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I would like to introduce 400 pages Chinh Khi Viet - Pham Trong Luat's 2th book (English Version) which will be published in January 2018.
  2. (Bạn bè thích Joseph Luat Pham)
  4. (Việt Nam VN Quê Hương Yêu Dấu)
  5. (Quyết Tâm Bảo vệ Nòi Giống Dân Tộc VN)

(Hình Bìa Trước Quyển Quốc Hận 30-04-75 --30-04-2017)

Đã Phát Hành Tháng 7, 2017

(Hình Bìa Sau)

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A 390-Tank dashed into main gate of Independence Palace on Apr. 30th 1975


I. List of sinful thugs who made way to a fateful National Resentment Day of Apr. 30th 1975
 1/ A Bunch of Vietnamese Rebel Leaders
Duong Van Minh, Tran Thien Khiem, Tran Van Don, Do Mau, Mai Huu Xuan, Ton That Dinh, Nguyen Van Thieu ...
 1963 military coup - "revolutionary" military committee
Colonel Nguyen Van Thieu, 4th from right, seated on second row
Facing unrest after the coup, US President Lyndon B. Johnson in a conversation had called these rebel leaders of the coup; in disdain as a bunch of thugs as following:
In his Weekly Standard story, Rosen writes Johnson left little doubt of his beliefs about who killed Diem in a Feb. 1, 1966, call to Sen. Eugene McCarthy in which he complained about the Kennedy administration and its left-wing allies in the Senate, who had supported Kennedy’s entrance into the war but not Johnson’s continuance of  it.  “They started on me with  Diem, you remember,” Johnson told McCarthy, recalling the words of the coup’s proponents. “‘He was corrupt and he ought to be killed.’ So we killed him. We all got together and got a goddamn bunch of thugs and assassinated him. Now,
 we’ve really had no political stability" .

War victims in 1965: Crying small child who lost his father in Pleiku

Orphaned children in Go Vap 1971

Two orphaned children comforted each other in Xom Chieu

American GIs transfer orphaned children from battlefield - Phan Thanh Gian bridge end - in 1968
3/ A Bunch of Crooked Monks Under Religious Mask


Don Hau, Tri Quang, Quang Duc, Huyen Quang, Minh Chau, Tam Chau, Thich Thien Minh, Quang Do, Ho Giac, Chanh Lac, Giac Duc, Tri Dung, Man Giac ...
 4/ A Bunch of Crooked Clergyman Under Religious Mask

Phan Khac Tu, Chan Tin, Nguyen Ngoc Lan, Vuong Dinh Bich, Truong Ba Can, Nguyen Dinh Thi, Thanh Lang ...
5/ A bunch of crooked intellectuals, entertainers and unpatriotic political parties:

Nguyen Tuong Tam, Ha Thuc Ky, Vu Hong Khanh, Phan Quang Dan, Vu Van Mau, Huynh Tan Mam, Duong Van Day, Huynh Ngoc Chenh, Le Hieu Dang, Nguyen Dac Xuan, Hoang Phu Ngoc Phan, Hoang Phu Ngoc Tuong, Ton That Duong Tiem, Le Van Hao, Tieu Dao Bao Cu, Vu Hanh, Ly Quy Trung ... and in particular, a couple of musical slaves Trinh Cong Son and Khanh Ly, an "out of social class" singer, and Vu Hoang Chuong who praised cunning Quang Duc with his poem "Compassionate Fire".
6/ Deceitful greedy of wealth and fame political parties: Dai Viet (and its branches), Viet Nam Quoc Dan Dang, Duy Dan (father of Doan Viet Hoat)
7/ A Bunch of crooked assassins, henchmen of the Soviet and communist China: Ho Chi Minh, Vo Nguyen Giap, Le Duan, Truong Chinh, Pham Van Dong, Le Duc Tho, Pham Hung, Van Tien Dung, Nguyen Chi Thanh, Nguyen Van Linh, Mai Chi Tho, Cao Dang Chiem, Nong Duc Manh, Nguyen Luong Bang, Hoang Van Hoan, Vo Van Kiet, Tran Van Tra, Tran Do ...
II. Without bunches of deceitful political parties, fake political fronts, fake anti-communist individuals, deceitful organizations and associations, the National Resentment Day will never be long lasting until now 2018.
1/ A bunch of fake Hoang Co Minh's "Beef Noodle Resistant Front": Hoang Co Minh, Pham Van Lieu, Hoang Co Dinh, Ly Thai Hung, Do Thong Minh, Nguyen Xuan Nghia ...

