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I would like to introduce 400 pages Chinh Khi Viet - Pham Trong Luat's 2th book (English Version) which will be published in January 2018.

(Hình Bìa Trước Quyển Quốc Hận 30-04-75 --30-04-2017)

Đã Phát Hành Tháng 7, 2017

(Hình Bìa Sau)
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1. Crooked Communist Constitution



(New communist constitution was approved by "puppet senators" with almost absolute votes)


The "Constitution" play of the communists had been performed. The percentage of the voting was almost absolute: 97.59%! There were only 2 votes of disapproving. One from Duong Trung Quoc and another from a voter who probably was busied with personal reason. That "undisclosed" voter will play a major role at a critical time for the regime in the future. The disapproved vote from Duong Trung Quoc in particular played the same role as his predecessor, Ph. D. Phan Dinh Dieu.


In an interview as an opponent voter, Duong Trung Quoc told BBC with naivety that the discussion atmosphere had been "in democracy" and the human rights issue had been more "emphasized" (who know what he emphasized for?). To perfect his role of voting, Duong Trung Quoc added "every nation has its own history and steps". He did not tell how about the communist ruler's steps and its people's steps!?


With confusing answers, Duong Trung Quoc finally had a success in "installing" a "democracy" concept into the discussion and approving of the communist constitution which was wrongfully viewed by foreigners as a constitution from Vietnamese people's Congress. Nevertheless Duong Trung Quoc has been continued to retain as "Nghi Hach" (arrogant official - a character in novel "Giong To" of writer Vu Trong Phung) with his third term right now.


Another crook who had been called "oldie" was Professor Tuong Lai, senior advisor of almost all highest ranking communists; author of several orations for the great crooked communist Pham Van Dong's requiem (whose signature on 1958 official document "happily" recognized the sovereignty of Mao China on South China Sea and its Islands which have been belonged to Vietnam for thousand years and governed by President Ngo Dinh Diem's First Republic of Vietnam. This traitorous crime alone of Pham Van Dong must be enough severe to get punishment with "dismemberment by 4 horses" and his 3 generation executions).


No doubt as a senior adviser for top rank communists, Professor Tuong Lai undismayed condemned that "the Congress was guilty of crimes to the fatherland and its people". Worthwhile as a professor level, whether he should be confused with that naivety? That Congress from the great crooked communist Ho Chi Minh's era until now has just been a tool of the Viet communist clan. It covered for their crimes of selling fatherland and killings its people. It must be written that "The Vietnam Communist Party is guilty of crimes to the fatherland and its people". Is it right isn't it, crooked communist professor Tuong Lai?


There was an unrealistic idea from Viet communist clan about that constitution approving issue. That was Nguyen Lan Thang who created a group "who disapproved constitution" that "got over 1,000 members after 24 hours of recruitment" (by BBC News). It was an idea with "grave danger" and a total favor for Viet communist clan. Why?


-First: That constitution had already been approved by the crooked communist clan. Now if Nguyen Lan Thang's group would collected 35 million members; for example (ten times to currently number of communist party cadres), so what they would able to do if they need to protest?


-Second: As a master of deceive and creator of this regrouping association, that party, this organization, that group ..., would the Viet communist clan readied to tolerate to your group?


-Third: Probably now temporary as a leader of the group you created, how would you lead these "fake members"; by yourself alone? Who decided the executive programs?


-Fourth:  If your group members have had to give their resumes such as full names, ages, addresses, phone numbers and occupations ... as crazy guy Nguyen Van Ly's group did? With that requirement, would you have picked some of them to be "scapegoats" or to act like Le Lai as an apparent fake politician who had had 3 heart attacks but was still able to scratch his ears and clean his nostril!?


-Fifth: The creations of groups under communist rule were after all looked like creating sounds from empty beating cans; undiscriminating groups like 8406, Thang Tien, the Vietnam United Buddhist Church of incurved legs crooked king Quang Do, Viet Tan party, Quoc Dan Hanh Dong movement of Hoang Duy Hung ... as such!


