are there social classes of people in Viet Nam? Or if without using the word “social class” then Andre has admitted that there are different classes of people in a concrete society: For example, in Viet Nam there are a  class of members of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV), class of the rich, class of children of the powerful members of the communist Party, etc. This differentiation has been created, endorsed and used by the party members and the red communist special force members. The rest of people are plant workers and workers… of other trades which have been recognized by the Communist General Confederation of Labor and the peasants under the Farmers Association, etc .

Again, Andre Sauvageot has demonstrated that his knowledge about Vietnamese communists, Vietnamese nationalists and the Republic of Việt Nam is very shallow.


2/ But when Andre stated: "I like to call you comrade because of our equality. And everybody I meet I call all of them comrades (sic) .

His statement tries to show “humility” by a foreigner who loves the people and the fatherland of Vietnam very much. But his unskillful “make to believe” expression has unmasked himself. Because until now, Vietnam under the complete control of the Communist Party of Việt Nam (CPV)  then the society has been clearly and deeply divided into many different classes of people. This division is explicitly confirmed in the Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Therefore, how can Andre Sauvageot be a “comrade”  of the ruling communists and at same time he is also a comrade of the oppressed victims of the communists.

The author of this article cannot fully understand Sauvageot’s statements and his knowledge about Việt Nam and its political environments.  Which character and (hidden) political role is Andre playing in the (corrupted) political plays in Vietnam?


Note 2: In the scenario of exchanging ideas between Andre Sauvageot and writer Ngọc Thọ, Andre said:” Through my trips and via meetings with Vietnamese people my Vietnamese language vocabularies obviously have been improved significantly. The former Republic of Vietnam’s radio stations only broadcast  valueless entertaining programs to the urbanese people in cities. Then, I secretely listened to the radio broadcast programs of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam – SRVN. I routinely listened to these programs and I had great favor with a number of anchors in North Vietnam such as Kim Cúc, Việt Khoa, Kiên Cường...”


It was wrongly assumed that a high ranking CIA official as Andre Sauvageot who listened to the “radio programs” of his enemy to obtain, analyze and thoroughly put his enemy’s information  into good use against their enemy. But it turned out Sauvageot only paid his close attention to the soft, attractive voice of Kim Cúc, Việt Khoa, Kiên Cường...It is not surprised that in more than half of the 19th century Americans was still blind about the Vietnamese Communists. In fact, such irresponsible working style did permit terrorists Taliban, Al Queda to attack New York right on the U.S. soil in the 9/11 historic event while American responsible authorities were not fully informed and unable to obtain reliable intellegence information about the attackers before their deadly 9/11 attack.  It was probably that those American responsible agents only paid attention to the (luring, sexy) voices of those terrorists and did not pay attention to the contents of their exchanging dangerous, top secret information. That is a really a very sad truth.


Note 3: Andre Sauvageot also told state-controlled writer Ngọc Thọ:  "I still remembered in the specialized area of Agriculture – Peasants there were a number of slogans and themes by President Hồ Chí Minh such as “Rice fields are battle fields, hoes and plows are weapons, peasants are soldiers, support areas compete with front lines  of battles” or “Cooperative production units are homes, members are owners”. And in section “Good people, good work” there were other themes “Each good person, each good work is a beautiful flower, our People is a giant forest of extra beautiful flowers” or “Workers compete workers, production sector competes other sectors, then we will definitely win the War and enemies must be defeated  (sic)

