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About "Open Letter" of 127 "Elites, Intellectuals ..." To "Vietnam Communist Party Politburo"



Vietnamese language board of BBC on December 13, 2015 broadcasted an article named "Asking for Party and Nation names change" with a presentation as the following: "In a 'never ever before' motive, over hundred of elites, intellectuals, former medium and high ranking leaders and leading social activists in Vietnam have sent a letter to Vietnam Communist Party Politburo; asking for the party and nation names change; abandoning of Marxism Leninism and totally reform for the sake of Vietnamese people" (sic) (source"

With that letter, the communist clan has apparently performed again an old play on a new stage with its own 127 players who were communists themselves and were born and raised by red slaved Vietnamese. In thinking of without ability of media control from those red slaves, the communist party tried to use them for preparation of its so-called "Twelfth National Communist Party Conference" at the end of 2015. These have been its loyal lackeys whose category to be count as "elites, intellectuals, former medium and high ranking leaders" who were chosen to write the "open letter" to Vietnam Communist Party Politburo; asking for the party and nation names change; abandoning of Marxism Leninism".

Here is a temporary list of those famously as "playing Western cards" in a playing game; using slaved Vietnamese money or "talking capital". They are: Communist Major General Nguyen Trong Vinh, Professors Hoang Tuy, Tuong Lai and Chu Hao, Ambassador Nguyen Trung, scholar Nguyen Dinh Dau, former vice chairman of central communist party personnel bureau Nguyen Manh Can, doctor Huynh Tan Mam (who was raised by nationalists but worshiped communists) ..etc .. (If you want to know more names of those disgraced communist individuals, please read in documental appendix below). After reading of the open letter from those who were considered as "elites, intellectuals, former medium and high ranking leaders", Chinh Khi Viet would like to have the following comments:

-Comment 1: All of them have been Viet communist party members. Therefore even in retirement, they still have "duties" in activities of local communist party branches in their residences. So why don't they give their ideas to their local internal communist authorities instead of playing clownish game such as the so called "open letter to Vietnam Communist Party Politburo"; broadcasting on their communist newspapers and public non-communist media. They should instead written as "Open letter to Vietnam communist party and Vietnamese people" to show their little knowledge and behavior; not their similarity as "a piece of shit" as Mao's word. We would have seen this cheap clownish game as their political propaganda and their confusing trick to the knowledge of Vietnamese refugees oversea in general and Vietnamese people in particular.

-Comment 2: Those 127 communist party members also used this open-letter to cheat world public opinion or international population worldwide, who has to depend on giant media like RFA, BBC ... to get truthful news instead of news from this deceit communist clan.

 -Comment 3: The content of their open-letter is just renaming of communist party and its Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

 First, the real subject is not the renaming. The communists have already changed their party and national names multiple times. For party name, they used names such as Vietnam Communist Party, Indochina Communist Party, Vietnam Labor Party (1951) in the North of 17th parallel. In the South, they used "People Revolutionary Party" in the "legitimate or half legitimate" areas in the territory of Republic of Vietnam for their secret agents.

Second, the communists also changed national name Vietnam into their national name "Democratic Republic of Vietnam" and once again from "Democratic Republic of Vietnam" into "Socialist Republic of Vietnam" in 1976 after they invaded Republic of Vietnam.

Hence, every time they changed their party and national names, there had been more resources, marine and soil territories lost to the hands of expansionist China instead of a better gaining.

There were Chinese troops; including specialists came to Vietnam as road builders and supervisors in the past. But now the situation is different even the party and national names have been changed. Dare not do the Viet communists to challenge the expansionist China on national sovereignty through subjects such as "one border line; two corridors", building of Chinese economic areas; Vung Ang Chinese economic special zone - a strategic military position - in particular, Bauxite exploration rental contract in Central Highland ... and other unfair agreements and contracts they signed with their expansionist owner China. Do they?? (you can read more on these matters in Chapter 1 of book Three "The allegation of Viet communist clan" to transform Vietnamese into Han ethnic and annexation of their fatherland into China.


Communist Chinese workers on Bauxite Exploration in Central Highland)


-Comment 4: On proposal of Marxism Leninism elimination.

 Those so-called "elites, intellectuals" made a tricky proposal of eliminating Marxism Leninism because they falsely thought that slaved people would not at all be able to know what these crazy doctrines are! How bad they are! It has been a trick to help their Vietnam Communist Party to run away from guilty of unpatriotic collaboration with the enemy. Look at the age 85 of the communist clan from the year of their birth! Probably not with 85 years old, would they be able to discover that Vietnamese people and their country have been suffering by Marxism Leninism like this right now?

Let these 127 guys with their studying of the so called "Marxism Leninism" try to point out what words, sentences or paragraphs from Marxism in mention of national development by following to ways of unpatriotic sold out national population and national resources to what political power? Their communist party and unpatriotic deeds have led the fatherland and its people into chaotic situation right now. It has been an unpatriotic organization which sold out the country to different color colonialist powers. All those colonialist powers have a same goal of world dominance. Because of different geographic, cultural, scientific and industrial factors; especially in different weaponry industrial levels in particular, their choices of world dominance have little bit of difference.

1/ The Leninism is in fact a red colonialist doctrine. It has never been Marxism or ever was a development of Marxism at all as red colonialist Lenin had identified. They would use some technical words of Marxism to cover for the context of red colonialism. For example:

-The red Leninism also use the concept of "universal world" but let ask yourself who is the boss and who is the servant among the so-called "universal world"? Or in other way of question; who is the ruler and who is being ruled?

