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Writings On Ghostly Ox-king Quang Do - Dang Phuc Tue
(part 2)



Notice 2: Because you told squatty guy Vo Van Ai that you did have a political "standpoint", I must show you a lengthy list of organizations, political parties and political associations that you had "too very much more understanding":


=Viet Tan political party: Every over-sea community folk knew well which side this political party works with and works for. It was a political trading organization from the first place; lead by Hoang Co Minh and his advisors; included some communists. The most prominent communist among them was media advisor Nguyen Xuan Nghia who is nephew of Nguyen Van Linh, general secretary of the communist party. Others had been mostly anti-war over-sea students and traitorous military officers such as Duong Hieu Nghia, Vu Van Loc ...


Together with father and son Truc Ho (SBTN): born in the North, died in the South), Nguyen Dinh Thang (BPSOS), Vien Ly and Dieu Ngu 2's clan, this organization helped to bring your resume with your application for a job; directly delivered to President Obama by both hands. It is easy to understand your "too very much more understanding" during a political show of "petition letter" for saving of Viet Khang with more than (fake) 100,000 signatures. With that show of strength, your ghostly monks' clan thought that you guys have power to pacify Southeast Asia, Pacific Ocean and further more.


Your standpoint that you had "too very much more understanding" is also the viewpoint of former anti-war and red Buddhist Trinity Nguyen Dan Que, creator of the so-called Humanity High-Movement. This movement shows 9 step road-map to get democracy (Chinh Khi Viet explained this on his previous articles). This has been the standpoint of Tran Khue's Democracy 21 group who praised doggy guy Nguyen Sinh Cung as "Saint Ho" (sic). Therefore, their similar standpoint has been what Ghostly Ox-king Quang Do meant when he used the word "same standpoint":


-More than 70% communist party members are good persons and patriots.


-Ho Chi Minh is a Saint; higher place than Hung King.


-Must follow socialism of criminal Ho Chi Minh.


-No other political parties can govern this country except the communist party.


Those are main points of the so-called "same standpoint" and Ghostly Ox-king Quang Do's "too very much more understanding".


=Here is the standpoint of 8406 Group: "Let the Communist Party lead if struggle for democracy made our society chaotic like Thailand, Indonesia ... they (the communists) are making this country as worthy as its place in Southeast Asia" (Nguyen Van Ly said after his release from prison). The standpoint of Thang Tien group was insisted through its speaker, breeding sow Le Thi Cong Nhan on her conversation on phone with Cao Quang Anh, Nguyen Dinh Thang, Duong Phuc: "The US Congress would better dealt with Vietnam Congress with more patience; even in one or ten or hundred times more to get results". It looks like the endless of patience will finally end on Congo New Year or after Vietnam territory already became a district or province of Communist China.


The answer of Ghostly Ox-king Quang Do to doggy basset Vo Van Ai was just a repeat of his well known affirmation in public. The only difference this time is his words were chosen to ease the ears of his soybean-mare-brain Buddhist Trinity audience under slogan of "multi-political party democracy". In fact, his lengthy statement looked like a project written by a village low rank cadre reported to a higher party post. Among Ghostly Ox-king Quang Do's eight-point strategy, the point number 3 is significant enough for us to pay attention: He proposed "permanently close all re-educational camps" to adapt with his first point that he considered as most important: "creating a tolerant, peaceful, multi-styled, equal, un-revengeful and three-party governing society". Ghostly Ox-king Quang Do had a scheme when he mentioned to a tolerant and peaceful society:


1/ The communist party continues its presence in the so-called "popularity" similar to Viet Tan's view point.


2/ Creating of a tolerant, equal and three-party governing society: That means a true democratic power selected by people in the future must forget their crimes in the past and must treat them equally like others.


3/ Un-revengeful society means the new democratic power must not bring them to justice; even with fake justice like an international trial for Pol Pot's crimes against humanity in Cambodia. Therefore, his proposal of "permanently close all re-educational camps and un-revengeful society" means a neutralized solution to eliminate the power of post-communist courts. Criminals with their bloody hands and traitorous high ranking communist party members must be immune from punishments. Ghostly Ox-king Quang Do's proposal will suddenly save 175 high ranking communist party members whose crimes against their country and its people shouldn't be able to wash by water from East Sea; to count by leaves from Truong Son mountainous forest.