In these statements Andre Sauvageot portrays himself in his very poor image. He badly has smeared out the worst representation of CIA in which many supervisory officials and agents are well known and highly appreciated over the world in both positive and negative aspects in their covert operations. Andre has not understood that Hồ Chí Minh’s such slogans meant to seriously mislead the peasants. That was his policy to cheat honest peasants in the beginning phase before the “Land Reform Revolution” campaign of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV).  And after extremely bloody “Land Reform Revolution” executions those Vietnamese peasants, even the most honest peasants were all much more intelligent than Andre, a dozen of times. Because they understood when Hồ Chí Minh said: "Rice fields are battle fields, hoes and plows are weapons, peasants are soldiers, back ends competes with front lines in battle fields” then it meant Hồ Chí Minh and his members of the Communist Party of Vietnam wanted those peasants were only authorized to laboriously use “picks and hoes” to do their agricultural work and cultivate in a style that they needed to work so hard to produce and sacrifice themselves until their last breath to be nominated as (agricultural) “soldiers”. And the peasants’ duties were similar to the soldiers in the front lines of the battles. In short, peasants under Hồ Chí Minh’s guidelines and leadership which was quoted by Andre Sauvageot, the CIA top boss, were only agriculture slaves and soldiers who were hired fighters at super low wages. It is noted that right now in many localities, the party chiefs have still enforced peasants and citizens to follow Hồ Chí Minh’s symbolic examples and standards. Therefore, in many places peasants currently have to pull along their backs cultivating plows as hard working buffaloes. And in many places, children at 8, 9 years of age have to work outside in the fields to spray out rice seeds and sow down young rice into the vast areas of soil which are full of water and mud.

Followings are some photos to be introduced  to Andre Sauvageot, former CIA colonel, so he can be helped to be less nearsighted after more than half of a century of his complete blindness.

Children at very young ages have to work so hard to help their parents feed and earn their livings

Buffaloes and peasants are definitely in “equal social and economic status” as CIA Colonel Andre Sauvageot confirmed.

