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  A Portrait of A Slaved Intellectual of The "Socialist Republic of Vietnam"




Nhan Dan newspaper first issue published on March 11, 1951 in Viet Bac fortress, now a central government bureau, the voices of Communist Party, Communist Government and "Vietnamese people"(?!)


In regard of media and press, the communist clan has kept these propaganda means as its sole privilege; even from alive Ho Chi Minh era. Its anti-free speech policy has been placed upon not only to being-ruled Viet people but also to their own party members whose free speech right have been publicly denied and whose violations have been treated with hash punishments; even for those who have had no absolute confidence on the party and its leader. The punishment on "Nhan Van Giai Pham" historic incident was an actual typical example.


From that incident and beyond, the Viet communist clan has had never changed the way Ho Chi Minh had made. The goal of that way has been the slogan so called "Soviet Nghe Tinh 1930-1931"; carried out the letter of great crook Ho Chi Minh sent to Soviet colonial minister under name "Third International". The content of that letter promised to make Viet communist party "Bolsevik" in a whole. It makes the same "Bolsevik" to Vietnamese people in order to destroy their native Nationalism in everyone of them.


Notice 1: That great criminal Ho Chi Minh's political goal has been practiced upon the first day of their seizing from the governing machine in North Vietnam. Practically, the communist Ho Chi Minh had been caught under double powers Soviet and Mao China at that time. Therefore, a balance must be weighed to adjust the influences between Soviet and Mao China in that media and artistic literature areas. For example: The central head of the communist party was totally in the hands of the embassies of Soviet and Mao China; right upon the day it entered Hanoi in 1954! And immediately its two propaganda organizations were born for pro-Soviet and Mao China spirits; in other speaking, its submitting to them in reality. Those were "Viet-Soviet Mutual Association" and "Viet-Sino Mutual Association". There were two columns on front page of the communist party's Nhan Dan News; one for news from the Soviet and the other for Mao China.


In current political period, the Viet communist clan has no choice but to put its media and press policies into curry favor of the America " pro-US to get rid of China" and pro-China propaganda in practice. That political leaning is as same as practice in the past toward Soviet and Mao China, a pattern for appearance only; produced by the so called "Central Politico" staff and controlled by the central political propagandist educational staff; headed by great criminal Dinh The Huynh right now.


For example: The function of a communist "Vietnam online educational press" is to "curry favor of Americans; turn down on expansionist China". Other newspapers have to "curry favor of expansionist China"; such as "Vietnam government online news", "People's Police Press", "People's Army Press" ...


The communist clan is careful considered to share evenly its favor and its respect in diplomatic relations with both expansionist China and the US. For example: it gave news of phone call from communist general Phung Quang Thanh to China defense minister general Thuong Van Toan. On next day, it gave news of phone call from communist foreign minister Pham Binh Minh to US State Secretary John Kerry!


Unattended readers will think that it respects both the US and the expansionist China; but they are wrong! The phone call between two defense ministers on defense subject must be more important at all time. More than that, Phung Quang Thanh was also a current commissioner of the central politico staff and the central communist army vice party chief. In comparison to him, Pham Binh Minh as a regular member of central communist bureau with much less power. Furthermore, a "diplomatic dialogue" is just a colorful social and/or political affair without real effect.


Notice 2: The notice 1 section comprises of articles published on "Vietnam Educational Online Press" by the communists whom have permitted to curry favor of the US and other Western countries. With that permission, it is understandable the reason its editorial staff would be able to write like this:


"Editorial Staff Forewords: In front of the Twelfth National Communist Party Conference, the distinguished educator Hoang Trung Hieu has sent to the readers his essay which affirmed the important role and range of the Communist Party in national development. This staff would like to introduce him to our readers" (sic)


Notice 4: The slaved intellectual Hoang Trung Hieu begins his essay:


"The great elites and intellectuals of the nation had stored into national library an immortal idiom "learning from the past for future knowledge" for next generations to come. They ought to learn old knowledge to be able to earn new knowledge" (sic)


Hoang Trung Hieu continues his writing:


"Ly Cong Uan, the first king of Ly dynasty (1010-1028), during his tour of inspection in the countryside had disguised himself as a tourist. At a small town 30 miles (about 700 meters) from the capital Thang Long, he found a prison with only innocent prisoners; including old and young, male and female; even the blinds. They all were jailed and tortured for disobeying their local corrupted mandarins. Witnessing that injustice treatment of people, the king was rising his mercy, punched himself to his chest and spoke out loud "Oh my God, whom made me their king?!"


