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Author: Chính Khí Việt
Version in English Language by Việt Sĩ
British Ambassador to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (CPV quisling) Giles Lever. Photo: UnkinVietnam

On October 10th, 2014, the website Vietnam Net, a state-run website of  Viet quisling, introduced in its political column an article with the title: “British Ambassador: The Socialist Republic of Vietnam (aka Communist Party of Vietnam quisling regime) has gone far during 20 years”.
Excerpt: “On his personal blog (in Vietnamese and English languages) which was created when Mr. Lever started his ambassadorship to Vietnam he shared his interesting experience in Vietnam. To him Vietnam is a familiar country when he used to come here 21 years ago in his diplomatic mission in Ho Chi Minh City” (sic). 
“His reflection on past memorable experience in a new atmosphere about his new feelings at an old place has created a long story regarding Vietnam from this ambassador. A comparison is a must. The comparison between the old and the new things, the changes especially when Vietnam from a poor country has become a nation which is on the path of sparkling development” (sic).
I see signs of such developments everywhere. 21 years ago, when I first came here Vietnam was a very poor country. The gross national product per capita (GDP/ person) was about $US 250/ year.
My own recollection about that time: In the mornings the water supply to my home was very inadvertent. I used to run water from the gutter under the roof and used water in a big cement-made rain water container. Now, Vietnam has increased the average GDP for the middle class people in cities and towns. This development has increased nationwide. The progress towards the Goals for the Centennial (MDGs) has reached marvelous achievements” (sic) 
English Ambassador continued: “Including my recognition of many speedy changes in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City with so many new shops, restaurants, hotels and fancy multi-story buildings been erected”.
“If you let me roam around in an extended suburban I will get lost. 20 years ago these places were rice fields and quiet villages. I was definitely shocked in seconds when I stood at the scenic-view area in the Bitexco building in Ho Chi Minh City.”
“In old days, the best place to view the whole City of Saigon from high above was the tenth floor of (old) Caravels hotel. I have never been visualized I have been so lucky to view the whole city from above at the 49th story of a building which CNN has classified as one of 20 most unique highest building in Ho Chi Minh City” (1).
These sampling comments of English ambassador Lever has pointed out his political viewpoint cannot be shared by the oppressed Vietnamese. Also, his thoughts are quite different from those of the majority of suppressed Vietnamese.
That fact is obvious because the ambassador is representative of the United Kingdom of England in order to have trading business relationship with the communist Vietnamese quisling, not with the majority of oppressed Vietnamese. Therefore, places where he visited, scenarios he viewed, people he met are not the excitements of these suppressed Vietnamese. Because due to those entire fake, artificial and temporarily flashy prosperities have depressed the unfortunate Vietnamese and they cannot raise up their heads.
Example: The 10-story Caravelle hotel in Ho Chi Minh City is something real strange to the majority of Vietnamese people. Even people who were born near that luxury hotel do not know what that hotel is. Not to mention they do not know what is inside that hotel or be permitted to climb up to the top floor to view the city view underneath. Perhaps some people have some food to eat in the morning but they are hungry in the evening then how do they have “motivation” to view the most beautiful and the less beautiful scenarios. Or these people do not have permission to pass that hotel’s front door security. Even to those workers inside that hotel then they have to work so hard with their sweat and tear to vacuum carpet, mob floor, prepare beds including clean hotel’s customers’ “sticky liquid substances” on the bed sheets then how can they have time to go up to the top floor to enjoy fantastic views below as you do. Only when these workers enter the prohibited hotel area than they will get fired and are kicked out to the streets to roam around on the streets looking for food along with other unfortunate starving people.  Then these people are not aware of that Caravelle hotel which CNN classifies it as one of 20 most distinguished hotels on earth.    
Therefore, what the ambassador found out that “Currently Vietnamese people have reached/ been increased to the average GDP per person and then on the national scale the progress towards the goal for the centennial has achieved the fantastic accomplishments” are not those of the majority of Vietnamese citizens in their slavery situation inside their own fatherland. Also, there are no convinced and proven evidences that the ambassador has been provided with the accurate GDP per person in Vietnam. 
It is worthwhile to note that the author of this article has never exaggerated himself about the “slavery status” of majority of Vietnamese people right inside their fatherland Vietnam. He only needs to check out with all state-run media then he will understand why we realize the majority of Vietnamese people are poorest slaves inside their own country.  
You, Mr. Ambassador, may never been aware that right inside Ho Chi Minh City, inside many cemeteries at Binh Hung Hoa village, there are many families who have been residing inside the cemetery for years among the deceased people’s tombs. It means the living and the dead people are sharing activities. It means living and the deceased people are literally share same horrified situations. In other words, the dead may feel more comfortable than the living because they do not have to work, to eat and worry about the police arrest and beat them hard in police stations due to their illegal residency. Also, the dead will not have to witness the worst tragedies since Vietnam was constructed under the Stalinism, Leninism and now “the Free Market Economy with Socialist-Oriented” country. 
Even living under the French colonialism, it means over a century ago, Vietnamese peasants were also humiliated and starving because they lost their country. But their living standards were not horrified as those at current time, the 2014.  
Mr. Ambassador, can you believe in the currently bursting era of the “information age” when sciences and technologies can achieved super-fast jumping leaps by inventing intelligent robots who can work as human beings but in Vietnam little kids of 10 – 12 years old must hold and drive peasants’ ploughs to follow the pulling buffalos to plough thin the raw dirt to prepare for rice seed planting. Little kids who go to schools have to hang themselves on the ropes so they can slide along themselves to cross the big rivers via the pulleys. Their lunches are only some little rice mixed with corn or other substituting food like potato …eating along with some roasted insects or raw salt. Just recently, a  little girl in Third Grade  (10-year-old)  got drown on his way to school due to starving and fell down on river. His poor family did not have enough food to give him for his memorial service so his parents had to ask their poor neighbors for only a bowl of rice to organize the little ceremony for the little unfortunate drowning kid.    