Peasants are pulling hard those blunt plows to prepare land before sowing rice seeds.
(Dân Việt Paper): Former CIA Colonel Andre Sauvageot:” I like to call you (my) comrade”
Speaking almost perfect Vietnamese language (but may be shallow in meanings)Sauvageot always calls people whom he meets and chats with as “comrade”, and when going out he only wears a hat which is embroidered with a  5-pointed yellow star with the word Việt Nam and he wears a shirt which is imprinted with red flag and a symbol of hammer and sickle on it. 
Note 4: Sauvageot also quoted Ho Chi Minh’s another slogan:”Cooperative production units are homes, members are owners” (sic)
A CIA colonel, whose wife is a Vietnamese woman, Sauvageot speaks perfect Vietnamese language as a Vietnamese communist cadre. But he completely has  not understood the truly controversial meaning of Hồ Chí Minh’s slogans or statements. It is a matter of luck that members of the Poli Bureau of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) do understand that meaning. Or Members of the Committees of Politics would understand what Hồ really meant between his lines. And that is the last step of the Communist Party of Vietnam in which all peasants were “completely stripped off” all of their properties ownership and were transformed into red slaves to Russia and China. And this challenging assignment was assigned and/ or delegated to the CPV. The reason was that Russia and China meant to hide up well their cruel face of brokers/ owners of international slaves.
In fact, the author of this article does not need to discuss much more about Andre Sauvageot because his political position has been clearly determined via his dialogues with state-run writer Ngọc Thọ. Therefore, no matter what with futher discusion those are only like “water pouring on (Sauvageot’s)…super intelligent ducks’heads” which become slippery with no water/ education absorption Because his eyes, brain and heart are completely identical with his Vietnamese comrades, writer Ngọc Thọ.
The fact that the author of this article wants to clearly write up here to culturalize the Vietnamese communists, in general, and also to help the younger generations who do not have truthful and accurate history materials to study and understand the authentic history of Vietnam. Because this history has been badly changed and maliciously rewritten by the communists. That is one of many steps the communists use to setup so the younger Vietnamese will not understand the CPV’s political strategies to “enslave” Vietnam and Vietnamese People. It means the “ Money-driven power groups” have been thirsty to  enslave Vietnamese people who have been transformed from human beings into special types of merchandise. They are called “special merchandise” because these types of special merchandise is the main human resource to create other types of merchandise in the world and is promisingly to create other new merchandise which have produced dollars and more dollars for the CPV and its members, Vietnamese communistsOh, my God !
The national policy “Land Reform in the First Republic of Vietnam in South Vietnam were superbly successful. It was under the leadership of extremely bright and intelligent, yet so ETHICAL President Ngô Đình Diệm. It was to provide properties to Vietnamese peasants and fully support them so they can have assistance to mechanize their agricultural production and at same time they could find good opportunities to integrate themselves into the mechanizing process of the society as a whole. This policy was designed and implemented by the late President Ngô Đình Diệm. That national policy also was aimed to narrow the gaps between cities and country sides. And that was also the first prerequisite to achieve equality to all classes of citizens in the Republic of Vietnam. To the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV), its nature is cheating and brutal communists. They were recruited, trained and fed by the Soviet Union to expand the red communist colonial territory as fast as they can. Therefore, Vietnam society has been increasingly unequal which create many “favorable” situations for the communists to widen the gaps between Vietnamese people, and in general people of the three nations of Indochina to become red slaves (Eventually, later on, China has become an extra force to join force with Soviet Union).  
The illegitimate, cold-blood Vietnamese communists before 1975 had bragged out loud that in the Northern Socialist Republic of Vietnam there was no unemployment issue. The reason was in any enslaving society there is no umployment. Because slaves are used by the owners any time they want, depending upon the needs of the owners, therefore there is no unemployment problem. For example, an intellectual slave works by his brain. But in some occasions depending on the demand of the owner or for some trivial reasons then slaves can be forced to become working as enslaving agricultural slaves, or  slaving military personell, or slaving workers. Concrete examples: Professor Trần Đức Thảo was reassigned to Ba Vì mountain to raise cows and buffalos, some other intellectuals were forced to work as laborers, linguist Cao Xuân Hạo was forced to work as janitor at the University of Hà Nội, talented music composer Văn Cao, poet Lê Đạt, etc. were assigned to work laboriously to build “Unification Park”.
It is surely that the Việt Nam/ Indochinese War was not a “proletariat revolution” and more than that it was not a “revolution of people liberation” as Hồ Ch Minh and his party  cheated the people of Vietnam to lead them into the war. In reality, that was only the war of the red Russian and Chinese colonists who wanted to seize back Indochina from the French colonists. 
After the French colonists had been expelled from Vietnam then the war revealed the betraying Communist Party of Vietnam and its political mechanism who wanted to spread wide and fast the red communism and colonialism into Indochina, specifically to South Vietnam, the territory of the Republic of Vietnam. This legitimate government Republic of Vietnam was solemnly and legally endorsed and recognized. When the First Republic was no longer in power, then the Second Republic was, in fact, became a loyal political tool of America. That war was analyzed by the author in his article “The Phantom War (Ref.: 2016/04/cuoc-chien-tranh-ma- quy.html)
1/ If the ultimate political goal was to acheive the best interests for the people and our father land Vietnam then there was no need to conduct the military strategy of  “scatter forces and people to fight” French enemies because Vietnam still had many favorable conditions to regain its dependence and liberty in the United League of France without a single drop of blood of soldiers and innocent people had been shed. This scenario was similarly to the other countries which had been sponsored and belonged to the United League of England. These countries in the United League of England have been still independent until now.
