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 (Part 1)

Chính Khí Việt (Author)

Việt Sĩ (Version in English language)
People in Hồ Chí Minh City (formerly Saigon) cheerfully waived flags to welcome U.S. President Barack Obama on his historic visit in Vietnam on 5/24/16.


Before offering some thoughts about the United States of America President Barack Obama’s speech in Vietnam on 5/24/2016, the author of this article would like to make some quick notes as follows:


In order to show appreciation to American President Barack Obama, the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPVN) issued several formal diplomatic statements.  The state-run paper “ The World Security” (An Ninh Thế Giới) published a special article when Obama arrived in Ha Noi, ”Trinh Hội, the political puppet in the hands of the terrorist organization Vietnam Reform Party (VNRP, Viet Tân)” (sic).  The article by “The World Security” covers political activities of Trinh Hội, a VNRP’s senior member.


The overseas Vietnamese people and a number of Vietnamese inside Vietnam have been long and well aware of the VNRP. This political party VNRP (VIỆT TÂN) has been simply an extended arm, a dedicated assistant to the CPVN in which the VNRP’s organization is similar to the communist organization.  The VNRP is likely a siamese twin of the National Liberation Front (NLF) during the Vietnam War (1960s – 30/4/1975) which was established by the CPVN, with the executive leadership from Hanoi, North Vietnam, to operate inside the territory of the Republic of Vietnam (Free South Vietnam). The difference is that the VNRP has operated mostly outside Vietnam under its disguised strategic mission as “Fighting communists by non-violent and peaceful means, modernize Vietnam, reeducate/ retrain Vietnamese People, etc.” One of its hidden long-term goals is to unite and completely control the overseas Vietnamese refugees, immigrants and residents who quickly forgot horrified aftermaths of the painful Vietnam War and the chronic damages by the communist poison. Other similar groups who have pursued this same goal are some popular Vietnamese “politicians” and other money-hungry political and social activists. At the same time, they exploit and set up political traps in Vietnam to attract Vietnamese individuals, intellectuals and organizations inside Vietnam that have been running campaigns or actively participate in political movements to fight the communists. The communist CPVN has heavily and ceaselessly used their giant media of over 700 radio broadcast stations, papers and websites to “condemn” and “accuse” the VNRP. These are super dirty and skillful political tricks to help build up, reinforce and polish up the VNRP’s image and fine tune VNRP’s management and its core structure. This is an important strategic plan of the communist CPVN to infiltrate and control the overseas Vietnamese. It also aims to identify anti-communist Vietnamese activists inside Vietnam so those people can be arrested and rooted out from the struggles against them.


Similarity: National Liberation Front (NLF) during the Vietnam War 1960s – 30/4/1975 was under the leadership of purely 100% communist leaders such as then General Nguyễn Ch Thanh, then Deputy Prime Minister Phm Hng, Hong Văn Thi, then General Trần Độ. These days, VNRP (Việt Tân) has been under the leadership of “self-proclaimed economist” Nguyễn Xuân Nghĩa (a nephew of then communist Secretary General Nguyễn Văn Linh), VNRP (Việt Tân)’s Secretary General Lý Thái Hùng (real name Bùi Minh Đoàn) a former college student who had been sent out to attend college in Japan. He was approved and supported by the Free Republic of Vietnam government to go from South Vietnam to Japan to study even though his school records were not quite impressive after failing one of his high school graduate national exams. These “politicians” were under deceased Navy Deputy Admiral Hoàng Cơ Minh to play “twisted political and fund-raising tricks” which should have never been accepted and implemented by self-respected “intellectuals” to receive funds from the overseas Vietnamese people during their disgusting fund raising campaigns. In fact, these were simply large scale fund raising scams in 1980s. Besides that there was also a fund from the communist Resolution 36th which had been funded with billions of US dollars for its operation. Its operation is also under direct leadership of Overseas CPVN Sub Committee and Central CPVN Secretary General Committee. 


Reading TRINH HỘI’s article in “The World Security” one will see a photo of 4 persons which were introduced as participants in a meeting of VOICE (an organization relating directly to NGUYỄN ĐÌNH THẮNG, Boat People SOS, BPSOS). Nguyễn Đình Thắng once mentioned that he used to train prominent political activists in Vietnam such as attorneys Nguyễn Văn Đài, Lê Thị Công Nhân…


Trịnh Hội (X) and other three executives of VOICE association


  SRVN President Nguyễn Minh Triết who once advertised: “In Vietnam, we have so many beautiful girls”


The lady in the photo above was Phm Thị Đoan Trang, who participated in the fake, ugliest make-to-believe fight in Vietnam. She left Vietnam to America trying to write up her reports on the human rights violations in Vietnam. And she had been approved to extend her stay in America to obtain additional college educational training.


After graduating from an American university, Đoan Trang returned to Vietnam and actively participated in those state-run movements for human rights in Vietnam. She also confirmed she is the representative of street hookers (prostitutes) in the “Civil Society” in Vietnam. She implied that she would be able to unite all hookers in Vietnam. Hookers in Vietnam were introduced to Americans during the communist President Nguyễn Minh Triết’s visit to the USA. Triết loudly called on foreign visitors and investors: “In our Vietnam fatherland, we have so many beautiful ladies…” (sic).  Was this a formal statement from the real President Nguyễn Minh Triết of Vietnam, a nation with its independence and sovereignty?


Among the self-promoted puppet political opponents who complained they were prohibited to meet President Obama were fake Nguyễn Quang A and Đoan Trang, the representative of street hookers (Question: Is she also practicing her “career” as a professional prostitute?) Before visiting Hanoi, President Obama dispatched his deputy security counselor to meet with different self-proclaimed “political opponents” in Vietnam.  Top of the list was HONG TỨ DUY of Vietnam Reform Party (VNRP, Việt Tân). Therefore, Đoan Trang did not “dare” to meet Obama because the important conversations and plans were all reporeted by Hoàng Tứ Duy (VNRP)  to Obama’s advisors already. Đoan Trang who said she was forbidden to meet Obama was her own political trick to get herself a “politically luxury coat” as one of prominent female political opponents.


The photo which shows the woman, Đoan Trang, sitting next to Trịnh Hội was aimed to implicitly express deep appreciation to the U.S. government which had trained and helped those “political opponents” so they can eventually take over the leadership role inside Vietnam or in the overseas Vietnamese communities.  It also set up booby traps to straightly honest political advocates so they are to be disbanded or be destroyed by the communists if those “opponents” deviate from the reconciliation goal and paths between America and Vietnam.  This is the strategy of “Forget the past, look forwards to the (uncertain, poorly planned) future” (under Obama administration and his subordinates)”. This policy has been endorsed by Obama to develop diplomatic relations between America and the SRVN (The Socialist Republic of Vietnam, aka the communist Vietnam regime).


The state-fed media launched live reports, video clips and photos of big crowds of citizens of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam who poured out to the streets in big masses to welcome President Obama to Vietnam. The pro-communist media also launched “big bang” wordy reports and happily comments that the welcoming event was mostly exciting more than ever with a lot more people compared to the crowds of people who welcomed President Ho Chi Minh or welcome to Chinese President Mao Zedong.


“Long Live President Hồ Chí Minh whose name, his incredible beard and his groping skill to young minors… are stunningly beautiful and skillfully. He is the elderly grand father of Vietnam, who never got married to any women so he could spare his super valuable time…to fight off foreign invaders…” (sic).


People feel bad for those uncertified and self-proclaimed “commentators” and other media personnel. It had real reasons and justifications why the CPVN Ministry of Information was instructed to put those photos and video clips on super shiny UHD TVs’ shows. For years, any meetings or welcoming events or ceremonies in Hanoi or at Ba Đình mausoleum were always packed with several thousands of citizens depending on the importance levels of those meetings or depending on the important levels of international leaders who visited Vietnam.


Those state-fed media people, either were instructed or volunteered to make such shallow and quickie assessments to please the government. They do not understand that in those big meetings in Hanoi those government agencies, groups of citizens and associations… are required to provide a minimum number of participants to meet the government’s required quotas. It has been also noted that all cheering participants’ robotic hand gestures or facial expressions were well scripted, well trained, rehearsed and controlled strictly by the board of organizers who have been absorbed quite well “Marxism, Leninism and Maoism’s outstanding governing philosophies by which citizens can work as little as they can and consume absolutely everything at maximum and as much as they wish and want…”. Participating citizens lauded together, laughed together, cried out sharply together to put out magnificently grandiose shows in harmony as professional robotic players on theaters’ performing stages to welcome the world top leader of  super power United States of America, President BARACK OBAMA, the most handsome, eloquent and superbly competent politician on earth. There is no such thing as volunteer spirit of meeting citizens as it has been “bombarded” by the state-paid media.


People in Hanoi were forced from their homes to pour out to the streets to attend President Hồ Chí Minh’s funeral during a heavy rain. 


Even during a heavy rain, hundreds of thousands of poor and suffering Vietnamese people were forced out from their cozy homes by police to gather up on the streets to attend national traitor Hồ Chí Minh’s funeral (aka lovingly and admiringly HỒ CHỦ TỊCH” whose name had been brilliantly shined up like trillions of super stars in the most darkening nights in Vietnam history).


Let’s view the documentary movie of the day when Hồ Chí Minh was forced down into HELL by SATAN then people will instantly understand why hundreds of thousands people who stood together and wept out loud wholeheartedly. If the video cameras got good chances to record all other funny yet miserably scenarios at some government agencies then he will see all those government personnel cried out so loud,  some staff repeatedly punched their fists fiercely against their chests and hearts and then their faces suddenly turned…purple or dark blue and they became completely fainted and fell down to the ground as pieces of (communist rationed) dead meat under the smartest guidance of Marxism, Leninism and Maoism. It was truly one of the most hilarious scenes on earth. Even when their parents had died those people would not have had enough energies, guts, courage, strength and self-respect to cry out so loud and so fiercely like hungry wolves who cried their hearts out for their dead (meat) cruelest communist political leaders. But, those people all played well their required roles in front of directors of those video-clip scenes to the maximum extent they could do to wholeheartedly self-proclaim their absolute loyalty to the Communist Party.


Following is the most funny demonstration video clips from communist North Korea which is an aggressive twin of SRVN.


North Korean state officials and citizens were weeping hysterically upon their President’s death:





The group of people who welcomed Obama was consisted of some 6 thousand citizens. Question: Did the CPVN approve a big group of oppressed, politically unscreened Vietnamese citizens to amass together as such big and free groups?


One may want to think harder to understand that the “overly-happy welcoming big crowd” were consisted of security forces that the media once officially confirmed it consisted of 9,000 members and the Volunteer Youths group, Citizen Guards, Citizen Defense, Armed Forces, Communist Party’s Youth and other groups of citizens in the Fatherland Front…The funny thing is those people were following government’s instructions just like robots or a herd of lambs or cows who were pre-programmed by the CPVN’s enforced mechanism.  


Communist cadres, please do not tell lies and make fun of the suppressed, abused Vietnamese people inside and outside Vietnam. Look closely at those photos containing broad happily smiling people, their outfits, the flags, stage and scene arrangements, instructions of the organizers then people would immediately understand who were volunteering participants. If these people in those big crowds were not paid to attend that “historic” event to “reach out, welcome and say hello” to President Obama then they would be likely the government employees who came out and gathered along Obama’s motorcade route to waive, welcome and cheer up Obama. Other aspect: those government employees or contractors did have a good chance to get out of their daily boring routines in their state-run offices to run away temporarily from the “same old, extra ugly…daily sh.” they have to “chew up” every day in order to exchange for small pay checks while the Vietnam “đồng” (piaster) has been constantly under heavy inflationary pressure for years and the terrible national debts of TRILLIONS of ĐỒNG is mounting to top high as Hoàng Liên Sơn’ top posts along central Vietnam or Bà Đen mountain heights in Tây Ninh province to contribute to the big “creative” (construction, capital…) projects to only benefit (under the tables) the management classes from the top levels down to the lowest levels.  