The son of Communist Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung, wearing all gold bracelets…on his hands and body. He is currently the Deputy Province Chief of Kien GIang Province.
 học về, bé gái lớp 3 chết đuối dưới mương nước - Ảnh 2

On the way back from school, little girl PHAM THI NHUNG, the third grader at Duc Bong elementary school, Vu Quang district, Ha Tinh province, fell down the creek and got drown due to her extreme starving.  
Hàng chục học sinh đu dây cáp vượt sông dữ tới trường Xã hội - Bài
 2: Thẩm vấn ông trùm và việc bao nhiêu lao động nữ cũng nhận! 
  (Photo 1)                                        (Photo 2)                           (Photo 3)
1/Elementary students have to slide themselves across rivers via pulleys to go to school. 2/ Slaved children have to work 8 hours/ day. 3/ Slaved kids have to catch frogs and fish… to earn living and help with their family survival.
Crooked Vietnamese communists determine: Enslaving kindergarten and elementary students. Middle school and high school students are certified under the Communist’s ownership in their t-shirts of communist’ “red and yellow star” flag.   
As to national education, the above photos have demonstrated to you, Mr. Ambassador, those little young students have been “burned stamped” on their bodies with the ownership of the Communist Party of Vietnam which is exactly like the ranch owners in Europe who stamp their ownership signatures on their own cows, lambs and sheep. The kindergartens wear uniforms of red shirts engraved with a big yellow star in the middle to certify these slaving students belong and are being raised and fed to become servants of the Communist leadership in future. We kindly offer such explanations to you because as a diplomat you were born and raised in a country which respects and protects its people’s dignity, human, civil and constitutional rights you will be not able to understand the true meaning and its complications as we just simplified these incidents in hundreds of thousands of mishaps and sufferings which have been currently happening to our Vietnamese politically unfortunate people, especially to our Vietnamese little kids.     
"Touring Hanoi by tri-cyclo”
In your personal blogs, you also mentioned about some other unique enjoyments of yours. But our thoughts are: You came from an advanced civilized nation (United Kingdom of England) where your people are guaranteed and protected with human and civil rights and enjoyed with the fast advancements of sciences and latest technologies therefore you are enjoying the ride on a tri-cyclo with your wife around Hanoi instead of being transported by an expensive automobile. Riding on tri-cyclo being pushing by our real laborer, the owner of the tri-cyclo so you can look down on our poor people. The scenario is somewhat like your citizens in England who visit the animal zoos. Your tourism mentality of using laborious tri-cyclo cyclers to pull, push to serve the rich people like you then your sentiment of enjoyment during your tri-cylco trips should NOT be a positive interesting experience but it should be a sad incident to our Vietnam and Vietnamese who have a very long and proud history of protecting our country and fighting for our people independence against the biggest invading super powers.         
Mr. Ambassador, in 2014, you have witnessed the sky high giant buildings as you had described and your hope those developments will be better in the next 20 years. The fact you are not able to project the ending outcome of Vietnam is very strange to us. Is it true you do not know hundreds of horrible incidents that the highways in Vietnam had been opened and celebrated in joy in the previous days then in following few days those highways were sunk deep in dead holes which caused deadly accidents to people. Bridges which had not been finished but were opened then were collapsed. The new suspending bridge which had been recently completed and opened then a newlywed couple crossed then that bridge and bridges was collapsed and killed many people in that wedding. The happy marriage date has been transformed into the mourning day for immediate families and their relatives. It was not counting for other invited guests. One simple thing you will think as a fairy tale but it is ironic that right now (2014), Vietnam under the leadership of Vietnamese communists, Vietnam cannot make (produce) a simple screw (Ref.: Communist state-run newspapers and monthly/ weekly magazines…have all admitted and confessed their biggest lies and backwardness among unrepairable corruption nationwide).  

