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I would like to introduce 400 pages Chinh Khi Viet - Pham Trong Luat's 2th book (English Version) which will be published in January 2018.

    (Hình Bìa Trước Quyển Quốc Hận 30-04-75 --30-04-2017)

    Đã Phát Hành Tháng 7, 2017

    (Hình Bìa Sau)

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    Quotes of Leader Ngo Dinh Diem

     Words of President Ngo Dinh Diem: " ... Let follow my ideal"!

    Now no one would able to say that history is not long enough and historical documents are scarce. There are too many proofs of sacrifices from Vietnamese people whose honesty caused them their loss of fatherland; and also too many proofs for studying of history and opening a broad way for Vietnam in order to get peace, independence, social equitableness ... all social classes of Vietnamese people have been served; cultural and historical traditions of Vietnam have been preserved and flourished.

    Those historical lessons must be downrightly reconsidered from historical events in Vietnam during the post World War Two period until 2014.

    Political events of that era:

    1/ The last emperor Bao Dai of Nguyen dynasty under colonial French rule was in reality a puppet, playboy and obedient king. With a coup d'état from fascist Japan in March 1945, the French colonial soldiers proved to be despicable like their Pétain clan in their mainland under Hitler rule.

    Vietnam was a target of Japanese fascists for their Great Eastern Asia dream. They created their political tools Dai Viet party and Cao Dai religion.

    After the coup against the French, Japanese fascists kept the foreign and defense ministries for themselves and gave the rest to Bao Dai as their puppet authority. That meant from a full-slaved status to the colonial French, Vietnam became a half-slaved status to the Japanese. The Japanese did that because they knew their days were numbers of months.

    King Bao Dai asked Tran Trong Kim who was a patriot and an experienced educator to form a government; but he was not a good choice for that political position at that critical situation. Therefore, two patriotic decrees he had ordered became two unpatriotic ones; similar to a fairy tale of a buffalo: A deity came from God to scatter seeds of grass first and seeds of rice later. Because of that, rice seeds had no room for growing and that "absent-mind" deity turned to be a buffalo to eat grass and to serve humanity as a result.

    a) First order: Release all prisoners. Thank to this, members of the Indochina Communist Party had an opportunity to regroup and defeat their own enemies; jailers included.

    b) Second order: Dismiss and prosecute central and local mandarins who were accused of corruptions and those who helped Japanese troops to uproot rice plants for jute planting in particular. That jute planting caused a large scale famine in 1945 (At Dau lunar year) for farmers in North Vietnam.

    Those "un-political" orders caused the administration unable to run and helped the great criminal Ho Chi Minh a good opportunity to postpone them when he seized the chairmanship in the coalition government of "national" political parties of Nguyen Hai Than, Vu Hong Khanh, Nguyen Tuong Tam ... With a single certain suggestion in a cabinet meeting or a certain signature on behalf of the government, this great criminal Ho Chi Minh got the loyalty of those corrupted officials in running of the administration with best favor to his Indochina communist party under the umbrella of Viet Minh.

    2) In the past discussions, Chinh Khi Viet have proven that it was the greedy and stupid stubbornness of the French colonialists when they came back that had caused the traditional patriotism of Vietnamese people raised up high. People were ready to sacrifice their own lives and their properties which have been saved from their ancestors for war against France. Their faithful enthusiasm had been exploited and controlled by Ho Chi Minh's Indochina communist clan who was supported by dependent slaved politicians such as Nguyen Hai Than, Vu Hong Khanh, Nguyen Tuong Tam ... and those fabulous and blinded-mind intellectuals who served as volunteers for the great criminal Ho Chi Minh. He turned the struggle for independence against the French into the sacrifice for red colonial Leninist Soviet and Maoist China against Indochina countries Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia; with Vietnamese bloods. At that time, the great criminal Ho Chi Minh succeeded in his slogan "under-ground resistance" which was a first step of making poverty all over the country.