Attention 1: Thoughts about Obama’s speech in Hanoi, Vietnam: The authors’ first impression is not a destructive criticism but a deep disappointment.


In his speech, people can say Obama might not understand about Vietnam or otherwise he just played dumb about his knowledge about the history of Vietnam. The other group who shamelessly supports Obama like grand poets and also the government department heads/ ministers such as Tố Hữu, Cù Huy Cận, Xuân Diệu… and their followers and some other foreigners asserted that “President Obama is very knowledgeable in history of Vietnam”.


First, Obama’s wordings were inaccurate, either because he was careless or he did not employ proficient Vietnamese language advisors to prepare for his speeches in Vietnam. Therefore, he mixed together his unverified and biased assessments and judgments while he was visiting Vietnam. It has been obviously that the Vietnamese communist leadership had introduced to their own People their “superb” government administration which governs and oppresses people under a shiny badge “The Socialist Republic of Vietnam (SRVN)”. Therefore, Obama should not use only the short word “Vietnam” when he mentioned about anything which have been created by the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPVN). Instead, Obama should always use “The Socialist Republic of Vietnam’s” to differentiate between the CPVN and the majority of nationalist patriotic Vietnamese who dared to risk their own and their families’ lives to set out their fragile sails to run away from the communists more than 4 decades ago. Also it is appropriate wording to the majority of Vietnamese people inside Vietnam who have only bare hands and their honest work to deal daily with an extra corrupted, cumbersome, obsolete, web-like and very much inefficient government of the SRVN.


So, people or Obama should not use only the short word “Vietnam” to mention about anything which has been created or produced by the CPVN. In the history of Vietnam of over 4,000 years, there has been no such government which has ever badly treated and brutally abused its own people as the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPVN).


A question to President Obama: Because Obama has never officially objected the assertion that he does not have a good knowledge of the history of Vietnam so it is impliedly understood by any average person that may be in a certain way Obama had learned some aspects of Vietnam history and somehow has a pretty good understanding with the assistance of his great political advisory board on the complex Vietnamese history. Vietnamese People inside and outside the physical territory Vietnam have been all so proud of their over 4,000 years of history and culture in which they have bravely fought to defend and regain their valuable liberty from Chinese and French colonialism. At the same time they have ceaselessly enriched their Vietnamese culture with outstanding humanistic values and precious contributions.


President Obama, please provide our readers with a verified fact of any political regime in Vietnam during its over 4,000 years of history which has publicly set out their government’s strategic mission as follows:

“The Intellectual, the rich, the landlord and the popular people (in Vietnam) should be rooted out completely (to destroy themselves and to the extent of their three consecutive generations)”.             


The bloody “CITIZEN CLASSES ROOT OUT” strategy of the CPVN has been a real-life disaster in Vietnam in the hands of blood thirsty communists via the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPVN). This national strategy has been actively implemented through the “Land Redistribution Reform”, “Organization Restructure”, “Cultural & Ideological Revolution”, “Improvement of Industries and Businesses”, “Political Fights against Poverty”…during permanent, repeated adjustments, reeducation, centralization of economic classes which are outside the state-controlled socialist agents. The obvious result in North Vietnam after Genève’s Accord in July 1954 and the whole Vietnam after the communist takeover of Saigon on April 30, 1975 was: The Communist Party of Vietnam (CPVN) became the “facto and legal” owner of Vietnam as a politically iron-fists monopolist with its 92 million “eerily quiet and defenseless” citizens inside that S-shaped fatherland Vietnam. 


In other words, the communist political regime in Vietnam now is somewhat like a modern slavery regime. There are only 2 citizen classes: The CPVN and its totally oppressed members. Statistics: 92 million Vietnam citizens deducted by 4 million Vietnam communist members of the CPVN. Then the result is 87 million citizens who have been abused politically and economically by the totalitarian Vietnamese communist government on a daily basis. People do show pity and do not use the word 87 million hard laboring SLAVES to compare them to the real slaves in the darkest history of America during its Civil War. However, those 87 million unfortunate and badly treated citizens are stamped up on their foreheads with super polished and extra governmental shiny badge “One of 87 million citizens of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, SRVN”.  Sadly, the main daily and also “long term” focus of those 87 million people is only how to obtain more food, drink, physical enjoyment and monetary achievements for themselves and their immediate loved ones as their proven signs of success, self-fulfillment and self-realization. This simple long-termed goal of “a full stomach and abundance of cash in other standards of other countries may be considered a little foolish, trivial and inferior without any spiritual aspiration as that for citizens in the most advanced and developing countries. Abraham Maslow (1954) likely has been now strongly proven and solidly justified in his “Hierarchy of Human Needs” that there are 8 levels of achievements for the human beings. The lowest level is food and drink consumption, the highest level is self-actualization and self-transcendence (Levels 7 and 8)




Therefore, when President Obama proudly addressed to “the Vietnamese People” which should have been contained in a complete phrase “People of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, SRVN” then he is surely and strongly questioned immediately by the author of this article:” To whom President Obama was trying to talk to?


In short, the sophisticated and correct answer to Obama’ dilemma and “accidentally diplomatic mistake” above is somehow not too difficult to any average politician on earth to work out and resolve it. Yet it is also not to be quite simple to President Obama to comprehend and acknowledge that he had been trying hard in the last few months in his presidential office to set up his solid position in American history after his historic visit to Vietnam to firmly reinforce and guarantee the diplomatic relations between America and SRVN to use SRVN as a little terminally sick and corrupted country to fight China.


The SRVN, whose any giant enemies would have been badly defeated, any obstacles be quickly overcome, any pieces of hard rock would have been magically and instantly converted (transformed) quickly into pieces of extra sweet rice…only via bare hands of human hard labor” (Quoted HỒ CHÍ MINH). Is it funny or so sad to Vietnam (politically SRVN) which was permanently equipped with HỒ CH MINH’s “philosophy” and wisdom above, dear readers? 


People have been aware that in Vietnam everyday there are many complaints and uprisings organized by oppressed people. These protest people, in a sense, are new slaves or red slaves. People should be careful to check out those people to see how they greet you and participate in discussion groups. Do all these people do this at their free will? Was the Vietnamese government willing to authorize all these people to freely join in meetings without police prior approvals?




Photos: Daily protesters who ask for the return of their confiscated homes and land


Therefore, the big crowds of people who welcomed you were the main groups in the webs of the “People secured groups” of the government.  If you demand honest reports by US ambassador Ted Osius then you will value our assessments. But, Osius would be in a difficult position because when assuming the U.S. ambassadorship in Vietnam secretary of State John Kerry patted on Osisus’ shoulder and reminded:” Ted, you are arriving…my country (Vietnam)”.


It is likely understood the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (SRVN) is Secretary Kerry’s fatherland. In other words, when John Kerry assumed the position of Secretary of State he considered himself be responsible to serve the SRVN which has been long deemed as an organized group of national traitors. President Obama’s viewpoint is much similar to Kerry’s point.



Hồ Chí Minh: Since 1929, after the Temporary Conference to introduce the Communist Party of Vietnam, he wrote to the Third Communist International (Russia’s Colony Department):” Promise to convert the Communist Party of Vietnam into Bolshevik and eventually to convert all Vietnamese people into Bolshevik”. Hồ even went further to point out that he would eradicate all individuals, organizations, political parties whose position were Nationalism or People’s support. In his political report after the Party conference of 1935 he insisted “Phan Chu Trinh (who was mentioned in one of your speeches), Huỳnh Thúc Kháng and former King Bảo Đại was traitors.


Lê Duẫn: After completing the invasion of South Vietnam to enlarge the red colony for Russia and China, Lê Duẫn confessed:” We fought America for Russia and China”.

Please be clear about the praises of the communist-paid media, especially those who are the fake opponents for democracy and human rights for Vietnam’s people inside and outside Vietnam. Some of them are: Attorney Vũ Đức Khanh in Canada, Secretary Deputy of Democracy Party boldly stated “All Vietnamese people welcome America coming back to Vietnam” or “Vietnam People through Obama flu”. They are Trần Nhất Phong in Orange County (Ca). Other is doctor Jonathan London (Urban university of Hong Kong) who loudly stated “Obama strongly impacts Vietnam”. Or Master (M.A.) Nguyễn Tiến Trung (Fake activist) in his article “Obama and our dream”.



It is also worththy to notice that the so-called “Big crowds to welcome President Obama” when ambassador Ted Osius did not tell Obama the truth. May be Osius was busy to make “bnh chưng” (cooked sweet rice and bean pudding), cooked “bún bò Huế” (Huế noodle and beef soup) and went “releasing lamps”. This “releasing lamps” was Chinese culture, not Vietnamese culture. Osius did not report to Obama that:

Groups of Vietnamese who welcomed President Obama was a setup between the security forces for Obama’s visit and ambassador Ted Osius about the responsible staff for Obama’s security while he visited Vietnam. These were not welcoming groups at their own free wills.


Let us introduce some people who gathered at their own free will to welcome foreign visitors:


The day when the two Chinese actresses Triệu Vy (China mainland) and Lâm Tâm Như (Taiwanese) came to Saigon to play their roles in the movie series “Hoàn Châu Các Các”, their automobiles were suddenly stopped at Phú Nhuận district, Saigon by a group of supporting people who yelled out loud their welcoming slogans. Then, the news spread and the crowds quickly became bigger to create big traffic jams around the areas. There were some hundreds of thousands of supporters around this district. The police worked so hard to clear a small path for those two actresses’ arcade so they could come to the theater to perform. The viewers had to wait for these movie stars for over 4 hours. But they rose up to pay respect and welcoming vehemently. Outside the theater, there are big groups of admirers who waited to see those actresses’ sights when those two stars got out the theater after their performance.



Recently, it is Beckham with his softball expertise.  In the airport to welcome him there are big groups of admirers who shouted out loud, cried, and got fainted because they could not get closer to view their favorite ball player.



In respect to Korean singers and movie stars, Vietnamese youths of hundreds of thousands who showed up at the airports to welcome those actors/ actresses. Some were fainted at the airports. There are movements of Vietnamese youths who wear, apply makeup and design hairstyles which resembling to those Korean stars. They even name their kids after those Korean stars’ names.  


At Mỹ Đình football stadium in Hanoi, the self-motivating supporters also gathered and crushed down the walls of Mỹ Đình stadium. That was truly self-motivating movement and support. That was truly enthusiasm. Also, millions of people competed to obtain the sealed signature at Trần Hưng Đạo’s temple. Visitors to Hương pagoda have been accounted to millions. 



Those above statistics to share with President Obama prove that if the Vietnamese communist party had supported and praised him then it would have been only bad jokes. The extent degree of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and China has been surely understood by Obama. Any single act of Vietnam cannot be ignored by China’s Permanent Security Office in Hanoi. It is noted that China employs Department of Intelligence and Department of Public Safety separately. 



The number one of security man in Hanoi is Hoàng Trung Hải, 100%  original Chinese. In “Hồ Chí Minh City” the China-pro top boss is Đinh La Thăng.


Vietnam media has broadcast that “President Obama had made references and discussed about Vietnam’s hero Lý Thường Kiệt, Kiều poetic masterpiece, innovator Phan Chu Trinh…and the youths in socialist Vietnam has been quite moved and praised that “President Obama is very much knowledgeable about Vietnamese history…” (sic).


On the other hands, the socialist education system in Vietnam has been instructed to “plant the socialist people” and history, a study subject at school, has been abolished and completely eradicated. As a result, those people who are blind with their own history made out compliments on Obama’s Vietnamese history knowledge then it is nothing worth to be proud of at all.