Hồ Chí Minh intentionally intiated and followed through his war strategy in order to seize political power and reinforce his administration by discarding and wiping out other people who did not shave his political views. And  he even killed his communist “comrades”. In Hồ’s letter in 1929 which he sent to Russian Ministry of Colonies (The Third International Communist) Hồ Chi Minh promised to destroy individuals and organizations which followed nationalism by labeling, smearing and secretely murdering these nationalist people.
Hồ especially assigned his cadres to infiltrate into these organizations’ leading/ managing levels to organize, persuade, set up traps...and eventually overthrew and seized the control power. He contrinued to lead these organizations to work under the communist leadership but he still used the previous organizations’ names to hide up his real communist identity with his ultimate goal to unite the patriots who loved their fatherland Vietnam and its Vietnamese people. Then Hồ and his group gradually and skillfully “reeducated” these followers towards the final communism ideology. It meant Hồ gradually “bolshervickerized” these followers as he had promised to his master communist Russia.
The notorious national traitor Hồ Chí Minh conducted his aggressive war against the Republic of Vietnam as he had promised to Russian master authorities. Concrete example:  After the Geneve Treaty of 1954, Vietnamese communist cadres in South Vietnam territory had been ordered to stay put temporarily in their secretly hiding places with no public actions to wait for further orders from the PoliBureau in the future.  These cardes were hid up real well under a new cover “Party of Revolutionary People of Vietnam”. Hồ installed prominent communist members  as well as the undercover members into this party such as Nguyễn Hữu Thọ, Thích Đôn Hậu, Tuần Chi, Huỳnh Tấn Phát, Nguyễn Văn Hiếu...Among these people there were also participants who were not communist party members but they had been “communist-oriented reeducated” to follow Hồ such as Lâm Văn Tết, Trương Như Tảng, deserted captain from the republic armed forces Phan Lạc Tuyên...At same time they also created other social organizations of the South such as labor unions, college students, intellectuals, religious groups ...In colleges there were  Huỳnh Tấn Mẫm, Lê Hiếu Đằng, Huỳnh Ngọc Chênh, brothers Hoàng Phủ Ngọc Tường, Hoàng Phủ Ngọc Phan, Tiêu Dao Bảo Cự, Nguyễn Đắc Xuân...In religious organizations/ churches  there were prominent religious leaders such as Thích Trí Quang, Thích Hộ  Giác, Thích Minh Châu, Thích Giác Đức...Al these leaders directly received instructions from Hồ Chí Minh via top communist commanders who were stationed in military santuaries on the soil of South Vietnam.  General nguyễn Chí Thanh, Polibureau Commissioner, Chairman of the General Political Warfare Office. But he already had infiltrated into and stationed his troops in South Vietnam. He was also the Secretary General of the Party of Vietnamese People Revolution. Along side with Nguyễn Chí Thanh, there were some other leaders such as Trần Độ, Đồng Sĩ Nguyên, Trần Văn Trà, Hoàng Cầm...A number of communist generals joined the “Provisional Revolutionary Government of the Republic of South Vietnam” (PRG) 
Major general Trần Lương, changed his name to Trần Nam Trung, and held the position of Minister of Defense, Lưu Hữu Phước under new name Huỳnh Minh Siêng , held Minister of Culture of the puppet government, Nguyễn Văn Dụng, Provincial Chief of Education of Thái Nguyên province, held position of Minister of Education of the so-called “Liberation government”.
2/ The war against the French which Hồ Chí Minh purposedly ignited in 1946 so he could create the slogan “scattering war” which relied on people’s patriotism who were willing to sacrifice themselves with own money and blood and die for the independence and liberty of their fatherland Vietnam.  Therefore, at that time many people from cities to the countryside people themselves set fire or destructed their own homes  in order to follow Hồ and his CPV. The war had not been fully burst out yet but many cities, provinces and villages have been burned down or flattened down to the ground.
It was the highly notorious national criminal Hồ Chí Minh who only shout out one single theme “Dispersescatter forces to fight enemy” then it triggered many patriots who themselves stripped off their own properties and belongings to follow Hồ.
When people had already became “fully proleteriats” (people with no properties)  then the fastest track to be transformed to permanent red slaves to Hồ Chí Minh and his criminal Communist party surely became a disastrious reality as already proven in the history of Vietnam.
So Hồ’s bombarding slogan “cooperative production units are homes, members are owners” must be clearly digested and fully understood. Is it true that the high ranking strategic intelligence official Andre Sauvageot has never been understood it? In the mean time, when peasants and workers, citizens were forced to join the cooperative production units then they were already more knowlegeable and smarter then Sauvageot, at many higher levels.  They immediately recognized they were not owners of those cooperative production units. The so-called “cooperative production units” were owned by a small group of communist cadres at the hamlet levels  (It means the CPV owns all those cooperative production units). The name “member” was only a flashy title which was painted real shiny outside to hide up the agricultural slavery fate of those member peasants whose hands and feet were completely stained with mud, dust and oil… all days long and all years round.
Therefore, Vietnamese peasants and plant workers... for almost a century of the horrific history of Vietnam have never admired and complimented Sauvageot’s favorite theme:”Cooperative production units are homes, its members are owners”. Therefore, when “Cooperative Production Units” were  born, Vietnamese peasants immediately sang out loud their two self-composed poetic verses to tactfully criticize Hồ and his parasite party as follows:
In past, lanlords hired  (peasants) to cultivate (land)
 Now, with uncle Hồ and the Party’s favor, peasants still cultivate the same land”
 Note 5: In writer Ngọc Thọ’s article, Andre Sauvageot’s compliment was quoted as follows:
“I mostly like the song “Our fight stretches out long along our country”  performed by singer Thu Hiền and “Nguyễn Viết Xuân, our whole country loves him” composed by Nguyễn Đức Toàn. The revolutionary side composed many fine and meaningful songs. I realize these songs provide strength, confidence and optimism to (fighting) peole”  (sic)