-Those 127 "playing Western cards" pimp guys have to know that in case of Soviet Communist Party to become the ruler of that "universal world", the so-called Vietnam Communist Party (later changed into Indochina Communist Party in 1930) in fact will be just a tool for the development and expansion of red Leninism. It penetrated right onto Vietnam soil and later into Cambodia and Laos; as well as anywhere Soviet colonialists wanted such as Congo and Lumumba.

-There is an unsolved problem: One of the reasons which made the stomach of the red Leninist Soviet broken: It greediness for stupidity wanted to swallow a giant sleepy super nation of great Han China expansionist. It was the power of this great Han expansionist, a type of Chinese colonialist itself, who also dreamed to be world ruler.

2/ Other colonialist powers also have had dreams of bringing their rules out of their national borders; the farther the better. For example:

-Japan with its "Great Eastern Asia" doctrine. Who was the boss and who were servants in this doctrine?

-Hitler's fascism of Germany was the same. Among the fascist world, who was the boss and who were the servants?

-Apartheid doctrine in South Africa is the same. Who were the boss and who were their servants?


3/ European colonialism in Europe went to conquer the whole world in the past: Who were the bosses and who were their servants?

That European colonialist doctrine was not survive because of the potentials of land and population were limited for those practicing countries. Finally, they died by their unlimited greed and their over feedings.

4/ The world today is becoming "boundless world". In that "boundless world", who is the boss and who are the servants? 




After all, those 127 communists now have permission to rally together for continuing their mission of harassment to the truthful media. They try to make confusions for Vietnamese in Vietnam and oversea. Because people used to be confused for lack of truthful information. Some of them for worshiping their own

Selves by making up themselves in front of their mirrors all day long and wearing their traditional long dresses to worship each other.

 To their "open-letter", it is unable to conclude even with loads of knowledge without knowing the truths of the communist clan itself. It must also have adequacy of courage to expose those truths to people worldwide and Vietnamese people in particular.

United Nations Security Council


Have you ever had questions about the first truth of world powers among nations; such as: How many official members of the United Nations organization? How many members of the Permanent Security Council of the United Nations have veto power? What are those members? How about the fairness and equality between them and other members who have no veto power?

There is an idiom from our ancestors: "a silver bar cuts wide open a paper sheet", or another idiom "Words from mandarins are hard as metal". In contrary, there is an idiom for miserable being-ruled Vietnamese: "the genitals of poor people are dirty and darkened".

In Vietnamese society from the decade of 1930s until now, only people as witnesses and victims would be able to have the answer from the proposal of those 127 opportunists to their communist party: What will be new name changes for political party and the country, and the political doctrine to follow in order to keep national territorial integrity of land, sea, islands, airspace and resources protected; to bring happiness to whole population and to preserve the fatherland and its people's unique cultural traditions. Then here are solutions:

1/ For political Party name change: A totally dissolution of Vietnam communist party. At first steps until a new Vietnam will be born, all party members of the communist party; from local party to central party offices; including all ranks of party chiefs in the communist government must not be allowed of political activities. New governing machine of the new Vietnam will unify its whole population and control the whole country. Its policies toward those politic-prohibited people will be determined by Vietnamese people.

It would better be taken name for a political party such as Humanist Labor Party or Populist Party with its fundamental base is announcement and practice of Labor Humanism.

2/ For official national name: Take "Republic of Vietnam" as official national name with its governing machine based on Three Independent Governmental Branches and with its Constitution as the Original Law; passed by a Constitutional Congress voluntary elected by its whole population. Its spiritual motto will be "Fatherland - Honor - Responsibility". Armed forces must not belong to any political faction or party. The duty of armed forces is defense of the fatherland Vietnam and giving people a guarantee of peace, philanthropy, happiness, respect to themselves and to among other world populations.

It must be a better national name to be taken because of a historic event. After the collapses of  French colonialism and Japanese fascism in Vietnam, only the First Republic of Vietnam got credits for maintaining the independence of the fatherland and the benefits of the population.

There are many other factors for us to chose national name "Republic of Vietnam". The First Republic of Vietnam had these political characteristics; contributed by its Labor Humanism doctrine:

-For Fatherland Vietnam

-For the happiness of Vietnamese people

-For maintaining of world peace and good international relationships; guarantee of religious freedom in particular.

To those Vietnamese honorable seniors and elites who have lived through and studied on the nine years governing of First Republic of Vietnam, please write articles as historical witnesses for the sake of our next generations to come. Except communist clan and its lackeys, please do not let our personal self-esteems to overcome our duty for proving of historical proofs; both in writings and photos. We use even whole document from the communist regime to show its own fundamentalism, propaganda, actual deeds and its victims. After proving of it as an unpatriotic organization, all other most important issues is easy to prove; including its collaboration with expansionist China in trading our land, sea, islands, national resources ... and giving of admissions for Chinese troops stationed in Vietnam as disguised workers.

To the group of 127 guys in particular - as self-claimed "honorable seniors and elites" or was bestowed by somebody - and its "open-letter" to the communist clan, of course all of them in this group are communist party members with at least 40 years old membership. They have been unpatriotic communists who summoned up their fatherland and its people for sale.

After training to be "honorable seniors and elites", they meant "honorable seniors and elites" of the so-called the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. As a definition by Mao Tse Tung, criminal Ho Chi Minh's boss, they are no doubt 127 "pieces of shit", no more, no less. Their writing, even as before it was reading, of course is smelly. Mao's definition had been used as part of the communist fundamental during second conference in 1951; the conference that changed a organization named "Marxism Studying Association" into Vietnam Labor Party.


Reading Sources:

Letter to the Communist Politburo, Eleventh Session of Central Committee, attending representatives at Twelfth Conference and all members of Vietnam Communist Party.


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