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This is the true face of Doctor Jonathan London


 This is the true image of "doctor" Jonathan London taken by Chinh Khi Viet from google

The content of an article which is compared with political and social realities should be helpful to readers to recognize who the author is and his position between Righteousness and Wrongfulness, Black and White. It means the author of that article is either a man of mainstream media or a responsible researcher who provides good information to his readers then that man should only respect his audience but also be cautious with his own writing.  Otherwise, his writing is purely a means to feed his hungry stomach as well as to build his selfish fame and unjustified interests. The authenticity and originality of such writers seem to be luxury commodities by which he cannot and does not dare to achieve them. 

Let’s read and explore Doctor Jonathan London’s article “Dr. Jonathan London’s letter to Vietnam before Trump’s inauguration” (sic), published by BBC in Vietnamese language posted on January 20, 2017, exactly on the inauguration day of the U.S.A. President Donald J. Trump.

 The author would like to request our readers’ permission to have some comments about Dr. Jonathan London’s “Letter to Vietnam” written and published by Dr. London in Vietnamese language before the inauguration day of the 45th American President Donald J. Trump.

 Note 1: In “Letter to Vietnam”, Jonathan put it: “In an unstable atmosphere, I would like to share some ideas about the political activities in Vietnam on behalf of an American citizen and also a friend of Vietnam, a Vietnam of its people and also of members in the (Communist party/ government) system, including the people who are in doubt about the terms evolution, self-evolution, self this and that… (sic)    

 Only in one sentence “is a friend of Vietnam, a Vietnam of its people and also of members in the (Communist party/ government) system, including the people who are in doubt about the terms evolution, self-evolution, self this and that… (sic) it has clarified that Jonathan’s position is exactly in the same shoes and foot prints of Ted Osius, John Kerry and Barack Hussein Obama  


How can the so-called “Socialist Republic of Vietnam”, a disguised colony of expansionist China, in which its people (aka red slaves) voluntarily participate and share their interests equally with the cadres in “the communist system” (sic) (meaning the oppressive machinery of the group of totalitarian Communist leaders and cadres/ members).


Only his short and vague statement demonstrates the true face of Jonathan London. He does not and will not be able to be in a same team with the other self-respected, self-conscientious authors who always pay respect to their readers and are authentic and loyal to the realities of the human activities and also to political realities of the so-called “Socialist Republic of Vietnam”.


The seriously political misjudgment of Jonathan London is when he obscurely included and equated the oppressed Vietnamese people with the Vietnamese ruling Communists who have traded their own people, sold out their mother land and also killed their innocent citizens. It points out clearly that Jonathan London is a state-run writer (author-for-hire) who has been serving Obama administration and the Communists of Vietnam.



Note 2: To assess other aspects of Vietnam, Jonathan predictably asserted that “As to national defense security, first, let us not be nervous. Even though Trump has apparently made some strange decisions, but his position in terms of the security in South China Sea likely will not change much compared to Obama’s policy. As to military and international relations, “the new regime” (Trump) surely will be more forceful” (sic)


“Fortune-telling” political adviser Jonathan London should calm down. The group of Vietnamese ruling Communists is run and controlled by the top leader “Nguyen Phu Trong…Lu”. This name (Lu) was created by fake political opponents and other politically phantom parties. It is wrong if one thinks these opponents look down on (or underestimate) Trong (Lu). They affirmed Trong is absent-minded with his unclear mind only when he makes political decisions. This is different from decisions under thoroughly clear assessment. Therefore, all those crimes of Trong Lu should be under political clemency due to Trong’s “mental illness”. This “illness” of General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong has been broadcast and fortified worldwide by the Communist members, the fake political activists and opponents in Vietnam. The author has launched out an article to explain the political gimmicks of those fake activists and changed the name of Nguyen Phu Trong to “Trong…without his mental issues” (Trong Khong Lu)


After completely reading Jonathan London’s article then if one does not visualize London as a state-run writer then it may be proper to determine Jonathan has seriously issue with his judgment and his own mind. Therefore, in addition to the current worst political and social realities in Vietnam then the “self-made, self-performed and self-approved” Constitution of Vietnam of 2013  clearly defines the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) is the constitutional and legal owner(s) of all land, sea, rivers, national resources, culture, history, religions including the physical bodies and spiritual minds of all citizens of Vietnam.   

If London had never studied thoroughly all those above ugly aspects of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam before publishing his article then he would have strongly portrayed himself as a shallow and obscure fortune-telling political adviser or a thick-skinned face political commentator and adviser.


Note 3: January 20, 2017 was the last day of President Obama. It means whatever Obama decided or announced in South China Sea and Vietnam matters then those Obama’s decisions have become his official policy for that region before his departure.


Firstly, since the first day when China played its political and military game to the Communist leaders of Vietnam by pulling its oil rig HD-981 into the waters of Vietnam, did Obama ever issue any diplomatic statements of protest or engaged in any concrete actions to deal with the dispute in that region. Obama and his administration only blew out thick smoke screens to help out China to continue very fast with its construction of their strategic military bases on those artificial islands. It means all those constructions on the islands at South China Sea have been in very much favorable to China’s strategically regional interests.

During that time, Obama’s officially announced position was its impartiality between China and Vietnam. It was certainly Obama was well aware his administration played the role of a wise fisherman who mediates the fierce fight between a mussel and a big crane (as quoted in Vietnamese ancient story) but finally the wise fisherman was able to catch and secure both mussel and crane. Furthermore, Obama administration has repeatedly issued statements that America is only concerned about the safe passage of international fleets of vessels through the waters of South China Sea.