Honestly, Obama does not understand the history of Vietnam (even though he wrote his own speeches or an aide wrote these speeches for him). One concrete example: When Obama mixed up national hero Lý Thường Kiệt with Hồ Chí Minh, Võ Nguyên Giáp then he is completely unable to different between white and black. In fact, famous general Lý Thường Kiệt’s military strategy “Attack for Defense” crushed off the Tong’s troops but also wiped out Tống Dynasty’s invasion temptation to Vietnam. While Hồ Chí Minh ceded land, waters and islands to expansionist China. Question: Do national hero L Thường Kiệt and traitor Hồ Chí Minh have anything in common? This question clarifies Obama only digests the type of twisted and fake history by the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPVN).     


To prove there are countless contradictories in Obama’s speeches, the authors picked out some of his paragraphs to analyze them. Because we are quite convinced Obama is American President who loves the truth. Therefore, if there are some censorships and he does not like the authors’ arguments below then after he leaves office our sincere and humble wish is that he still remembers some of our arguments and values some of them to a certain of degree. 



Example 1: “During many centuries, on many occasions, the sovereignty of Vietnam was defined by other people. The precious land of yours was not always belonged to you. But as bamboo trees, the uprising spirit of Vietnamese people has been crystallized in Lý Thường Kiệt’s following poetic verse:


“Rivers, mountains of Vietnam have been designated to Kings of Vietnam’s residence,

It has been clearly defined in God’s books” (sic)


In this paragraph, Obama’s statement was unclear. His statement “Vietnam politics has been determined by other people” then one understands it was very correct during the Vietnam War when the First Republic of Vietnam fought against the invasion war of North Vietnam which was fully supported by Russia and China. 



And the Republic of (South) Vietnam (both the first and second republic) was also controlled by other people. Those were the American governments who were also aggressively intervened into South Vietnam’s politics. This foreign intervention was not much different from that in North Vietnam.


Therefore, the fact that President Obama reminded his audience with the 2 historic verses of national hero Lý Thường Kiệt was a backfire or ineffectiveness. Because, you thought your statement is served to judge Russia and China. But it was also a self-unmasking of American governments itself in the Vietnam War.


The difference: the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPVN) in North Vietnam voluntarily offered North Vietnam to Russia and China. It   served these two super powers as a dedicated slave to transform their communist party and people of Vietnam to members of Bolshevik. The Republic of Vietnam did not accept the fact that the war between North and South Vietnam would wipe out both North and South Vietnam to transform it to a slave (“yes man”) to both “red colonialism” and “capitalism”. Finally, the brutal murder of the First Republic of Vietnam under President Ngô Đình Diệm was a capital crime. The cruel killings of President Ngô Đình Diệm, his two brothers, political counselors, Ngô Đình Nhu and Ngô Đình Cẩn and many of their professional, highly competent military and administrative officials, cannot be tolerated by God or by any civilized society’s standards”. Obama did not mention any single thing about the “Republic of Vietnam” in which there are people and soldiers who are still living miserably on Vietnam soil. Obama has a list of fake “politicians” to meet such as Nguyễn Quang A, Đoan Trang…He did not pay attention to a former captain Nguyễn Hữu Cầu who was imprisoned for 37 years by the communist authorities. This brave captain only had wished the above 2 verses of hero Lý Thường Kiệt, which were quoted by Obama, would have been applied to the oppressed people of Vietnam.



Example 2: President Obama said: ”And like any other war in human history, the result is we only learn a sour and bitter truth: War, regardless of any purposes, will bring in pain and disasters. Not far from the memorial monument of the (North) Vietnamese decorated perished soldiers as well as the altars in many families in Vietnam across country, civilians and soldiers of both sides have been killed. At the monument of Vietnam War in Washington DC we are able to touch the names of 58,315 American soldiers who have been killed/ sacrificed in Vietnam War (sic).



In this paragraph, President Obama again has been confused with words. How can you consider the soldiers of a heavily armed aggression as “decorated soldiers”? Therefore, the current monuments to the dead soldiers in Vietnam have been served as propagandistic tools to please families of dead soldiers and sooth off people. The slaved soldiers “Born North, Die South” after death have been decorated “en masse” in the so-called “soldier monuments”. And the top communist officials who dedicated their lives to work for Russia and China then how were these officials treated, e.g. Hồ Chí Minh and Võ Nguyên Giáp”?



And the soldiers who sacrificed and died while fighting against the northern aggressors to defend their fatherland then how were they treated? Do they have any monuments to “rest in peace” in Vietnam, even at small humble places? Vivid examples were the navy officers and sailors who had fought bravely against China and were killed while defending for Vietnam waters to keep Hoàng Sa and Trường Sa archipelago of the Republic of Vietnam? Mr. President, have you seen this controversial point?


The writer is surely President Obama did not identify those conflicting points.  And he was not uncomfortable to call the group of “traders of their own people and fatherland” (the CPVN) as his “friends”.



Example 3: President Obama:” We can see the development of Vietnam with the skyscrapers in Hanoi and Hồ Chí Minh City, the business centers and new cities” (sic)


Skyscrapers in H
ồ Chí Minh City and capital Hanoi

The “ghetto” neighborhood in Hồ Chí Minh City (formerly Saigon)


 The day when America came to Vietnam to request to be a close ally of the First Republic of Vietnam (under the Late President Ngô Đình Diệm) then there was no such thing as “Hồ Chí Minh City”. Only when America “withdrew its troops in honor”  after forcefully helping the aggressive force of Hanoi to take complete control the whole Vietnam then the deformed, ugly name “Hồ Chí Minh City” was given to birth.



The author have been surprised when President Obama and his delegation of 800 members visited socialist Vietnam then where did they eat and sleep? And when Obama stopped his arcade and stood on the roadside and spent a few minutes at Me Tri then how did he recognize those local people’s houses? How was such an intelligent President Obama could not determine that “the skyscrapers in Hanoi and Hồ Chí Minh City, the business centers and new cities” (sic) are not the healthy developments of Vietnam to serve the purpose of making Vietnam to reach the goal of “Rich citizens, strong country”.



Those developments are indeed the achievements of the powerful capitalist groups who have quickly extended their octopuses’ arms into Vietnam under the communists who have been under Chinese strict control to transform Vietnam into a portion of territories which belongs to China in reality. The Socialist Republic of Vietnam is currently a political coat to mask up the truth that it is a special economic zone of China. In fact, the special interest and monetary driven groups who verbally fight China have been cooperative with China to share mutual benefits, especially economic benefits. Through the socialist Vietnam, a special economic zone of China, the special economic power can reach out their marketing campaigns to a vast market of almost 1.5 billion Chinese people in the mainland.



In other words, the more “skyscrapers in Hanoi and Hồ Chí Minh City, the new business centers and cities” the more slavery workers in Vietnam will be sold out to international buyers. This big work force in Vietnam is the “special and unique” merchandise to be sold out to the international communities and it has been exported fast to other foreign countries.


All these productive forces above have never been used to serve the Vietnamese people in general. They have been only used to serve the CPVN, China, international powers and their “octopus arms”.


Example 4: President Obama encouragingly stated in his speech: “All these positive activities have brought the true developments for the people. Vietnam has significantly reduced poverty, increased families’ incomes and promoted millions of its citizens up to the middle class. Famine, poverty, death rates to pregnant women and their babies have been decreased. Numbers of people who are provided with electricity, clean water, numbers of students at schools, percentage of literacy all have been significantly increased. These are the outstanding progress you, as our friends, have been able to achieved in a very short period of time” (sic).



The authors cannot believe in their own eyes with these statements of President Obama which were just quoted. How could Obama assess very vaguely as such without scientific investigation, with concrete and verifiable statistical figures with reliable information providing sources. His statements are also inaccurate. How sad is it! It is why the state-fed and state-controlled media of Vietnam were instructed to use “super-sized straws” to blow him up as a big balloon floating on top of Trường Sơn chain of mountains. 



President Obama, please be reminded that after completely invading and taking over complete control of Vietnam on April 4, 1975 the communists robbed off all properties, houses, companies and physical manufacturing plants… of South Vietnam in which there were many highly skilled workers and peasants who started using agricultural machineries and equipment. Only after 9 years under patriotic leadership and highly competent, professional management of President Ngô Đình Diệm Vietnam was in an advanced and competitively economic position which was way ahead of the ASEAN countries such as Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines…and also,  outside ASEAN.  Then when the northern communists came to South Vietnam and displayed themselves as troops of aggressive, poor, hungry and brutal forces. Then, these people began to fight for victorious properties which led to power struggles at the top levels of the communists, inside troops and merchants in North Vietnam who tagged along the invasion troops. Therefore, there was a popular saying (chanting) at that time when relatives in North and South Vietnam who reunited and met after the War for unification:


“Southern people meet Northern people to receive/ recognize (immediate and extended family) relationship,     

Northern meet Southern to receive merchandise”



Russian embassy dispatched many flights to transport robbed electrical and high-end merchandise to secure them in Russia. China dispatched a big commercial ship named Hồng Kỳ to Đà Nẵng port to steal properties of the people and of the government of South Vietnam in the central cities to transport to China. Vietnamese communist commanders dispatched military and stolen commercial trucks to transport the looted merchandise from South Vietnam to secure them in the North. In the hospital in South Vietnam, the victorious side uninstalled machines and medical equipment to transport to the North regardless of the lives of patients who were in emergency units. Specific instant: They kicked out all military wounded patients from the main military hospital Cộng Hòa in Gò Vấp district. Many defeated wounded soldiers who were being under treatments were inhumanely kicked out to the streets while their bloody wounds were not healed. They dragged their stranded feet along the streets with nowhere to go or arrive. Those wounded GIs were brave Vietnamese soldiers who also learned well the two verses of General Lý Thường Kiệt whom president Obama quoted in his speech. According to Obama those are “outstanding advancements of the socialist Vietnam after a very short period of time” (sic). This compliment of President Obama indeed damages his reputation significantly.



People in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines and Korea have been reminded of the outstanding achievements of the late President Ngô Đình Diệm. He, at the same time, had to fight off the communist invasion, resolve strategic internal management issues, and rebuild the economy, education, health care systems, light industry and business management (to be freed from Chinese control). President Diem also had to resettle more than 1 million refugees who fled from northern communist Vietnam in to the South after Genève Agreement of July 20, 1954, which divided Vietnam into two parts, North Vietnam belonged to communist authorities, and South Vietnam belonged to the free world. President Diệm excellently performed his job as a real patriotic leader and provided a peaceful, happy and developing nation in South Vietnam for its citizens’ greatest enjoyment and appreciation. Korean General Park Chung Hee witnessed President Diệm’s success, both in agriculture and industry. He applied President Diệm’s models to build up Korea into one of strongest countries in Asia. Korea is now one of the big manufacturers boss in Vietnam. Only after 9 years of governing South Vietnam, President Diệm’s achievements were set as strategic goals for Korea to pursue. Korea currently has 5,000 business entities in Vietnam with the investment capital of $US 45 billion.  The products of Sam Sung and LG have flooded American market without competitors. It means the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPVN) inherited a solid economy and skillful labor forces and favorably solid infrastructure from the First Republic of Vietnam under President Diem. And the CPVN has 41 more years to “reconstruct” Vietnam after Vietnam War. But finally, the CPVN has become a big loaner to Korea.  But President Obama used an unproven phrase “An outstanding progress in that you (Vietnam communist government) has achieved in a very short period of time (sic)”.  



“Be proud of Vietnam” (The ”top” statistical figures of Vietnam)


Lowest workers’ salaries and wages Highest count of Doctoral degrees

Eat 5 million dogs a year                     Lowest count of inventions

Drink 3 billion liters of beer yearly    Highest food contamination   

Eat 5 billion bags of dried noodle      poorest workers/ ethnic citizens

Cheapest cigarette prices                   Most kickbacks to government

Highest count of abortion                   Lowest gains to peasants

Highest price to hog/ beef meat        Most expensive roads on planet

High price of milk                                  Highest count of motorcycles

Highest prices of land                           Most horrible traffic accidents

Most expensive car/ motorcycle        Highest hospital expenses

Highest count of deaths after vaccinated


Obama’s statement that “diseases and deaths to mothers and babies have been decreased”. Question: How much is the decrease



Dead babies: Mom dumped them to the dumpsters, no burning
Dead babies’ mouths stuffed with cloths: People cry out loud to those scenes

Ms. Đỗ Thị Cúc, 47 years old, Phú Đa hamlet, Công Lý village, Lý Nhân, Hà Nam Province) works as a garbage collector. She works rain or shine every day and picks up the aborted fetus and babies, brings them home to clean and bury them for the last 8 years.  