    Be noticed that:

    a) On the side of Indochina communists, most hard-core communist cadres had sacrificed for their great criminal Ho Chi Minh; including those who joined the communist party because of their slogan "sacrifice for fatherland". Those survivors had also been killed by his "revolution". Those who stayed in the communist party must be brainwashed and their loyalty must be absolute, such as Nguyen Dinh Thi, Bui Bang Doan, Bui Tin, Dang Van Viet, Cu Huy Can, Xuan Dieu, Hoai Thanh, Nguyen Ngoc, Luu Trong Lu, Luu Huu Phuoc, Huynh Van Tieng, Mai Van Bo, Tran Duy Hung, Phan Anh, Phan My, Vu Dinh Hoe, Nguyen Van Huyen, Hoang Dao Thuy, Vu Van Can, Vu Khieu, Nguyen Huy Tuong, Ta Quang Buu, Ta Quang Dam, Nguyen Ba Thuyen, Tran Duy Hung, To Hoai, To Hai ...

    That meant the communist party, its government and its political system trained, inspected and totally controlled by the Soviet and Maoist China after 1954 Geneva Convention on Vietnam. All those officials from local to central government were appointed by foreigners. No single one of them had been elected by Vietnamese people!

    b) On the "nationalist" side of Bao Dai, Head of the State, government officials also had been decided by colonial French through the activities of political parties such as Dai Viet, VNQDĐ, Dai Viet Quoc Dan Dang ... all of them appointed by the colonial French. No one of them had been elected by Vietnamese people!

    3/ Vietnam had been divided into halves at 17th parallel after 1954 Geneva Convention on Vietnam was in effected. Ho Chi Minh communist clan occupied and controlled North Vietnam. The best castles in Hanoi had been given into Soviet and Maoist China for their embassies and other offices. They immediately created two organizations: Viet-Soviet Friendship Association run by Duong Bach Mai, central communist party commissioner and permanent communist congressman. Viet-Sino Friendship Association run by crook Bui Ky, father of Bui Diem (Dai Viet).

    The missions of both organizations were diffusion of pro-Russian and Chinese languages and their cultures. Even a small library in the countryside had full of Soviet and Maoist Chinese literature books! Both so-called "friendship" associations used their offices as spy headquarters of mother-states Soviet and Maoist China to select their spy agents for controls and checking up the reliability of reports from Viet communist clan. These two organizations had the authority to recruit their new members from all other agencies, social classes or organizations ... of Viet communist clan; including ministries of defense and national police, as well as other local medium and high ranking cadres from these branches.

    Other subjects need to be noticed:

    a) Portraits of Soviet leaders such as Marx, Engel, Lenin, Krupscaia (Lenin's wife), Stalin, Malenkov, Molotov, Vorochilov, Zukov and Chinese leaders such as Mao, Liu Shao-chi, Zhu De, Chou En-lai, Peng De-huai, Xiang Ying must be hung everywhere from central to local communist party, congress, organization and government offices; including kindergarten and other schools, markets, train, bus and ship stations, village offices, pagodas and churches; work, farm and forest camps ...even private homes and public apartments.

    b) The great criminal Ho Chi Minh ruled the country by decrees and ordered to eliminate government Justice Ministry and Law faculties of universities. His regime sentenced hard labor punishment to people who were not good for it; teenagers included. A lowest rank police officer as young as 20s would have had an authority to send a whole family to work without pay in remote farm or woody camps.

    c) Of course the so-called "revolution" of the regime had been continued to carry out sentences to those who were intellectuals, rich farmers or businessmen, land owners and local officials during 1930-1931 Soviet Nghe-Tinh movement with hard labor, condemnation and death punishments.

    d) It was very important to notice that a so-called "regroup" force from the South; in fact was a very few high ranking cadres who were permitted to bring their families with them. The rest of them must leave their families in the South. The communist clan promised this "regroup" cadres that they will be reunited with their families two years later after a victorious national general election taken placed as ruling of 1954 Geneva Convention on Vietnam. In the reality, that was a national general election scam of the communist clan that Chinh Khi Viet had discussed in other past articles before.

    Lives of the "regroup" cadres were very hard. Most of them were sent to state-run farm camps or military farm camps for those who were soldiers, or to work as "workers" of state-run woody camps in deeply remote forests. Teenagers were sent to the so-called "Southern Schools" as fulltime regular workers of "new style" feigned prisons with hard labors, iron disciplines, malnutrition, tattered clothes and family nostalgia. To escape these situations, some of them had to flee from the camps to become criminals, prostitutes and ended up into juvenile re-education camps, another type of hard labor disguised prisons.