For there will be no prison for these 175 communist criminals, should they be put in Tu Dam temple, former crime scene where they involved in the deaths of 6,000 residents of Hue City; either directly or indirectly. This great crime has been processing from a lawsuit to an international tribunal or a post-communist court in Vietnam; petitioned by former Major Lien Thanh.


This continuous 4 day long analysis of the so-called "interview of Most Venerable Thich Quang Do for his supportive proclaim of multi-political party system" comes to a conclusion. Meanwhile, his proclaim in the interview had been posted on Ba Cay Truc home-page by its shrimp-head bloggers. A certain Mr. Nguyen Phuc Lien, Ph. D. of 8406 block is trying to re-polish up the image of animal Ghostly Ox-king Quang Do by reposted his essays and articles from a political clan named Vietnam United Buddhist Church whom Ghostly Ox-king Quang Do is currently its leader; under cover of Buddhism.


As I have said, I always lovely paid my attention to those who have given ads or praise to the doggy Vietnam United Buddhist Church; no matter with their blindly brains; intentionally or unintentionally. They have to appear on this book to get their lessons for regaining of human beings from four-leg creatures. With their regaining, they will be good people who respect social orders, four oriental basic ethical instructions. And most of all, they would have the ability to distinguish right from wrong in order to share their duties to the fatherland and its people; both in short and long term. Otherwise; even in short term, any wrong doings harmful to that just cause made by any individual or organization must be unmasked. They would better discuss only what they surely acknowledged. Discussion of half-measured issues; even with knowledge or not, will be unpatriotic and have been my targets in this book.


Those who pretended to be blinded such as "Ph. D" Nguyen Phuc Lien also wouldn't able to deny that he didn't know the crimes in the past from Ghostly Ox-king Quang Do's clan and its predecessors such as 8406, Thang Tien and Dan Chu 21 blocks; and most of all is Viet Tan. Monsieur Nguyen Phuc Lien as so claimed his educational degree as "Ph. D." but there is no information of school or nation which issued that degree. Is that come from Samphan Phomvihan of Laos for management of long-leg bartenders in bar-restaurant business, isn't it? With a degree graduated from Laos and a share from Nobel- prize money (Nguyen Van Ly or Ghostly Ox-king Quang Do probably are hoping to win this prize), Nguyen Phuc Lien would be excited.


His predecessors including Nguyen Van Ly who made many clownish plays such as pretending to be fainted, protested alone with pink umbrella, asking protesters to wear all white shirts (probably for helping police to make no mistake of arrests), members must give full name, age, occupation, address, phone number (this leader of 8406 block had a list of anti-communist members in order to exchange for a candidacy of about 1.5 million dollar Nobel prize for Peace; somehow proposed by the communists (Le Loi didn't play that game, did he?).


If Quang Do fails to win Nobel-prize, Nguyen Phuc Lien do have money from two giant boxes of charity money from Thanh Minh Meditative Institution. Meanwhile, Ghostly Ox-king Quang Do has a full selection of "degenerate" members such as Chanh Lac, Vien Ly, Vien Thanh ... in his organization; along side with Hong Thuan of Viet Tan and slaved singers' clan called "Suong ca vo loai" (excited singers without social class) instead of "Xuong ca vo loai" ("vocal singers without social class" as an idiom). It is 100% for sure that Monsieur Phuc Lien would able to create up to dozen 8406 blocks at once and build several more Thanh Minh Meditative Institutions. In this situation, monsieur "Ph. D" will make "revolution" against anti-communist individuals totally at his will. It is interesting, isn't it?


I temporary suspend the stories of Ph. D Nguyen Phuc Lien and Ba Cay Truc right here because these subjects belong to part 4 in the first chapter of the book Red Slaved Buddhist Trinity; for which the analysis had been written on "interview of Most Venerable Thich Quang Do for his supportive proclaim of multi-political party system". This interview was made between doggy basset Vo Van Ai and Ghostly Ox-king Quang Do. Now I return to my analysis of Ghostly Ox-king Quang Do.


