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American ambassador to Vietnam Ted Osius’ nonsensical speech

American ambassador to Vietnam Ted Osius’ nonsensical speech    
(Part 1, 2, 3, 4)

Author: Chính Khí Việt

Version In English: Việt Sĩ

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A reader of Chinh Khi and also a Paltalk chatter in Australia introduced an interview to American ambassador Ted Osius in his seminar “20 years of normalizing Vietnamese American relations’ (sic). This report was written in Vietnamese published on Dan Tri daily news, a state-owned paper. 


The author does not have the English version of the interview therefore the translation of the state-directed translator does not surely reflect ambassador Osius’s statements.


However, according to a number of news sources inside and outside Vietnam, Amercican ambassador Ted Osius speaks Vietnamese pretty much fluently. He used to live in Vietnam for many years. Therefore, he had certainly reviewed the Vietnamese version and has been pleased with this version. His reply the audience’s questions in Vietnamese were answered directly by him in Vietnamese, not in English. That is the press conference as the photo below:

Đại sứ Ted Osius trong buổi họp báo tại Đại sứ quán Mỹ tại Hà Nội. (Ảnh:

Ambassador Ted Osius in a press conference at the American embassy in Ha Noi (Photo: TP)

 Đại sứ Ted Osius: Việt Nam đã thay đổi rất nhiều sau 20 năm. (Ảnh:

Ambassador Ted Osius: Vietnam has been changed tremendously after 20 years (Photo: TP)

  After reading the press’s questions, the state-paid writers and ambassador Ted Osius’ replies then the first impression of author Chinh Khi Viet was: Generally speaking, Ambassador Ted Osius is a super honest diplomat. He frankly disclosed many things. Perhaps his predecessors in Vietnam before 1975 under the Republic of Vietnam as well as after April 30, 1975 under the so-called “Socialist Republic of Vietnam”, or precisely after 1995 or other American ambassadors, for example American ambassador to Cambodia, were all never been able to express themselves so diplomatically that proves ambassador Osius has a good knowledge about Vietnam.

Because, even though ambassador Osius lives for many years in Vietnam, speaks Vietnamese fluently, rides his own bicycle and meets all walks of Vietnamese lives; but according to the authors, even though he had had a great ambition to understand Vietnamese people he would not have been understood profoundly the unique characteristics of Vietnamese people since 1945 (if one does not want to mark the calendar since 1930 or far beyond this year since the establishment of a group of Vietnamese communists who worked as dedicated propagandists for the international communism. Officially since 1930, under the directives of the Soviet Unions the Communist Party of Indochina was founded. It is specially noted that in the Communist Party of Indochina there were no Cambodians or Laotians.

 Equipped with wisdom of an experienced diplomat along with his ambassadorship tenure and his length of residency in Vietnam ambassador Osius only meets with the Vietnamese people who have been brainwashed in communist re-educated camps or in the big prison, the whole Vietnam nation. Since 1951 China and Soviet Union conducted an aggressive war which seriously violated the Geneva Accord of 1954 and the Paris Accord of 1973 concerning Vietnam in order to publicly launch massive nationwide invasion to seize the whole Republic of Vietnam on April 30, 1975. As a result of this success of that massive aggression the Vietnamese communists have netted up all Vietnamese people of the Republic of Vietnam in their last giant communist trap. 

 Image result for hình ảnh T-54 tràn vào dinh doc lap   Image result for hình ảnh T-54 tràn vào dinh doc lap Image result for hình ảnh T-54 tràn vào dinh doc lap   Image result for hình ảnh T-54 tràn vào dinh doc lap

Ambassador Osius’ statements mistakenly suggest he understands Vietnamese history, traditions, culture and the Vietnamese People. But his assessments likely pertain to the type of abnormal Vietnamese. These Viet people have been brain washed and “red color dying” with communism ideology. Therefore, their communist parent generation had not been normally mental developed then their children generation would likely have been impacted and been transformed to similar physical and mentally disable people. Those lay people and the Vietnam communist troops including the American G.Is who fought in Vietnam and their children might also get negative impact by herbicide chemicals used in the war which was spread generously over on the thick forest areas in Vietnam where the communist forces were hiding.

 In brief, those fighters on both sides in the Vietnam War which were exposed to those herbicide chemicals may have changed their physical appearance and also probably changed their brains, their thinking and reasoning abilities.
American ambassador to Vietnam Ted Osius’ nonsensical speech
(Part 2)


To continue our analysis concerning American ambassador to Vietnam Ted Osius’ speech in his conference with state-run Vietnamese media in American embassy in Hanoi in the afternoon June, 25, 2015, the authors would like to share with the ambassador and with distinguished, respectful readers our thoughts as follows:




American ambassador Ted Osius (standing, in his 3-piece dark suit) in his meeting with Vietnamese media in American embassy in Hanoi on 6/25/2015.