    Here are actual examples:

    -Example 1: In this case, after "regroup" from the South on the first day in the North, former general secretary of the communist liberated Southern union Tran Van Thanh, representative of southern social working class was given a big hug from the great criminal Ho Chi Minh. When he got information of his sons several days later by his request, he was shocked when he knew that his two malnourish sons were in the hard labor camp Am Thuong; re-educated for their fleeing from school and their stealing of foods from a state-run market on Trang Tien quarter in Hanoi. The father and his two sons were missing from that day.

    -Example 2: Doctor Phung Van Cung, high ranking cadre of the South Vietnam Liberation Front and his darling daughter were "regrouped" to the great criminal Ho Chi Minh's North. To escape severe hunger, she fled school to work odd jobs and finally as a prostitute at Kim Lien bus station in Hanoi. During a visit in Hanoi after he got news of her, the doctor was blamed badly by his angry daughter with her harsh words. She called him "devil communist" and accused him of ruining her life. She was missing from that day. The "revolutionary spirit" of the doctor was going down badly.

    -Example 3: Nguyen Van Tran, author of the memoir "Goi Me và Quoc Hoi" (To Mother and Congress) had his daughter who also was prostitute with many arrests. Taking advantage of living in Hanoi, he had arranged to get her release from jail and made her quick courtship marriage proposal to a Southern "regroup" player of a military football team.

    After all, the fates of Southern re-group people to the North were relied on communist propagandas in the first place instead of their own volunteers. They were told that the South Vietnam government will take revenge of them. After knowing the truth, some of them became rioters whom with severity enough to be condemned to death by bloody hands of communist General Phung The Tai. Many people have heard another rioter who is son of communist General Dong Van Cong. This son was a leader of re-group southern students in Ha Dong who led many riots from Ha Dong to Hanoi at that time. Most of re-group fates had become red slaves like their northern people; right from the first day they set their feet to the North.

    e) Most important notice is the whole personnel and organization system of the Viet communist party and its governing machine had been arranged by the Soviet and Maoist China. Even its high ranking cadres were not voted by their comrades. In fact they were chosen from a list by the Soviet and Maoist China. Their comrades' votes if being allowed must follow certain instructions from that list. Its governing machine was the same: Voting with its procedure of "endorsed by party, voted by people".

    How About In South Vietnam?

    At the time Honorable Ngo Dinh Diem was asked by Chief of State Bao Dai to be South Vietnam Prime Minister, at least nearly one million refugees from the North had immigrated into the South. They left their houses, lands and other properties, as well as their ancestors' graves against Vietnamese people's tradition to follow their leader Ngo Dinh Diem without force but volunteer. That number should be larger if there was no limit in transportation means, dissuasion and terrors committed by the communist clan.

    On August 9th 1954, the Nationalist government of Vietnam led by new Prime Minister Ngo Dinh Diem had created General Refugee Services Commission.

     (photos: Nearly one million refugees from the North voted for Honorable Ngo with their lands, properties and ancestors' graves left behind)

    It is necessary to remember that from their hearts, North Vietnamese people had voted for Prime Minister Ngo Dinh Diem who later became the President of the First Republic of Vietnam; even a national general election had not been taken at the time as ruling of 1954 Geneva Convention on Vietnam.

    1/ In North Vietnam, the communist Ho Chi Minh clan eliminated all political opponents through Land Reform Revolution and Cultural Revolution movements amid its stability progress. Even members of Vietnam Social Party and Vietnam Democratic Party, created by the communist clan as its fake political opponents, had been re-educated to be tamed for their roles as communists' preys toward blind politicians of the South or oversea Vietnamese who were mostly lived in France. Never mind of international politicians who were well aware of communist tactics.

    The communist clan was an absolute owner of police and arm forces, courts, banks, finances, foods with food share counting policy. They also were supported unlimited by their mother-states Soviet and Maoist China, the Third World or neutral nations such as India, Indonesia, Egypt ... including North and East Europe, France and some African countries; Media Front in particular!