Hey, Ghostly Ox-king Quang Do!


In my concluding thesis today, I once again come back to an analysis of your "eight-point strategy to save the country". Your ideas in that strategy were either deceitful and stupid. Your stupidity is showing that your knowledge is not higher than the top of grassy blades. These words were written by modern Pho Doan herself on public forums for such knowledge: "unevenly grassy edges get wet nightly".


Here is your point number 4 of the so-called "eight-point strategy", quote: "End the socialist-leaned free market economy. Because a socialist-leaned free market economy is out of date and failed to form an effective solution for living people after 74 years of test in the Soviet Union, an adverse regime against world public which was collapsed at the beginning of the decade of 1990s".


On this point:


Firstly, Ghostly Ox-king Quang Do is stupid to think that the Soviet was drafting the first "socialist economy". Ghostly Ox-king Quang Do and his clan who were "inherited" 2000 cultural years but did not know that the Soviet had never possessed any thing called "socialist-leaned free market economy". The economy during Lenin's "New Economic" salvation period was not a free market economy. The conception of "free market economy" is appeared in the free world only!


Secondly, you said that a "socialist-leaned free market economy is out of date". That is the current communist standpoint as well; and both of its standpoint and your standpoint are the same ones. Your explanation will be different; somehow adaptable with the current explanation from the communists. That means it is out of date to what they are practicing. It is not an uncultivated or waste idea. That practice is in ruin and is an obstacle on the adaptation of national economy into world economy; because the whole national economy is possessed by the communist clan.


Thirdly, when you wrote that "Soviet Union, an adverse regime against world public which was collapsed at the beginning of the decade of 1990s", you got out from the so-called "socialist-leaned free market economy" which is the one that caused the collapse of the national economy. Answer me which one is the cause of the collapse: A none-existing "socialist-leaned free market economy after 74 years of test" or "an adverse regime against world public"?


Hey, Ghostly Ox-king Quang Do, do not talk that vague way, man! Do not pretend to be well known; either the national communist economy and Soviet economy. This is the same way you wrote your resume sending to President Obama; for which you and your doggy Vietnam United Buddhist Church clan claimed to have power that will be able to stabilize not only Southeast Asia and Pacific Ocean but even further distance. You intentionally insisted that the "socialist-leaned free market economy" was practiced for a long time; about 74 years ago but now, it is just out of date instead of cause for ruin.


Moreover, in the point number 6 of your "eight-point strategy", you praised the tradition in Vietnam by mentioned only three moral values from ancestors: Mankind, Acknowledge and Courage. Why you omitted three other values of Duty, Respect and Credibility? Probably you scared to mention Duty because of your "eating national foods; worshipping ghostly communists" traitorous undutiful personality. You were ruining Buddhism when hidden under its temple's roof; by secularized the temple and its people who you praised as "eldest sons of Buddha" but acted as "round skull, square robe" degenerate monks; affected to other real Buddhist monks.


You also scared to mention Respect because of your unresponsive, unresisting to the decision of placing Ho Chi Minh's statue along side to Buddha on the temple's altar. You scared to mention Credibility because you have betrayed people and soldiers of the Republic of Vietnam who were ultimately sacrificed their lives for the fatherland. Don Hau, a third dog who claimed himself as Most Venerable; in an essay titled "The comments of Don Hau in Linh Mu pagoda on December 28th 1978" published on Que Me magazine, he publicly told the press his clan's accomplished duties in giving Buddhist temples as harborages for communist leaders such as Ho Chi Minh, Pham Van Dong... Therefore, Ghostly Ox-king Quang Do dared not to mention Credibility.


Ghostly Ox-king Quang Do put Mankind at the list's first place because he alleges to use it for taking advantage of people's lenience. He wants being-ruled Vietnamese people to forget his own crimes, his clan and his predecessors' crimes in the past; committed as members of the so-called Vietnam United Buddhist Church. For one single example: During the massacre at Thanh Bo and Duc Loi, they killed many people; direct or indirect ways.