1- Firstly, we appreciate the heartfelt sentiment of ambassador Osius in which he shared his assessments about Vietnam. Let’s ask the media participants who sat around the long rectangular table in the American embassy if they professionally carry out their duties as competent and ethical members of the Vietnamese media community to serve their Vietnamese citizens, also tax payers who daily and generously feed these "media people" using their very hard-earned money. Because, one simple thing is: all people who work for the media or organizations which are under control of the communist party of Vietnam (CPV) through its provincial political leadership channels then their main goal is by all means they have to hide up their true role as loyal subordinating workers who work for the Vietnamese communist government and indirectly work for their two super power Russia and China. These days, the world political activities have dramatically and fast changed then the Chinese leadership requires these faithful Vietnamese subordinating cadres be flexible, hide up their true political (communist or pro-communist) identities in order to perform their jobs really well as professional play writers and political stage performers. They cannot be hard-lining communist media as those in the decades of 1950s, 1960s who only threw out "cut-throat" information, songs and articles on papers…to push people and young troops rushing to the front of the battle fields to "fight imperialist America" but the Vietnamese media should be more creative and tactful enough to work and achieve their political goals (for the Communist party) and also perform other fancifully foul plays to trick and bait the naïve audience, citizens of Vietnam and the public opinions around the globe into their dangerous but extra sweet political traps so they can most advantages of them.

For example: In the ceremony to commemorate the 40th   year of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV)’s victory of the unification of Vietnam, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung’s speech was consisted one of these key statements:  "Again, we are highly grateful to the socialist republic governments and their people who helped us tremendously to win the Vietnam War, especially our special thanks to our two super power USSR and China" (sic).

His other statement in that same speech:" However, imperialist Americans arbitrarily imposed their new colonialism ideology in Vietnam, to transform South Vietnam into American military bases, suppressed our brave, consistent Revolution of the South Vietnamese people and conducted their massive destructive war against North Vietnam. They created too much pains and great losses to our Vietnamese people and also to our fatherland".

In that speech while mentioning about a series of invasive and punishing war which was initiated by China against Vietnam in 1979 and crushed off a number of provinces along North Vietnam - China border, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung only used very light and vaguest wording such as "Protect our northern borders" (sic). He did not show his rabbit’s gut to point his finger directly to the northern aggressive China, Vietnam’s "good neighbor as teeth and covering teeth and their 16 mutual golden promises/ commitments…"

Also, broadcasting about the Chinese obvious territory invasion in the mainland, national waters, islands of Vietnam, the Vietnamese state-controlled media only covers these extremely aggressive warfare incidents by using super light-weight wording such as "Strange ships", "Strangers". They have never dared to write or say "Expansionist Chinese" or "Chinese aggressors".

2- Secondly, ambassador Ted Osius cannot overlook the politically meaningful gift which Vietnamese representative Pham Quang Nghi handed to U.S. senator McCain when Nghi visited America a couple of years ago to demonstrate Vietnam’s "utmost loyalty" and "Yes- men…philosophy and wishful long-term commitments" from Vietnam communist leaders to America.

In his meeting with Vietnam state-run media, ambassador Osius used his extra warm welcoming message to those Vietnamese cadres by calling them "my dear friends".

America honors American soldiers’ courage, sacrifice and dedication to carry out their patriotic missions in Vietnam War
 3- When ambassador Osius "makes friend" with 4 million Vietnamese communist party’s members and ignores 88 million Vietnamese people than this is his truly unwise decision. Osius is not quite honest to the People of Vietnam. He cannot be bragging so much that he understands the history of Vietnam, Vietnamese culture and its historically profound traditions…which he explicitly expressed in his speech.

When ambassador Osius confirmed Vietnamese communists are his friends then how can he justify his national patriotism to 2 million and 700,000 Vietnamese political refugees who fled away from the communists who took over Vietnam on April 30, 1975. These Vietnamese refugees have been living in the US, constructively contributing and enriching American economy, culture and technology… in many different aspects.

Also, how can ambassador Osius justify his political position to the deceased 58,000 American soldiers who were killed atrociously by the communists in Vietnam War. The Vietnam War was the war in which his U.S. governments and its previous American presidents have considered that as a dutiful war to fight for the right causes, for the Democracy and the world freedom… to fend off the Russian and Chinese expansionism ideology in which their goal was taking complete control and ownership over Vietnam and other countries in the South East Asia region, according to the "Dominoes effect" of the late President Lyndon B. Johnson.

Furthermore, ambassador Osius has made dedicated efforts to "polish up bronze faces" of the fake fighters in Vietnam who play tricky political games as noisy critics against the Vietnamese communist leadership and their affiliated organizations. Also, Osius has acted as a creative political contact to make connections between those state-controlled cadres with the outside world and the Vietnamese people outside Vietnam with his goal to wipe out the lines of political differences between the Vietnamese communities inside Vietnam and other Vietnamese who live outside Vietnam. Therefore, he can achieve his final objective that all Vietnamese inside Vietnam and around the world will recognize and politically support the cruel Vietnamese communist regime.