Andre Sauvageot, former CIA Colonel during the Vietnam War

1/ When discussing about the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) at this moment in 2016, 2017, the brain and two eyes of Andre Sauvageot appear to be existing but these of  these human organs of his appear to be dysfunctional and useless. Andre, please try to prove those Vietnamese communists and their Party have ever accomplished any “revolution” which made you have to bend down your back real low to the ground to admire and/ or worship them.
The national traitor Hồ, who sold off his people and his own fatherland was right when he called for “Proletariat Revolution”. But he only said so unclearly in half way in his vague meaning. But Vietnamese people after hearing Hồ’s statement ,  if they have normal brains and functional eyes then they should immediately understand that “proletariat revolution” means to strip off all properties of all Vietnamese citizens while the communist cadres, especially the supervisory and high ranking cadres and other members have been fully provided and secured with abundance of materialistic properties, special rights and privileges. Their bosses, Russia and China, were able to expand their red colonies throughout the three countries of Indochina as well as rights to use the new slaves in these countries who were orginally patriots but were misled by the CPV and other 2 commmunist parties of Laos and Cambodia. Until those people were able to revive themselves from that communist illusion then all of their properties and personal belongings had been permanently lost, their health got diminished, from country side to villages to cities, in their families all family bonds and cultural customs have been tarnished and destroyed by the communist parties. These heritages used to be built up by their ancestors for a long period of time, for many centuries, now disappeared and transformed to other ugly communist forms.

Being proficient in Vietnamese language and customs as complimented by state-run writer Ngọc Thọ, Sauvageot should  be able to recognize and understand these Vietnamese sayings and adages :”Selling far-reaching cousins to buy near neighbors”, “Bầu” (calabash), please love “ bí “ , your related vegetable, it is different in nature but it hangs on your same rack”,  “A sick horse makes the whole group of other horses don’t want to eat grass” . if Andre Sauvageot rejects al those Vietnamese traditional customs then he will definitely make Ngọc Thọ to be so shameful for his exaggerated comments about Sauvageot.