You and your clan's activities were always following slogans of the communists. Your clan helped the communists' aggression against Republic of Vietnam during Vietnam War with their slogan "fighting the US for national salvation" and destroyed First Republic of Vietnam with your helps to its traitorous generals. Your clan and your predecessors' activities included burning of American Information Office and stopped military convoys of Republic of Vietnam's Forces and its Allies on their way to the battlefields against deceit aggression forces from North Vietnam.


Now when the Viet communists are changing their policy into pro-expansionist Han ethnic by surrender their whole country to Communist China, you would like to tell its extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassador that their surrender is a worldwide brotherhood. Therefore, to define you and your doggy clan who are covered under Buddha's name inside Vietnam United Buddhist Church and omitted three other values of Duty, Respect and Credibility, I must use these words: undutiful, disrespectful and discreditable; the words that you, Ghostly Ox-king Quang Do recognized by yourself.


Notice 3: I discuss today on Ghostly Ox-king Quang Do's stupidity in politic for his schemes and ambitions through his public proclaims, religious preaches, official notices and "half-understandable" religious decrees. They appear on papers and audio tapes that my Alpha brothers recorded. These documents are being used for following broader discussion and analysis. The final judgment will belong to the readers.


Firstly, I must insist that all words and deeds of Ghostly Ox-king Quang Do are served for Viet communist clan with best benefits and fames for doggy clan who is covered under Buddha name in the so-called Vietnam United Buddhist Church. They have not served the national and people interests as his mouth repeatedly defecated on forums.


On his supportive words for the so-called "free citizen's calls", Ghostly Ox-king Quang Do has intentionally made more power for the communist clan. Why? Any individuals in Vietnam; even with defective seeing and hearing senses, would able to understand their social level and position under the rule of the communist clan, lackey of great Han communist China and other international capitalist groups. In frankly speaking, there are only two social classes in Vietnam now: The first one is the communist clan and its dependent organizations consisted of ruling people who earn their priority incentive benefits and even "sitting on" the rules of law. They are all guilty of their many different levels of crimes. The second one consisted of great majority of the population who are ruled by the regime as its slaves; absolutely in both spiritual and material meanings. They are taken away all of their human rights; very similar to slaves from Pre-Christian Age (136-132 BC in Sizilien Island) or Middle Ages or Near Era of 17th - 18th centuries, or recently years.


Hence, people in the group considered as "opposition against the communist clan" who called themselves as "free citizens" (or citizens of the so-called Socialist Republic of Vietnam) are not included in the being-ruled class. They apparently belong to ruling class which owns by great Han's communist and parent state China as their owner (and other international capitalist groups as their managers). This owner got its share of slaved Vietnamese's blood and flesh on its party table; including their land, sea, sky and natural resources. Their Lac Viet ethnic spiritual heritage of 5000 cultural years formed by their ancestors' blood and knowledge also has been slowly robbed and replaced by great-Han ethnic Chinese culture. This new culture is a typical phenomenon in the structures of Confucius and Taoist monuments, broadcastings all day and night long of Chinese TV channels on Viet communist TV channels. These events made me to recall on modern Pho Doan who lives in the US. With her self-elected title of president of national Viet community (the main element "refugees of communist regime" is omitted), she spreads Confucius and Taoist cultures to younger Viet generations; days and nights, as I mentioned in my 12 articles of Instant Noodles for her.


Back to the self-proclaimed "free citizens" group, everybody knew that its opposition to the communists should not able to be a struggle for freedom, democracy, happiness and prosperity of the country and its people. It is just a fight among themselves (if it is a fact in reality) for their higher positions on the official ranks, on the economic system and ruling roles in the slaved Buddhist Trinity clan. In current political situation on personnel; posted on Dan Lam Bao website (a propaganda tool of Viet Tan), there are just more than 7,000 activists who were being permitted by the communists to act on the stages of fake political reform, fake democracy, fake freedom ..etc.. These political comedies are played for international audiences who in their turn curry favor of the communist clan in order to get its different kick-backs from bloody, hard labors of Vietnamese people and their natural resources.


