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(Part 4) American Ambassador to Vietnam Ted Osius’ controversial interview

American Ambassador to Vietnam Ted Osius’ controversial interview
(Part 4)

Author: Chính Khí Việt
Version In English: Việt Sĩ


American Ambassador Ted Osius to Vietnam sworn in at the U.S. State Department to become American ambassador to Vietnam

Secretary of State John Kerry friendly shook Ted Osius' hand:” Hey Ted, you are going to arrive and work in…”my country’.
It is really insufficient if one only summarizes the honest statement of American ambassador to Vietnam Ted Osius to Vietnam media but forgets U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said to ambassador Osius reported by ambassador Osius as follows: “When I was appointed to be American ambassador to Vietnam Secretary Kerry told me:” Ted, you are going to serve in my…country”.
Reading this statement, the authors got shocked badly because one must admit that ambassador Osius was so honest when he frankly and publicly disclosed Secretary Kerry’s statement in his first day he took charge of the American ambassadorship in Vietnam.
Mr. Kerry, as Secretary of State in Obama administration, has spoken out such statement then how do we understand it?

The authors’ assessment is as follows:

If Vietnam is Kerry’s country (fatherland) as he told ambassador Osius then Kerry must be a Vietnamese citizen which means he is a citizen of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (SRVN).
If Kerry is a citizen of the SRVN then it is certain he is not authorized to be appointed as U.S. Secretary of State. Therefore, the authors are positively convinced that Kerry is not a Vietnamese citizen who does not have Vietnamese citizenship. But, he considers Vietnam as his country/ fatherland (sic) then one may understand, in Kerry’s view; Vietnam is surely a “new” colony of America. The authors are convinced that nobody can justify otherwise including Kerry and his attorney.
When Secretary John Kerry, the top American diplomat, emotionally and logically stated “Ted Osisus, you are coming to (and working in)…my country” then one understands that he mentioned about the Socialist Republic of Vietnam which has been under totalitarian governance by the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPVN). This fact confirmed the tight relationship between Kerry and the CPVN since Kerry was an American army sub lieutenant who served in Vietnam. But during that time, Kerry revealed his anti-Vietnam war position which was very much supportive to the communist USSR and China through the military and political systems under strict leadership and control of the Indochinese Communist Party of Vietnam. This Communist party name was changed to Labor Party and then was changed back to the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPVN). This argument is reinforced by Kerry showed up next to Jane Fonda to call on protests against the U.S. People, U.S. armed forces and all of its allies.

File:Kerry Fonda 2004 election photo.jpg Image result for hình Jane Fonda bắn máy bay mỹ ở Hà Nội Image result for hình Jane Fonda bắn máy bay mỹ ở Hà NộiImage result for Jane fonda bị từ chối phuc vu trong mot nha hang an o hoa kyImage result for Jane fonda bị từ chối phuc vu trong mot nha hang an o hoa ky
 (  (Restaurant  refused to serve Jane Fonda - CKV)

In fact, Jane Fonda has betrayed American GIs and her own fatherland of opportunities great America who had bravely sacrificed their lives to protect her “freedom of expression” so she has scornfully smeared and degraded them by all means.
( (Restaurant refused to serve Jane Fonda - CKV)
Therefore, whatever Jane Fonda was called by American veterans then John Kerry is also well deserved to be called similarly. However, Kerry has made steady progress on “fast, strong and firm advancement” on his career as a top diplomat of the U.S. He was once nominated by delegations of the Democratic Convention to become the U.S. Presidential candidate in 2004. But, regretfully, he was miserably failed in that race.
Since Kerry took charge the Secretary of State position, the authors immediately visualized that Kerry’s foreign policy would be much skewed off and biased towards the communist Vietnam/ CPVN. It was obviously that at the end of Obama’s second term, Ambassador Ted Osius has disclosed Kerry is American secretary of State. But in his heart and politically twisted mind Kerry may have been a de-facto citizen of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
Secretary John Kerry’s honest statement which was reiterated by American ambassador to Vietnam Ted Osius has been so clear, somewhat naive and truthful yet no state-run media in Vietnam and the groups of fake political opponents such as Journalists Club under Pham Chi Dung, Independent Association of Writers under Nguyen Ngoc, 8406 Block, Humanistic Movement under Nguyen Dan Que and especially the extra shiny, bald, blood thirsty militants of AN QUANG group with its new name “The Unified Church of Buddhists of Vietnam” under hypocrite THICH QUANG DO who has employed overseas representative which is run by “self-proclaimed (college) Professor” VO VAN AI who has had no single proven track record of his teaching credentials at any colleges or high schools in France, Vietnam and/ or at any other places on earth. VO VAN AI has received monetary assistance or exactly tax money assistance from Americans and other tax payers who have given free money donations to NED (National Endowment for Democracy) which turns around to finance Monsieur VO VAN AI (in Paris, France) and his groups for their activities which have been definitely fighting fiercely head-on against America and its allies before, during and even now after the Vietnam War. VO VAN AI, a super, extra short man (accurately somewhat ill-brained midget of 1 meter and 100 cm tall) has had his solid and proven records of masterminding and creating too much dirty strategically, politically and diplomatically serious damages to the Republic of Vietnam, America and their allies before, during and after the Vietnam War. All those groups above have kept their mouths real shut about Kerry’s hints that America may be likely a big mouth and bossy buyer who is willing to negotiate with the CPVN leadership to buy many things which should have legally belonged to Vietnam People’s ownership but now they have been under strictly totalitarian control of the Communist party of Vietnam (CPVN).
The authors’ assessment is proven by the fact that the CPVN leadership has sold out so many things, which should strictly belong to Vietnamese People’s common ownership, to other rich groups of foreign capitalists and politicians. That’s why there are many American, Japanese, Korean ambassadors who have happily stayed back in Vietnam after their ambassadorship terms to run their own private businesses.
Those fake disgusting political opponents mentioned above who have never expressed their opinions about Secretary John Kerry’s statement do not mean they like or love America. But if Ambassador Ted Osius or Secretary Kerry thinks those people like America then they are all wrong. Kerry stated “Vietnam is…my country” he meant to test the loyalty of those “Vietnamese fake opponents” to America. Those fake politicians keep mum because their nature are anti-compatriots who are willing to sell off to any super powers their Motherland, their People and sell off everything which have been amassed by super hard work and many times through bloody fights and wars against the neighborhood countries in order to gain those with sweat, tear and blood.
Their assessments on Kerry’s words are big hints that they are having a big buyer, America who has helped them to become the rich and powerful communists. Kerry’s mentality and statement was reflected strongly by the past event that American marines disembarked at port of Da Nang of Vietnam in 1965 without Vietnamese government’s formal approval or any diplomatic or military accord after American government (John F. Kennedy) toppled down and dismantled the First Republic of Vietnam under strong patriotic leadership of President Ngo Dinh Diem and killed him and his two brothers Ngo Dinh Nhu and Ngo DInh Can without mercy.

