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The Ghostly Shadows Walking On The Roads

The Ghostly Shadows Walking On The Roads


For a decade ago, Mr. Nguyen Van Ly had leaded an organization so-called "Block 8406" which called upon people nationwide for wearing white clothes during protesting rallies. Chinh Khi Viet doesn't pointed out neither who those rallies wanted to protest for, nor protesting against quisling Viet communist gang because of no proof; except his calling for "wearing white clothes". But his calling for rallies had many facts proving he has been an informant of that quisling Viet communist gang.


The fact was that - before the incident of "white clothes wearing", Nguyen Van Ly and his executive staff so-called "Block 8406" with Do Nam Hai, communist security agent; spy agent 007 Nguyen Chinh Ket and a person who was accused as an underground priest Phan Van Loi (whose activities were in favored of himself) - the regulation of that organization required whoever wanted to joint "Block 8406" and political "Thang Tien Party" must give their personal information as the same request as a communist organization. Their information included real name, date of birth and permanent residency, date of entry, current occupation and family status, cell-phone number and home phone; as well as clear information of close friends (whose ideal was the same) if possible!! There was a question that many people had risen: -Where have those members of Block 8406 and Thang Tien Party been? 

For Nguyen Van Ly's account, that number had been over 10,000. Could this organization had no staff member to lead had it sometime proclaimed Nguyen Van Ly as its chairman, Do Nam Hai as vice-chairman, Nguyen Chinh Ket and Phan Van Loi as its third and fourth leaders. The personnel staff looks like casino cheating hosts who shouted loudly "let look after your two playing cards' cunning to play". After Nguyen Chinh Ket's "fleeing out of border" to Campuchia en route to America, Nguyen Van Ly "despite his old age, without one single day break, he concerns for his folks who were brainwashed and conscience-broken by the communist education" (sic) as Toma But Thep Luan Minh Bui, spokesman of Father Nguyen Van Ly had told.


Notice 1: That meant Nguyen Van Ly has been educated, brainwashed and conscience-broken by Viet communists. Therefore after 10 years, there is very few from that generation of 10 years old Block 8406 would be able to remember the "white clothes wearing" incident, produced by Nguyen Van Ly.


Hence at that time, Viet communists had smoothly created a reconciliatory and compromise processing through fake fighters between Viet communists and officers, officials of Republic of Vietnam. Smoothly because there is no mention from anyone to a type of reconciliation and compromise between Viet communists and the patriots who also were victims of Viet communists and their masters Soviet, China and now, the international profiteering powers! (Chinh Khi Viet will share with readers documents of that evil reconciliation and compromise after this series of articles).   


Notice 2: Our readers please seriously reread Nguyen Van Ly's call, in the name of the so-called "Unified National Population", for "continuing of peacefully protest nationwide at once on Sunday March 12th, 2017 and every Sunday or holiday of the whole year 2017 for lives protection and national salvation from Chinese communists" (sic)


Without witness' words from To-ma But-Thep that Nguyen Van Ly's mind "has been more discerning than faked fighters who collaborated to the enemy" (sic), we should be fallen into misunderstanding of that he has been a mental whose writings were based on falsehood, fame eagerness and having no knowledge of politic or world history in general; Vietnam history in particular.


People who clearly acknowledged of "white clothes wearing" incident from 2006 until now should not known that Nguyen Van Ly's mind is "extra discerning" and in deep collaboration as a formant of Viet communist gang; in both incidents of "white clothes wearing".


Notice 3: Nguyen Van Ly's appeal this time was written intentionally by a mental orientation to prevent a faked mental from revealing; as Toma But Thep Luan Minh Bui's words affirmed that "despite his old age, without one single day break, he concerns for his folks".


Never mind of Nguyen Van Ly's writing style, our readers! Just pay attention on its contents to find out his high ranking in informant duty for Viet communists; dangerously and apparently in a situation of world pressures on the Viet communists; especially from the takeover of U.S. government by President Donald J. Trump.


As a special economic zone and also with a slave status of expansionist China for 70 years (1951-2017), the Viet communist gang must reluctantly use some prominent crooks -world class in particular who have been brainwashed, longtime served and loyal to the communists - to lead the being ruled Vietnamese population into a faked battle such as:


"An ant when climbing a banian tree branch

It must climb back and forth at the dead end

An ant when climbing peach tree branch

It must climb forth and back at the dead end!!" 


Notice 4: Nguyen Van Ly mixed truth and falsity in his appeal. Let temporary forget that he had been a good priest at An Truyen parish in Nguyet Bieu and let pay attention and read seriously on his appeal itself, you will acknowledge that the contents of his appeal was just a preaching of unconditional surrender to the communists for those being ruled Vietnamese people and his parishioners in particular. And through it, he erased the crimes of the communists by transferring of their intentional commitments of selling the country and killing of its people into their status as victims of an abusive neighbor country!?