Is Bearded Ghostly Ox-king Quang Do and his advisors (who always proved their heir-ship of 2000 year great-master calendar) in no possibility to know the contrary of a theory for which those "free citizens" are fighting for their freedom??!! That way of writing is a trick on vocabulary; smartly used by horsy intellectuals and red slaved Buddhist Trinity clan of the communists to cheat international readers and those who have shortage of political knowledge and Vietnamese language.


Hence, the political play of "free citizens" is just a lowest class of comedy. If the performers have already had freedom, why have they to fight for the freedom of their "free citizens"? This contrary on vocabulary comes from their step-aside to mention the fact in reality that without any freedom in Vietnam now, its majority of 80 million "citizens" has had only "freedom of slavery"! Why? When he asked for signatures from them in his proclamation, he had wanted to fill-up his list of supporters as "free citizens" for more crowded than in the reality. For lack of information and understanding of the communist's skillful propaganda, many of these slaved people - both in spiritual and material slavery - mistakenly believed this as an opportunity to gain their freedom. This trap is similar to the trap of Viet Tan, the shadow of the communists, in its game of collecting 100,000 signatures; performed by "no social-class category singers" such as Truc Ho, Viet Dzung, Nam Loc, Nguyen Dinh Thang ... Now, the other game is collecting of one million signatures; performed by the same Truc Ho and Hong Thuan, representative of Viet Tan.


With Ghostly Ox-king Quang Do's support of that group, they've thrown their stools to the faces and mouths of each others when Ghostly Ox-king Quang Do and his clan such as the office of basset Vo Van Ai couple who claimed that they have been suppressed, restrained and surrounded ... (loss of all freedoms). Now with his single proclamation, he would able to make a legitimate document for the communists in front of international opinion. In the future, with the perspective of being accused of suppression on religious freedom, the communists will have this clan as witness for their no-guilty plea because people from this group are "free citizens" of their Socialist Republic of Vietnam.


This is my clap to the faces of top communist clan and the son of the bitch Ghostly Ox-king Quang Do and his clan. They should be eliminated instead of having re-education. Meanwhile, my lessons in this educational book are still helpful for this slaved Buddhist Trinity clan to learn. I hope these blind political and radical religious activists will regain their consciousness in order to step into the communities - inland or oversea - of Vietnamese who are real heirs of generations who defended the fatherland with their traditional spirit.


Notice 4:  With his tricky game of "free citizens" calling for their freedom, Ghostly Ox-king Quang Do attempted to clean all bloody spots on the dirty mouths of those who are attending parties of flesh, blood and laborious sweat of being-ruled Vietnamese people. His "unforgivable by heaven and earth" crimes committed in his whole life under cover of Buddhist robe now have been unveiled by printing historical documents; some in his own writings, in audio interviews by Vietnamese interviewers of all factions; even by foreign media. The most recently typical interview was between Ghostly Ox-king Quang Do and doggy basset Vo Van Ai.


When Quang Do balked his stinky words of support for "free citizens", nobody from his clan (who always loudly claimed to have been heirs of 2000 years of great master's calendar) dared to clap on his mouth for lacks of their up-rights, courage and self-respect; including their already red-dyeing for a long time, their communist inhumanity. Because they are no longer human beings, they wouldn't be able to distinguish between right and wrong as a citizen. Even as a citizen without freedom, they must have personality and qualification of a citizen to keep their root and acknowledge of their people's sufferings who are living like animals in the "socialist paradise" that great criminal Ho Chi Minh gave this monstrous birth on September 2, 1945 after meetings with his father Lenin and his mother Mao.




My analysis today is focusing on Ghostly Ox-king Quang Do's support for 1992 communist constitution reform and the so-called elimination of section 4 on that constitution. Among others than his clan who supported his ideas was Lao graduated Economic Ph D who had loudly exhorted that idea as exactly "Constitutional Revolution".