4- Let’s friendly remind ambassador Osius that the political resolution of the Vietnamese communist leadership in their 9th (11th session) conference on May 14, 2014 of the Party’s central committee, Vietnam has created "The Party Delegations in Oversea Countries". Certainly, the ambassador cannot say he was unaware of that establishment. As a powerful American ambassador he should have been very sensitive, be informed and ready to all those important scenarios which strictly pertain and impact the U.S. intelligence, U.S. security, economy and society. He cannot claim he is unaware of those significant political scenarios and decline his acknowledgement or involvement.

It is obvious the ambassador’s "Vietnamese friends or comrades" have created their leadership organization, "Committee of Overseas Vietnamese" to comply with the communist strategic guide line "Party leads, Administration runs and the People fully own…their last tattered 3-hole T shirts" in order to push people hard and make their Congress’ "36th Political Resolution" become a glorious reality. In the meantime, other satellite organizations of the "Committee of Overseas Vietnamese" are the big-mouthed "walking dead" who wear "blue shirts for peace but communist red underwear" to play all kind of colorful tricks. Other Vietnamese political parties, associations, surrendered, losing individuals and systems of media and music entertainment of different forms, shapes and sizes have also been built up simultaneously and been enhanced rigorously to contribute their political parts (having disguised themselves really well under artistic, musical, cultural activities…) throughout the past 40 years.

One concrete example was "Nguoi Viet Media Group" under the late founding President Do Ngoc Yen. He presided important meetings with Nguyen Tan Dung, then vice prime minister of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, and with other communist leaders. This photo below has definitely certified Do Ngoc Yen’s communist supportive political position and at the same time he immediately became a disrespected key media leader" among the Vietnamese political refugees community around the world. Most importantly, this photo has strongly demonstrated his strategically political missions assigned by his superiors to lead the public opinion to become favorable to the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) and its legitimacy and legality.

Image result for hình đỗ ngọc yến chụp chung với nguyễn tấn dũngImage result for hình đỗ ngọc yến chụp chung với nguyễn tấn dũng

It is not necessary to repeat but ambassador Osius has fully understood the "Nguoi Viet group" has written and published articles, cartoons and pictures…to badly smear the Vietnamese refugees community and their national heritage yellow flag. That is why the Vietnamese community has ceaselessly protested and boycotted Nguoi Viet newspaper and its satellite agencies. But why the Nguoi Viet group has still hanging around with its business and become stronger to file lawsuits to sue people who rejected their "servant media" role to the brutal CPV. The prominent case was Nguoi Viet vs. Little Saigon lawsuit. Obviously, the Vietnamese refugee community has quickly recognized that the rulings of the courts in the case "Nguoi Viet vs. Little Saigon" were just big and poor jokes.

The authors have strong feelings that when the American government, via ambassador Ted Osius, has recognized the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) and its loyal cadres as "dear friends" then our question is: "Why the US government has also endorsed the free Vietnamese community"? This free Viet community has been ceaselessly condemned and attacked by the Vietnamese communist leadership and badly labeled as the groups who try to overthrow the communist government.

In addition to those political tricks there are also faking, dishonest and unethical political jokers who have self-promoted and self-tagged themselves as political opponents to the Vietnamese communist regime to blindfold and politically mislead everybody including American policy makers. These are extremely complex dirty political foul plays which are of dirt cheap value in the history of our time in its deepest meaning.
American ambassador to Vietnam Ted Osius’s interview (Part 3)


                       American Ambassador to Vietnam Ted Osius with a baby in Saigon, Vietnam


The authors would like to continue with other commentaries which are related to American ambassador Ted Osius to Vietnam and Vietnamese media in American embassy in Hanoi in the “20th Anniversary of Normalizing Diplomatic Relations” between the U.S. and Vietnam. In this important event, ambassador Osius stated: “It is realized that our direct and sincere dialogues about the past issues then we can cooperate in the areas which are not only important to you, our friends, but also crucial to the South East Asia region” (sic).  Osius is pretty much a skillful diplomat because he initiated his welcoming term “our friends” to mention about the Vietnamese communist government and the media.


Communist Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung in the ceremony to mark the 40th anniversary of the takeover of Saigon on April, 30, 2015


To this point, the authors remember Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung’s statement in his speech to mark the 40th year of unification Vietnam (30/4/1975 – 30/4/2015). After brutally condemning Americans, Dung pointed to his brief statement “We definitely carry out our policy to close down the past and look forward to the future” (sic). 
It means ambassador Osius and Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung’s political viewpoints are similar which aim to close the conflicting past between America and Vietnam and have plans to work together in present and in future.