Some babies are abandoned in garbage dumpsters, other babies were left back at the delivery tables. Many other babies were aborted before they came out their mothers’ wombs.
End of April 2016, volunteers, mostly college students, were led by Mai Hiên (Long Biên district, Hanoi) came to Phú Đa (Hà Nam province) to perform the burial ceremony to those aborted babies.

Love to those aborted no-name babies encouraged Mai Hiên and Ms. Cúc to meet and coordinate to carry out this noble burial act.


In Ms. Cúc’s little house, two freezers which were donated by local people, are used to freeze these dead baby.




Closing the freezer doors, Ms. Cúc told the volunteer students who sat next to her to make a note that day was the farewell day to 360 babies.


On the front porch, more than 30 small coffins made of cement were ready for baby corpses to be laid in. Some students use red cloth bags to cover the coffin.


Promptly at 16:00pm, the small vehicle which Cúc uses to transport young rice carried those little coffins to
the church of Phu Đa. As a familiar ritual, after completing the Mass at church, the priest and faithful stands next to the coffins to pray for the unfortunate aborted babies. 


17:30pm, the faithful follow Ms. Cúc to the parish cemetery, 500 meters away from the church, to bury these aborted babies.


More than 300 baby corpses were laid down in order in a big community grave. Big cover door was closed and sand is used to cover the grave.


The video recorder plays “Mom! I want to become your kid…” shed tears to gathering faithful.


Mai Hiên murmuringly prayed: “Wish the baby souls be quickly brought into Heaven, no complaint to abandoning parents. Pray for everybody to live cleanly, responsibly to selves and correct their mistakes. Should not rip off human rights of babies because they are all innocent babies/ fetuses…”





“My daughter died miserably. If I had not been so poor then my little daughter would not have had to skip her breakfast and go to school, then…now I would not have lost my daughter”.




Extremely bold and badly-tasted advertisements of different abortion techniques 



It is certain that the U.S. embassy in Hanoi and the consular general in Hồ Chí Minh City did not study Vietnam state-run media and report to Obama: The death count of mother and babies have been increased at alarming rates across the country. Yearly, there are hundreds of thousands of abortions in Vietnam. These are statistical figures in public hospitals in which pregnant mothers have to pay high fees, being cursed and bribe nurses and physicians to be examined plus the abortion fee. It means reports from agents in the US embassy in Hanoi were all inaccurate and misleading to Mr. President.


In front of maternity hospitals, there are many buyers who buy the baby fetuses so they can bring home to soak them deep in alcohol and spirit for a few months or more so they can drink this mixed liquid as a best nutritious substance for men’s health and maximum 10/10 sexual performance (as Mao Zedong and Hồ Chí Minh’s to implement well Marxism, Leninism ideologies). Other less quality baby fetuses which are discarded in dumpsters have been collected by poor people and bring them home to clean up and bury in their back yard to share the burden with other poor victims and parents. There are no considerations and help from local or central governments. 


In education, state-run media confesses that the school tuitions are very high on top of schools’ other required contributions and fees from kindergarten to college levels. So many families cannot afford sending their kids to school.



There are some educational gaps in socialist education, training systems and real life issues. There is no subject of “Citizenship Education”. It means no teaching or training to students on basic standards of ethics, duties and responsibilities of citizens. Teacher’s wages, salaries are so low. In many schools, teachers’ wages are withheld back to 6 months. The quality of teaching experience and ethics of teacher are low. Some cases students have to have sexual relationship with teachers to gain better grades and pass the classes. Something Obama may overlook that in some schools elementary teachers exploit young pupils from 7 to 10 years to benefit themselves through sexual relationships.



This sexual abuse issue is not locally specific but it is widespread in Vietnam. In Hà Giang, recently a high school principal forced many under aged students to have sex with him to pass the classes. He did not stop there but forcing those female students to have sex with the local government cadres at the Party and division levels. In fact, they transformed those schools into the sexual entertaining places. This issue was so big so the state-run media had to disclose it to the public. Penalties: Secretary General of Hà Giang province was transferred to the central agency with a better job. The principal was sentenced to 5 years of probation. Some female students were imprisoned to 8 years in jail because delaying their abuse report to the authority.    



It is regrettable that President Obama does not know much about the First Republic of Vietnam under President Ngô Đình Diệm (1954 – Nov. 2nd, 1963). Under his administration, patients of all classes were treated and helped without public hospital fees. Education is mandatory from kindergarten through public high school and college.  Parents of students did not have to worry about education fees for their children. The government also created discount restaurants to serve poor students and workers who did not have to pay extra for eating of cooked rice. The education focused on authentic, original history of Vietnam and vocational training classes to citizens. It also covered training of standards of ethics (Citizenship education). Books and materials were free to read, consult and digest. There was no censure or limitations to text books and materials. Teachers only served as guidance and assistants to student. Absolutely, there was no “brain wash or brain cramming” as those in the communist/ socialist education system from 1954 until now 2016. 



Mr. President may not be aware of the political environment in the Republic of Vietnam so he is willing to make friends with top communist leaders such as Nguyen Phu Trong, Tran Dai Quang, Nguyen Xuan Phuc.



It is noted that Trần Đại Quang changed his resume, birthdate and academic degrees since he was promoted to Department Head of Public Safety of Ninh Bình province. Nguyễn Xuân Phúc is similar. Both these officials are corrupted and dedicated agents of China.



If Obama assigns translator to translate our articles in the website “Portrait of Power” then he will know more about them with convincing evidences, photos and witnesses. For example, Nguyễn Xuân Phúc’s son is currently living in the US with his extra big houses and luxury cars. 



If Obama is aware of all those vices and he still considers those communist leaders as your “friends” then it will be much regretting to you, not to the truly patriotic Vietnamese. If Obama is not aware of those above issues then it will be very hard to determine how the US embassy in Hanoi under Ted Osius functions their role properly to represent American President in Vietnam. 


Followings are some photos posted by the state-run media. These social issues cannot be hidden.
If President Obama’s daughter earns a living like this little girl will he be able to praise the socialist education?

School had started already why did these little kids still hang up on this rope to “practice hard for their missions impossible”? Do they want to sign up for the Socialist (or American) Special Forces? Note: In fact, these young elementary students were crossing a big river to go to school by rolling along a big rope via a small pulley to cross the big river so they can come to school.

“The middle class” as President Obama put it in his speeches has built up their fortunes out of these “socialist” garbage dumpsters.

Note 5: President Obama’s excerpt: “It seems the historic bond between our two countries has begun since President Thomas Jefferson 200 years ago. Until now, it is a complete circle. We have made lot efforts for months and years. But now, we can say one thing which seemed to be an illusion: Vietnam and America are now partners. Our mutual experience is a lesson for the whole world (sic).



President Thomas Jefferson has been acknowledged Vietnam as a crib of agricultural rice producer. And Jefferson’s statement was recommended by Patti to Hồ Chí Minh to insert it into Ho’s “Declaration of Independence on September 2nd, 1945”. This declaration was used as a bait to seize the government of Vietnam at that time to serve the red Russian colonialism into Vietnam.



Yet, since that time until now, Hồ Chí Minh and his successors have never referred to and/ or erected Jefferson’s statute. But, they erected a statute of a former Swedish prime minister at a hospital.



In 1942, when Hồ Chí Minh hid up real well his “extra red tail” in Pắc Bó cave in Cao Bằng province he named a spring which flew alongside that cave as Lenine spring. He also sat aside his cave to translate the book “History of Russian communist party Bolshevik” to use as documentary to teach the communist cadres. Arriving Hanoi after Genève Agreement 1954 to divide Vietnam, Hồ erected Lenine statute and named a big park in Hanoi as “Lenine park”. Immediately in Hanoi, the oppressed Vietnamese created a “stone bench” poem as follows:


“Lenine, born in Russia

  Why he stands at Vietnam’s park

  He sterns his face, he points finger

  Your Liberty, Independence are far away”


Later 2 additional phrases were added:


 “Look at Russia as an example

   Seventy years plus (of communism) does not result in anything”




Until now, in the so-called “Constitution of 2013” of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (SRVN), it clearly defines: “Marxism, Leninism and Ho Chi Minh’s thoughts must be solid foundation”. (Chapter 1, 4th




They have never mentioned about American President Thomas Jefferson. The bait Jefferson is no longer of use because they have stolen the government, have enlarged and spread the red colonialism across Vietnam. And currently, they have transformed Vietnam completely into a colony of China.



What reasons that made up for their success?

President Obama could not deny that he does not know it. Therefore, his statement “Our (American- Vietnamese) experience is a lesson for the whole world” is very unclear. The “world” according to Obama is which world, containing which countries? This is only experience of American government, not that of American People to Vietnamese communist government. In the world it seems hard to find a government which is comprised of national traitors, killers and traders of own fatherland.  Mr. President, please give us an example of any country which is governed by a group of national traitors who is a partner with American government?



Note 6: Obama also stated: “At a certain time, countless of conflicts seemed to be unable to be resolved and continued endlessly, then we have proved that our hearts can bring changes, and future will be different if we do not accept to be prisoners of the past” (sic).



President Obama’s assertiveness is not able to be accepted. If he stated: “Do not accept to be prisoners for the past” (sic) then it is probably we should specifically burn all history books and burn all other types of books. Question: How to separate between past, present and future?



Even Obama stated as such but he himself is the “prisoner of the past”, not American past but also Vietnamese past. If he does not want to mention about the past then why he recited about Thomas Jefferson? And he also reminded everybody that US Senator John McCain met with General V Nguyên Giáp to request: “Our two countries should not be enemies, but should be friends”.



Then Obama also mentioned about Lý Thường Kiệt, Nguyễn Du, Phan Chu Trinh and the Trưng Sisters. Are those of your reminders past or present?



Does Obama know who “is afraid of talking about the past? They are the ones who, in the past and probably also in present, have brutally executed (in inhumane style) their fellow citizens. Therefore, they are very afraid of discussing about those crimes. Contrary to those types of bad people above, the good people always attach to the past, present and future. Because they find in their past their good, heroic deeds or those of their country in order to implement them in present and draw experience in the past to apply for the present and on that foundation they lay out plan for a much better future.


Is it possible President Obama raises up these questions to the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPVN):


Dynastic official Nguyễn Sinh Sắc, father of criminal Hồ Chí Minh, was an alcohol addict. He used to torture citizens to relieve his drunk episodes.  Why the CPVN uses taxpayers’ money to build shrines for traitor Hồ Chí Minh who was a dedicated slave to French colonists while killing his own innocent citizens?


Did Hồ Chí Minh file his application to study at the French colonialism school and was rejected. But was his goal to be trained well by the French to dedicatedly serve the mother country France?


In Điện Biên Phủ battle, was General Võ Nguyên Giáp commander in chief or Chinese Generals in charge were Vị Quốc Thanh, Trần Canh, Lã Qúy Ba commanders? Did Chinese troops directly fight that battle?


The CPVN’s current strategy which is “Market economy towards socialism direction” is very attractive to the international capitalists. Why?

Why did General Vo
̃ Nguyên Giáp not have courage to inform the public that he was being disrespected in Viet Nam armed forces while he was alive?


Why does the CPVN still enforce the socialism in Vietnam while their family members and relatives enjoy “Work at wills, consume upon demands” in the US, Canada, European countries now?