On this subject, they have to understand that the 1992 constitution was a product of the communists. It was not and had never been the ideas of people. It was written as a never before so-called constitutional law that in reality is just illegitimate; only helping their existing legalization of oppression and plunder of people. The request of elimination of section 4 in the 1992 constitution is similar to failed requests from many to regain of name Saigon, Paracel and Spratly Islands, release of all political prisoners  ..etc..


The 1992 constitution itself, including other constitutions made by the communists from 1959; in all is just the property of the communists themselves. Aftermost, with their ideas of 1992 constitutional reform; even with the elimination of section 4, they are legalized the ownership of the communist. For example:


Firstly, until this moment of March 22, 2013, those who have not seen the role of the communist clan as a lackey have their own thoughts and deeds for the communists; or similar as lackeys as the communists in many different levels. They have their shares in the social destruction, the lost of territory, sea, natural resources and islands of Vietnam.


In the history of anti-aggression, our ancestors had never negotiated to keep the aggressors staying and begging them to give people some human rights; as the policy of basset guy Vo Van Ai. During French colonial period, even our Nguyen Dynasty was just a tool of the French governorship and all other countries under colonial rules had the same situation as Viet communists today, all activities of our patriots were just to fight off the French colonialists; gaining back the independence for our fatherland and its people.


In summary speaking, the Viet communist clan is thousand-time more dangerous to the fatherland and its people than the French colonialists. Why? Because during colonial rule, the French aggressors did not give away our land and sea territories. Viet communist clan has had its policy of turning Vietnam into a part of the so-called international communism of Soviet and China great Han aggressors; even when it was not in power yet. By any ways and means, we must eliminate these bad individuals in our Viet communities; their political system in particular. That system in the reality now has been run by the communist clan with its governing machine in military, police, educational, cultural, economical and commercial fields. Nobody would able to deny having no acknowledge of the communist clan's absolute power on the population, land, sea, islands, rivers and natural resources. Even insane individuals should not have discussion of anti-China great Han's aggression in term of collaboration with Viet communist clan.


During World War Two, were there any French patriots with their anti-German fascist ideal had had conciliated and compromised with French Marshal Philippe Pétain (24 April 1856 - 23 July 1951), hero of World War One in their counter-resistance against German aggressors? And were there any anti-German fascist organizations; including from outside of France had had placed their counter-resistances under command of deposed Nazis generals; such as General Erwin Johannes Eugene Rommel (15 November 1891 - 14 October 1944)? They might have taken information from Nazis Generals, field officers and troops for their advantage of intelligent uses. After the totally defeat of the Nazis regime, former occupied countries and international tribunals must punish war criminals depending on their different crimes. That meant they were judged in fairly justice instead of lovely and hateful senses.


It was totally wrong with Ghostly Ox-king Quang Do's call for the so-called amendment of the constitution. Why? First, the communists would never wanted to amend their constitution in favor of their being-ruled people and in damage to themselves; but to their owners such as great Han expansionist China and other international capitalists who have had benefits from the communists. Make no mistake that calling for amendment of the constitution from public opinions indeed is at risk of the so-called referendum. That meant the opinions from their fans among population; including Ghostly Ox-king Quang Do's clan who has no legal status to represent the national voters of about 50 millions.


Therefore, there will be no ability of an available constitution with democratic western values during this existing communist clan. That valuable constitution will belong to the being-ruled people only when they are finally awaken and carried out a revolution to overthrow this communist political system. There will be no change if people are continuing to listen to certain international individuals or communist officials; both incumbent or retired ones.


It is delusive and stupid in saying of a Vietnam with an adaptation of a Myanmar reform lesson. One who made propaganda for that delusion has no ability to distinguish between black and white; similar to basset in politic whose mind is blinded.


Other Eastern Europe countries; let alone Myanmar are totally different than Viet communist clan. Why? Those Eastern Europe countries were ruled by the so-called communists; forced by the steel-wheeled Soviet tanks during and after World War Two. Meanwhile, the government of Burma was overthrown by a coup d'état from its fascist generals who were not communists. Their political view was for a stronger government and better Burmese country that their people's educational level could not caught up at that time. They never ever had had any commitment or pledge of giving up land, natural resources and traditional values of Burmese people to foreigners. Similar to Eastern Europe countries, they found out a better way of modern worldwide progressiveness for their people.