  Photo of recent collapse of a newly built bridge (Thanh Duc’s photo)

It is regrettable that you were not born earlier to witness the First Republic of Vietnam after the Genève 1954 Accord pertaining to Vietnam under the superbly excellent leadership of the assassinated President Ngo Dinh Diem and his cabinet. There were tons of hardship, challenges and destructions left behind by the French colonialists and the expansionist ideologists, Red China and USSR. However, President Ngo Dinh Diem and his team were extremely brilliant enough to enrich our Vietnamese traditional culture and the people’s politically unified strength to run and strengthen Vietnam. Therefore, to deal with countless difficulties and destructions created by French colonists, USSR and expansionist China via their communist Vietnamese servants who were embedded deep inside South Vietnam after Genève Accord of 1954 about Vietnam. However, under President Diem’s administration peasants were given free land and agricultural machineries and tools to produce. They knew how to operate machines such as the automatic plough named Vinapro, fishermen installed motors in the read of their fishing boat. They installed water pumps to irrigate produce as well as pumping out water from lakes to catch fish. Peasants also sprayed fertilizers to increase agricultural production. That was the reason why rice production of South Vietnam was ranked first or second in the world at that time. In all aspects of economy, education, community health care, national defense…the gross domestic production (GDP) per person of Vietnam exceeded those of Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and South Korea. And now what are those achievements in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (SRVN/ VC), Mr. Ambassador, was your assessment about Vietnam after 21 years (since 1993 until now) about the New Change (Doi Moi) in Vietnam “is being on its magnificent development” a simplified   exaggeration or is it just your diplomatic statement to please the CPV quisling leadership?        

