Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Trump Gives Destroyed Liberal City Final Warning Before Taking Over

Trump Gives Destroyed Liberal City Final Warning Before Taking Over

In the wake of the nationwide riots, a group of anarchists have taken over a portion of Seattle. Calling it “The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone,” they set up barricades and drove out cops and legal authority. The state governor and city mayor appear unwilling to end this madness. So, President Trump issued them a strict warning.
We told you from the start that the George Floyd demonstrations were being manipulated by radical anarchists. Groups like Antifa used the outrage over the man’s death to spread their goal of chaos and destruction. They weren’t interested in seeking justice for Floyd (since the police behind his death had already been fired and charged), they wanted to destroy as much of our society as possible.
All so they could build a new one in their image.
The riots ended quickly in most places, after Trump implemented the National Guard and military. But in deeply blue regions, the local government was apparently too weak to maintain order. In Seattle, a group of radicals have taken over six blocks in the neighborhood of Capitol Hill. These idiots think they can defy law and order and run their own society—even though they can’t even get food.
It appears the local government refuses to do the right thing, so Trump is taking charge.

It’s absolutely insane that any mayor would let this kind of thing happen. But “The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” happened because Mayor Durkan ordered the cops to pull out of their own precinct. Without cops to arrest these violent criminals, they were able to “take over” this portion of the city.
Even though news of this autonomous zone has spread across the Internet, the governor of Washington claims he didn’t know anything about it. Oh, really? A group of anarchists are running a portion of the biggest city in the state and he didn’t know? What is this moron doing all day?
The lazy, selfish, and incompetent leaders of both Seattle and Washington are responsible for this chaos. This group of anarchists would not even exist, had the government rooted them out long ago. We don’t see Antifa wreaking havoc in states or cities that respect law and order. This is a group of terrorists that break the law wherever they go. A decent mayor and police force would have arrested and charged their members, disbanding their organization in the process.
Yet in Seattle, the mayor actually conceded ground to these idiots, as if they had any claim on Capitol Hill. Um… is Jenny Durkan insane? Or just so utterly pathetic, so terrible at her job, so disgracefully hateful of law and order, that she refuses to drive out maniacs that are hurting her city?
You have to understand that Donald Trump is already acting. Twitter is simply his bully pulpit, to let the word out—since the media is so unreliable. If he’s saying this publicly, it means he’s already been acting behind the scenes for a while. He probably tried to communicate with the governor and mayor long before this. But they rejected his guidance. So, don’t be surprised to learn the National Guard (and other U.S. forces) are already at work to apprehend these anarchists.
Do you really think a group of punks are any match for our elite military? God help these anarchists.
There is word that this autonomous zone is already collapsing. They can’t get food. One of their “leaders” has been outed for sexual abuse and is talking about suicide. Gee, what a great group of people, huh?
But this is happening in the once great Emerald City, because Americans keep electing Democrats to power. Only until these liberals and leftists are out of jobs, will we see law, order, and prosperity return to these blue states.
Now’s a good a time as any to flip these places, folks.

One dead, another critically injured in Seattle 'autonomous zone' shooting
Seattle 'autonomous zone' shooting kills one, injures another ...
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