(a portrait of extremely scoundrel "scholar" Do Thong Minh who never get a bachelor degree)
1. The Deceitful War
 After having name change its slave from "Vietnam Communist Party" into "Indochina Communist Party" by the so-called "the Third International Communism" of the Soviet (in fact the colonial ministry of Soviet government, a real Red Colonialist which supported and controlled its slave), the Soviet had INVADED all three countries of Indochina peninsula, taken Vietnam as a military base and the Indochinese communist clan as their main assault force.
In welcoming that important function, the Indochinese communist clan organized  Soviet Nghe Tinh uprising 1930-1931 and has never ceased its fortune-soldier's status for Soviet by invading colonial countries, destroying backbone social class, proletarianizing Vietnamese people whom after all should accept their slavery for red powers, degrading religious organizations - Buddhist church in particular, turning it into a political tool for the effective, mischievous and solid governing machine of Soviet under Vietnamese skin.
This Indochinese communist clan also depended on China in supplies and training of "dogmatic" cadres. Therefore it had to serve expansionist China along side with "re-examination" Soviet.
Unfortunately for fatherland and its Vietnamese people, after the invasion of Soviet expeditionary forces under paper cake "counter-patriotic revolution of people's liberation"; carried out by Vietnamese-skin political party and its cadres, there has been a thousand years old traditional enemy expansionist China whose bloody hands also had given in.
The misunderstandings of "Nationalists-Communists War" and "Commissioned War" concepts have been debated in other articles but in this article, it is necessary to distinguish between the struggle against red aggression under leadership of President Ngo Dinh Diem of the First Republic of Vietnam and the Second Republic of Vietnam under leadership of a bunch of incapable thugs and their greedy of wealth and fame political parties; controlled BY the U.S. government.
1/ After receiving of about $40,000 USD from the US government, those doggy slavish traitorous generals (calling them "doggy slavish" because of their value as a bunch had been worth as much as about $40,000 USD for their own shame; compared with $2 million USD currently worth of a Tibetan displaying dog)! They did assassinate President Ngo Dinh Diem and his assistants barbarously and despicably.
The fact is that the rebellious leaders of the Second Republic of Vietnam are crooks, faithful lackeys of the US government. Because of lack of honestly information, other low ranking officers and Republic of Vietnam citizens had continued to sacrifice their lives to support the war against red aggressions from Soviet and expansionist China under this crooked system. Thanks to this bunch of doggy slavish traitorous generals and close-shaven head clan of An Quang, the US government had been able to bring US troops into South Vietnam by "get in without permission, get out without farewell" style.
It has been half of century today but there still are many writers - foreigners and even Vietnamese origins alike - who are continuing to spread fake news. How dishonest they are! That is another type of writing slavery against Vietnamese people's right to know the truth.
Do we ever ask ourselves as if the reason of the killing of Ngo Dinh Diem, leader of Vietnamese people by the US government had been HIS refusal of giving US troops permission into Vietnam territory to run the war?
There was no such a costless and chivalrous kindness that caused someone must be assassinated against his good will of saving others, in order to die themselves voluntary!? It's nonsense, isn't it?
History proves that because of the US policy to bring troops into the Republic of Vietnam and run the war directly with the helps from those doggy slavish traitorous generals and their deceitful political parties, SVN military officers and government officials and citizens of Republic of Vietnam got killed under the banner of "anti-communism" and the US policy. Why the anti-communism wars have been succeed in South Korea and Western Germany with US supports?
3/ The truth is that the US government had brought US troops into Vietnam for helping of expansionist China a hand in its internal purge against Soviet-trained cadres inside its communist party without fear of Soviet intervention. That US war machine was ready to support defense treaty with new modern weapons for Taiwan. The US government did not worry about Mao China's aggression against Taiwan with a playing of artillery fires into P'enghu and Ma-kung islands of Taiwan. That was the only reason for the treaty. In case of military movements of Soviet against China similar as in Poland, Czechoslovakia and Hungary, the Chinese "nationalists and communists" alike will form a collision to fight the Soviet like they did against Japanese fascists.
Therefore on August 5th 1965, US Air Forces attacked Nghe An and Hon Gai before tactical increased attacks of Lai Chau, Lao Cai, Lang Son, Cao Bang. On May 16th 1966, Mao began to carry out his so-called "Great Cultural Revolutionary of Proletariat" which was aimed to destroy and eliminate top officials of his communist party and other Soviet-trained Chinese officers whose policies had been different than his. Mao's systematical use of "Red Guards" caused social chaos and anarchy which had helped him to take over absolute power.
Mao's "cultural revolution" spread out everywhere except Xinjiang of governor Tsi-Yan; where a nuclear site was built indirectly by a power that you, my readers should be surely known. After that, Mao had been praised "individualist way" which was criticized by the Soviet communist party in its 20th General Congress. From that day, relationship between Soviet and China was becoming worst enemies to each other. It is not necessary to mention about progressive aftermath that has been proved in many documents.
Along side of Viet communist clan whose crime of inviting communist Soviet and expansionist China to place their dominations on Vietnam, these following criminals are also being guilty of unpatriotic crimes; including doggy slavish traitorous generals and their deceitful political parties and the organization of close-shaven head An Quang clan - now a state-run religion with Quang Do - and slavish intellectuals, fake anti-communist and democratic fighters. They help communist clan greatly in keeping Vietnamese people as guinea-pigs in its laboratory; in keeping land, sea and islands of Vietnam as its shooting targets to test their weapons; included chemical weapon and virus weapon. These weapons were tested for the best advantage of challenges between superpowers in their own strategic wars before sale them and out of date weapons for good profits.
The destiny of fatherland Vietnam and its people depends on the spirit of Fatherland - Honor - Responsibility. Restoring and carrying out of that motto will help Vietnamese ownership for themselves and their fatherland. Building a civilized, modernized and united Vietnam must follow that basis in order to defense fatherland.
It is necessary to find out that during the Second Republic of Vietnam of that bunch of doggy slavish traitorous generals, the war against Soviet and expansionist China in Vietnam with American troops' running had become the war of devil.