Our hypothesis: “Market economy…” to serve interests of the international capitalists who can freely compete with each other. But the second phrase “towards socialism” is a final card for the governing CPVN in the state-run enterprises. It means workers have to work towards “the socialism” (“work until exhaustion”) and consume upon “work outputs” with low wages without health, safety and occupational insurances and proper compensations, etc. The “enjoyment” (consummation) must be determined by the Ministry of Labor. Policy on workers’ salaries and wages are still very unclear. Example: A company (X) of the armed forces owes wages to workers for a year. Therefore, the international companies which invest in Vietnam also owe workers’ wages and provide (or do not provide) limited health and occupational insurance to workers so they can gain the most benefits.



Please click below link for further reference:


(Part 2)


Chính Khí Việt (Author)

Việt Sĩ (Version in English language)


Note 7: President Obama continued: “We have demonstrated that Peace is better than War. And social progress and people’s dignity have been best achieved via cooperation not via conflicts. These are the good achievements that Vietnam and America have strongly proved to the world” (sic).


Everybody is long time aware that “Peace is much better than War”. There is no need for Mr. President to repeat it. As to the last phrase of Obama’s statement one immediately realizes that is only the cooperation between the CPVN and American governments, not between the majorities of citizens of the two countries.



The authors of this lengthy article are much confused with Obama and the CPVN’s statements because they are completely contradicting with political realities. In other words, if “Peace is better than War” then why John F. Kennedy administration approved the assassinations to the late President Ngô Đình Diệm, his two brothers Nhu and Cẩn, their highly competent military and administrative assistants at central and local levels and has finally torn up completely the First Republic of Vietnam?


Then America directly and deeply intervened into Vietnam’s affairs to run the war using the Vietnamese puppet generals along with Russia and China to destroy Vietnam, especially the Republic of Vietnam. The quantity of bombs, mines and ammunitions used in Vietnam War were exceeding the quantity used in the World War II. Specially, in South Vietnam, from 17th parallel towards down the South there are tons of underground mines and bombs which have not been defused.    



It appears your wordings are different from your actions because the war was cruelly run in Vietnam. Obama visited a pagoda then the word “KARMA” may have a strong meaning to him. It reminded that President Kennedy authorized the killings on President Ngô Đình Diệm, his two brothers and their highly competent associates on November 2nd, 1963 and after. Then only a couple of months later President John F. Kennedy was brutally assassinated. His brothers and children eventually also bore terrified aftermaths. Therefore, that is the real “KARMA”. Because in Obama’s speech, he said: “The cooperation between America and Vietnam is based on basic beliefs: “Vietnam is an independent country whose sovereignty is respected. No other country can exert their wills and decide on the fate of your country. This is the concern of America. We are concerned about the success of Vietnam” (sic)



It sounds great in theory. But the theory and practice are usually 100%

contradicting in the hands of the super powers. The more powerful countries the more totalitarian authorities have imposed their unjust forces and pressure on the weaker countries. For example, on behalf of American government, Obama visited Vietnam to confirm the friendship between the two nations. For what? Why is American government concerned about the success of the CPVN. Our materials about this diplomatic relationship have surely shed lights to many readers who love truths, fairness to differentiate between black and white and examine and understand true aspects of diplomatic relations in real political life.



Obama said: “America does not want to impose wills or make decisions for the “Socialist Vietnam” which is the totalitarian party of less than 5 million members while total Vietnam population is consisted of 92 million. Our questions:



Obama only mentioned to the CPVN but never mentioned to the people of the Republic of Vietnam who are the “red slaves” of the CPVN. Why?



On American soil, there are many states which recognize Vietnam heritage flag which is of yellow background with three red stripes which represents for the Republic of Vietnam. This flag was born since the Trung Sisters as you mentioned about in your speech and considered as a nationalistic symbol for the community of Vietnamese refugees. Therefore, Obama cannot claim that he is younger and may not be familiar with the Republic of Vietnam and the invading war in Vietnam which was run by Russia, China and Socialist Republic of Vietnam by which he considers as his friends.



Now, Obama makes friends with the SRVN so he does not consider Republic of Vietnam and its citizens as his friends. Does he not? He has not explicitly mentioned about Vietnamese refugees communities. Does he consider this group of refugees as “economic refugees”?  Ted Osius has not recognized Vietnamese heritage flag of yellow and three red stripes. Then the Williams Joint Center (WJC) at University of Massachusetts cooperated with the intellectuals inside Vietnam to change the identity of the Vietnamese refugees. And then Vietnam Reform Party (VNRP aka Việt Tân PHỞ BÒ, the smelly beef noodle party) has tirelessly to infiltrate into almost all Vietnamese refugees communities to try hard to continue the work of WJC (Mass) to wipe out the identity of the Vietnamese refugees, victims of the communists. Those cadres have verbally yelled out loud “Fight communist” but hid their real pro-communist activities deep inside many different organizations, associations and political parties.



Obama said he “does not arbitrarily impose anything or make decisions for the SRVN”. It means anything considered as American’s arrangements for Vietnam then they are the support American grants to Vietnam?



Based in Obama’s speeches and also in the communique between America (Obama) and Vietnam (Secretary General Nguyễn Phú Trọng) and the communique between America (Obama) and Vietnam (President Trần Đại Quang) that: “Respect the political system, independence, sovereignty and territory integrity of Vietnam and America (sic) and “No intervention into each other’s internal affairs”. Before officially visiting Vietnam, Obama dispatched his representatives to meet with Hoàng Tứ Duy (Vietnam Reform Party, Việt Tân), Dr. Nguyễn Quốc Quân (International Movement Supporting Humanistic Movement of Dr. Nguyễn Đan Quế), Nguyễn Đình Thắng (BPSOS), Điếu Cày Nguyễn Văn Hải as well as Đoàn Viết Hoạt, Cù Huy Hà Vũ, Tạ Phong Tần and may be other people such as Nguyễn Văn Đài, Trần Huỳnh Duy Thức…who are likely to be migrated “en masses” to the U.S. soon. 



It appears that those activists mentioned above who belong to the CPVN will be exported out of Vietnam soon to reinforce the current groups to invade and control the Vietnamese communities abroad via

popular tactics which infiltrate, interfere with and misdirect the nationalist Vietnamese people’s anti-communist activities and/ or to defame them.



If those people above are the opponents’ voices against the SRVN government (Obama's friend) then has Obama indeed intervened into Vietnam’s internal affair which is contrary to his formal declaration of no intervention at all to Vietnam’s affairs?



Note 8: Obama’s speech may contain 2 basic flaws which may be his or due to mistakes of his subordinates who prepared his speeches. However, Obama should be responsible for these 2 mistakes:


Has President Obama assessed himself that he is wiser then the CPVN executives? Therefore, his attitude makes the CPVN more confident to deal with Obama and fully take this advantage. In fact, Obama has never taken any advantages from the SRVN. 




Taking advantages from America, the SRVN has accomplished its main responsibility by conquering and expand the communist ideology throughout Vietnam (and factually through Indochina). Also, the SRVN was accepted as a member of ASEAN and after a short time it is promoted to become a good member. 



With American support, SRVN gains respect from other western countries and eventually from almost all other countries. Specially,

the SRVN, group of traitors, killers, traders of unfortunate, poor, helpless kids and women…has been elected as a non-permanent member of the World Security Commissioner. SRVN has been also authorized to organize the international conferences and gave birth to a strange procedure of all international leaders to wear Vietnamese old-fashioned two-piece suit (ao gam). This vestment was only worn by administrative and counseling officials in dynastic palaces. This is probably this is the first time the world leaders have felt funny to “play their theatrical roles on political stages”. And this vestment has become a “modern” stylist outfit to many other countries’ officials.



Obama’s trip to Vietnam was taken advantage and treated with some disrespect which should be offered to him, the president of the top super power. He is also the helper, granter to SRVN since its childhood.

Broadly speaking, the fact that Obama cares, shines up the SRVN government and pardons crimes of homicides, human trafficking, ceding ancestors’ land of the SRVN might be a backfire instead of gaining the positive results as expected by Obama administration/ delegation. Obama somehow underestimated and misunderstood the SRVN because SRVN is a dedicated subordinate to Russia and China. And they became a full time subordinate of China after Russia and Eastern Europe collapsed. Then SRVN ceded land near Vietnam – China borders. Now, Vietnam (SRVN) has surely become a Special Economic Zone of China. Obama has been surely aware of this awfully political invasion/ control from China to Vietnam. But because American badly wants a trade relationship with China, therefore Obama (America) must eerily shut up and play its role in a big unpleasant political play to help SRVN “Pro America and flee China”.  Ironically, this is an absolutely inferior and distasteful political theme ever in human history at all times.



Therefore, both China and SRVN have been aware (with no official declarations) that to the American government the goal is connecting it to business deals to make a lot more of money. Then, Obama had to play its low profile to praise Vietnam (under SRVN) to permit them play the high card as well as Obama has ignored the majority of the suppressed Vietnamese inside and outside Vietnam which are still represented and bonded with their heritage flag of yellow with three red stripes. 



To ensure the interests for China, the SRVN played well on political stage to negotiate with Obama while he visited Vietnam. The SRVN understood that to America the business deals and monetary gains are priorities. And “human rights” are not an immediate concern or it is only a hypocritical matter.  President Obama, please list out names of countries whose citizens have the protection of human rights which is carried out and sponsored by America. So, the SRVN has been more than ready to meet Obama’s business needs. And SRVN has been so eager to continue its role as a “yes men” subordinate to meet China’s demands.


The “same old” trick, hanging themselves between America and China, has been now performing pretty well after Ho Chi Minh had taught his CPVN/ SRVN’s cadres while he was hanging himself “low and most inferior” to ride back and forth between USSR and China during the Vietnam War.  




Obama’s second mistake was the SRVN is not wise as America. If Obama is humble then he will understand that the SRVN is not stupid. In fact, SRVN or in fact the CPVN is very unethical and intricate. They use all dirty tricks even though they kill their own parents in order to in superior position. 



To protect its own self-centered selfish interests, since its founding the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPVN) abolished the two most important and noble concepts “Fatherland” and “Vietnamese People”. Therefore, the CPV created and carried our well their revolution that the “Intellect, Rich, Land Owners and Influential” had to be uprooted completely and transform the majority of people who do not belong to the CPVN into its slaves in every aspect of the society and the economy. When the people who are not CPVN’s members have been slaves under the CPVN’s strict control then all other spiritual aspects such as individuals, families, properties, ownership, cultural, community and family traditions have been all diminished and abolished. Why was this?



Because the CPVN was founded while the western colonialism was dominating the world. The Leninism was in full force to help the colonialism to create a class of slaves for the property owners. The Leninism learned their lessons through evolutions of the societies in which there were a class of people who owned the productivities mechanism and the opposite class of people who worked for the owners. These owners used tough measures to manage and exploit those slaves using cruel means to dominate and control the slaves physically and mentally. They used scientific measures to control the slaves’ stomachs using Pavlov’s experiment and also used religion to unite people. A similar example was the CPVN used Buddhism as an extended hand to fight the First Republic of Vietnam under President Ngô Đình Diệm. The mass of people united or encouraged to unite under a same religion and faith, like today ISIS, were willing to sacrifice their own lives to fight their enemies. It is also used to collect “voluntary” contributions from the faithful to the “church”. But in fact, the contributions were given directly to the top religion leaders who were also communist/ party’s cadres, in reality. 



The “red slaves” are popular merchandise which the capitalist are very fond of to be their bosses. Those capitalists, in one hand, condemn vaguely the colonialists, but on other hand, these capitalists deal businesses with them to gain most benefits and also the top security. Because their strategic mission is to strictly control and transform these slaves into “machines” themselves which will work automatically and productively under their pushes of buttons.



Note 9: There is a dilemma to the society to work on. Because aiming for best benefits then the capitalists have to use the “intellectual slaves”. This trend is more popular as in this generation the “brain merchandise” are the high end products which ensure that small units of capital invested may bring in hundreds of thousands of profits. The creation of the two types of salves, (1) physical slaves and (2) intellectual slaves boosting up profits. But the conflict increases, especially the fast advancing of information technology and industry.