In relating to the “Social Republic of Vietnam, the smoke screens initiated by Obama administration, Pekin, the Communist Party of Vietnam, the fake anti-Communist political activists inside and outside Vietnam along with foreign authors such as Jonathan London have badly suffocated the Vietnamese people by those modern unethical giant media channels. These forces are identical to those lying mainstream media during the 2016 American General Election which covered up the truths.



Note 4: After self-disclosing his trait of state-hired author, Jonathan London shared his views with the Communist Party of Vietnam as follows:

“To make Vietnam becoming an attractive market Vietnam should choose a clearly truthful and transparent path (of development).

Be courageous and have good vision to protect the labor forces of Vietnam.

Be firmed to say NO to the projects which do not protect the environment.

Understand and respect the value of the theme “People need clean water”.

Comply with above advices then Vietnam will have forces “to be happy with stable development” with accomplishments which produce more quality compared to the recent years (sic)



After reading London’s above paragraph the author could not hold off bursting out his big laugh that “retarded Jonathan London” has his strong guts to share his ideas with “non-retarded Nguyen Phu Trong” and could not understand that General Secretary Trong would instantly laughed at Jonathan’s face that “again that crazy guy (London) who is trying so hard to build his own fame and money is barking out to Secretary Trong to get attention for his own…”.  Jonathan might not be aware that General Secretary Trong who once met and talked directly with Obama at the White House has never paid his attention to this no-name, state-run author Jonathan London. 

Note 5: In his “Letter to Vietnam” Jonathan London disrespectfully called American President Donald J. Trump is “a cheater whose head is in orange color”. But Jonathan cannot prove a single little thing that the “cheater whose head is orange” cheats whom? Cheat on what? Readers strongly demand Jonathan to give his concrete evidences, witnesses and basic justifications. And perhaps, his so-called “Cheating” was the statement of the new American Secretary of State to “forbid Pekin to approach and access the artificial islands on the South China Sea (sic). And just weeks ago, there were contract signing ceremony between Exxon Mobil and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. It is reminded that the Secretary of State of Trump administration before having been selected and appointed was the CEO of Exxon Mobil.


Jonathan London must understand that the statement “Forbid Pekin to access the artificial island on South China Sea” (sic) is quite strong and straight. It is not vague and twisting as Obama’s statements since expansionist China pulled out and set up their oil rig HD-981 at South China Sea until the last minute Obama was forced to leave the White House. Is it capable that Jonathan London does not understand the reasons why Philippines President Duterte accused Obama to cheat Philippines in the dispute between China and Philippines concerning the reefs on the South China Sea? And why President Duterte badly cursed Obama even though America has been a longtime ally of Phillipines.  And only under his regime, Barack Obama, American President, was disrespectfully cursed by one of his close ally. Also, Obama was greeted improperly under international diplomatic protocols when he visited Cuba, Socialist Republic of Vietnam and also when he arrived to attend the G20 World Conference in China. Why?



Note 5: In his “Letter to Vietnam” Jonathan London was not clear on his source to condemn that President Donald J. Trump is a dictator. In addition to his baseless accusation Jonathan shows off his blindness in intellectuality by praising Obama and Hillary Clinton.

These stories and incidents have been publicized during the 2016 American Presidential campaign between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Based on published information and photos people have surely recognized who was/ is the dictator and who seriously violated American laws, who wasted tax payers’ hard-earned money to take his family, mother in law, wife’s friends and kids’ friends and their pets…for extravagant super luxury vacations. These are only a few of incidents among countless of other political abuse by Obama administration.

And as to the person who was wrongfully accused by Jonathan London as dictator, cheater, “cheater whose head is orange color” how could he (Trump) be able to make his marvelous and noble statements in his inauguration day as the 45th President of the United States of America as follows:

Examples:“But the Inauguration today has a special meaning. Because today is not the transfer of power from a person to another person, from a political party to another political party, but this is the transfer of political power from Washington to the People of America.

 For a very long time, a small group of people (politicians) in Washington D.C. has acquired big rewards from the government and American People carry on their backs all those expenses.

Washington D.C. has been developed but People have not been shared with those prosperities.

 Politicians become super rich but employments disappear and plants’ doors are closed.

 The rulers protect themselves but they do not protect citizens and their own country (beautiful America)

 Their victories are not your victories; their glories are not your victories, and when they celebrate in D.C. there is nothing to celebrate in the poor families across our country.

 And the United States of America is your loving country

 Everything has been changed, right here, right now, because this very moment is yours.

The really important thing is not which political party controls the government but is it possible the government can be controlled by the People.


The Twentieth day of January, 2017 will be remembered forever as the day when the People become the rulers of this country one more time.


The People who are ignored/ forgotten will no longer be treated as such. Everybody is listening to you (sic)


To America, the mother country of his own, then Dr. Jonathan London still badly smears his own country as such then in which side Jonathan London stands by?

Therefore, the author of this commentary article can affirm to the readers that Jonathan London through his “Letter sent to Vietnam” has unmasked himself to be a “thick-skinned face commentator” with his trade mark which has been registered officially in the federal courts.
Chinh Khi Viet
Joseph Pham

Seattle - January 21, 2017
Tel. 206-631-1806


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