 (A $2 million USD dog as the very loyal pet)
 All traitorous generals as a doggy slavish bunch worth only $40,000 USD because of their disloyalty to their boss!
It is clearly which side has won, which side has lost. There is only one political way for an independent, free and prosperous Vietnam; coming only from Ngo Dinh Diem, leader of Vietnamese people who pointed out and carried out with his actual results.
Who Are Criminals?
The current tragedy of Fatherland and its Vietnamese people comes from those two bunches of criminals as explaining and names-calling in recently comments. They are cunning communist clans:
-Doggy slavish traitorous generals and their incapable, greedy of wealth and fame political parties such as Viet Nam Quoc Dan Dang (Vietnam Nationalist Party) of Vu Hong Khanh, Dai Viet Quoc Dan Dang (Grand Viet Nationalist Party) of Nguyen Tuong Tam, Dai Viet (Grand Viet Party) of Ha Thuc Ky and other Dai Viet branches.
-Political associations mainly of Viet crooks such as closed-shaven head An Quang clan; currently included bunches of state-run agents under Buddhist masks and organization of cunning Quang Do. These two clans are lackeys of cunning communist clan who are working inland. The organization of cunning Quang Do works with anti-state-run Buddhist church inland activists and trying to transform oversea Buddhist church into cunning religion.
After all, there are mountain of Vietnamese bones and river of Vietnamese bloods. National sea and islands, mountains and forests, rivers, springs and resources have been  destroyed or seized. National social and morality have been depraved and degraded, traditional cultural has been faded away; half Gaulois and half Cantonese. These crazy and dirty phenomena are happening daily throughout Vietnam metros as well as country sites. The future of Vietnam and its people is still in darkness. The country is facing of another deceitful war until possible total lost. People are becoming minority immigrants, residing permanently or temporary in foreign countries all over the world.
It is easy to understand that this devastation comes from the challenges for supreme ruler position between superpowers Russia, China and the United States; so one of whom should be able to "grant mercy" for the rest of the world.
However, there is a question needs to be asked: -Why are there many countries still keep themselves stable under superpowers' twists such as Taiwan, South Korea, North Korea, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei; as well as Singapore and even Burma???