Their viewpoints to close the past and cooperate in future will be likely disapproved by the majority of suppressed Vietnamese people inside and outside Vietnam if they have sufficient information to make sound assessments and determine their political positions. Because there are common goals between ambassador Osius and Vietnamese government but in fact when looking back to the past some historic facts are identified:

America intervened into Vietnam to fight the USSR and China and used the Vietnamese communists as the justification and forcibly sent American troops into Vietnam. There was no official agreement or accord when American troops entered Vietnam in 1965. Therefore, the South Vietnamese government was put in a situation that the American troops in Vietnam was considered as a “matter of facts”. Especially, American forces were not authorized to win the war but used their limited forces in some different forms in the “escalating Vietnam war” were the military experiments and also provided good combat and military experience to the communist allies and the communist troops who were equipped with modern rifles and ammunitions which were superior to the troops of American and Vietnamese allies. The Republic of Vietnam’s troops were forced to be in defensive mode while the Communist forces were authorized to infiltrate deep into South Vietnam to attack, destroy and terrorize military bases and also civilians which caused heavy casualties to both free Vietnam’s forces and to the Innocent civil people. It was definitely an unfair war game in which the free South Vietnamese forces were tied down their fighting hands through limited and outdated weapons and monetary assistance from the free allies while the Communist North Vietnam forces were generously provided with abundant of economic and military assistance from the whole Communist blocs.  South Vietnam’s forces were targets for international and American media to investigate and untruthfully magnified stories while the communist spies who disguised under their writers or reporters covers then their activities to help the communist side were justified as activities of those who were authentic patriotic to their fatherland Vietnam. For example, Australian news reporter Burchett or French reporter Jean Claude label, nephew in-law of scholar communist-pro Hoang Xuan Han. Jean usually went to the secret military sanctuaries of the Communist forces in South Vietnam to meet with then General Secretary Nguyen Van Linh. On April 30, 1975 after the communists took over Vietnam Linh gave Jean a big mansion in Saigon, Phi Nana precinct.

Our question to ambassador Osius: Was the strategically political goal of America at that time in Vietnam War to force Southern forces to be defeated by the communists and had South Vietnam to be dying gradually. After America achieved their complete military withdrawal from Vietnam after signing the Paris Peace Accord with North Vietnam in 1973 then the whole Southern armed forces and 50 million Vietnamese people were abandoned to fall into the international communist’s control under the iron hands of USSR and China. And the Southern Vietnamese military officers and civil services administrators were all imprisoned in the so-called “Re-education Camps” which were the disguised forms of forced labor without pay and sufficient food in year-round-fiercely-cold weather. 

Because the goal was to work for American ultimate interests therefore South Vietnam armed forces were transformed into low-ranking soldiers to serve for American international relations strategy. In additional to help the Communist forces to be well trained to become great fighting forces. Then it might be the over half of a million American GI troops and allies in Vietnam had another strategic mission was to assist with Mao Tse Tung to implement his “Cultural Revolution” in China. The real goal of both America and China at that time might be to destroy the Communist Party of China at that time and replaced it with a new generation of Chinese people to be work hand in hand with the “Red Guards” with ultimate objective was to purge all leading Chinese officials who heavily supported Russia. 

It was the concrete assistance offered by America to China via American “Ping Pong Diplomacy” therefore there was a historic meeting between US President Richard Nixon and President Mao Tse Tung and Zhou Enlai. Then the Paris Peace Accord concerning Vietnam was given birth. America happily returned to the U.S. soil and abandoned its victim who used to be its close ally whom America swore in its loyalty and sincerity to defend Vietnam, the free world’s frontier.  Those suffering people have been Vietnamese military officers and civilian managers who used to work closely with American, especially South Vietnamese wounded and decapitated troops.  
Another example to prove the U.S. pre-determined the political fate for South Vietnam be bloody and tear by using CIA agent colonel Lucien Conein to use $US 40,000 to buy the Vietnamese betraying generals and colonels to overthrow President Ngo Dinh Diem’s constitutionally elected government on November 1, 1963. These Vietnamese generals who ran the Coup d’Etat were truly national traitors (spies for American government under President John F. Kennedy and ambassador to Vietnam Henry Cabot Lodge), with effective assistance of An Quang militant group with one of the top leaders was Thich Quang Do. Do was recently nominated for the World Nobel Prize. In addition to these above figures were leftist M.D. student Nguyen Dan Que. Que’s brother Nguyen Quoc Quan, currently living in Virginia, USA has been also entrusted by America.

Those above groups have been assisted by the moles who had been implanted in South Vietnam after Geneva Accord of 1954 which divided Vietnam into two parts, North and South, the military demarcation line was at 17th parallel. This fact was mentioned in some work of the authors about those spying groups who have worked hand in hand with leftist forces.