Hence nowadays, there is only idea of writer Vo Thi Hao who has taken advantage of this opportunity to be better off in unveiling the real face of the communist clan.


Whose Constitution? For Who?


For easy understanding, Constitution is a basic law with two principles:


1/ Affirming the citizens' ownership of their own individuals and the ownership of utmost concept of the Fatherland.


2/ Creating of regulations from which to organize a governing machine whose main duty is to guarantee the incentive conditions for citizens to carry out as well as to protect their rights.


3/ Moreover, beside the freedoms of faith, thought, speech, moving, residing, ownership ..., there is another important right: The right of meeting or protest for which citizens can give their ideas or their critics on the works (good or bad) of their governments. That means public meetings instead of self meetings at home, a type of meeting encouraged by incurved legs crooked Dang Phuc Tue aka Quang Do and his clan.


Therefore, it is not important how many pages and how percentage the constitution of the communist clan got approval from its congress with full of insectival members! It needs to be noticed that there is only one sentence which proved that this document is not a Constitution at all: "The Vietnam Communist Party is a force leader who controls the society with Marxism, Leninism and Ho Chi Minh's thoughts as basis ...". The word "constitution" is just a mask for covering a barely truth: The communist clan is the owner of the fatherland and its being-ruled citizens.


From that affirming basis, the communist clan will create a governing machine which is guaranteed their ownership and their protection of that ownership for themselves. In other way speaking, this constitution has legalized their rights of murdering people and giving away the country for sale!


For understanding "pretty well" that truth, some international gamblers (including oversea Vietnamese) would only betted on "small chess-men" instead of "large chess-men" (small chess-men referred to the number of 3.5 million party members; large chess-men referred to the number of more than 80 million being-ruled Vietnamese citizens).


What a scoundrel political clan!!


Reference documents:


duongtrungquoc hienphap.shtml

nguyen lan thang.shtml

constitution tuonglai comment.shtml vothihao vn new constitution.shtml

2. Vietnam Communist Party Members Are ... "Honest"!


There have been a viewpoint saying that of course there were "honest" Viet communist party members. This red ranger clan even went farther to affirm that most of these members are honest. They are Bui Tin, Vu Thu Hien, Nguyen Minh Can, Tran Khue, Hoang Minh Chinh, Tran Do, Nguyen Thanh Giang ... they also included Nguyen Van Ly, most crooked king Quang Do, Vo Van Ai ... and senior relatives of the "short  incurved and basset legs" guys like Phan Van Loi, Nguyen Dan Que ... or Bang Phong Dang Van Au, Toan Phong Nguyen Xuan Vinh, "free press writer" Tuong Nang Tien, "stripped scholar" Nguyen Tuong Tam, "papaya tube blowing writer" Tran Phong Vu ... and included "poetry plagiarist" alibaba Nguyen Chi Thien who asked all Viet refugees to call those crooked communists "good brothers" and attended (triple sides) pocket Dien Hong conference in the mountain. He also was "happily" to discuss political current events on long distance phone to communist Tran Do; and to "young intellectuals" in Toronto when the great killer Tran Do was going to "hell", caused Lam Thu Van loud crying. During funeral oration, those "shameless dirty intellectuals" clans gave their regret of opportunity missing to "being honored" like Tran Do as ... crooked communists. There were rumors that this crooked lady was going to train her own children to being the same. How disgusting she is!!


From all over the world, from East to West, ancient to present days; Vietnam in particular, people can find out a prostitute who should be able to keep her virginity after a whole work day. But nobody can find out a single Viet communist guy who is honest. Why?


Because of her bad social situation, she had to end up in a brothel. But she was able to get luck to encounter with a heavy drunk communist guy who immediately got into sleep without "eating" her "pussy". And therefore she was still a virgin.