    During that time, Honorable Ngo Dinh Diem had to face burdens of national problems; asking by Head of State "casino" Bao Dai and left by his predecessors Tran Van Huu and Nguyen Van Tam. There were religious sects with their own armies. Political parties, old and new, were fought against each other. With national army commanded by French nationality, French wife General Nguyen Van Hinh (son of Nguyen Van Tam), the reality was in the hand of colonial France. Guang-tung and Si-chuan were two Chinese congregations who took controlled the economy.

    There is no doubt that many powerful communist leaders were still left in South Vietnam at that time with their weapons, regular troops and guerrillas. They were Le Duan, Nguyen Van Linh, Nguyen Duc Thuan, Nguyen Van So, Phan Van Dang, Tran Luong (aka Tran Nam Trung, minister of defense under Nguyen Huu Tho-Huynh Tan Phat government later), Vo Chi Cong, Doan Khue, Tran Bach Dang, Le Minh Huong, Vo Van Kiet, Mai Chi Tho, La Van Liem, Cao Dang Chiem ...

    Some of the guerrillas moved to new cells and disguised themselves as Buddhist monks; supported by families of "re-group" cadres. Some fame hungry intellectuals such as lawyers Nguyen Huu Tho and Trinh Dinh Thao ... worked with communist Pham Huy Thong who came home from France to organize hunger protest in public. No doubt that the intelligent agency of the French must be well aware of these political activities than the new born government of Prime Minister Ngo Dinh Diem. Because of their nearly hundred years in Vietnam, the French had had time to train their own cadres and organizations; both in official or unofficial statutes.

    France was the only Western country with a representative on ambassadorship in Hanoi. His official title was General Representative who had his permanent reporter with him in this city during communist rioters entered Hanoi to robe and murder its citizens. That riot committed in front of an International Cease-fire Supervision & Control Commission consisted of commissioners from Canada, India and Poland at that time. This organization occupied two largest buildings in Hanoi as its offices. These buildings belonged to Shell Company located near intersection of Tran Hung Dao-Ngo Quyen streets and commercial office next to Hanoi post office and across Sword Lake. Indian commissioners stationed at a compound which later became communist farm camps ministry; 100 meters from the house of the "double doctorate scholar" confusing Nguyen Manh Tuong who was named "dung prodigy" by Ho Huu Tuong for his place of birth Co Nhue village. The Indian commissioners had a little work but a lot of illegal trades to do. Their football front yard became a public black trading market from sun set to 10PM; controlled by the wife of communist Le Nghia, communist party chairman and assistant director of Hanoi police headquarter.

    3/ Of course there was no survey agency at that time, but no doubt that Prime Minister Ngo Dinh Diem's achievements were extra-ordinary and he got tremendous supports from people for his political clear-sight, courage and patriotism to serve his country at that political complicated and chaotic time. He used his achievements as basic strategy to cut all of riots by organizing a "national referendum" to dismiss Bao Dai and unify all religious sects into national power. From that power he organized a first free election to create first constitution and a first republic of Vietnam. After hundred years of French colonial rule, that was the first time a leader of Vietnam Ngo Dinh Diem was legally elected as an only constitutional leader of both South and North Vietnam; first time from 1945.

    Later achievements from the first President of Vietnam Ngo Dinh Diem had been proved completely in the following links. Please read them. Chinh Khi Viet would like to bring a comparison between the rule of President of Vietnam Ngo Dinh Diem and the rule of communist Ho Chi Minh clan:

    a) The motto of the Republic of Vietnam Arm Forces was "Fatherland - Honor - Responsibility". The motto of crooked Ho Chi Minh communist arm forces has been "Loyalty to the (communist) Party".

    b) The policies of Land Reform and other economic and social reforms of the Republic of Vietnam were ownership privatization for farmers; compared to communist public accusation and killing them. Those policies also helped industrial and trade businesses with their free unions followed by government codes and rules. Briefly to say that the policies of the First Republic of Vietnam were protections of private ownerships and their productions (including farm lands, mills ...) as well as protection of workers.

    c) The First Republic of Vietnam was the first national government, after gaining independence from the colonial rule, to use law principles in governing all social activities; including productions, distributions of public benefits, cultural preservations and full protections of national natural resources, land and maritime boundaries.