Referring to the song “Nguyễn Viết Xuân, the whole nation loves him”, does Andre know who Nguyễn Viết Xuân is?  Xuân belonged to a group of anti aircrafts aerial guns who led a team to guard and shoot down U.S. fighter jets. He loudly ordered “Aim directly to our American enemy to shoot”. Such logan was truthful or not or it was resembling to the fairy tale “Lê Văn Tám who fully soaked himself with gaoline and carried bombs to run fast into French ammunition warehouse? The technique of creating imaginary fighting stories to mobilize soldiers was an old fashioned trick in which everybody in Northern Vietnam have been all well learned and mocked around. It is much regretful that a high ranking officer in the U.S. Intelligence agency (CIA) has been so blind in all these aspects. If this holds true then it would be our much sympathy to the miserable U.S. and to CIA specifically.
It was because of learning the (fake) story of Nguyễn Đắc Xuân so the anti-aircraft aerial guns group shot down McCain’s fighter jet and “guerrilla militia” arrested and escorted McCain into Hà Nội Hilton (Hỏa Lò prison in Hà Nội). When Colonel Andre Sauvageot complimented Nguyễn Đắc Xuân did he remember many other American pilots who had been shot down by North Vietnamese forces , then these pilots either got perished or captured and were led away along the open streets and were heavily stoned and spit upon under inhuman arrangement of North Vietnamese authority?  But in this dirty scheme, northern authority has failed because the people did not completely comply with their artificial setups. But now, Sauvageot can proclaim he is a “comrade” of those communist authorities. The Vietnamese oppressed people are never Sauvageot’s “comrades”. Why does the author of this article come to that conclusion? The reason is the group of peole whom Sauvageot have contacted with all belong to the brutal ruling class such as Minister of Foreign  Affairs  Vũ Khắc Khoan, state-run writer Ngọc Thọ is also reminded that Ngọc Thọ’s article has been posted in two websites, one site is under President Trần Đại Quang, the other site is under Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc.  
Vietnamese communists regardless of being accepted and endorsed by Sauvageot as their “comrade” but they have never forgotten their enmity towards Americans. That hatred stems from the fact they are subordinates of Russia and China. So when their masters  are still against some other nations such as America…then they cannot overlook and lose track of their duty of “aiming accurately at their enemy to shoot”. A concrete evidence is worthy to note here. Communist Phạm Quang Nghị visited McCain in the U.S. and lumpenly gifted McCain a photo of Trúc Bạch lake which houses a headstone engraved with a note indicating McCain was shot down to this lake and captured as an American aggressive pilot who brutally had bombarded Vietnamese innocent people.
Note 7: Back to the previous section where Andre Sauvageot via Ngọc Thọ complimented Hồ Chí Minh in his popular mobilization call-out:” Everybody competes, all production sections compete, we will definitely win, enemies eventually must be defeated”  (sic)
Vietnamese people in North Vietnam at that time, even poorly educated and never going out to other countries or were exposed to other cultures, but they were alert enough not to be misled by Hồ Chí Minh’s bombarding statements, yet they were completely empty slogans. But until now, 2016, Andre is still embracing Hồ’s nonsense political tricks. An example: Suppressed people in North Vietnam at that time did not compete. If they competed then their production outputs had to be measurable by quantities and qualities of those products. But in the production/ refinement area of iron and steel in Thái Nguyên province, an important industrial area, the authority installed a brother of cold-blood leader Lê Đức Thọ to assume the position of Party Secretary of the iron and steel plant of Thái Nguyên. That was Major General Đinh Đức Thiện. He himself organized competitive goals and chose a “competitive soldier”, a stone breaker, of the whole province and also in that military zone to participate in a national contest. But somebody advised him something so then he declared the production standard of that “competitive soldier” was set as competing standard so everybody can strive their best to reach that production level requirement. And any worker who passed that standard would be finally awarded with cash. But immediately in the following day, that “competitive soldier” himself increased his production volume into the double.
Other workers were also able to pass the “competitive soldier” from 20% to 80%. Đinh Đức Thiện became real mad with these confusing reports so he quickly convened a general meeting which were comprised of all workers in the plant and loudly cursed out:”F. off you, the workers class”.  And leader Trường Chinh put a  big note in the documentary that said “The issue who wins whom must be brought up again and reassessedIt means the struggle between the ruling party and the suppressed people were fierce and in a tactful manner.  There were thousands of other examples that nobody competed in producing products and also fighting the enemies. But all kicked back, secretly damaged production machines and produced less quality products as their main focus. In the armed forces, if one mentioned about “competing in fighting” then why “B-Quay/ B-Deserted back to the North” prison was erected. It pertained to the soldiers who were dispatched to South Vietnam via central Trường Sơn mountains but they did not want to “Born North, Die South” to fight Americans so they deserted from their forces while in duty to walk back to North Vietnam. Another question to Sauvageot is: Ithe communist soldiers competed with others then why there were more than 300,000 of retreated cadres who were granted protection and benefits by the  government of the Republic of Vietnam. And many other Northern soldiers who tried to flee but was detected and secretly killed by Vietnamese communist armed force commanders. Also, if “competing” why many artillery and infantry soldiers were forced to consume stimulant medication before engaging in combats. Why were those soldiers tighly cuffed into ariel machine guns and military tanks before and during combats?
