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4. An Unveiled Clearly Truth (About President Donald J Trump's Trip To Republic Socialist Of Vietnam)

An Unveiled Clearly Truth

Notice 3: The Relationship between The United States and President Donald Trump


1/ The Viet communist clan thought it had made a trap for trick or alliance with US President Donald J. Trump that would similarly succeeded to his predecessor Obama. They made a papaya tube blowing styled propaganda through high ranking red slaved writer Hong Thuy of the state newspaper Education; disapproved US President Donald J. Trump, compared and concluded that Obama was an outstanding experienced politician??? Now they guessed that President Donald J. Trump would preferred to fill up his stomach any where he set his feet in any country and spending much of the time for something like that!!! For knowing in advance of his schedule, they let a restaurant in Da Nang to hang on a beautiful giant portrait of President Trump. Its owner also politely invited President Trump to come for special local foods of Da Nang!!!


(President Trump inside a bar bearing his name in Da Nang. Photo of AFP)


Both communist party and its government; from central to local city of Da Nang have known nothing of the differences in personality between them. Pham Binh Minh, Politico member, Assistant Prime Minister and Foreign Minister must be blamed on this mistake. He was blinded for his job used to pay attention in details on his grand boss Xi Jinping for Xi's pleasure. He was well trained to rise or bow his head; to smile or playing sadness in front of Xi; helped expansionist China to totally invade the so-called the Socialist Republic of Vietnam; both its land and its Eastern Sea!!


2/ So what is the relationship of US - Socialist Republic of Vietnam?


Chinh Khi Viet would like to share his personal idea to his readers; both in Vietnam and abroad; based on a principal document. That is a jointly proclamation of Socialist Republic of Vietnam - the United States; between President Trump and great criminal Tran Dai Quang after their conference in Vietnam on November 12, 2017. The jointly proclamation; despite of its length could be summarized into following points:


-They shared "the measures on consolidation and extension of their full bilateral partnerships; based on understanding each other, their interests in order to push for peace, co-operations, prosperity and security in Indo-Pacific area.


On this point, the Viet communist clan has accepted new policy of Trump administration which was indicated not only Pacific but also Indian Ocean included. 


- Both sides "re-affirm pleading to deepen their relationship; based on jointly proclamations in the past to respect the Charter of the United Nations and international laws and respect the independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and political system of each other". This is a trap from Viet communist clan who did not know the total differences between Presidents and Obama's political viewpoints.


With Obama, the US government respected the independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and political system of Viet communists. With President Trump, that means respect of actually real independence, clearly real sovereignty, real territorial integrity without foreign occupation, and the political system so-called Socialism which must be actually proved that it is not a mask to cover its trading of the country and its people to foreign power.


In case one of the factors mentioned above was not able to prove clearly if it serves the people of Vietnam or to any other aggression power which caused Vietnamese people becoming slaves themselves on their own country - which was created and defended for thousands of years, the Trump administration will (and surely would) use the communist request of respect the Charter of the United Nations and international laws to help Vietnamese people got the independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and the political system in Vietnam which will somehow have to benefit them and their fatherland only!!


President Trump knew well that the communist clan has always violated the Charter of the United Nations and international laws. They traded their country for their sole service to red colonial Soviet and expansionist China. Their own documents have proved the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country were erased by red powers with their helps. Their unpatriotic trading was published in their own communist party documents in its communist practical governmental policies, media system, historical and educational books, festivals, music, poetry from museums and libraries that everybody could able to find easily. Moreover, they got the result from their promise in transforming both Cambodia and Laos into un-publicly red colonial territories for Soviet in the past and mainly expansionist China now.


Chinh Khi Viet thinks there is sign to prove his thought is right upon President Trump's trip to 2017 APEC Heads of States Conference in Da Nang, Vietnam. During this time, President Trump in a jointly proclamation; section 10 had written: "Both two leaders insisted the importance of the guarantee and push for human rights" (sic)


President Trump did not fall into the trap of "human and facts in human right issue"; performed by the communist clan and desperately hoped by Obama, John Kerry and Ted Osius. The playing card made by them for the communists was played off with crooked Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh and the name of US First Lady Melania Trump appeared together. This caused First Lady Melania to stay in China for visits of pandas and the Great Wall; instead of coming to Vietnam.
(In that case, Chinh Khi Viet would rather to visit pandas than looked at the face of the single mom with her two children!!)


(Madam Melania was welcomed by Chinese children who introduced her of bamboo pandas. Photo by AFP)


To save their political face, the communist clan tried to fabricate faked news that because of no release of "crooked human rights activist" Nguyen Ngọc Nhu Quynh in Socialist Republic of Vietnam, First Lady Melania's trip to Vietnam was canceled. This faked news was posted by "selfie" crooked activists and medias, facebook, media system of deceit political parties, red-ideal green communities, slaved writers under Three red stripes Yellow flag iron shield and oversea "red flag associations".


Alas, Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh was just worthy for anti-Yellow Flag such as Mister/Madam Ted Osius, Kerry or even Obama at last resource!


It proved that President Trump wants truthful politics, and put actually interests for the country and its people; instead of transforming the United States into a sanctuary of human speaking animals. They got satiate lives in advantage of American taxpayers with their red-mark human rights activists on their backs. The Trump administration; through the action of First Lady Melania had used its diplomatic tactic to unmask faked activists made by the doggy communist regime which is their owner, play writer, producer and stage manager for its political stage at an appropriate moment!


Supposing that the cancellation of First Lady Melania was caused by Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh event, how about President Trump quick trip to the Philippines after only half-day in Hanoi instead of two-day scheduled  as planned???


(to be continued)


November 23, 2017

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