    In the contrary with protections by law principles in the Republic of Vietnam, the policies of communist Ho Chi Minh clan have been ownership destitution for all population in North Vietnam. In its communist constitution, the communist party has had absolute ownership over its slaved population. That means people themselves also had been its property. People under its rule have no human rights at all. They have been animals with human shapes.

    The Viet communists rule by their ordinances and oral orders (same as the feudal era). All labor unions have been created and directly controlled by the communists in order to follow the political plans of Soviet and Maoist China: Inspections of worker's thoughts, productions and occupational activities for best benefits of the communists. For examples: In order to absolute control of population; including workers, farmers, writers, teachers, women, youths, children, oldies, retired workers ..., the communists created many professional organizations for them with their own slogans: "Three undertakings' women" for women, "a hand for plough, a hand for gun" for farmers, "a hand for hammer, a hand for gun" for workers, "Uncle Ho's good boys (girls)" for children, "Three readiness' youth" for youths ... Even with wedding ceremonies for any rank, there was a slogan for them "enjoying new happiness, never forget one's duty"!

    4/ At his top position and career, leader Ngo Dinh Diem still kept his lifestyle in simple and cost saving; caused his subordinates to do the same. In the contrary, the communist Ho Chi Minh clan began to seize luxury cars and buildings for themselves when they just entered Hanoi. The communists reserved for themselves their special portions from foods, entertainments, medical treatments and oversea vacations. They created their own special medical committee with special mineral oriental medicines such as Ha Giang honey soaked human fetus (bees use cocaine flowers in Ha Giang) or soaked with tiger bones, Ban Long or Tieu bones. Hung Canh (Vinh Phu) high nutritious rice is a special product of North Vietnam. Because of its limit on quantity production, they ban this rice plantation and reserve it only for central cadres and two China and North Korea grand embassies (rice is not Russian food).

    After all, special products produced in North Vietnam are reserved for central Politburo and Secretary General bureau cadres: Vong (Hanoi) village grilled rice, Yen Minh (Ha Giang) seedless persimmons, Lung Phinh (Ha Giang) teas, Bo Ha (Bac Giang) oranges, Hung Yen longans, Anh Vu and Phu Tho fish, Dam Set (Hanoi) silure fish ... They drink Tu Son red stick rice wines, male horse sperm, special fresh milks from Holland cows raised in Ba Vi and Son La; brought them home everyday by helicopters. They eat all kinds of tonic foods planted up from the mountains down to the sea. Their overfeeding foods made their faces around and red. They live with their best longevity. Some of them still have been alive at the ages of 90s!

    When they already got their "full stomachs, outstretch kidneys", they began "hands and legs moving". For that situation, the great criminal Ho Chi Minh ordered to build a "Turtle Neighborhood" in Quang Ba, East Lake, Hanoi to shelter virgin girls from 17 to 20 years old of Tay and bright skin Thai minorities; selected from high land areas Son La, Lai Chau, Cao Bang. These girls were trained to perform sex services for communist "leaders and rulers". Is this a Revolution activity?!

    That was not the only Ho Tay "Turtle" neighborhood! There were others with "welcome houses" in provinces with female "service agents" who serve "communist high ranking cadres" and "communist specialists" with sex. Hung Yen in particular with communist party chief Le Quy Quynh who created a fake provincial "permanent hydraulic team" of prostitutes. In Quang Binh province, communist party chief Nguyen Tu Thoan made a provincial artistic team to serve sex for provincial "rulers"!