After the first Republic of Vietnam under President Ngo Dinh Diem was overthrown, the subsequent Southern Vietnamese governments only lasted for a short period of time. The turn overs between governments was high. These military led governments worked under the White House’s direction to serve American interests. This sad political situation was predicted by Political Counselor Ngo Dinh Nhu, President Ngo Dinh Diem’s brother. Therefore during 9 years of governing South Vietnam, Diem did not approve the military, especially US troop direct intervention in Vietnam. Diem only requested military and economic assistance, personnel, military trainings and US advisors…In his well-known book “Main Political Issues of Vietnam”, Political counselor Ngo Dinh Nhu predicted very much precisely that “if the First Republic of Vietnam collapses then shortly after South Vietnam will fall to Northern Vietnamese communists and then shortly the whole Vietnam will fall into Red China’s control…”


“The main political issues of Vietnam” (Author: Vietnamese Political Counselor Ngo Dinh Nhu)

To serve America’s international police role, more than 58 thousands American GIs have sacrificed. It is regretting that many Vietnamese citizens who fully entrusted into American promises to defend South Vietnam so they expressed their profound appreciation to America as the most sincere and loyal ally of South Vietnam. However, if we think deeply then that expression of appreciation should be questionable if American help is worthwhile compared to other heavy casualties and damages to Vietnam and its citizens for many generations after the whole Vietnam fell under the communists’ hands.

The appreciation to American involvement in Vietnam during the Vietnam War is not quite amusing because the big sacrifice of 58 thousand American GIs and tons of money poured into Vietnam battle fields have not resolved any big issues for the fatherland and the People of Vietnam. Now, the American troops fought in Vietnam was truly one of the strong reasons for the communist leadership to instigate the Vietnamese “patriots” to join the communist group to fight against South Vietnam, America and their allies. Those “patriots” had been misinformed and misled in the war by both America, Russia and China. 

The psychological war information was also seriously misled with the assistance of the communists in Eastern Europe, the leftist groups in Western Europe such as France and England.  

Therefore, during Vietnam War, Vietnam was transformed into the battle field between the international powers to fight for their own selfish interests. That was the US dollars which were dying by the blood of innocent Vietnamese citizens in Vietnam. The longer the political and military bargain in Vietnam War had been then blood of Vietnamese people would have been shed heavily in accordance with the negotiation time and Vietnam fatherland would have been destructed in similar velocity.

If it is the matter of “sincerity to the past issues between America and Vietnam” (sic) then Mr. Ambassador, these are the truths which are not fabricated by the authors of this book, but this awful truths have been recognized by American top diplomats. That are the dirty political coup in Vietnam on November 1st, 1963 in which American government under President John F. Kennedy / ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge who accomplished with An Quango militant group (Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam to overthrow and inhumanly kill President Ngo Dinah Diem and his brothers Ngo Dinah NH, Ngo Dinah Can and their assistants.
Recently America honored the armed forces of the Republic of Vietnam and a number of generals who killed himself on April 30, 1975 when Saigon fell down into the Communists’ hands. Among these were super brave and dedicated colonels Ho Ngoc Can, Police Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Van Long, Navy major Nguy Van Tha scarified themselves with his subordinates in defending duty of Hoang Sa islands. His name has just been named for a major avenue in Houston, Texas ( naming of those military heroes are quite historically justified. Also, please do not forget that the sacrifice of those general of the armed forces of Republic of Vietnam on April 30, 1975 should be included those of the other officers, non-commissioned officers, soldiers, police, military police and other civilians who are under the suppression of the communist government in North Vietnam who did kill themselves because their last hope for the rescue by South Vietnam evaporated. All these people who committed suicide because they have been well educated with the guidelines of President Ngo Dinah Diem: Fatherland, Honor and Responsibility by which President Diem and his assistants carried out since 1954 after Diem took charge of South Vietnam.
President Ngo Dinh Diem met the Budhhist monks in the Independence Palace in Saigon

                        President Ngo Dinh Diem and Political Counselor Ngo Dinh Nhu’s family


Therefore, the most serious omission is that the American government has not publicly expressed remorse concerning the intervention and responsibility of previous American administrations who had intervene deeply into internal politics of the Republic of Vietnam for decades and their final responsibilities about the deaths of the 3 Ngo’s brothers. Indeed, it is our wish that American government needs to publicly express sorrow and somewhat bear the responsibilities in whole or in part about the horrific deaths of the Ngo’s brothers. By that, the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) and the Vietnamese refugee’s community can reflect themselves on the example of self-sacrifice, dedication, patriotism of President Ngo Dinah Diem to Vietnam fatherland and to his Vietnamese People. President Ngo Dinah Diem’s memorial statute should be erected as soon as possible, side by side with the statute of the deceased soldiers and civil managers to set a guiding torch to lead the way for the patriotic of Vietnam who can follow President Ngo’s outstanding, patriotic leadership.