Only seriously patriotic Vietnamese are consisted of different walks of lives and been oppressed by the CPVN in their own fatherland. They are the ones who do not have basic simple rights to own their own bodies and minds, who do not have any basic simple human and civil rights except the right to be slaves for generations on their own country or be exported to other countries like domestic castles. This tragedy is even worse than back and white Americans’ fights for their recognition in American Civil War. Because the CPVN has exported kids and women to other countries to work as sex slaves. Therefore, the listeners have felt so much at odd about Secretary John Kerry’s honest and naïve statement and Ambassador Ted Osius repeated that ugly statement one more time with enthusiastic recognition to the state-fed Vietnamese media.
However, the authors of this book have been understandable of the naïve honesty of ambassador Ted Osius.
This also holds true that the Vietnamese fake opponents have shown themselves in front of everybody that they are willing to sell their fatherland to any super powers in order to achieve their goals of achieving status, fame and significant financial gains. Among these groups one cannot overlook the “most Venerable THICH QUANG DO” who once was nominated to compete for the Nobel Prize award. And now this “religious” joke has been the embracing of the state-funded “Buddhist Church of Vietnam” and the so-called Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam. The other man who was nominated to be candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize was “Dr.” Nguyen Dan Que with his “Movement of Humanity”.
The pro-Communist groups are Thich Quang Do, Nguyen Dan Que and the other fake democracy groups, fake civil social groups. Then how can they become friends? In fact, they are only several organs in a same physical body. These subsidiary branches assume different responsibilities in a same body (CPVN).

It is exactly an analogy to a fleet of fishing boats whose owners cast out their nets on same rivers to catch fish. The fish they caught are bulks of severely oppressed Vietnamese citizens. And buyers are financially self-focused and egoist super powers. Among those buyers there are some fair, honest buyers/ payers but it also includes some buyers who patiently negotiate for cheaper prices or purchases on credit. Or there are a number of crooked buyers who use force to flatly rob off those fish which were just freshly net out and pulled up to river banks.
America's strategy of using loyal Vietnamese slaves to work for them was reflected in Secretary John Kerry's statement above. Other Vietnamese who value the spirit of PEOPLE and NATIONALIST IDENTITY of a FREE VIETNAM have been ignored. These nationalist Vietnamese have been granted the right of freedom of speech as guaranteed in American constitution but most of the time those "nationalist" voices (vs. Communist or pro-communist or fake opponents) have been fighting uphill battles to be recognized by American political community and "main stream" American media.
The issue is whoever or groups who willingly contribute a lot of money for them then those groups are granted attention and favors. Obvious examples are Vietnam SBTN media, "Sinh Bac Tu Nam - Born North, Died South" (Born in North Vietnam and stupidly blown up by B52 bombers carpet bombings in South Vietnam while infiltrating into South Vietnam on Ho Chi Minh trail), Vietnam Modernization (Viet Tan), Vietnamese Media (Nguoi Viet)... who do want to make use of abundance supply of financial support by Resolution 36, authored by the CPVN, to implement the "peaceful invasion" battle to brain wash the community of Vietnamese People outside and inside Vietnam to become loyal citizens who recognize and endorse the "legitimacy and constitutionality" of the current barbaric Vietnamese communist regime.
These groups above have closely watched out for "green lights or red lights" of the super powers especially of the America to be ready to apply for authoritative positions to help prolong the governing of the current communist regime in Vietnam to exploit abundant natural resources of Vietnam and 90 million suppressed Vietnamese People to serve the giant, powerful interest groups such as America, Russia, China and other nations in the G groups.

 Author: Chính Khí Việt
Version In English: Viet Si


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