In the other hand, even during colonial French rule in Vietnam, great criminal Ho Chi Minh, a choice from Soviet, and his communist clan has had voluntarily chosen bolshevik communism as their fundamental commitment in order to make their political party and whole population of Vietnam bolsheviks. All of them even had their Russian names and later, Chinese names. Great criminal Ho Chi Minh himself; founder of Vietnam and Indochina Communist Parties had insisted that Soviet had been his first fatherland; Vietnam was just his birthplace, a second one.


There is no need to recall their commitments because at their ages, Ghostly Ox-king Quang Do and other slaved-intellectuals who called for amendment of the 1992 constitution; in fact have witnessed and shared their own important commitments to the crimes of the communist clan committed to Vietnam and its people. Their crimes have been categorized as a typical style which has never ever happened through out the history of creation and defense of Vietnam; as well as any other countries in their history of creations and survivals of their owns.


Yesterday I had mentioned words of "communists have communized whole inland population" but missed to explain them in retails to Ghostly Ox-king Quang Do, his Buddhist Trinity clan, other ghostly political parties and informant cells. I would like to make their brains opened to explain them today as following:


There is no need to recall how people through out feudal dynasties fought against aggressors in the historical past; recorded by historic books which updated with material proofs, historic cultural vestiges and ancient traces.


-In 1946, people were pleased to burn their own houses for their shares of fighting against French colonialists because they just thought it has been a just cause. Nobody at that time suspected that they were exploited by the communist clan for their patriotism to fulfill its two goals in one shot: first as proletarialization of its whole national population; second as derangement into the struggle for Soviet colonialism (later for great Han communist China expansionism) from the fights against French colonialism.


-It is sad that after the deaths of respectful leaders Nguyen Thai Hoc, Truong Tu Anh of political parties VNQDĐ, Dai Viet ..etc.. , their successors had little knowledge of the real personal essence of the communist clan. Meanwhile the communist clan knew them well from A to Z. It was sad that they had collaborated with the communist clan; even after they moved to South Vietnam in 1954. How had leaders like Vu Hong Khanh, Nguyen Tuong Tam, Ha Thuc Ky ... given their shares with people of Republic of Vietnam during their resistance against communist clan, lackey of Soviet and communist China?


It has been sad that they; let alone their truce with the communist clan, made chaos for home front of Republic of Vietnam; given the enemy loop-holes to penetrate into communities for creating of informant cells and terrorism; to make fake news in order to help Viet communist, Eastern block communist and immoral international medias creating of documental proofs against the prestige of Republic of Vietnam. The anti-war oversea students such as Nhat Hanh, Cao Thi Phuong, Vo Van Ai, Doan Viet Hoat, Nguyen Dan Que, Nguyen Gia Kieng ... also used those proofs to enlarge their sizes; made them as fuses of detonation from afar to take away the supports of the world to the just cause of Republic of Vietnam against North Vietnam's aggression.


Now from oversea, anti-communist patriots look at those political parties as unresponsive organizations who are either unable to unmask disguised communist agents penetrated among anti-communist communities; let alone their help to regain sovereignty for Vietnam. They represent in the public as remnants of Dai Viet such as Bui Diem, Le Thanh Nhan, Phan Van Song, Hua Vang Tho's group ..etc.. What are their contributions?


They claimed themselves as revolutionary parties but would able to sit down for discussion in Houston, TX several years ago with political clans such as anti-war movement, lackeys of communist Viet Tan and other fake organizations. They apparently are political parties who divided the communities. The international traders give them a one way of continuing to collaborate with the communists - who are restraining 90 million slaves in Vietnam - for their own benefits. Those former political parties who claimed as the so-called revolutionary now have no ability to feed themselves; let alone of working to completely change the communist political system as whole population of Vietnam are hoping for.


Chinh Khi Viet, March 16, 2013.    


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