For example: Nguyen Van Ly wrote: "The great disaster of fatherland and Viet people now in 2017" (sic) is:


1/ The deadly conspiracy has been clearly committed of reducing Vietnam into a Hans' rule zone of communist China (sic)


There is a little bit of confusion in that sentence because of no cleared subject or whose "deadly conspiracy"; expansionist China or Viet communists?? 


Chinh Khi Viet must emphasize to our readers that, with actual facts and proofs, the suspect who volunteered to sell Vietnam and its people to expansionist China is no doubt the Viet communist gang itself. The time a selling bill was issued had been during their second general conference in 1951 with Viet communist gang's "Political Fundamental".


That above fundamental had affirmed that Viet communist gang definitely followed the theories of Marx- Lenin, Stalin and Mao Tse Tung's thoughts. All of their activities must use Marxism Leninism and Mao Tse Tung's thoughts as their guidelines in every action and personal thought.

2/ They have been written not only in Party's Fundamental but also in facts appeared all over Viet communist system and Vietnamese residential areas under communist rule; through anti-French coalition government.  Their portraits have been hanged on government offices, private houses, markets; temple gates, pagoda gates and church gates; and even on hamlet and village gates; included leaders of Viet communist's parent states like Soviet and expansionist China, such as:

- Malenkov; Bulganine; Vorochilov; Molotov of Soviet


-Mao Tse Tung, Chou Shih, Chou En-lai, Lin Piao, Chen Yi, Deng Xiao-ping.


In the middle of top line have been always Marx, Engel; Lenin; Stalin; Mao Tse-tung; Chou-shih; Chou En-lai; Ho Chí Minh; Truong Chinh; Pham Van Dong; Vo Nguyen Giap; Hoang Quoc Viet.  Later, there were portraits of Le Duan above Truong Chinh; Pham Hung above Vo Nguyen Giap and Nguyen Chi Thanh.

Claiming himself his acknowledgment of thousands of years in history, had Nguyen Van Ly ever seen such portraits hanging arrangement like that in the world and Vietnam in particular?

 3/ I would like to remind to readers that Nguyen Van Ly; stupid by himself or intentionally hiding for Viet communists, he had never mentioned great criminal Viet communist Ho Chi Minh. Later in 1929 after the so-called pre-grand opening of Vietnam Communist Party, Ho sent a letter to Soviet Colonial Ministry (camouflaged under 3rd International) and promised to obey only to the orders of the ministry. Ho also promised to transform his whole party members into Bolsevik and his people into Russians (later as people of Indochina).

To carry out that promise, Viet communist gang (name changed into Indochina Communist Party at that time following Soviet's order) had created the so-called "Soviet Nghe-Tinh Movement 1930-1931". Is that clear , isn't that Nguyen Van Ly??  And never forget that during 1925, great Viet deceit criminal Ho Chi Minh was appointed his job in China by the Soviet. With the help of communist China right there, he succeed in betrayal of senior revolutionary Phan Boi Chau by helping French colonial secret services to capture Phan.

When the communists took over mainland China in 1949, Viet communist gang had been helped by Mao on creating, training and working together in the so-called "Vietnam People's Army". In reality, this force had been given to the expansionist China by Viet communist gang as a deceit vanguard force to transform its party and national population of Indochina into Bolsevik.

From that time, both Soviet and expansionist China became owners of Viet communist gang on every domain and openly controlled it through Soviet and expansionist China embassies. This Viet communist puppet organization, hidden under anti-French alliance government, was diplomatically recognized only by Soviet and expansionist China.

4/ Almost everybody have known incidents happened from that time until after 1975; even not in full and probably in distortion by occasion.

After taking over Republic of Vietnam, Le Duan had had a famous quotation: "Our fighting against Americans had been for Soviet and China" (sic)

With that short quotation, deceitful Viet communists have proved that they gave fatherland Vietnam and its people to the Soviet and expansionist China as a tribute. It is definitely cleared that Vietnam; both in land, sea and population, has been property of Soviet and expansionist China; insisted in that quotation of Vietnam war which was fought "for Soviet and China".

5/ The war that Viet communists called "Southwest War" and "North Boundary War" had in fact been the wars of Soviet and expansionist China; co-owners of a conspiracy for hegemony. As a slave of Soviet and after the so-called "Bilateral Peace and Friendship Treaty" signed with it, Le Duan communist gang was a cause of another war that Viet communists called "fighting against expansionist China for Soviet".

Because of the Soviet collapse, Viet communist gang has returned to expansionist China for submission at the so-called  "Cheng Tu Conference". From that conference, Viet communists had given both North and South Vietnam; both its land, sea and people; and both spiritual and physical in summary as a tribute to expansionist China.

Viet communists willingly and voluntary acted in that traitorousness; as similar as great communist Ho Chi Minh's letter to Soviet in 1929; promised to "transform the party and Viet population into bolsevik" (or into Russians); included Cambodge and Laos after changing its name into Indochina Communist Party.    

Hence, Nguyen Van Ly's talking is totally wrong; because Viet communists transform whole Vietnam into Han race by themselves voluntary; not by expansionist "aggressor". By distinguishing that fact with their actual documents mentioned above, it is in either short term or long term responsibility for being-ruled national Vietnamese to somehow destroy Viet communist gang and their sequences.