Historic Lesson of Vietnam

There have been numerous lessons in facts from world wars as well as Vietnam War to prove a forever truth: "nobody gives anybody something without gain"; "no nation gives any nation something without profit"!
In case of Vietnam itself, there were land gains of Chau O, Chau Ri down to Ca Mau but in its turn, losing both Guang-xi and Guang-dong into the hands of Hans people!!
1/ In case of Viet crooked communist clan:
Knowledge is precious principal of a nation. In the past, there were national exams for recruitment of new political and military mandarins for creation and defense of Vietnam. During Le dynasty- Le Thanh Tong in particular- national exams were organized routinely amid orthodox ideal of "talented candidates are national backbones of the country" for national creation and defense, and for social prosperity.
That ideal has been practiced to select Viet intellectuals, an oversea trained guiding class of Vietnamese people who try to find golden fruits throughout rulers such as Chinese invaders, French colonialists, Japanese fascists, Russian red colonialists; and then Chinese expansionists and American, French and Japanese in recently. That means trading of real bait "Viet knowledge" for a delusive catch; illustrated as a story of a dog in famed fable of poet Jean de La Fontaine!
It has not been by chance that the crooked communist clan gave their slogan "digging to the last foot, peeling to the last root" in order to destroy four backbone classes of the Viet society whom intellectual class had ever been their priority target. Along side of that eliminatory process, they created another educational slogan for replacement: "creation of a growing socialist intellectual rank"!
Those practical slogans apparently came from their owners: Red colonial Soviet and expansionist China; instead of coming from their own idea.
It has been the important role of the French trained intellectuals who worked for colonialist France as tools that helped the crooked Viet communist organization in its current existence, growth and strength. That means their ethnical conscience have been rubbed out!
Viet patriots need to appreciate these genuine deep ethnical minded writers: Vu Trong Phung, Phan Khoi, Nam Cao, Tam Lang, Tan Da Nguyen Khac Hieu, Tu Xuong, Nguyen Khuyen ... whose works have thrown back the real lives and thoughts of those colonialists trained intellectuals whose ethnical minds had been rubbed off. The work "So Do" (Lucky Horoscope) of great prophetical writer Vu Trong Phung in particular has described real persons in changed name characters such as Hoang Van Hoan, Bui Ky and his son.
Writer Phan Khoi did give a great influence for elites when he wrote: "we would like to claim without exaggeration that there has only been such a single individual like Mr Ngo Dinh Diem in 50 years" (Trang An number 9, page 1; published in Hue on March 29, 1935 under title "Phan Khoi: Publishing Articles in 1935"; collected and edited by Lai Nguyen An, Tri Thuc publishing-house, Hanoi Oct. 2013 Edition). He also called Viet crooked communist clan as "pig-dung tree" and changed its name into "communist tree". He called great criminal Ho Chi Minh as "limestone-jar man" whose life "had shrunken and worse day by day" (poem of Le Dat).
The essence of Vietnamese people is hard labor. They have been always ready to sacrifice their own lives and properties for their fatherland. They over-respected their elites as "national nuclear" class; blindly followed them without having questions of right or wrong and which choice of superpowers! This is definitely a basic weakness of Vietnamese people which has been exploited all the time by invading powers through foreign-trained horsy elite clan.
Special Notice:
The Soviet and expansionist China had provoked wars to spread their red colonial territories on three countries of Indochina peninsula through their Viet communist clan. They used up their French trained slave intellectuals and re-dyed their brains with new color. They used to wear suits for showing up their westernization. They used to extract quotes from western scholars in talking and writing. They extracted only quotes from Chinese and Russian scholars throughout history after Chinese and Russian enslaved them (let ask Cu Huy Ha Vu if crooks Cu Huy Can and Xuan Dieu would dare to leave their ceremonial cadre uniforms - at home or abroad; meanwhile real Viet communist cadres Xuan Thuy frequently wore western suits at Paris conference on Vietnam and drove Nguyen Thi Binh to sun-bath).
The most miserable cases included those so-called victims of Nhan Van Giai Pham (Humanist Cultural Edition) crack-drown incident such as Nguyen Manh Tuong, Tran Duc Thao, Truong Tuu ... and other western-educational scholars such as Pham Huy Thong, Nguyen Van Huyen, Nguyen Tan Dzi Trong; or even Ho Dac Diem former Ha Dong provincial chief, Phan Ke Toai former grand imperial mandarin ...etc ... hundred per cent of them wear their ceremonial cadre uniforms. Doctor Le Dinh Tham in particular also proudly wore ceremonial cadre uniforms despite of his low-level position for training close-shaven head red special rangers in the South!