 American Ambassador to Vietnam Ted Osius’ controversial interview
(Part 4)
American Ambassador Ted Osius to Vietnam sworn in at the U.S. State Department to become American ambassador to Vietnam
Secretary of State John Kerry friendly shook Ted Osius' hand:” Hey Ted, you are going to arrive and work in…”my country’.
It is really insufficient if one only summarizes the honest statement of American ambassador to Vietnam Ted Osius to Vietnam media but forgets U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said to ambassador Osius reported by ambassador Osius as follows: “When I was appointed to be American ambassador to Vietnam Secretary Kerry told me:” Ted, you are going to serve in my…country”.
Reading this statement, the authors got shocked badly because one must admit that ambassador Osius was so honest when he frankly and publicly disclosed Secretary Kerry’s statement in his first day he took charge of the American ambassadorship in Vietnam.
Mr. Kerry, as Secretary of State in Obama administration, has spoken out such statement then how do we understand it?

The authors’ assessment is as follows:

If Vietnam is Kerry’s country (fatherland) as he told ambassador Osius then Kerry must be a Vietnamese citizen which means he is a citizen of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (SRVN).
If Kerry is a citizen of the SRVN then it is certain he is not authorized to be appointed as U.S. Secretary of State. Therefore, the authors are positively convinced that Kerry is not a Vietnamese citizen who does not have Vietnamese citizenship. But, he considers Vietnam as his country/ fatherland (sic) then one may understand, in Kerry’s view; Vietnam is surely a “new” colony of America. The authors are convinced that nobody can justify otherwise including Kerry and his attorney.
When Secretary John Kerry, the top American diplomat, emotionally and logically stated “Ted Osisus, you are coming to (and working in)…my country” then one understands that he mentioned about the Socialist Republic of Vietnam which has been under totalitarian governance by the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPVN). This fact confirmed the tight relationship between Kerry and the CPVN since Kerry was an American army sub lieutenant who served in Vietnam. But during that time, Kerry revealed his anti-Vietnam war position which was very much supportive to the communist USSR and China through the military and political systems under strict leadership and control of the Indochinese Communist Party of Vietnam. This Communist party name was changed to Labor Party and then was changed back to the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPVN). This argument is reinforced by Kerry showed up next to Jane Fonda to call on protests against the U.S. People, U.S. armed forces and all of its allies.

File:Kerry Fonda 2004 election photo.jpg Image result for hình Jane Fonda bắn máy bay mỹ ở Hà Nội Image result for hình Jane Fonda bắn máy bay mỹ ở Hà NộiImage result for Jane fonda bị từ chối phuc vu trong mot nha hang an o hoa kyImage result for Jane fonda bị từ chối phuc vu trong mot nha hang an o hoa ky
 (  (Restaurant  refused to serve Jane Fonda - CKV)

In fact, Jane Fonda has betrayed American GIs and her own fatherland of opportunities great America who had bravely sacrificed their lives to protect her “freedom of expression” so she has scornfully smeared and degraded them by all means.
( (Restaurant refused to serve Jane Fonda - CKV)
Therefore, whatever Jane Fonda was called by American veterans then John Kerry is also well deserved to be called similarly. However, Kerry has made steady progress on “fast, strong and firm advancement” on his career as a top diplomat of the U.S. He was once nominated by delegations of the Democratic Convention to become the U.S. Presidential candidate in 2004. But, regretfully, he was miserably failed in that race.
Since Kerry took charge the Secretary of State position, the authors immediately visualized that Kerry’s foreign policy would be much skewed off and biased towards the communist Vietnam/ CPVN. It was obviously that at the end of Obama’s second term, Ambassador Ted Osius has disclosed Kerry is American secretary of State. But in his heart and politically twisted mind Kerry may have been a de-facto citizen of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
Secretary John Kerry’s honest statement which was reiterated by American ambassador to Vietnam Ted Osius has been so clear, somewhat naive and truthful yet no state-run media in Vietnam and the groups of fake political opponents such as Journalists Club under Pham Chi Dung, Independent Association of Writers under Nguyen Ngoc, 8406 Block, Humanistic Movement under Nguyen Dan Que and especially the extra shiny, bald, blood thirsty militants of AN QUANG group with its new name “The Unified Church of Buddhists of Vietnam” under hypocrite THICH QUANG DO who has employed overseas representative which is run by “self-proclaimed (college) Professor” VO VAN AI who has had no single proven track record of his teaching credentials at any colleges or high schools in France, Vietnam and/ or at any other places on earth. VO VAN AI has received monetary assistance or exactly tax money assistance from Americans and other tax payers who have given free money donations to NED (National Endowment for Democracy) which turns around to finance Monsieur VO VAN AI (in Paris, France) and his groups for their activities which have been definitely fighting fiercely head-on against America and its allies before, during and even now after the Vietnam War. VO VAN AI, a super, extra short man (accurately somewhat ill-brained midget of 1 meter and 100 cm tall) has had his solid and proven records of masterminding and creating too much dirty strategically, politically and diplomatically serious damages to the Republic of Vietnam, America and their allies before, during and after the Vietnam War. All those groups above have kept their mouths real shut about Kerry’s hints that America may be likely a big mouth and bossy buyer who is willing to negotiate with the CPVN leadership to buy many things which should have legally belonged to Vietnam People’s ownership but now they have been under strictly totalitarian control of the Communist party of Vietnam (CPVN).
The authors’ assessment is proven by the fact that the CPVN leadership has sold out so many things, which should strictly belong to Vietnamese People’s common ownership, to other rich groups of foreign capitalists and politicians. That’s why there are many American, Japanese, Korean ambassadors who have happily stayed back in Vietnam after their ambassadorship terms to run their own private businesses.
Those fake disgusting political opponents mentioned above who have never expressed their opinions about Secretary John Kerry’s statement do not mean they like or love America. But if Ambassador Ted Osius or Secretary Kerry thinks those people like America then they are all wrong. Kerry stated “Vietnam is…my country” he meant to test the loyalty of those “Vietnamese fake opponents” to America. Those fake politicians keep mum because their nature are anti-compatriots who are willing to sell off to any super powers their Motherland, their People and sell off everything which have been amassed by super hard work and many times through bloody fights and wars against the neighborhood countries in order to gain those with sweat, tear and blood.
Their assessments on Kerry’s words are big hints that they are having a big buyer, America who has helped them to become the rich and powerful communists. Kerry’s mentality and statement was reflected strongly by the past event that American marines disembarked at port of Da Nang of Vietnam in 1965 without Vietnamese government’s formal approval or any diplomatic or military accord after American government (John F. Kennedy) toppled down and dismantled the First Republic of Vietnam under strong patriotic leadership of President Ngo Dinh Diem and killed him and his two brothers Ngo Dinh Nhu and Ngo DInh Can without mercy.