Following informant Nguyen Van Ly, the possible alliance with Viet communist gang in fighting against "China communist aggressor" must be built in a basic of "treating nobody as enemy" (sic) and "always to condemn all evils and deceits any size, anywhere and always give them mercy" (sic)

His above appeal is no doubt meant which side has he chosen right now in his encouraging Vietnamese in Vietnam and oversea to "treat nobody as enemy" (sic) and "give all of bad people mercy" (sic)

I, Chinh Khi Viet ask you, informant Nguyen Van Ly of Viet communists that who have you called to protest against when you "treat nobody as enemy" (sic); both Viet communists and expansionist China included?

When calling for "giving all of bad people mercy" (sic), you mean giving mercy also to doggy Viet communists and expansionist China's security agents who co-operated in barbarous beating of being-ruled Vietnamese protesters?

From the beginning of this article, I Chinh Khi Viet has insisted that you, a deceit politician Nguyen Van Ly who is a loyal informant of Viet communists from the first incident over a decade ago when you called for "white clothes wearing" movement. There were a lot of naive people who praised you at that time. Now in 2017, you repeat your play "white clothes wearing" again in writing that proved your real face as a head of the flock of doggy informants for Viet communists. Unfortunately, there are some guys whose growing up by foods and education of Republic of Vietnam but diligently "holding his dick for his peeing". How sadly and dangerously has it been!!   

Notice 5: These are proofs in writing from informing credits that doggy deceit politician Nguyen Van Ly is the author:

In "Unified Viet National Population" 18 guidelines for national peacefully protest on Sunday March 12th 2017, Nguyen Van Ly has written at Point 6 of column II: "in case of being beaten by communist police officers, let sit down side by side and protect each other peacefully; trying at best to protect your faces and absolutely never shout and curse, fight back or throw stones at them. Religious and organization leaders choose clothing by themselves. All national protesters need to wear white clothes, a fabric band of same color on arms or neck as signals for distinguishing each others and preventing of bad people who could able mingled into the crowds to make tricky violence, a good reason for being quelled, dispersed and barred of next rallies" (sic)

That above excerpt has shown that informant Nguyen Van Ly could distinguished clearly:

1/ Religious and organization leaders choose clothing by themselves" (sic)

2/ All national protesters need to wear white clothes, a fabric band of same color on arm or neck as signals for distinguishing each others" (sic)

In that guide, religious and organization leaders were collaborators of informant Nguyen Van Ly in encouraging people to rally. They therefore have had the rights to choose their own clothes. Contrary to that, being-ruled people must wear "white clothes, a fabric band of same color" (sic)

I told you, my readers, that a different color wearing has been a helpful signal for Viet communist gang to find out the white clothes wearing subject to look after, isolate or even eliminate. For distinguishing with regular people who also had worn white clothes unintentionally and were not parts of the rally as a preventive of mistakenly arrests, informant Nguyen Van Ly used a practice of fabric band of same color on arms or necks of the protesters. Look at this faked priest who is extremely deceit and dangerous toward innocent people who failed into his victims by both international media and Viet faked media gangs who tried to camouflage his face and exploit at best his credits during his time at An Truyen and Nguyet Bieu. That means his thoughts have been as same as what To-ma But Thep Luan Minh Bui's writings of him before his re-education (Bui had been informant Nguyen Van Ly's private speaker). 

3/ Traffic roads all over Vietnam today appear people with clothes in many different colors. The Viet communist gang needs to focus only on people with white clothes departed immediately from their homes. With signals from crooked Nguyen Van Ly and many other arrangements, Viet communists need to encounter people wearing white clothes with fabric bands of same color on their necks or arms; either to arrest or look after them.

4/ In his anti-Chinese communists appeal, informant Nguyen Van Ly quoted "because they invade Vietnam". He means communist Chinese aggressor as enemy but he also called for "treating nobody as enemy" !!

5/ As the same time of calling for rally, he also called for "holding of fatherland's five color delicate and sacred flag" (sic)

Is there any difference from "white clothes wearing and holding of fatherland's five color delicate and sacred flag" to a funeral or a certain shrine procession? He even dared to say that Five Color Delicate and Sacred Flag is the Sacred Flag of the fatherland. He pretended to be mental in helping political double-dealers to have a reason for "responding of Father Ly's call" (?), a practice of publicly denying of Republic of Vietnam flag and replace it with the so-called "Founding Father's Sacred Flag" of great crook Nguyen Van Ly!!


All proofs cited in these two articles come from notices of re-educated Nguyen Van Ly; being used as clownery plays on political stages to help Viet communists in collecting of dissidents who would be able to rally for overthrowing the regime. Those plays could also made controversies and time-loss; helped Viet communists to finish their road-map steps of Cheng Tu!

Otherwise, Vietnamese patriots also need to exploit this incident for distinguishing Real or Fake faces with their expansionist Chinese boss among the anti-communist movement. 


Chính Khí Việt
March 15TH, 2017
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