All novels, poems, artistic and literary arguments, public school educational books were written in Russian and Chinese styles. Even Lavoisier's chemical formulas must be changed into Russian But-le-rov's formulas! Of course Russian novels have been in priority placed all over shelves of libraries; printed in Russian, English, French and Vietnamese translated editions. The priority had been ultimately proved in quality and quantity. In contemporary literature, the works of Russian Gorki must be claimed as the root and almost all of his giant works had been translated into Vietnamese. Meanwhile other works of Balzac and Stendhall had been translated with limit printing of 150 to 500 books for studying subject only!
There are all kinds of Chinese works of course; including works of Lu Hsin and other authors' works such as Thuy Hu, Tay Du Ky (West Traveling Notes), Tam Quoc Dien Nghia (Tam Quoc Explaining), Dong Chu Liet Quoc (Great Dong Chu Nation), Hong Lau Mong with many reprinting editions.
Works of Vietnamese authors who are official members or members in reserve have been published by slaved Vietnam Writers Association of Viet communists. Works of writer Nam Cao had also been published because he died before 1954 as a sole contemporary writer. Works of great writer Vu Trong Phung had been absolutely denied. Works of other contemporary writers such as Ngo Tat To, Tam Lang; including Tu Luc Van Doan group and other poets who work for Viet crooked communists also had been denied; even their works have been written before 1945. Music of Dang The Phong, Hoang Giac, Doan Chuan ... have been ignored.
Maoist Chinese and Russian music with lyrics have been translated and loudly played on stages with genuine Russian or Chinese styles; as well as broadcasted on national radio. There are two songs for beginning of all public activities. The first song is "Ket Doan" (Unity), a Maoist Chinese original song with Viet translated lyric; in a concert event was directed by great criminal Ho Chi Minh himself. The second song "Vietnam-China mountains and rivers side by side Ho Chi Minh-Mao Tse Tung" is also used for public activities and was loudly broadcasted on national radio all day and night long for pro-expansionist China propaganda.
The most ridiculous and disgusting matter about these songs is that they have been performed without shame by French-trained slaved unpatriotic intellectuals, old and young, who have either sung in voluntary themselves or in slavishness by Russian and Chinese.
b) Those certain rub-off Viet essence unpatriotic intellectuals who infiltrated into Republic of Vietnam territory or penetrated there from the North to rot away young South Vietnamese generation of high school and college students, pro-foreigner writers and entertainers with "nationalist feeding for communist ghost worship" style. Beside those un-ethnical intellectual clan is close-shaven head red ranger clan who brought their blinded Buddhists to slaughter-house of Soviet and expansionist China through their crooked Viet communist butchers. At least, those Buddhists should be trained to destroy their own peaceful, free and happy Republic of Vietnam.
A typical oversea anti-war students included crook brothers Nguyen Dan Que and Nguyen Quoc Quan, Doan Viet Hoat, Nguyen Gia Kieng, red ranger married couple Nhat Hanh - Cao Thi Phuong and married couple Vo Van Ai - Phuong Anh. There are many documents and witnesses to prove their collaboration with crooked Viet communist clan in the oppression of being ruled Vietnamese people for their slavery on invading powers; for whom, Chinese Xi Jinping's power is currently the most dangerous one.
That unpatriotic crooked Viet communist forces are stronger now with oversea student quantities from Vietnam; included many of them with specific duties by Viet communist clan who ordered them to work with the so-called intellectual citizens of former Republic of Vietnam, degrading entertainers, military writers and soldiers of Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces who were brainwashed and surrendered during their imprisonments. They have betrayed their comrades in arms after their resettles in other countries by getting close with communist cells abroad for communist political propagandas, cultural, media and economical gains.
The crooked close-shaven head Viet communist An Quang clan - new name Vietnam United Buddhist Church - run by Quang Do aka Dang Phuc Tue, the right hand of Thich Tri Quang. They included many types of ghost monks who are corrupted with many scandals of sex, money and other subhuman deeds. Their role abroad is somehow by any dirty way to neutralize forces of oversea Viet folks who are still kept the motto "Fatherland-Honor-Responsibility". At least they must degrade oversea old people by discouraging their active struggle with pessimism. They use a clan of attorneys Tran Thanh Hiep and Dinh Thach Bich, Profs. Vu Quoc Thuc, Nguyen Van Canh and Nguyen Manh Hung to encourage oversea young generation with a standpoint of "no relation of the past" and "political ideal changing".