    Moreover, top sexual communist cadres of great communist criminal Ho Chi Minh's "bodyguard company" had publicly "slept" with wives of their subordinates; including Ho Chi Minh himself! (Vu Thu Hien - "Night At Daytime"). Every noon, the great criminal Ho Chi Minh had ordered his driver to pick up his "granddaughter" Linh Nham, member of the state-run central artistic company to have lunch with her "uncle" and "read poems" for uncle's pleasure of his noon nap! The great communist crook Pham Van Dong made a companionship with actress Dam Lien of Fifth Zone artistic company. The great communist butcher Vo Nguyen Giap made companionship with actress Hong Hanh, wife of writer Dao Vu. Communist brigadier Nguyen Trong Vinh of deceit communist arm forces slept with adopted daughter Mai Sinh of the central circus company. Ung Van Khiem made companionship with widow of Huynh Van Loc (deceased at that time), head of communist agriculture ministry. This widow was made marital arrangement to slaved writer Hoai Thanh by To Huu becaused of protest from Khiem'wife. Nguyen Van Tran made companionship with both mother and daughter of capitalist Pho Gia Tuong of Hang Bo quarter, Hanoi. He even also made companionship to ping-pong player Nguyen Thi Mai, girlfriend of his own daughter! That was a reason, as a central communist party cadre, Nguyen Van Tran ordered to eliminate French colonial era Bach Nghe school to make space for a ping-pong club.

    There were countless other similar cases but there were some special ones: The great communist butcher Tran Do, the icon of young slaved intellectuals led by French trained physician Lam Thu Van in Canada. He was arrested in Saigon during a "good time" with a lewd "service grand-daughter" in Huu Nghi hotel. Great communist leader Nong Duc Manh took over his own son Nong Quoc Tuan's girlfriend. Fake democracy fighter Cu Huy Ha Vu was arrested in half-naked at a hotel room with a girl and two used condoms (for driving away political accusation from communist investigators?). Even close-shaven head Khong Tanh was arrested during his "Buddhist praying" with a devout Buddhist in a two bed hotel room.

    The communist regime had tried to hide those above true stories for many years. It caused no acknowledgment of the stories from even people in North Vietnam; let alone people in South Vietnam, including communist "longhair troops and troops' mothers" in the territory of the Republic of Vietnam.

    5/ People in Vietnam now are aware some of the truths related to the true faces of the communist clan; both at present and in the pass. The information comes not only from audio but from many victims and witnesses themselves or from personnel in the communist political system.

    However, some people do have suspicion of those stories which might have been made by the communists for their scams of discredit the oversea Media Front in the struggle for democracy against the communist regime in Vietnam. Their scams included the creation of half truth stories; edited by red rangers such as Vu Thu Hien, Bui Tin, Nguyen Minh Can and To Hai who wrote in his "Thang Hen" (Despicable Guy) that "... there was no case of Nhan Van Giai Pham group who was banned by Le Duc Tho and To Huu; that group had banned itself!"; and also edited by communist informants such as Truong Minh Hoa, Hua Vang Tho ... of

    6/ Vietnamese people now have almost significant parts of the truth about the communist clan. Sadly, they got very little of the truth about Honorable Ngo Dinh Diem, the first legally President of First Republic of Vietnam after the second world war. They have been caught in the webs of crooked political parties, organizations and individuals ... for they don't have full of the truth in the past and in current political events in Vietnam. If the majority of these crooks were not created by the communist clan, they must be made by a certain profiteering power. Their "nickel plated prestige" comes from the communists, the profiteering powers or from both for their benefits of labor exploitation and national land and maritime resources in their international political games.

    Now is the critical time for Vietnamese people inland and oversea to chose:

    a) To be in totally ethnical cleansing by Han race if they haven't chosen effective actions to encounter with fatherland and people's dangers.

    b) To accept as red slaves in fake liberal roles with the helps of the Viet communists; or as green slaves from helps of crooked political parties inland and oversea, fake democracy and human rights organizations of Nguyen Dan Que, Cu Huy Ha Vu, Pham Chi Dung ...

    c) To follow the political way of leader Ngo Dinh Diem and his nine year governing First Republic of Vietnam in self-respect, self-governing, humanism, fairness, real independence and liberty values. This way based on the motto "Fatherland - Honor - Responsibility" to plan domestic and foreign policies and to inspect the results of these policies.

    People and military officers and government officials of Republic of Vietnam as well as all inland being ruled individuals, let ask yourselves what have you done for your fatherland. What have you done in protection of your fatherland and its people's honor. What did you commit for Viet ancestors in the past and yourselves and your people right now. After all, did you have your parts of responsibility in protection of patrimony left by Viet ancestors, in current political events as victims or witnesses and in the future of next generations as responsible individuals of fatherland Vietnam and its people?



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