Therefore, the “red slaves” (workers) have been currently aware that the intensive conflicts between the ruling class (CPVN = Communist Party of Vietnam) and the majority of oppressed People of Vietnam have been increasingly critical. That for more than half of the century (1940s – 2016) the CPVN has completely controlled the bodies and minds of the majority of People.


It means the slaves (workers), in that sense, all citizens of Vietnam should have been much better off if they had voluntarily followed the theme and the guidance of the Late President Ngô Đình Diệm with his excellent, holy theme “Fatherland, Honor and Responsibilities” in order to be good patriotic citizens who are honest, love their country, love Peace, Fairness, be fair and honest to self and to other people on the basis of mutual respect.



Some examples are listed here to prove that “dishonest, crooked thoughts” are inside people most of the times, derived from “exceedingly worshipping to the foreign civilizations”. These people reject our ancestors’ experiences which have been gained through many years of founding fatherland, fought the enemies, and lived in open nature. Many Vietnamese people like to pick foreign names. Many writings to Vietnamese audience by Vietnamese writers are noted with English, French, German.. It is weird. It may show undermining our own Vietnamese people. Ex: Name Le Thi Hoa has been changed to Hoa Thi Le…


Due to the quick development progress of the internet world, the suppressed people have been recognized who are their real allies. Some human rights activists secretly support the CPVN but publicly act as opponents to the CPVN, then one can realize those are only fake opponents. 



To survive, the CPVN had to douce off all the opponents since beginning. Therefore, it created many other similar opposing organizations which are identical to the creation of “state-fed, state-raised, state-disciplined…media”. These organizations are fake democracy, fake civil society…organizations. The responsibilities of those fake groups are carrying out fake plays whose scripts were censured and guided in details by the CPVN professional cadres among the working with the international specific interest groups in order to make those fake opposing groups showing off as legitimate opposing groups which were created by the People. The legitimacy aspect which was created to those groups helps the political more democratic, lively to gain acceptance and support from the outside world.




After gaining the legitimacy and is recognized by the foreigners those fake people will be able to easily cooperate with the CPVN and their cadres outside Vietnam to launch fake attacks to Vietnam to establish trust with the people inside Vietnam. In case of a people uprising inside Vietnam, these fake leaders outside Vietnam will be ready to jump out to steal the “revolution” exactly like Ho Chi Minh and his cadres had quickly stolen the revolution in 1945 of the Vietnamese nationalist intellectuals and other political figures and parties in Vietnam.



It is easy to identify those politically fake people, so-called political parties:


Firstly, they vehemently accuse the CPVN, but they absolutely ignore or are very vague, unclear in naming the real crimes of the CPVN as a group of national traitors since 1930 until now 2016 who work for themselves not for Vietnam fatherland and for the People of Vietnam.



Secondly, they always use the theme “Non Violence Struggle”. And they always implicitly or explicitly pursue the “reconciliation” strategy with the communist reformers who left the CPVN (communism). This is a major mistake while in the fight we are still weak and the enemies (communists) are stronger. It is only expected that the reformers step aside the struggle. They should not try to seize the leading positions. They better name out the atrocious crimes of the CPVN such as selling fatherland’s waters and land to China in which they are live witnesses. These communist reformers may also make contributions by their documents, evidences and witnesses and compile these into structured

information which would be good materials to present to international agencies and to the United Nations, in charge (overseeing) of Human Rights violations.  



It is also noted that how do the leaders who lead the struggle movements have good strategies and measures to protect their organizations and members?


Example: Bloc 8406 is not a well-structured organization which includes Former Colonel Đỗ Nam Hải, Nguyễn Chính Kết, Rev. Phan Văn Lợi and Priest Nguyễn Văn Lý.


Priest Nguyễn Văn Lý insisted only the communists are able to resolve the Vietnam issues. Priest Nguyen Van Ly claimed there are many Vietnam communists who support him and want to be baptized (by him ???).


Bloc 8406 also calls for a list of volunteers and/ or supporters which list out details of full names, professions, family, friends, addresses and phone numbers.


Also, Ven. Thích Quảng Độ has freely travelled from Saigon to Bình Định and roamed around anywhere with fancy escorts without police’s intervention to give out food and money to the poor even though in media he broadcast loudly that he has been under his “house arrest”. International officials have repeatedly paid him visits at Zen Monastery (Thanh Minh Thiền Viện).



Ven. Thích Quảng Độ visited by international and USA officials


Ms. Rena Bitter, U.S. Consular in Ho Chi Minh city and her delegation of 4 visited Thích Quảng Độ at  Zen monastery (Thanh Minh Thiền Viện) on 17/3/2015



Other groups of so-called “political dissidents” freely group together at Starbucks Coffee or beer shop or “dog meat” restaurants to…chat…politics against the CPVN. E.g.: Nguyễn Khắc Toàn (borrowed bicycle and forgot to return it to owner), “activist/ prisoner” Lê Thị Kim Thu. Thu was migrated to the U.S. and became a “free journalist” who works at Vietnam Exodus to…chat and discuss with audience about “politics” and…social and economic…issues in Vietnam.



Some other “dissidents/ politicians” freely fly…high to attend international conferences and taken glossy photos (UHD ones) at airports in Vietnam.


(Left) Ven. Qung Độ was greeted by his faithful in Bình Định province


(Right) Ven. Qung Độ gave out free food and money as assistance at the Second Office of the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam while he was being under the “house arrest”.

Ven. Thích Qung Độ met with key CPVN officials in North Vietnam while he was “exiled to… prison in North Vietnam”


Ven. Thích Qung Độ (right) met with top official Mai Chí Thọ (left) who was in full charge of North Vietnam’s national police and central intelligence.



As to the lying, fake dissidents inside and outside Vietnam: How do they work together? They are website owners and other media. It is certain President Obama has been fully reported all those fake “politicians”. They are Cù Huy Hà Vũ, Tạ Phong Tần, Điếu Cày Nguyễn Văn Hải. Điếu Cày loudly claimed one of his arms was cut off / chopped off by Vietnam police. But when he showed up in court, his 2 arms were intact. But Điếu Cày was nominated by Ben Rhodes so he could meet with President Obama to offer advices and thoughts. What was this cheap joke which was so-called political meeting?


Left to right: T Tạ Phong Tần, Điếu Cày Nguyễn Văn Hải 



Note 10:


In President Obama’s speech he said: “As I stated, America does not find ways to impose any government model onto Vietnam. The rights I mentioned earlier are not American rights but they are general values which have been indicated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948). These values were also written in the Constitution of Vietnam: Citizens have freedom of speech, freedom of press, right to obtain information, right of meeting, right to form association and right to protest. All these are contained in the Constitution of Vietnam” (sic)



President Obama’s excerpt earlier is divided into 2 parts:


Firstly, Obama said: “America does not find ways to impose any government model onto Vietnam (sic). This statement is unnecessary. Through readers’ follow up, there has never been any occasion in which America has ever been able to impose any political arrangements into Vietnam. On the contrary, President Obama was strongly encouraged to meet the CPVN’s demands. For example, the Vietnamese fake activists for democracy were granted visas to enter the U.S. en masse, and the disrespect to the heritage flag of the Republic of Vietnam (yellow background with three red stripes). It was concretely reflected with prior arrangements and U.S. ambassador Ted Osius to Vietnam executed it when he came to California.  



Secondly, when Obama mentioned about the Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (SRVN) he does not fully understand the contents of this Constitution (2013) which was authored by the Vietnam Communist Bureau of Politics (PoliBureau) then it was approved, ratified and carried out also by this top authority (Vietnam Communist PoliBureau) to govern the oppressed Vietnamese people. 




President Obama holds a high academic degree in Laws, and then the question is: “Have you completely read through this Constitution (2013)? Or did only your assistants read it and report to you?”

When you referred to that Constitution and offered positive compliments about that Constitution then you should be responsible about the fact that you already made false statements and assessments about that Constitution of Vietnam (2013) to the majority of Vietnamese people. Because, on behalf of the President of a super power (USA) but you made a mistake by publicly endorsing the “general values guaranteed by Universal Declaration of Human Rights which were also written down in the Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. This affirmation by President Obama was somehow hasteful and inaccurate.




The detailed content of the Constitution of SRVN (2013) is as follows:

Chapter 1, Article 8:


“The government is organized and operated based on the Constitution and the legal system of laws. Society is managed by the Constitution and system of laws in accordance with the principle of centralized democracy” (sic)



Therefore, rightly in chapter I, the statement “Construct the principle of centralized democracy” makes the content of the Constitution of Socialist Republic of Vietnam (2013) is totally different from the content of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948).



Therefore, the sentence “Construct the principle of centralized democracy” then it must be understood “the citizens have rights of speech, press, information, meeting, association, protest…” then all these rights must be organized, managed and approved by the leading Communist Party of Vietnam (CPVN). Its ultimate goal is to “build and protect the socialism”.  All these must be based on the Marxism, Leninism and Ho Chi Minh thoughts (Article 4, Chapter I). 



Some fake activists demand the abolishment of Article 4 of the Constitution of Vietnam, 2013 (SRVN). However, this is an incomplete and dangerous demand. The issue is not to demand abolishing article 4. But the complete Constitution of SRVN (2013) must be abolished. Because this Constitution protects the legitimacy of the CPVN to govern Vietnam and People of Vietnam.



Supposedly, the CPVN accepts the abolishment of article 4, Chapter I of the Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam but there are many other chapters and articles which tighten the oppressed people. Shallow viewers (“people who ride horses while enjoyably viewing beautiful flowers) or who respects the CPVN or recognizes the legitimacy of the CPVN cannot understand the complexity of this highest legal set of documents of the nation, the Constitution.


One example: Article 64, Chapter IV, Constitution 2013 of the SRVN indicates:


“Protect the fatherland of the Socialist of Republic of Vietnam which is the legacy of the People (sic)



It means article 64, chapter IV, the CPVN has firmly determined the People of Vietnam of the SRVN which are consisted of people who have national IDs, people IDs, passports including the criminal probationers…only have one choice: “Construct the socialism in Vietnam” but cannot construct any other political models or any other political systems that are different than the Communism itself. Therefore, how can President Obama propose or impose or enforce his political model onto Vietnam?




To reinforce the CPVN’s determination, the constitution 2013 of the SRVN also determines:


Article 65, Chapter IV:” The People’s Armed Forces have been absolutely loyal to the Fatherland, People, Party and Government that have responsibility to protect the independence, sovereignty, integrity, intact country, national security, orders and social safety, protect People, Party, Government and the Socialism that all together the People construct our country and carry out our international duties.


All these above mean if the oppressed people do not build the socialism or to fight against the socialism in any forms such as petitions requesting reforms, non-violent, or even petition to “hello to America and good bye China” then these friendly requests will be subject to be destroyed by the People’s Armed Forces by any means.



In article 44, Chapter IV, the Constitution 2013 of the SRVN affirms:


“Citizens have duty to be loyal to the Fatherland.  Betraying to the fatherland is the capital crime (sic)


The “Carrying our international duties” in article 65, Chapter IV means the oppressed citizens of Vietnam are used as “programmed soldiers” to expand the red colonialism which is currently Chinese expansionism. This trick is also covered by the smokescreen as participating into the United Nations’ armed forces to ensure the world peace.



In regards to releasing (lift off) the embargo of the injury-caused weapons by Obama administration granted to Vietnam, one thing for sure is the SRVN will not use to use weapons against China. Back in 1979, the SRVN fought China in some tactical, short term battles under USSR’s advice. Now, the USSR has been disbanded and the SRVN has been voluntarily an obedient satellite to China. Furthermore, the CPVN is not stupid. It learns from the hard lessons in which the US governments used and discarded the two Republic of Vietnam (under President Ngô Đình Diệm and Nguyễn Văn Thiệu) then how can the CPVN entrust the US? Also, other lessons in which the US treats other nations in the Middle East, Africa…So then, the CPVN is not blind to deal, work and cooperate comfortably with the US. One important thing to the Vietnamese communist party (CPVN) is how to prolong and secure their Party so it can last for generations to come to benefit their kids, grand kids and all of their associates and friends, etc. Is it possible that the American People tolerate this? The answer is surely a BIG NO.



