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From Red Flag Clan who rallied in Son Hai village, Quynh Luu, Nghe An (inland) To Red Flag Clan in "Ba Cay Truc and Tinparis.Net" (oversea)

From Red Flag Clan who rallied in Son Hai village, Quynh Luu, Nghe An (inland) To Red Flag Clan in "Ba Cay Truc and Tinparis.Net" (oversea)

On BBC Vietnamese language board today, there is an article broadcasting on subject "Nghe An: "Red Flag Association" self organized with permission?" ( /vietnam-41801662)

The reason of birth of the so-called "Red Flag Association" is no doubt a political tricking tactic from the communist clan; following its own strategic plan to "push up a public movement; conjoined with communist security agencies in carrying out the statewide policy of social safety and security.

That means the so-called "Red Flag Association" created by the communist clan but must be in a self-organized form. It is similar to crooked-fighters clan's "Civil Society" organization. The differences are: One is self-organized form; other is voluntary form!

Either self-organized or voluntary, they support to each other. The self-organized clan's function is suppression of being-ruled Vietnamese with their provocative and rude tactics to having reasons for use of force. The voluntary clan uses slogans such as Non-Violent, Peace, Respect of communist laws; filed "report" application form!

The communist clan uses this tactic for its excuse that all assaults and violence made by the so-called "Red Flag Association" come from contradictions between (crooked) "Red Flag Associations" themselves. In other way of saying, they come from citizens themselves; dictatorial communist agencies - if presented at the scene - have been just to prevent overacts of violence; a role as similar as arbitrator?? 

Notice 1: From the day the so-called Viet Communist Party Oversea Agency was born, the communist clan has had controlling directly all activities in Vietnam and abroad.

Hence the so-called "Red Flag Association" opened its organization officially with its provocations to parishioners in Nghe An and Ha Tinh through Formosa toxin incident. Then there must be a certain type of association will be created and controlled by the communist agency abroad. The means of violence no doubt is not able to carry out but that agency could round up its slaved writers from political parties, associations, individuals among Viet refugee communities, ghost nicks, rat nicks from oversea students and its professional security agents.

For actual example of Ba Cay Truc group, created by aged crooked Le Hung in Belgium. With a little bit of responsibility and paying attention, everybody would able to know that this group has posted online all of political articles written by crooks inland and oversea; even from criminal killers against citizens of the Republic of Vietnam; such as Hoang Phu Ngoc Phan. They included oversea writers from Nguoi Viet news, Viet Bao, ..etc.. This group also publicly supports Ngo Thanh Hai in Canada.

Its obvious role as crooked group would apparently be worse than Nguoi Viet news, Viet Bao, SBTN, Viet Tan ...

You readers please remember that there is no websites which dared to call against Republic of Vietnam flag (three red stripes on yellow base) except Ba Cay Truc group's website; as following images:

This group unveiled itself its secrecy from membership of the oversea secret organization "Red Flag Association" with its use of word "Cọng" in "Chống Cọng" (missing of ^ symbol in Vietnamese language); instead of "Cộng" (communism) in "Chống Cộng" (anti-communism).

Notice 2: Chinh Khi Viet had indicated in his earlier articles that the communists created the so-called "Red Flag Association" in Vietnam after their suppression of priests who supported fishermen in Nghe An, Ha Tinh. Ba Cay Truc group of those guys like Le Hung, JB Truong Son and their clan in the past had supported and defended individuals, associations and political parties whose only goal is destroying the unity of oversea Vietnamese refugees. And of course they also rallied together to dishonor, extort and "criticize" writers whose writings have unmasked communist allegations and crimes.

Notice 3: In this subject, Chinh Khi Viet would like to show a very actual and current event as an example: After Chinh Khi Viet posted his articles to unmask the communist allegations and crimes, Both Ba Cay Truc and websites had together "criticized" against Chinh Khi Viet with articles from Lao Moc and JB Truong Son.

Chinh Khi Viet had article to unmask their crooked faces with actual proofs. Ba Cay Truc clan is continuing to use Tran Kieu Ngoc and Nancy Nguyen stories to "criticize" against Christianity in a very contemptible way; exactly similar to the communist way. To read their whole article and see their images against Catholic faith and teachings, please click to ( 017/10/lu-vgcs-tay-sai-tau-ban h-truong-la-tin.html).

(Ask yourself has there any nun from Catholic seminaries been wearing open-chest nun dress like this?)

(Christ died for redeem of humanity; not for "against the evil")

(Ba Cay Truc blasphemed the Pope who did not have saying like that)

(A blasphemy against a Catholic bishop who was blamed for favor of Tran Kieu Ngoc's pussy)

(Note: Holy Water used by Catholics to wash away their sins before attending Holy Mass)

(Is there any Priest at the Grille would be able to say "there is no sin at all for people who told a lie or made a false statement as witness"? This is one way that Ba Cay Truc used to blaspheme the Sacrament of Penance, one of 7 most important Sacraments of the Catholic Church)

(The conversations in this picture have shown that Ba Cay Truc wanted to destroy Catholic Church because of its parishioners' financial supports for public affairs and priest's services had just been used for relatives of the priests to buy clothes???)

(Which "Instinct" of Catholicism is stood for "loving murderers who stabbed us" and resigned ourselves to our fates? Notice of words totally from secular world such as "on top of her" and "stabbed us" used by Ba Cay Truc to blaspheme Catholic Church!!)

(Ba Cay Truc with Le Hung, Nguyen Kim Khanh, JB Truong Son ... blasphemed a "Cross" with a hammer and sickle symbol which they compared their fabricated comments as words from Tran Kieu Ngoc with Christ's last words to Saint John "Here is Your Mother". They also insolently put that dirty image next to portrait of Ngo President!!).

On, Lao Moc - a guy with his ideal of making himself as an alive dog for communist jailers - had reversed the truths in his article named "Why Chinh Cong Vem fought against" which was posted back and forth on yahoo's forums by friends of Chinh Khi Viet several days ago. Please click to read at : ( laidautoTinParisNet_LaoMoc. html)

Here is an extract from Lao Moc's forewords: "Forewords: 'Chinh Cong Vem' guy has recently played his game of public condemnation against after his articles had been refused to be posted on our website (see annex)

The contents of his writings are no doubt with confused mix-ups and outermost of Chinh Khi Viet's subject "public condemnation". See at annex for proof of Chinh Khi Viet's asking for his articles being posted on that Lao Moc has claimed.


Do you, our readers, see any mention from Chinh Khi Viet on his emails asking for his articles being posted on as Lao Moc aka Nguyen Thieu Nhan has claimed???

Chinh Khi Viet did send that email to Lao Moc because of an article named "Carina Hoang/Carina Oanh Oanh who worked for Viet communists" (sic) posted on; including a long list of oversea communist collaborators. It made Chinh Khi Viet surprised for how come that list had not been made as an article tittle; instead of a half-measured report of that list with oversea communist collaborators.

In an effort to test the credence of for its willingness in reporting of communist collaborators to oversea Vietnamese refugees, Chinh Khi Viet had asked for that list in order to post on Chinh Khi Viet own website. That refusal had unmasked the crooked face of clan; as well as the face of Lao Moc who is worth being a dog. And from now on, Nguyen Thieu Nhan would rather changed nick name Lão Móc into Láo (acute accent) Móc Dog!!




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