The international organizations helped the communists to collect people's "human rights"; therefore women have only right to work in brothels and the communists become big-belt fat guys who need to be carried on the backs of their subordinates. There is a short popular folk song among people singing of that:


"The belts of crooked communists are as big as the beef noodle soup boiler

"Human rights" packages were all swallowed"


With those privileges, who are ever wanted to become communist party members must work hard:


-To carry out the ultimate goal of the communist party (1930-present) for being a lackey of international communism; if the candidates are youths.


-Otherwise, the candidates must be members of important groups or organizations belonged to the communist party; such as communist union, agriculture, women, religious sects (underground at first and public later for communists such as Vietnam United Buddhist Church of An Quang sect); former soldiers and police officers oversea must be members of organizations like "Pro-communist Intellectuals" or "Pro-communist Vietnamese oversea". They must carry out political fundamentals or resolutions of the communist party such as "camel" Hoang Duy Hung, Nguyen Phuong Hung ... oversea or fake democratic fighter Nguyen Khac Toan who stole his girlfriend's bike ...


They had to work harder than those official party members. They need references before voluntary apply for party membership; and finally during an official oath taking ceremony, they have to vow keeping their loyalty to the (communist) party "until their last breaths"; their protection for the (communist) party must be more important than for their families and themselves; their helps to educate ordinary people (not yet party members) into good citizens (red slaves) of the communist country; and keeping their obedience to all orders, rules, resolutions and policies adapted by the political fundamental of the communist party.


Before 1954, there probably were party members who were tricked by the slogan "patriotism, ready to die for saving of fatherland"; but from the event of Land Reform, the nuclear of the party (named Labor Party at that time) was metro and rural proletarian scoundrels' clan; from local to district, provincial and up to central levels. This structure must be guaranteed that the communist personnel system to include all cadres with "less of brain and full of lust". Their jobs will be "false accusation of victims in public trials" to get "four socialist pleasures". To get that goal, they must close their fates by voluntary accept the slogans such as: "worldwide proletarians in brotherhood", "protection of Federal Soviet, citadel of world proletarian revolutionary", "Vietnam-China mountains next to mountains, rivers next to rivers: Ho Chi Minh-Mao Tse Tung"; and "love father (great crook Uncle Ho) by one; love great lord (Stalin) by ten times more" ...ect...


After 1954, the "nucleus" inside Viet communist party began with opportunities and groups to taste materialism by pro-Soviet (perestroika) or pro-China (dogmatism).


After 1975 until now, all of their cadres' deceitfulness among the party was covered by "neck-tie coat wearing" (regardless of hot or cold weather) for "openness, reform". From a slaved position for Soviet and China expansionists, now they have capitalized their whole party members by systematic corruption from the top to the bottom. There have been countless scandals; from tax evasions, tax money thieves, foreign debts without ability to pay back for generations to come, islands and sea, land and resources all for sale by communist authority. Their "openness, reform" policy also applied to faith believers, religious lay officials, ethnic minorities, the wealthy of all levels and pro-socialist oversea Vietnamese (who are ready to serve any political power); included new type of party members who are fake democracy fighters and fake anti-communist activists.


As a deceit political party, its job from its birthday to present has been "country selling and people killing". In other way of saying, all members of the so-called Vietnam communist party, including those who will become party members sooner or later, must have not just their roots but also their acts of slavery (for any political power).


To prove one example of that, I would like to introduce to you, oldies and readers an organization called Viet Communist Veterans Association. Its members are already "retired" but they're still very active in blinding themselves in front of Viet communist clan's many crimes like selling the country and killing of its people. They are trying to "search" the enemies of their Viet communist clan as an aged dog with its toothless snout, blurred eyes and dry nose (no more sensible ability)!


In recently, with the helps from the so-called Viet communist veterans association (or aged wolves association) of Khanh Hoa alone, the provincial communist police department got up to "9,000 security related information" (sic)!!