The reason the authors comfortably voiced out our fair and unbiased analyses and viewpoints is that in Obama’s speech he confirmed: “I guarantee, we are not immunized to criticism. I listen to criticism everyday” (sic)


Dear President Obama,


You guarantee that you accept criticism then this writing is not criticism, but this is only the truth with concrete referrals, real witnesses, real incidents and real life photos.  It is hopeful you easily accept our constructive opinions and contributions as we have been Vietnamese American citizens.



Note 11: The BBC, Vietnamese language division, has published an article of US Ambassador to Vietnam, Ted Osius, concerning President Obama’s visit in Vietnam. The article is about the conference at CSIS (Center for Strategic & International Studies) on August 6, 2016. Ted Osius said:”Mr President has made it clear in his speech to the public that he is disappointed he could not meet everybody even though he was very happy to talk to the people he met” (sic).

However, American side thinks “This is their country (Vietnam) and that was their decision” (sic)   



It means:


Obama’s meeting with the “Fake, so-called dissidents, opponents” was only a small matter which was worth his explanation. Through this incident, it is clear that the CPVN has never allowed the US President to impose his political arrangement onto their country.  And Obama had to accept that fact and sooth off himself “That is their country” (sic).


Then our question is: Why did American government under President Kennedy was not able to think through as President Obama did it recently when Kennedy ordered ambassadors Henry Cabot Lodge, Bunker and CIA agent Lucien Conein to intervene in internal affairs of the First Republic of Vietnam in a civilized manner?



The author reminded the above historic incident because when President Obama visited Japan he solemnly laid a wreath to commemorate the Japanese victims who were killed by two American atomic bombs under President Truman. The death toll was less than 2 million people. But the issue was Japan was the original war aggressor and created heavy human casualties to the ally side. It was certain the death toll was much higher than the Japanese who got killed by American atomic bombs.



In Vietnam, Japanese aggressors created the national famine disaster in 1945 that killed almost 2 million starving northern Vietnamese citizens. Even God was horrifically sad and the ground mourned out mercifully to this Japanese attack. Until now 2016, bones of those starving dead victims were buried under mass graves. Their survivors only pay respect and pray for them every day without seeing any of their tombs.  



Question: Did those Vietnamese innocent citizens ever conquer or harm Japan and Japanese people?

The starving deaths in north Vietnam during 1944 – 1945 is nothing compared to the death casualties and other mental and spiritual damages to Vietnam people under the highly organized aggressions of  USSR and China with the dedicated assistance of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPVN), the principal, capital criminals and traitors to Vietnam and the People of Vietnam from 1930s (founding the fetus of Ho Chi Minh’s party), also from 1950s until now 2016.



Also during that time, Kennedy administration was absolutely cruelly, inhumanely, unethically to harm President NGO DINH DIEM, his two brothers Nhu and Can and his specific highly competent on-duty assistants of the First Republic of Vietnam. Kennedy’s murder plan and the other plans of intervention into Vietnam of American consecutive administrations have resulted in a final tragedy to Vietnam: the National Mourning Day of April 30th, 1975 when the whole Vietnam was completely lost into the cruel communists.



After that fateful day 30/4/1975 of the collapse of the republics on top of Vietnamese citizens causing by the three main forces: USSR, China and USA then there were millions of innocent Vietnamese citizens in North and South Vietnam have been perished. Among those, there were more than 300 thousand of the northern cadres in South Vietnam’s Open Arms Policy who were brutally retaliated. The fake dissidents have never mentioned about the fates of these cadres. A large number of other Vietnamese refugees who desperately tried to flee the country which was under the communists were drown deep under the sea, killed in jungles, brutally raped and armed robberies to those victims were horrified. There is no accurate accounting of those dead victims while they were attempting to flee from the Vietnamese communists.  


The death toll to the governmental armed forces and civilians during the National Mourning Day 30/4/1975 was definitely very high compared to 2 million dead Japanese people after two American atomic bombs which were dropped down to Hiroshima and Nagasaki (Japan).



The biggest aftermath to Vietnam and its people is the socialism has become a harshest and a most outdated reality and also ideology. Vietnam became a direct dependent to expansionist China. The CPVN is only a no-brain subordinate to China. American administrations all have been well aware of that fact. If President Obama is still in doubt he may want to consult with political advisor Henry Kissinger on Vietnam issues. Kissinger finally confessed in a conference a year ago that Vietnam indeed has been betrayed by America.



Via the CPVN, China has continued to create deaths and long term damages to Vietnam and its people, to harm the environment, belittle and gradually abolish Vietnamese culture, smear bad Vietnamese history, cram up the idea of admiring foreign (Chinese) cultures. Extreme admiration to foreign cultures will encourage people to follow any foreign special interest groups and ignore the interests of their own fatherland. For example: In Hà Tĩnh province there is a temple for Quan Vân Trường, a Chinese Army General. In that temple, they also set up Vietnamese great General Trần Hưng  Đạo to stand by side of that Chinese General. History confirms Vietnamese General Trần Hưng  Đạo won 3 big battles to push back the grand army of China 2 times in a row. These victories were under Chinese Nguyễn dynasty. 


Also, the pagoda where President Obama visited during his trip to Vietnam was also a Chinese pagoda, not a Vietnamese one. The temple in Hà Tĩnh where Obama visited was also a Chinese one. These two pagodas and temples Obama visited are absolutely not “cultural aspects of Vietnam…” as Obama’s advisor put it incorrectly. 



Therefore, one may want to ask President Obama’s explanation:

Why did President Obama feel comfortable to visit a Chinese pagoda when you visit Vietnam?  He might comfortably eat “bún chả Lê Văn Hưu” (Lê Văn Hưu’s noodle with BBQ pork). He might talk with the “fake dissidents” but likely he has been well aware that they are only someone who work along with fake parties which loudly oppose to the CPVN. If Obama is not aware of all those then this is the responsibility of ambassador Ted Osius or up at higher level is the duty of John Kerry (US Secretary of State), the one who carefully reminded Osisus that “The Socialist Republic of Vietnam is…”my country”. And Obama was “disappointed” because he could not meet other “fake” Nguyen Quang A, Doan Trang…Nguyen Quang A routinely travels to the U.S. and eats with Dieu Cay Nguyen Van Hai, the former soldier of North Vietnam and also participated in the aggression to invade South Vietnam. Dieu Cay is like “Phạm Nhan”, a Chinese witch in Nguyễn dynasty. He was arrested by Vietnam armed forces and beheaded. But according to the old legendary history, Nhan’s head was self-recreated (automatically self-produced) instantly after he was beheaded. Over here, Dieu Cay Nguyen Van Hai is similarly. He had boasted out loud that one of his arms had been cut (chopped) off by Vietnam police. But when he showed up in the U.S. his two arms were still intact.


Obama probably was not reported accurately by his subordinates so then when he met Die Cay he was not accurately informed about his physical appearance. As to “fake” Đoan Trang who is an executive member of VOICE (a subsidiary, satellite of Vietnam Reform Party, Viet Tan). Obama may want to check with Ben Rhodes to inquire Hoang Tu Duy or Nguyễn Đình Thắng (BPSOS) then he will have a complete picture about those “fake and crazy” dissidents. It is noted “fake dissident” Đoan Trang was sent to the U.S. for further training at college level.   



According to the authors, President Obama should have met with former captain Nguyễn Hữu Cầu, officer of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Vietnam. Cau was imprisoned for 37 years continuously. His prison tenure is 10 years longer than President Nelson Mandela (South Africa). Even though if the CPVN had not allowed you to meet former captain Nguyễn Hữu Cầu then the honest and patriotic Vietnamese would have been much grateful to Obama’s request which is similarly meaningful as he laid his memorial wreath to commemorate the two million Japanese who got killed by two American atomic bombs at the end of World War II.



If President Obama had visited the tombs of President Ngô Đình Diệm and his brother Ngô Đình Nhu and also paid another visit to the Military Cemetery of the Armed Forces Soldiers of the Republic of Vietnam then the authors ourselves would have been very much admired, much grateful and appreciative to his act of heroism and friendship. And may be many other people in ASEAN would have been having the same appreciation to him.


But Obama’s official trip to Vietnam was only marked with his visit to a small restaurant to eat two bowls of “bún chả” (noodle with BBQed pork), drank 2 beers, and visited Chinese pagodas (to worship China) and naïve audience have complimented him too much. But to the thoughtful people, many are intellectuals; many scholars Obama’s episodes during his trip in Vietnam were not meaningful and significant. Only the CPVN and its powerful 700+ state-run media would have broadcast and commented at its maximum capacities about Obama’ visit in Vietnam to show to everybody his “non-fruitful” trip.



I, the author,  is Vietnamese American citizens; also feel much uncomfortable about Obama’s visit to Vietnam. I always wish our President to be supported and highly praised by everybody in his missions to enhance the diplomatic relationship between America and other countries. And if somebody is hateful to Obama then our sincere hope is that they cannot look down on him only because his mission in Vietnam was not successfully accomplished due to the lack of accurate information and planning by his direct diplomatic advisors and subordinates who work at the U.S. State department and in the US embassy in Vietnam. 



In Obama’s speech, there was another statement:


“With my confirmation yesterday concerning the lifting of the embargo of injury-caused weapons. Vietnam will have opportunities to receive necessary military equipment to ensure its national security. And the US is working towards normalizing the diplomatic relations with Vietnam” (sic)



Note 12: Were there any issues until now to “normalize the diplomatic relations with Vietnam? (sic)”


America entered Vietnam in 1965 to “prevent the collapse of Indochina under the Communism”. Now, the communists changed name to the “Communist Party of Vietnam” (CPVN). It is clearer than its previous name “Labor Party of Vietnam”. Political guides and the Constitution of 2013 of the SRVN affirm: “Construct the socialism and employ Marxism, Leninism and Ho Chi Minh thoughts as foundation for all actions. The communist continues to construct the communism. The difference is before April 30, 1975, the construction of communism was in North Vietnam, and after 30/4/1975 this construction work has been for the whole country of Vietnam, North and South. Is it likely that American entered South Vietnam in 1965 to stop the spread of Communism? But after USSR/ Russia and China have fast expanded their power along with dedicated assistance of their subordinate SRVN (CPVN) to “kick America out of Vietnam”. So America was forced to sign the Paris Accord 1973 to “withdraw American troops from Vietnam in honor”.



The American troop withdrawal recognized the CPVN’s victory. In reality, American was defeated by China because CPVN is only China’s tool.



It also means when American administration “pledged to normalize the diplomatic relations with SRVN” that this relation does not exert significant political impact to the People of Vietnam, in general. In other words, this relation is only related to 5 million members of the CPVN and 87 million Vietnamese People are ignored.



The political and military relations between America and the minority number of 5 million communist members and ignore the majority of people clarifies American government wants to make friends with whom? Therefore, 87 million oppressed people of Vietnam better be alert not to be cheated by the fake dissidents who are the political baits of the CPVN who call for “Friend to America and flee off China”. If we are not alert then our strategic effort will be quickly exhausted to much political illusion to help CPVN and China to complete all infra structures which have been built up for years now in Vietnam inland, along Viet- China borders, at strategic highland position, important zones, and now on islands and waters which do belong to Vietnam historically as recently confirmed and reconfirmed by internationally accredited geographic authorities (e.g. Google, etc.).