Other centipede leg pro-communist political parties are also worked the same jobs under their banner of anti-communism such as Viet Tan, Viet Nam Quoc Dan Dang, Tan Dai Viet Quoc Dan Dang, Dai Viet, Lien Minh Dan Chu, Cao Trao Nhan Ban, 8406, Dan Chu 21, Dan Toc, Hop Mat Dan Chu ( a political organization created by Bui Tin, Nguyen Chi Thien, Nguyen Minh Can, Vu Thu Hien and their dependants such as Bui Diem, Tran Thanh Hiep, Nguyen Ngoc Bich, Tran Binh Nam, Doan Viet Hoat, Vu Quoc Dung, Lam Dang Chau). This group had had its 13th meeting at San Jose State University from May 29 to June 1, 2014 for discussing of peacefully democracy transformation in Vietnam!!??
With a political base in readiness as such, the crooked Viet communist clan unveiled its playing card Cu Huy Ha Vu. This guy is a fame among those papaya tubes horsy intellectuals, fake domestic democracy and anti-communist clan, bad foreign writers and oversea crooked Viet communist slaved writers. Red ranger Bui Tin in particular with his article "A meeting in front of victims of communism memorial monument" posted online by "Dan Chim Viet Info. web" on June 3rd 2014. This clan praised pure-bred crooked Communist guy whose family name is Cu, a "double doctorate graduate from Sorbonne" who had courageously dared to sue great crooked communist "Ba Ech" (Frog Third Brother) Nguyen Tan Dung!
But with an only phrase, lawyer Le Duy San can unveil the stupid noisy concert of shrimp-head clan consisted of self claimed professors, lawyers, PhDs!? Mr. Cu was great stupid with his application for Cultural Minister position. In his lawsuit against Ba-Ech, lawyer Le Duy San explained that "if lawyer Vu's lawsuit is officially proceeded, there should be no need for the court to pick an experienced presiding judge; because there is no gain for lawyer Vu. The potential presiding judge has just to dismiss his case without any judgement; for there was no damage, there will be no complaint" (sic). Mr. Cu had degraded the reputation of famous Sorbonne into Sormauvaise for its bestowing of a slaved communist intellectual graduate Mr. Cu ... Lan (stupid guy)!!
2/ On The Side of Republic of Vietnam
It is necessary to distinguish clearly between the First Republic of Vietnam under President Ngo Dinh Diem with some "national" parties and the Second Republic of Vietnam under U.S. government through its doggy slave-crooked Viet traitorous generals and "national" parties mentioned above.
a) There is distinguished property in the First Republic of Vietnam under President Ngo Dinh Diem and his political adviser Ngo Dinh Nhu who got supports from all people and all ranks in the government; military and national police forces in particular. This Republic of Vietnam basic society had been ruined by religious sects and all types of Viet communist informers; close-shaven head clan under Buddhist mask in particular; included the remains of most retrogressive period of Nguyen dynasty of Bao Dai, the rig of crooked Pétain's French colonists despite their suffer from Hitler's irony boots. The return of vile greedy French colonists under cover of British troops' disarmament of Japanese fascist troops after World War II had unmasked their "colonialism under communist mask" of the so-called the French Communist Party; proving on its highest ranking at that time Maurice Thorez's farewell speech to General Leclerc; quote "cognez-vous bien" (fight well, my General). Communists of Maurice Thorez's colonial nation gave utmost supports to the French colonists in fighting Ho Chi Minh; no doubt they were best friends among servants of red colonial Soviet!
Those national intellectuals and "leaders" of "national" political parties who were lackeys of great criminal Ho Chi Minh had quick fleeing from him after being kicked out. After their disillusion, they regrouped under protection of the First Republic of Vietnam and later betrayed their protector by helping those doggy slaved traitorous generals. They after all followed their old traitorous way to ruin as groups of intellectuals, shrimp-head politicians of political Caravelle clan; included opportunist Nguyen Tuong Tam!
In that political atmosphere, the positive achievement of the First Republic of Vietnam had been definitely recognized by leader Chiang Kai Shek of Formosa, leaders of the United States, the Phillipines ... even by great criminal communist Ho Chi Minh, who also respected leader Ngo Dinh Diem's patriotism.
IF had those intellectuals had their little ethnical spirit, their independent ideal instead of their shrimp-heads,
IF had those "leaders" of "national" political parties put their fatherland and people interests first, faithfully supported leader Ngo Dinh Diem; even with half of their loyalty to Ho Chi Minh, a crooked Viet lackey of Soviet and expansionist China,
