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Đặng Chí Hùng unmasks himself

Đặng Chí Hùng unmasks himself
In an article by “steel pen/ steellike author” Đặng Chí Hùng, “Garma or Việt Nam” (sic), which was broadcast (on air) in the internet forums on March 18, 2017, if one notices, he/ she will recognize immediately that in his article consisted of only 5 words “Garma or Việt Nam” Đặng Chí Hùng already disclosed his real political identity and partially revealed his position of opposing Vietnam (non-Vietnam position).


It is impossible to separate Garma from Việt Nam. That was the thought of Vietnamese communists since Hố Chí Minh’s era when he was still alive and in power. Therefore, he, through Prime Minister Phm Văn Đồng, wrote up a departmental decree to publicly give out Hoàng Sa and Trường Sa (Spratly archipelago) to Communist China. This decision by Ho was executed because at that time Việt Nam was no longer the  fatherland of the People of Việt Nam, but it was a satellite colony of USSR /Russia and China. Its name was Vietnamese Democratic Republic, the first step to become “the Socialist Republic of Việt Nam, as it currently is.


In his beginning statements, Hùng demonstrates himself as “the mute who loves to talk” as our ancestors’ popular saying puts it.


In the following, the author would like to share with you some details so we will share it together and understand the real content of Đặng Chí Hùng’s article. It will show either he stands by the People of Vietnam or he stands by the political whistle blower Nguyễn Văn Lý, who worships both Vietnamese communists and aggresively invading China.

The evident is proven by the content of his political call as well as his instruction to the protesters to “wear white shirts” to fight the invading Chinese forces.


Note 1: Đặng Chí Hùng has affirmed his viewpoints as follows:


“In term of the people’s logic then we should not need to commemorate the communist soldiers whose theme was “Be loyal to the Party”. These soldiers only and always have obeyed the Party’s orders and finally those soldiers already have offered their hands to push our country to the destrution as it is currently is” (sic)

In this paragraph, Đặng Chí Hùng has confirmed the Communist soldiers always “Be loyal to the Party” as their top priority.


In reading his article carefully one will immediately understand that Đặng Chí Hùng has begun to cover up and support and/ or skillfully help out the communist authorities in which these communist soldiers were forced by the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) to be absolutely loyal to it. Therefore, only because these soldiers obey to the CPV’s orders so they got caught in middle while committing their crimes “Already contributed their efforts to push our country Việt Nam to the brink of destruction as it is now...(sic)


That is Dang Chi Hung’s logic.


Note 2: Đặng Chí Hùng continued with his writing:

“But if analyzing it under a sentimental scope then these people are Vietnamese, who are also victims of the CPV. Therefore, if we can spare time and organize memorial service to commemorate them then that is also a good humanistic gesture. We are totally different from the Communists in which we do not revenge dead people, especially those people who were victims rather than criminals” (sic).


It means Đặng Chí Hùng has affirmed communist soldiers are “also victims of the CPV” (sic). Therefore, he calls on “If we have time to organize memorial services to commemorate them then that is also a humanistic gesture(sic)   



Đặng Chí Hùng, let me ask you one question: The aggressively invading Chinese through their bloody history from the dynastic kingdoms to the communist administrations, there were many armed forces commanders who were ordered by their top political leaders to invade Vietnam. Then, can you differentiate between the willing/ intentional commanders and the unwilling/ unintentional commanders? Also, can you differentiate between the Chinese invaders who invaded Việt Nam but did not commit capital crimes such as robbing, raping Vietnamese women and children? It is also similar to Vietnam through television shows or stories recited by parents or other low quality TV or radio programs? Have you been aware of the victims of the Communists then you confirmed that “Finally, it is them, but the communist armed forces, have contributed their efforts to push Vietnam into national genocides (sic). However, you emotionally call on people to organize memorial services/ commemorative ceremonies to the communist armed forces and also disrespectfully consider your ambiguous proposals as “humanistic” in order to push a green light to the questionable political parties inside and outside Vietnam to implement your suggestion.


Vietnamese ancestors’ teaching:” Don’t fight fallen guys (from horses)”, and also consider the deaths as “Kindness to dead people tenders him/ her last fine farewell”.


That’s why Vietnamese ancestors used to provide invading surrendered soldiers with food, horses and boats… so they could safely return home. But to some Chinese invading commanders our ancestors had to find all means to kill them to prevent future political/ military danger. Ex: Drilling off fighting boats to drown Chinese General Ô M Nhi of the Nguyên Dynasty.