US Ambassador to Vietnam Ted Osius’ statement when he joined the conference at CSIS in the USA on June 8, 2016:


As to the people’s protest in Vietnam:” Our position (American government) is that the peaceful protests are good. But we do not intervene into Vietnam’s internal affairs. And we encourage Vietnam authority to deal with those protests appropriately” (sic)



Based on those Ted Osius’ statement above then it is clear that if the people of Vietnam amassed together to protest the massive dead fish disasters along the coasts of Hà Tĩnh province then people should peacefully protest as the fake dissidents called for. It is exactly similar to Ven. Thích Quảng Độ who once called for people to “PROTEST QUIETLY INSIDE THEIR OWN HOMES”.



In any circumstance, American authorities will not intervene in those “internal affairs”. But American will definitely take side with the CPVN as Osisus put it “We encourage Vietnam authorities to deal with those protests by using appropriate means” (sic). One item worth being noted here: American always calls for protecting “human rights”. But Vietnamese victims are advised to “protest in peace” while the communist authority is asked to “deal with protests by appropriate measures…”. Why should Ted Osius be clearer by calling and advising the cruel communist party to apply and carry out their “system of jungle laws” which should strictly abide by with the international laws instead of using the vague group of words “appropriate methods”. Does it mean if needed the CPVN should deal with the people’s mass protests by any brutal means as they deem fit.



Note 13: President Obama stated:” Completely lift up the US embargo on injury-caused weapons to Vietnam so it can access the necessary military equipment to secure its national security”. Vietnam here is the communist Vietnam or exactly the Communist Party of Vietnam itself under China’s strict control.



The domain of national security here has 2 phrases:


Internal security: the CPVN uses this military equipment to continue suppressing 87 million helpless, armless, defenseless Vietnamese citizens via 5 million communist members, e.g. Boeing Inc. is selling helicopters to Vietnam. And the armed forces bought weapons and utilities vehicles to demonstrate its muscles in the 12th General Conference of the Party. These weapons have never been used to protect the fisherman and people who live along the coastal areas of Vietnam to make their livings on the sea.


It is noted that Ted Osius speaks some Vietnamese language. And he is good at using the open, skillfully diplomatic word “appropriate methods” should be used when he commented about the prospect of Vietnam police may suppress protests.



As to external national security, media inside and outside Vietnam has been shouting out loud that Vietnam has been badly bullying in South China sea.


There was a hilarious fiction novel by our Vietnamese grand popular author Vũ Trọng Phụng with his novel “Xuân Tóc Đỏ: Red Haired Xuân”. This very fine novel and all of his other books were confiscated in Hanoi when the communist forces entered Hanoi in 1954 after the Party took over political power. In his very famous novel above there was a rich and powerful character named Ms. Phó Đoan. She was raped when she was at her very young age. Therefore she always loves to be raped. When she bailed out Xuân Tóc Đỏ, a tennis ball pickup guy, from the local police station with her intention to be raped by that guy. But when this guy did rape her at her own home then she yelled out real out loud in ecstasy while being orgasm :”Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, you already destroyed my pure and most valuable virginity while I am worshiping my two deceased husbands. Oh my God ! Help me please…”.  Our reflection is: Such those two husbands are Russia and China in the really political smoke screens now in Vietnam under the shrewd Communist Party of Vietnam (CPVN) and the politically polished speeches of ambassador Ted Osius and President Obama to make the unfortunate people inside Vietnam feel really good and hopeful for miracles from the US, the ally they have longed for as their great unselfish hero. 



Since China stationed its mobile oil drag out on the China Sea until now it has built up a large number of fixed and solid defense infra structures on top of their artificial islands. If Vietnam is still waiting for the actual acquisitions and deliveries of those weapons from the US then China may say:” Your weapons provided today are likely the reinforcement to Chinese Defense Department to arm for the Special Economic Zones (Vietnam) which are under China’s authorities. The cost is financed by 87 million tax payers”. 


Vietnam ancestors’ word: “Do not wait for full moon while you are being so painful during your critical birth contractions”. It is not sure if Vietnamese language spoken US Ambassador Ted Osius has learned the above Vietnamese popular adage.



Note 14: The authors have proven clearly in our other writings that:” Obama’s decision to lift up the weapon embargo and permit acquisitions of injury-caused weapons to Vietnam will not impact to China at all. Because regardless of sources of those weapons to Vietnam, the question is how does the CPVN use those weapons?



It is so obvious and proven quite clear that the CPVN / SRVN is totally a dedicated subordinate to China. It is masking their slavery face with the alluring name “The Socialist Republic of Vietnam” to govern, manage and exploit the whole vast human and natural resources of Vietnam. Flatly, Vietnam has been now special economic zones of China. Therefore, weapons sold to Vietnam imply the meaning:



The weapons sellers to Vietnam will make big profits for their own selfish benefits. Vietnam and America is very far apart, distance by the Pacific Ocean. Also, the CPVN and the US are still enemies.



Let us remind President Obama that Nguyễn Tấn Dũng, the former Prime Minister, the man whose education and work experience were started out as a mobile nurse in Vietnam. He climbed up the communist party’s ladder to a police chief and a super diligent communist cadre, a strongly devoted executive member of the communist party, to one of the top posts of Prime Minister.


This man was named by somebody as a top political figure who could help Vietnam to befriend with the US and flee China. However, when he was in power, in the 40th Anniversary of the Takeover 30/4/1975 Dung was quite aggressive when he stated in his speech “Imperialist America is the international police, our most dangerous enemy”.  He reassured so even though the CPVN was helped, in some tactful ways, by American to take complete control of Vietnam.


Also, question: If Obama’s assigned agencies and agents had worked and helped Obama diligently and dutifully instead of enjoying themselves with parties, fine food, and political rendezvous with fake dissidents as Nguyễn Đan Quế, Quảng Độ…then they would have known real well that Nguyễn Tấn Dũng, the Prime Minister had signed so many executive and administrative agreements and accords with China to assure Vietnam is in fact administered as a province or an administratively independent province of China. That is a very sad and unfortunate fact which will be marked deeply inside the souls and minds of all people of Vietnam for life and many generations to come.



Therefore, the people of Vietnam have been well informed and quite knowledgeable about the political disasters of Chinese invasions far more than Obama’s ambassador and his staff in Hanoi. Also, if those fake dissidents worship American government then they will understand Obama’s decision of lifting off weapons embargo to Vietnam is not yielding any fruitful result and do not make any sense as American’s will to help Vietnam defend its territory and political sovereignty. It is all political play, plots and nonsense politically and militarily.


Assad government is a dictator who suppresses Syrian people. But nobody can prove Assad and his administration are traitors. It is quite different from the CPVN. When this party was formed they affirmed:



The Communist Party of Vietnam (CPVN) is a branch of the Third Communist International. It only obeys and carries out orders of the Russian’s Department of Colonies. It has executed the slogan: “Intellectual, Rich, Land Owner and Influential must be completely uprooted” in Vietnam society. It will destroy nationalist and people oriented thoughts in everybody, all associations and political parties in Vietnam.



After seizing Vietnamese government, then before that cadres had been trained by China in all aspects. Therefore, its political guidance includes “Seriously absorb Mao’s thoughts as a guideline in all actions”. That was the theme of the Second Conference of Communist Party of Vietnam. When welcoming Xi Jinping (China) when he was only the Deputy President of China then the CPVN assigned 1 more star which represents for the SRVN in the extended family of “Hán, Man, Mongolia, Hời, Tibet and Socialist Republic of Vietnam”. On June 11 2016 at the city theater in Hanoi, organized a ceremony of “The simple figures of high value” on live TV.  In that decoration ceremony there was Võ Văn Thưởng, Commissioner of the PoliBureau in charge of education, Trương Minh Tuấn, Minister of Media and Information. A big picture was hung up as a background calling for “complimenting and pursing Mao Zedong’s philosophical thoughts”. 




The author would like to prove to President Obama that in the past and in present to whom Vietnam communist authorities has followed? Mr. President, please do not blame us that we do not listen to you to forget about the past and look forwards to the future.  Reason: We cannot ignore the past, disregard the present and should not think broadly to the future. In any means, the authors guarantee that Mr. President does not know how the world political future will evolve (change)?


Question: Does Obama conclude Assad (of Syria)’s policy aims to betray his people and sell out his country? It is certainly not. But why has Obama helped the opponents of Assad? In the meantime in Vietnam the CPVN under the professional, blood thirsty and money hungry traitors have cruelly oppressed the people Vietnam then Obama has ignored the majority of suppressed People (87 million poor fate citizens). Why? 



And Ted Osius, the U.S. Ambassador to Hanoi, Vietnam openly confirmed “America will not intervene into Vietnam’s affairs by any means”. To the majority of People of Vietnam, Osius advised:”Peaceful protests are good” (sic).  To Vietnam government, Osius said:” We encourage Vietnam government to deal with the protests via appropriate measures” (sic)



The fact that Obama lifted up the embargo on injury-caused weapons to Vietnam that he said to “ensure Vietnam’s national security” (sic) then one thing for sure Vietnam will not use American weapons or any other countries’ weapons to fight China. Vietnam also will not use those weapons to protect the victimized fishermen. It has been quite clear that in the past, the CPVN used Russian, Chinese weapons to fight Americans on behalf of USSR and China and invade the Republic of Vietnam in the South. And now the CPVN uses those weapons along with American weapons in near future to arm rob people’s properties to serve the foreign companies, especially for specific economic zones of China, Chinese villages and build up, reinforce the “corridor belt” as well as serve China in its long term plan of China’s “Path of Silk”.



Ted Osius, on behalf of the U.S. government, said “We will not intervene into Vietnam’s affairs by any means (sic)” when mentioning about the protesters who got together to protest against the land and homes confiscations by the government.


Question: Are American sales of injury-caused weapons the act of intervention into Vietnam’s internal affairs?



Conclusion: Throughout our articles covering many issues, it has been proven that Obama has fully supported the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPVN). The “Human Rights” card has been only sleepy pills to sooth off the oppressed people of Vietnam. If the pills take long time to be effect then our concern is if Vietnamese people are patient enough in their struggle as Dalai Lama for Tibet? Other question: The United Nations and other nations which have always hung up big boards in front of their chests “Protect Human Rights” ever done anything for Tibetan people? It is even ironically that some free world leaders were scared enough not to welcome Dalai Lama as they originally promised to see him. It was probably to watch out for China’s reactions. E.g.: Former Prime Minister of France, Sarkozy.



The author’s above viewpoints are hopeful to be fair and unbiased. It is not to libel or defame the world leaders or the United Nations. We understand even the United Nations has acknowledged that the human rights have been seriously violated for decades in many different places on earth. How many members currently belong to the United Nations? Why are there only 5 members who have the right of rejection? Some of those 5 nations are small countries, less people? Is the justification that those nations have vast resources, lot of money and powerful media to maneuver the public and mislead the people in whom the majority of them are not interested much in involvement with political affairs? The other intellectuals may be only workers who focus in their specialized fields, be strong in their own expertise but lack or insufficiency of sense in the struggle for fairness and equality in their societies.



To Vietnamese people, our big historic lessons have shown us that our  ancestors used to be very creative, brave, absolutely patriotic and utmost loyal to their fatherland to find ways to fight and defend Vietnam’s independence and sovereignty against Chinese aggressors and other colonialist power. Please be realistic and think through our ancestors’ experience to defend and protect Vietnam. Those experiences are Vietnamese traditions, Vietnamese community villages, Vietnamese families traditions, etc. If we can keep and learn from those traditions then the loss of our fatherland Vietnam is only temporary. The most urgent thought and movement which need to be initiated now is abolishing the extreme thought of longing for foreign culture and help which is the root for dedicated slavery spirit to other foreign powers.


The relationship between a master and his slaves is similar to the relationship between an owner and his dogs. It is identical to the diplomatic and political relationship between China (master, owner) and the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPVN), the small and weak dog. Slave CPVN strictly obeys his master China in every way they are instructed by the master so it can fully benefit their party of 5 million members and shamelessly sacrifice the majority of 87 million victimized Vietnamese people.  



Chính Khí Việt (Author)

Việt Sĩ  (Version in English language)        


June 14, 2016


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