Note 8: It is not sure if Sauvageot has ever watched Hong Kong or Taiwanese movies? In many of those movies there is a popular statement:”If you do not speak, nobody ever says you are dumb. The reason Hong Kong and Taiwanese movies are referenced in here because not only Vietnamese people but many people have been taught:”If you understand the issues then make clear statements, it you don’t then please stay put and listen to other people”. It may mean: “If you do not fully understand the issues, then please….shut…(the f.) up”.
It was that Andre Sauvageot discussed with the state writer Ngọc Thọ concerning a topic which was discussed in 1970, in an article by Ngọc Thọ, in section of “Vietnamese communists are so brave”
Major General Nguyễn Ngọc Loan, Directorate General of National Police Forces, concurrently Director or National Armed Forces Intelligence, concurrently Director of National Intelligence Agency (The Republic of South Vietnam).
Innocent family members who were killed by Communist captain Bảy Lốp who was finally executed by General Loan at the battle field in Chợ Lớn during the Tết Offensive 1968
Original excerpt:
“According to Andre Sauvageot, in 1970, he particiapted in a CIA lab experiment created by CIA to a cadre of the Provisional Revolutionary Government of South Vietnam (PRG), who was captured by the Republic of Vietnam nationalist authority. The source information in which the Directorate General of Police/ Public Safety of Saigon authority at that time was that the female prisoner was a high ranking official of the PRG. Major general Nguyễn Ngọc Loan, Directorate General of Police, concurrently Director of Military Intelligence, also in charge of the National Central Intelligence Department (the General who directly aimed his pistol to communist captain Bảy Lốp’s temple to pull his pistol trigger)  himself tortured that female prisoner by burning to black her two hands but he could not extract any single piece of information from her.
Finally, Saigon government transfererd that communist female high ranking officer to CIA to experiment a new psychological interrogation technique. Concretely, CIA employed a humanistic interogation method by using excellent materialistically favorable treatments to persuade her, the suspect, to think over and quit her communist ideal.
CIA setup an environment so she resided in an extravaganza luxury mansion near the street which connects central Saigon with Tân Sơn Nhất international airport, provided her with servants and special services. On a daily basis, CIA agents who spoke fluent Vietnamese language, and was proficient in Marxism, Lenisim ideologies, came to visit her and engaged discussions with her. After a period of time, those CIA agents yielded no results so I (Andre Sauvageot) was invited to join interrogation team.  I talked to her. She talked back to me, but those were only stories about her family, not relating to her organizations and her comrades. She bragged that she had 2 sons, one was an officer of the Provisional Revolutionary armed forces, the other son was a diplomat who was currently in duty/ mission in Russia. She also advised me not to persuade or pressure her because she will never betray her fatherland and her comrades which she had chosen to dedicate her whole life into  (sic)
1/ In this discussion Andre Sauvageot with state writer Ngọc Thọ, the excerpt:
 “Major General Nguyễn Ngọc Loan was Directorate General of National Police Force concurrently Director of National Armed Forces Intelligence, and National Central National Intelligence Department  (sic) was the officer who himself tortured that highly ranking female official of the Provisional Revolutionary Government of South Vietnam by “completely burning her two hands but could not extract any intelligence information from her  (sic)  . 
If the author of this article was correct then in 1970 Major General Nguyễn Ngọc Loan was longer in charge of those positions as Sauvageot claimed. Because after the Tết Offensive 1968 by the Communist forcesthen during pursuing behind the communist enemies in Saigon, which was under the controlling authority of Saigon, while the communist soldiers were killing innocent people and his armed forces members then helicopters of the “American Ally” for some unkown reasons launched a number of rockets directly into him and his troops.  General Loan was badly wounded. And other officers in his group who were  counterattacking the communist militia  in Cholon were immediately killed.  Military/ Administrative District Chief Major Colonel Trụ was dead. General Loan was evacuated to Australia for multiple surgeries. It means since 1968, President Nguyễn Văn Thiệu, a pro America, installed his loyal subordinates to replace General Loan. So that the make-to-believe story of Sauvageot about the torture by General Gnuyễn Ngọc Loan was untrue. Another question is why Sauvageot indicated General Loan by name but he did not specifically indicate the name of that communist female official. The scenario that Andre Sauvageot, a top boss of CIA during the Vietnam War, was likely only a fairy tale which may be exactly like the imaginary story “Lê Văn Tám” which was created by the northern communist commanders to put all innocent suppressed people in tactics of warefare imagination.  Without specifically indicating the name of that high ranking communist female officer then that lady might be Sauvageot’s imagination that she might be a dearest lover of fake hero Lê Văn Tám who carried multiple heavy bombs tying securely into his body and he ran “marathon” real fast into a French ammunition warehouse to completely destroy his enemy’s station and killed hundreds of French soldiers. Or another fake story of a communist soldier who used his own fattest, obese body to completely block up an enemies’s rifles/ fighting hole to prevent his enemy’s canons unable not to launch out rockets to his troops.    
Is Andre Sauvageot, a former CIA colonel, trustworthy? The answer is up to you, dear readers.


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