These are ancient stories in Vietnam and they were very good illustrations to you, Đặng Chí Hùng.


To the whole world, let me ask you:


1/ Why the French people sentenced to death French General Petain whom he once was highly  decorated as a hero of France. And since the end of the World War Two until now, have you ever seen any French individuals or any organizations that organize memorial service for Petain?


2/ German people treats Hitler similarly. Have you been aware German people organizing memorial service for Hitler? Even though Hitler was not a national traitor as French General Petain.


I would like to recite the two above examples so you can well remember and your arrogant head may be absorbed with updated information. In referencing to many additional sources of information then my concern is that your originally skewed off brain which probably lacks of sense of righteousness so it cannot remember and digest all those lessons of history.


Note 3: You continued to assert:

“But why do we have to support memorial service to the soldiers of the Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces who sacrificed in the sea battle at Hoang Sa island in South Vietnam in 1974 at this current time? This incident is quite different from Garma incident. The soldiers of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Vietnam no longer had their father land, they bravely fought and did not surrender to Chinese enemies. They are deserved to be honored and we memorize them in order to ignite the spirit of not standing still to become human-flesh targets for Chinese to train their soldiers. Hoang Sa’s memorial service is quite different from Garma incident at that point” (sic)

In this paragraph, your unpatriotic political viewpoint has been again clearly disclosed.


You have self-nominated as “a steel pen/ steellike author”, so let me ask you if you can understand my two following questions:


a/ First question: “Those soldiers of the Republic of Vietnam who had no father land, did not surrender to invading China. They deserve to be decorated (sic).  


This short paragraph of yours contains hiding untruthfulness. First, the Hoang Sa sea battle which happened was not because “the soldiers of the Republic of Vietnam” did not have their father land. In 1974, the Republic of Vietnam was a legitimate, legal, constitutional government which was legally recognized by hundreds of elected governments around the world. Surely, I can wear my Vietnamese wooden pair of clogs to walk inside your stubborn head to fully understand that you purposefully wrote that statement to fool people that “the ARVN bravely fought and did not surrender to Chinese naval force (sic)  because the ARVN no longer had the father land at that time therefore their brave fighting at that time was only because they got trapped in the dead end with no points to return or evade so they were forced to fight back China without another options, and those fights were not the nature of heroism of the ARVN.


Please be reminded that at that time, only the ARVN mainly assumed the combatting role, especially on the ground battlefields, to protect Vietnamese fatherland and to fight off all invading forces.


b/ Đặng Chí Hùng, do you think nobody can identify your real identity? If author Vũ Tài Lục had been still alive, then he would have been able to look at your puffy and oily face to perform his highly professional assessment of your human face, body and your overall composure. Then, he immediately determine who you are, what you are doing and how you can lie too much and too deep about the Armed Forces of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) via your very good skill of manipulating words. You also have degraded the heroic sacrifice of the ARVN down to the level of “humanistic level/ aspect” in order to tactfully commenmorate the armed forces of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV)? 


If you are really a patriot to our being-destructed fatherland Vietnam and is really a “steel pen/ steellike author” to appreciate the greatest, immeasurable sacrifice of the Armed Forces of Vietnam (ARVN) then every single Vietnamese person, regardless of ages, genders and where they are currently living now, at any corner of the globe, who are non-Communist, anti-Communist, and has a fair and self-respected conscience then all these Vietnamese people have to decorate all members of the ARVN, regardless of their ranks in their heroic, structured and disciplined organization (The Armed Forces of Republic of Vietnam) who used to fight heroically to defend their beloved country and protect Vietnamese people. This thought is quite opposite and may be contrary to your thinking/ writing style “Deserve to be decorated” as you heartlessly put down your extremely dull pen to write it on your highly stained pieces of worthless papers.

Đặng Chí Hùng again unmasked himself when he wrote:”The soldiers of the Republic of Vietnam no longer have had their fatherland (sic).


So the author asks you:


-       Do the communist soldiers have their fatherland?

-       If you affirmed the “soldiers of the Republic of Vietnam no longer had their fatherland, then why you have to borrow the heritage yellow flag of the Republic of Vietnam and the image of the Republic soldiers to mask your face of a hired hand to work for Nguyen Van Ly and Ngo Thanh Hai?

-       It is quite correct as you admitted yourself:” The author, Dang Chi Hung, is only an average person, having no talents (sic)

It is quite correct that you are not deserved as “an average person” but only a guy who was born to “play horses” so others can ride on your back. Therefore, how can you have talents because a horse that is wearing eye-blindfold can only run towards one single direction at a time under its owner’s orders?