Therefore that meant: With persons who tried to defend that there should still be a few "honest" individuals among other communist party members, had that person been inspected, he/she would have possessed a party ID card!!


Documents Reading:



3. The Paper Cake of Viet Communist Clan's Viet Doan



(3,000 Vietnamese youths were brought to Expansionist China to become Han ethnic by brainwashing themselves)


Online newspapers of Viet communist party "happily" had news on November 23, 2013 in which the Viet communist clan had sent 3,000 Vietnamese youths to China for the so-called "Second Ceremony of Viet-Sino Youths".


In publicly announcing to the world, the communist clan wrote: "The ceremony of Viet-Chinese youths league is an actual work to maintain bilateral friendship, understanding and trust between young generation of the two countries Vietnam-China; to strengthen the Viet-Sino bilateral strategic relationship following the slogan "16 golden words" (darken yellow) and "4 good spirits" (favor of China only)!


Why had Chinese crooks to choose Guang-xi for brainwashing Vietnamese youths? No doubt in history of aggression against Vietnam, Chinese expansionist crooks always rallied their soldiers in Guang-xi and enlisted youths in Guang-xi forcefully. But with the patriotism of Vietnamese people, no single time the aggressors returned home alive! Archaeologists should happen to seize an opportunity, they must discover Chinese aggressors' tons of bones and skulls under Nhu Nguyet River, Red River, Bach Dang River ... and Dong Da Hill in Hanoi!


3,000 Vietnamese youths, with their limit knowledge of history caused by their Viet communist clan's pro-Han ethnic "education" would've never known Kham Chau victorious battle; commanded by infamous Vietnamese General Ly Thuong Kiet. His strategic plan was "defensive with offensive tactic" which destroyed enemy's central food supply storage in their own soil Kham Chau and breaking the enemy line with chaos like "cracked fireworks running dogs"! Viet youths who finished high school in that bad education system or even becoming college candidates would ended up with answer for a college emission exam that "Dien Bien is a beautiful place in ... Laos for travelers" (sic)!


Unlike their glorious ancestors, Vietnamese people today under communist rule, youths in particular have to work all over the world as slaves; especially in Russia and China! The younger generation of Vietnam must go to expansionist China for brainwashing and Han ethnical transformation. Great crooked bad guy "old Ho" used this practice before in 1950 when he brought Vietnamese forces to Mao China for that transformation. They were "National Army" with motto "Loyalty to the Nation" during their departure but they became "People's Army" with motto "Loyalty to the (Viet communist) Party" during arrival after being brainwashed.


With their second trip to China that time, they surely had to become "Viet faces, Chinese brains and hearts" personalities; or at least there were "Chinese fetus in their (female) wombs"; for in the picture, all of them are girls who looked like people in public punishing trials during Land Reform campaign against land owners 60 years ago. The subject of this trip was "Rising high youths' dreams for bright future"; printed in "triple sized bold letters". What a confused stupid subject that was shameful being written only by Viet communist clan.


Chinh Khi Viet would like to make a translation for easy understanding of the above subject:


First: "Rising high youths' dreams" means flying to expansionism communist China. Why? That meant "flying to the North"; for China is on top of Vietnam by the map!! Viet communist apparently chose candidates who would like to dream for Han ethnical transformation after going home from this trip!!


Second: Look at that "For bright future"; by which way and in which domain? Why not for present instead of for future? Exactly it was the same paper-cake in a story of "Ly Toet and Xa Xe" that Chinh Khi Viet had once told; for that they went to "Pho Hoa" beef noodle soup restaurant and saw an ads saying "next meal (tomorrow) will be free of charge"!


Moreover, the future will be as bright (as Viet communists' propaganda word) if they can "eat, wear and live" that "bright" to survive themselves. That means it has been a true paper-cake for watching only. Oh la la, don't be fooled to get in that trap anymore!


In taking advantage of this opportunity, I would like to have a private question for the organizer of that trip: Was there any daughter of Vietnamese fishermen among those 3,000 girls?


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