IF had doggy slaved traitorous generals had their 8 Viet brain cells of their 10 brain cells in their heads, they should have refused to accept the sum of $40,000 USD which was far less than a $2 million USD ornate Tibetan dog.
IF had Buddhists followed what Buddha has taught them, distinguished between noble teaching of Buddha and the influence of bunches of goddamn violent thugs such as close shaven head Tri Quang, Don Hau, Huyen Quang, Quang Do, Minh Chau, Tam Chau, Nhat Hanh, Ho Giac, Tri Dung ...
Had all those IF words been able to become a reality themselves, the Republic of Vietnam had definitely no wrong doings; committed bluntly by those mentioned above with utmost supports of crooked Viet communist informants, the collaboration of French colonists and the intervention of the United States with such bluntness!
With the motto of "Fatherland - Honor - Responsibility" as a basis for all domestic and foreign policies, Vietnam will able to unite both in geography and politic in order to regain its ethnical spirit, to delete its pro-foreign ideal and its dependent habit come from century long of colonial rulers.
The geographic and populist unification will help the country factors for prosperity and its entry to the free world in an equal diplomatic basis. These are prerequisite conditions for bilateral interests in diplomacy; event to the United States side, instead of being a chess-man of military and economic superpowers for their financial chess-board.
2) On the Second Republic of Vietnam analysis as above, it is necessary to notice that because of doggy slaved traitorous generals who betrayed their leader Ngo Dinh Diem, the First Republic of Vietnam had been collapsed. That was a criminal sin which has been forever condemned even by world historians; let alone Vietnamese patriots.
Hence, no doubt that after the collapse of the First Republic of Vietnam, Vietnamese people had lost the country. North Vietnam was ruled by Soviet and Maoist China; South Vietnam was ruled by the U.S. government.
The criminal sins of unpatriotic doggy slaved traitorous generals and their political parties such as Dai Viet, Viet Nam Quoc Dan Dang, Dai Viet Quoc Dan Dang ... ; included individuals and political clans who associated with Viet communist clan can be weighed as "eight ounces to half of a pound"!
The sins of slaved intellectuals of the Republic of Vietnam and political parties mentioned above; as well as of those ghost monks of Viet communists are the most punishable severities. Instead of being forced to commit a crime as people in North Vietnam, they committed voluntary by themselves!
It is sad that their most severe crimes had been collaborated by "national" political parties and those close-shaven head crooked Viet communists who had made their sacred Buddhist altars filthy; sadly with the helps of blind enthusiastic Buddhists who could not able to distinguish between "Buddhist teaching protection" and "destroying Buddhism"?! Therefore now they place the great criminal killer, sex offender and crooked communist Ho Chi Minh in front of Buddha on their altars!!
Probably their hope for a seat on Nirvana with their such great sin is possible more difficult than putting crooks Quang Do, Nguyen Dan Que or obese guy Cu Huy Ha Vu through the hole of sewing needle!
Their greatest sin as mentioned above, a too cheap betrayal had caused the US government to choose its shortest, cheapest and most effective way to consider a lesser important alliance with the First Republic of Vietnam than its allies Japan, Western Germany, Formosa, South Korea, the Philippines. With only $40,000 USD paying to the doggy slaved traitorous generals, the Second Republic of Vietnam became the U.S.'s black chess-man in balancing the Soviet and China powers on its chess-board. The Second Republic of Vietnam and its people, its cultures, its soil and maritime territories were bought with only $40,000 USD for international chess-board! That sum also helped to sow the seeds of future economic and cultural gains for the U.S. on the "S" shape of Vietnam.
They felt too proud of or even worshiped to someone they thought having some certain CIA or American relationships such as Dang My Dung, Do Ngoc Yen, Tran Thien Khiem, Nguyen Quoc Quan and Nguyen Dan Que brothers, Nguyen Dinh Thang, Cu Huy Ha Vu ...!? Their greatest sin mentioned above also helped their Viet communist clan a free hand to commit crimes and put the whole country on sale. They helped the Viet communist clan to beef up its bold Buddhist role for its conspiracy of division of faiths among people. They made both Buddhist organizations (state-run Buddhist Church and Quang Do's Vietnam United Buddhist Church) into active tools in brainwashing and communization inland and oversea Buddhists; turned these organizations into oversea communist cells for communist strategy of infiltration into Vietnamese oversea communities.


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