It is to inform you that the CPV, even if they possess, confiscate and is managing the land of the nation of our father land Vietnam, yet they have to be so scared to witness that our fatherland of the armed forces of the Republic of Vietnam has been building up and standing up steadfastly. Before 4/30/1975, the Communists called the soldiers and the People of South Vietnam as “fake people”. After 4/30/1975, the grand traitor Phm Văn Đồng once stood publicly in Paris to call the Republic soldiers and People “Hookers, thieves, lazy bumps, seekers of left-over butter and milk…”. But then after a while those Communists had to tone down and call those people as “Our extended intestines”. They also praised that “Overseas Vietnamese are intellectuals and vaults of U.S. dollars”. Recently, they promoted these “bumps
“ to
a level higher “Diplomatic and economic bridges” to other countries.


It is clearest that, in term of their official documents, they issued their so-called “36th Congressional Resolution”. In term of organization, they created the so-called “Central Committee of Overseas Vietnamese ”. Then they raised it up to Committee of Overseas Vietnamese” and now they created the so-called “Communist Committee of Overseas Vietnamese”.


And now, it is still rare incidents, but some heritage yellow national flag of the Republic, have flown high in the protests run by justice-seeking proletariats. Furthermore, in the disputes of the ownership of Hoang Sa and Truong Sa/ Spratly archipelago the CPV had to face down on the ground to remind people the sacrifice of Captain Lieutenant Colonel Nguy Van Tha and his sailors, a navy branch of the armed forces of the Republic of Vietnam, have truly shed their blood to fight Chinese enemies in defending their country exactly as their ancestors did it centuries ago. They did not stand still to bear the fates of human targets or hunting animals for aggressive Chinese invaders in order to entertain the Vietnamese communists in Garma.


Because you are a blindfolded horse which cannot see through and understand those incidents so you only deserve to be a horse so people can ride on your back. It is regrettable that you have a human face but your brain has been fully dead and/ malfunctioned, therefore, you cannot recognize the Vietnamese heroes but you are only able to see some horses’ hairs, some whistle blowers for the CPV such as Nguyen Van Ly, Ngo Thanh Hai and Dieu Cay Nguyen Van Hai…  


Note 4: Dang Chi Hung, on your black-and-white paper you wrote:

“Even though there are some political points that need to be discussed thoroughly about our global protest (against the CPV), but priest Nguyen Van Ly’s call on is fully legitimate and offers a good opportunity to save Vietnam from the dark days in future (sic) and you guarantee that “I, personally, believe that we all should extend our hands to support Father Nguyen Van Ly and this is a must-do thing (sic)

What is the real reason why you are so enthusiastic with the whistle blower Nguyen Van Ly?



I already said I have ability to wear my wooden pair of clogs to walk inside your dark brain and portray to everybody that your twisted political mind cannot fool anybody.

The CPV uses the whistle blower Nguyen Van Ly in the scam of “Wearing white shirts” to protest peacefully, even wearing a small cloth strip on the neck or around the wrist along with wearing white shirts to help communist mobile police to easily identify those people, more or less, who want to overthrow the CPV and its brutal governing machinery.


This cheap dirty trick was once employed by the combating writer Vu Thu Hien to “destroy” writer Nguyen Thai Hoang who had launched excellent reports about the justice-seeking proletariats (dân oan). The CPV used Nguyễn Khắc Ton to lead, maneuver and destroy the club of seekingg-justice proletariats. Then they created a fake organization led by Nguyễn Khắc Toàn and several transformed proletariats such as Lê ThKim Thu. She has become “permanent reporter” in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam of Đinh Thch Bch and Tường Thắng (Vietnam Exodus). By associating with Thu was moved to America and she has been now a reporter working for both Vietnam Exodus and Dân Lm Bo.



If those victims of the CPV who are not alert and send materials to Đặng Ch Hng, “the small refrigerator” of the Alliance of People then they should go ahead sending those materials to the Chief Tô Lâm in order to be given a “one-way trip”  with no return. It is faster than sending it to Đặng Ch Hng.




Please be kindly reminded that both Nguyễn Văn L and Đặng Ch Hng are the pair of parallel horses who are carrying an extra big coffin to transport people who listen to the direction of this political opportunist twin. They are leading naïve people to the development of the “36th Congressional Resolution” to match up with the newly changing political environment inside and outside Vietnam.


Chính Khí Việt
March 22, 2017


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