It should be clear to you, Mr. Ambassador, after April 30, 1975 to 1986, 87 the water supply of cities in Vietnam were not quite bad as in 1993 that you complained “the water supply to my residence was off and on. I usually have to set up water gutter to get water from the home roof and use water for daily activities in a big rain water container’” (Sic).
Mr. Ambassador, do you see until now 2014, water supply to the tall, high buildings is very difficult and limited. But (sewage) water pumped up to the ground is so plentiful in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and other major cities, etc. During the rainfall seasons these cities look exactly like City of Venice in Australia. It means city people do not need automobiles and motor cycles to commute around but they can use boats as main transportation means to move around inside these big cities. And, after a rain, both the poor and rich people compete with each other to catch fish right on the streets inside the hearts of those big cities.
Image result for hình ảnh thành phố sài gòn sau cơn mưa
1/ Before ending our thoughts contribution to you, Mr. Ambassador, we would like to present to you one evidence by which you will agree with us that the Vietnamese People will be gradually “killed” if the international community has not determined soon enough that the principal criminals who have led Vietnamese People and Vietnam going towards a dead-end. They are surely the leadership group of the Communist Party of Vietnam quisling (CPV). Those artificial finest aspects in your compliments to SRVN (CPV's quisling) are only reserved for the foreigners and the CPV and the “rich group” (“Dai gia”) who have close business relationship to CPV quisling leadership. Otherwise, the majority of Vietnamese people are followings (photos below):
In the state-run newspaper, Vietnam Express, in its news piece of October 8, 2014:”The height of Vietnamese is shortest in Asia. Average height of Vietnamese adolescence is 164cm, 8cm shorter than Japanese and 10cm less than Korean counterparts. During last 30 years, Vietnamese people are slowly getting taller, only 1cm more in 10 years. The average height of women is also very short, 154cm”.
2/ The original Vietnamese were not short like Vietnamese people in recent years. On the contrary, they were very tall and strong.  Anthropology studies confirm ancient Vietnamese are tall and big. It should not be forgotten that Vietnam had big man like Ly Ong Trong. It is our wish that when Mr. Ambassador visits Ho Tay lake please stop by visiting mausoleum of Mr. Ly Ong Trong to have better understanding of one of our outstanding hero. This was not a specific case but in our battle to fight Nguyen Mong invaders, Vietnamese generals used to crush off the big, tall Nguyen generals such as Toa Do, A Lo Xich…Even a biggest, tallest general O Ma Nhi who was not able to ride horses because he was too big and heavy, was arrested alive in the battle field by Vietnamese generals. To the Minh invaders, fiercely attacking with only 1 quick spear, a Vietnamese general immediately beheaded Lieu Thang, the Minh Dynasty’s top general

The final conclusion of doctor Le Bach Mai, current Vice Rector of the National Institute of Nutrition, in her meeting with the media in the morning of October 8, 2014, was that the Vietnamese nowadays are shorter and having lighter weight is mainly because they have been under nourished  (lack of nutrition). Then, how do you think, Mr. Ambassador, about Vietnam and Vietnamese People under the iron hands of the Vietnamese communists after a half of a century? Then, any political goals and achievements, in any aspects, must be serving the citizens. Is it correct, Mr. Ambassador? The information provided by the state-run media that Vietnamese is high below the standards of nutrition. It means people are lack of food. Then our question to you is how you answer those questions when your position is attached to your business relationship with the CPV quisling, not a friend to our suppressed Vietnamese people. Therefore, in your diplomatic talks to CPV quisling leadership they usually invite you to play golf with them then the oppressed Vietnamese people are only your and their servants to pick and serve you golf balls. And they do not dare to think you are their true friends. So, even if you have a friendly attitude towards the Vietnamese people and Vietnam but it is very sure you cannot think you is a one-day friend of those poor, homeless, foodless people. Is it correct, Mr. Ambassador?  

nguoi-cay-305.jpg c
Cụ Vũ Thị Vần tật nguyền bên cô con gái bị liệt toàn thân sau một cơn tai biến

Slaves in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (Communist Party Of Vietnam quisling) only wish to have a full meal (photo taken in 2014).


1/Left photo: 3 female agricultural slaves in CPV quisling regime “freely” play role as oxes/ buffalos which pull ploughs along to plow land before spraying rice seeds. RIGHT: Peasants under the assassinated President Ngo Dinh Diem used machinery to plough land (Photo taken in 1959). 
 Child slaves of CPV quisling regime “has jumped up with magnificent leaps during 2010 – 2014” (Quote by English Ambassador to VC, GILES LEVER) 
It is also a friendly reminder to you, that during the First Republic of Vietnam under assassinated President Ngo Dinh Diem, Vietnamese peasants used machineries to produce agricultural products instead using animals’ laborious assistance. Those stories are only referred from 30/4/1975 until 2014. Then the time period you expects “Vietnam will be much more advanced in 20 years…” would be how much more horrified to Vietnam and Vietnamese People?  Our answer: In the First Republic of Vietnam, peasants were equipped with agricultural machineries, but under CPV quisling regime, peasants have transformed into animals such as oxes, buffalos to pull up cultivating ploughs with their fragile labor and the drivers of the plough were only a 10 – 12 year old kids. So it still looks better than the photo of the 3 ladies who played buffalos to pull a plough for their father, the plough driver. These information and photos are extracted from the state-run newspaper and was posted in RFS on March, 24, 2014, Dear Mr. Ambassador.
Chính Khí Vit
Version in English language by Viet Si
October15, 2014


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