"After that inspection tour, the king ordered to destroy all local prisons and to build in each village a pagoda for two goals: a place of faith for people to pray and to cultivate their religious duties, and a place for their children to get educational knowledge from monks" (sic)


The slaved writer Hoang Trung Hieu later reminded a series of Viet ancestors who created and defended the country against northern aggressor such as: Great Emperor Hung Dao Tran Quoc Tuan, Honorable Nguyen Trai, Emperor Quang Trung as well as heroes against the aggressor such as Ly Thuong Kiet. Because of using this list as an advantage for his real allegation, he praised his great communist criminal Ho Chi Minh with his quote:


"Together with respectfully Uncle Ho in particular, they all were saintly individuals who had lived their lives among their closely fellow citizens" (sic)


He was also insolently written that: "We are proudly to have our motherland which has given births to our great courageous and intelligent men. We even have more proud of our respectfully Uncle Ho who has created the Democratic Republic of Vietnam which is now the Socialist Republic of Vietnam" (sic)


Finally he concluded that: "In his every thought and deed, Uncle Ho was always done for his people whom he came from. He considered himself as his people's servant. He brought happiness to his people.


We are proud of our Vietnam's ruling Party for 85 years. The Party is morality and civilization. Our country's position is standing on high level of international communities.


In front of the Twelfth National Communist Party Conference, all people nationwide, from soldiers to private citizen, from governmental branches to social groups and religious organizations, all have looking toward Hanoi - the heart of fatherland, city of peace" (sic)




Comment 1: Hey you guy slaved writer Hoang Trung Hieu, has your communist clan had enough qualification to claim itself as partner among leading ancestors against northern aggressor? When written with details of the first king of Ly Dynasty, you have no doubt acknowledged that your great communist criminal Ho Chi Minh who dared to make impolite conversation by himself to great Hung Dao Emperor equally as "you, me" in front of the Emperor's altar. The criminal was absolutely impolite in considering himself higher than the Emperor in this communicative way!


Meanwhile, he treated Lenin and Stalin as his great-grand fathers! That phenomenon went as far as in a ceremony at Ba Dinh, Hanoi, a Russian named Vorosilov who stood on the stage would able to order Vietnamese children to call the Soviet leaders as "great-grandpas" instead of "uncle" as they refer to Ho.


Comment 2: You guy wrote by your own hand that the first king of Ly dynasty during his tour of inspection in the countryside had found a local prison with only innocent prisoners run by local corrupted mandarins. Witnessing that injustice treatment of people, the king punched himself to his chest and spoke out loud "Oh my God, whom made me their king?!"  


You should not said that you are not aware of those great criminal Ho Chi Minh's inspection trips which caused "mountains of bones and rivers of blood" deaths everywhere he set his feet on. For example: In his inspection trip to Thai Nguyen test site of Land Reform area, he would not have his heart to write false accusations against a patriotic lady named Cat Hanh Long Nguyen Thi Nam; sentenced her to death brutally. From his orders, 5% of 16 million farmers in North Vietnam had been killed at that time. The scene of killings was more cruelly than the scenes in Northern occupation and French colonialist combined. For 300,000 people killed, most of them were patriotic citizens who supported with their own foods and selective drafts to get the so called "1954 Geneva Convention Agreement on Vietnam".


From that achievement, the communist clan would able to enter North Vietnam cities from its caves in the deep woods. It continued to rob and kill with its programs such as "organization adjustment" land reform correction". Be aware of that land "reform" meant to plough and "correction "meant" to harrow; all for termination of patriotic citizens except criminals in the countryside who made themselves as hard core communist party cadres. They eliminated private capitalist trade and made all types of produce and distribution into their state-run exchanges. They also made cultural reform under Ho policy; copied from Soviet and Mao China styles. All for "proletariation" of their national population. They transformed themselves and all classes of being ruled North Vietnamese society into Soviet and Mao China styles for which pagodas and churches will be destroyed, prisons and concentration camps were grown up as much as wild mushrooms. The lives of Northern people had been all red slavery.


Let try to ask him, slaved communist writer Hoang Trung Hieu if his great criminal Ho Chi Minh has had any similar quality to Viet ancestors? I also remind you a report from the US "New York Economic and Peace Institute on Global Terrorism" on November 18th, 2015 for which, Boko Haram terrorist group killed 6644 people and IS group killed 6073 people in Nigeria during 2014; compared to 5327 people killed during 28 days alone in 1968 Tet massacre incident by communist troops with Middle Age era and North Vietnam Land Reform period; ordered by Ho Chi Minh written in code poem. His victims were old men and women, children; even pregnant women. All were killed by bayonets to their chests, hoes and axes to their heads or buried alive in massive graves with concertinas tied their hands together and to each others.