Only seriously patriotic Vietnamese are consisted of different walks of lives and been oppressed by the CPVN in their own fatherland. They are the ones who do not have basic simple rights to own their own bodies and minds, who do not have any basic simple human and civil rights except the right to be slaves for generations on their own country or be exported to other countries like domestic castles. This tragedy is even worse than back and white Americans’ fights for their recognition in American Civil War. Because the CPVN has exported kids and women to other countries to work as sex slaves. Therefore, the listeners have felt so much at odd about Secretary John Kerry’s honest and naïve statement and Ambassador Ted Osius repeated that ugly statement one more time with enthusiastic recognition to the state-fed Vietnamese media.
However, the authors of this book have been understandable of the naïve honesty of ambassador Ted Osius.
This also holds true that the Vietnamese fake opponents have shown themselves in front of everybody that they are willing to sell their fatherland to any super powers in order to achieve their goals of achieving status, fame and significant financial gains. Among these groups one cannot overlook the “most Venerable THICH QUANG DO” who once was nominated to compete for the Nobel Prize award. And now this “religious” joke has been the embracing of the state-funded “Buddhist Church of Vietnam” and the so-called Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam. The other man who was nominated to be candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize was “Dr.” Nguyen Dan Que with his “Movement of Humanity”.
The pro-Communist groups are Thich Quang Do, Nguyen Dan Que and the other fake democracy groups, fake civil social groups. Then how can they become friends? In fact, they are only several organs in a same physical body. These subsidiary branches assume different responsibilities in a same body (CPVN).

It is exactly an analogy to a fleet of fishing boats whose owners cast out their nets on same rivers to catch fish. The fish they caught are bulks of severely oppressed Vietnamese citizens. And buyers are financially self-focused and egoist super powers. Among those buyers there are some fair, honest buyers/ payers but it also includes some buyers who patiently negotiate for cheaper prices or purchases on credit. Or there are a number of crooked buyers who use force to flatly rob off those fish which were just freshly net out and pulled up to river banks.
America's strategy of using loyal Vietnamese slaves to work for them was reflected in Secretary John Kerry's statement above. Other Vietnamese who value the spirit of PEOPLE and NATIONALIST IDENTITY of a FREE VIETNAM have been ignored. These nationalist Vietnamese have been granted the right of freedom of speech as guaranteed in American constitution but most of the time those "nationalist" voices (vs. Communist or pro-communist or fake opponents) have been fighting uphill battles to be recognized by American political community and "main stream" American media.
The issue is whoever or groups who willingly contribute a lot of money for them then those groups are granted attention and favors. Obvious examples are Vietnam SBTN media, "Sinh Bac Tu Nam - Born North, Died South" (Born in North Vietnam and stupidly blown up by B52 bombers carpet bombings in South Vietnam while infiltrating into South Vietnam on Ho Chi Minh trail), Vietnam Modernization (Viet Tan), Vietnamese Media (Nguoi Viet)... who do want to make use of abundance supply of financial support by Resolution 36, authored by the CPVN, to implement the "peaceful invasion" battle to brain wash the community of Vietnamese People outside and inside Vietnam to become loyal citizens who recognize and endorse the "legitimacy and constitutionality" of the current barbaric Vietnamese communist regime.
These groups above have closely watched out for "green lights or red lights" of the super powers especially of the America to be ready to apply for authoritative positions to help prolong the governing of the current communist regime in Vietnam to exploit abundant natural resources of Vietnam and 90 million suppressed Vietnamese People to serve the giant, powerful interest groups such as America, Russia, China and other nations in the G groups.