(Fox News and CNN photo: an IS terrorist who killed his own mother)


On January 8th, 2016 , US media TVs like Fox News, OAN ... broadcasted a news from a human rights organization in Syria called SOHR in which a 20 years old terrorist of IS named Ali Saur al-Uasem who killed his own mother in Raqqa, Syria; in front of hundreds of public viewers; following his commander order. His mother "crime" was her lovely advise of abandoning IS group given to him.


This 20 years old man was condemned all over the world for his crime of killing his own mother. This slaved communist writer Hoang Trung Hieu must acknowledge that the recruiting skill of the IS group has been far less perfect than the great communist criminal Ho Chi Minh whose so-called "land reform and land owners' public condemnation" program had killed many families' couples, siblings, in-laws and parents. A practical example of "disgraced" 55 years old To Hai, a long time communist party member whose writing in 1982 proved that he had destroyed his own father's tomb.


In one of his writing; appeared throughout some political "incorrectness" websites until up to 2016, he was still considering the aggression war of Soviet and China against the Republic of Vietnam has been a "bloody civil war"?! Meanwhile, the great communist criminal Le Duan's affirmation of his war as his "fighting the Americans for Soviet and China" (sic). Has he have any political dissolution, hasn't he? The proof is actually cleared that as an aged man in front of his grave, the "disgraced" To Hai had always proved to be great communist criminal Ho Chi Minh's good grand-child!


Their communist clan has built many hundreds of billion to 2,000 billion $VN communist monuments all over the country Vietnam. They created a deceit communist command post to protect the decomposed corpse of devil Ho Chi Minh in his mausoleum. Slaved Viet people must still continue to pay many other costs for praising great communist criminal Ho Chi Minh; both inland and abroad! They have to visit his mausoleum to worship this devil corpse every year in groups! Others, including regular citizen who are not communist party members, must be educated the so-called "Ho Chi Minh 's Thoughts"!


Hence, slaved writer Ho Trung Hieu dared to use "we"; who the pronoun "we" you meant to stand for? Being-ruled 90 million Vietnamese people will surely contemn and hate the great criminal Ho and his communist party clan. Only your clan, his slave writers who have been fed to blow papaya tubes, would have to be proud of your communist organization and shamelessly considered it as "morally and civilized".


Comment 3: As a blind slaved communist writer, you guy Hoang Trung Hieu wrote: "Our nation is standing on high level of international communities" (sic) and then "the French understood Vietnam after 100 years; also the Americans better after 30 years". Understanding each others is no longer enemies but friends. Moreover, France and the USA are good friends of Vietnam now" (sic)


Nevertheless, yet a writing of a slaved communist writer as such was respectfully introduced to the readers by a news-sheet called "Vietnam Online Education" which blindly licked all of the communist clan's dirt.


Hey slaved communist writer Hoang Trung Hieu and your clan, let read my lecture with your wide-opened eyes:


== Be remembered that the French colonists had known the great criminal Ho Chi Minh and his subordinates; well enough with reserving of Ho's application to the French Colonial Ministry when he landed upon Marseille port of France. He applied to French colonial school for training to be servant of mother country France.


== The French colonists had known well communist Ho Chi Minh who was informant for French Intelligent agency and betrayed Honorable Phan Boi Chau in 1925. He later sold to them a folk-heroic Nguyen Thai Hoc and his revolution; even his own "comrades" such as Nguyen Duc Tri, Phung Chi Kien as well as Vietnamese youths who fled to China for struggle of anti-colonial France. It came from a report to the Third International Communism (Soviet Colonial Ministry) by Tran Phu and Ha Huy Tap, former general secretaries of the Indochina Communist Party.


The Americans also had known your clan well from the early of 1940s when they used your great criminal Ho Chi Minh as their spy for watching Japanese fascist troops in Vietnam at that time. Don't try to make confusions: It was US Major Patti (of OSS, previous form of CIA) who directly trained the great criminal Ho Chi Minh by himself. Patti was the first OSS officer who helped Ho in writing the so-called "The Declaration of Independence". Both men met each others on upstairs of Trinh Van Bo's family house of Hang Ngang quarter in Hanoi.


Don't be fooled to falsely think that France and the USA are "good friends of Vietnam"; because of they knew your clan for a long time. It was your clan's background which caused both France and the USA to employ as their lackey in order to carry out their plans in Indochina. Saying in details and accuracy, France and the USA (as well as other countries) have just considered your Viet communist clan as their greedy and cruelly servant; no friendship at all!!  


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