American ambassador to Vietnam Ted Osius’ controversial interview (Conclusion)

Part 5


To conclude our series “American ambassador to Vietnam Ted Osius’ controversial interview…” the authors would like to share with our distinguished readers some humble ideas in our conclusion as follows:

For 40 years, we, the Vietnamese inside and outside Vietnam, have ever reflected ourselves that for the two thirds of our lives we have fought the Vietnamese communists without any concession to them but we have not achieved much? Raising this question, we do not mean to reject our limited achievements, but those results are too insignificant compared to the time frame of 41 years. Even though in the last 20 years with the advances of the information technology which contributes effectively to the timely information dissemination concerning the constant changes inside the communist party; the miserable, shabby, slavery lives of Vietnamese People inside Vietnam which is very conflicting with unjustified giant possession of the communists who are holding management positions in Vietnam, communist cadres from bottom to top levels in the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV). It also portrays the policy changes of the western governments to Vietnam. And it also informs the international economic and financial powers’ manipulated policies to the Vietnamese government. In the meantime, the information on the yahoo groups and websites of the “nationalists” which show slogans “anti-communists” then they are still subjectively voicing out their old and “naïve” argument that the Vietnamese communists are idiotic, elementary education level, that those communists are failing and that they are fighting each other from within their communist party with different divided political groups and orientation such as pro-Russia, pro-China, pro-America… 


Communist General Secretary Nong Duc Manh’s throne

    A Communist leader’ mansion                          A shattered cottage of a poor Vietnamese citizen 




An elderly woman attends to her peddling business after the rain



A baby helps his parents make a living           An old woman collects sea shells to earn her living    


The authors do not wish to repeat how the international communities have awarded the Vietnamese authorities. We only would like to point out a single story of sadness: In 21st century, when the information technology has been booming out but the suppressed people in Vietnam still have to use oxes and buffaloes to plow the land before planting seeds. While the communists, their kids and grandkids live their extra lavish lives. It is certainly that the Northern Bac Lieu rich handsome men and the Bac Lieu rich men who used to throw away money out of his door also have to bow down and give up to those communist leaders and cannot visualize how those communist leaders can conduct such sinful and irresponsible lives of those communist cadres. Properties of those poorest communist party member are counted up to some hundreds of millions US dollars. And those extra rich party member own properties worth billions of US dollars are very common things in “red leaders” in Vietnamese Communist party. It is very strange that the current rich people in Vietnam have been helping by the people who used to be their own enemy. These exploitation mechanism helps the communist leaders cruelly exploit their own People. These people who learn something from the lessons of the poor black slavery Americans in addition to the bursting of the information age.   And the industrial superpowers also jump in Vietnam to exploit labor. These scenarios are always very sad and discouraging.

The most horrendous thing is that the special interest/ capitalist groups who cooperated with the communist government have exploited little kids and those interest groups offer loans with extra high interest rates to Vietnamese citizens. And those loans are guaranteed by Vietnam’s land, sea and natural resources which result in negative impact and loan repay obligations are left behind to our next 3 to 5 younger generations.


After America, a volunteer ally of the Republic of Vietnam, via Lieutenant Colonel Lucien Conein, a powerful CIA agent in Saigon, used $US 40,000 to buy a South Vietnam’s group of betraying generals and colonels to help destroy a prominent political brain of South Vietnam, President Ngo Dinh Diem, who had proclaimed his initial slogan of rebuilding his country: “Free education, Free Health Care, County Free of Corruption…”. Therefore, only after 9 years, a very short period of time, the Republic of Vietnam under President Ngo Dinh Diem became one of the top nations in south east Asia and a member of ASEAN (Association of the South East Asian Nations) including Korea and Singapore. These 2 countries will be two fast developed countries in the region where the Social Republic of Vietnam will have to take a few additional decades to catch up with them and also with its other neighbor countries.




That was the leadership excellence and the greatest credit to the Late President Ngo Dinh Diem, his political counselor Ngo Dinh Nhu and all of their dedicated assistants as well as other Vietnamese patriots who wanted Vietnam should belong to Vietnam. They were the type of People who did not surrender to brutality, and did not want the foreign powers to intervene into their patriotic mission of rebuilding and defending their fatherland without clear and justifiable political and military strategies.


The second Republic of Vietnam was given birth by American pre-arrangement which has worked for and served American global strategic interests via the Vietnamese betraying generals and other political groups in an extremely complicated political environment, chaos and instability in Vietnam. Therefore, American ambassador Ted Osius and our readers should agree with the authors that the fight to regain the political control in Vietnam now is very complicated and difficult.



How difficult is it?



The first difficulty was the Vietnamese patriotic people who fought against the communists who were the hired mercenaries of China and Russia who also worked for the US and other international financial groups were not informed effectively by the South Vietnam government and they could not identify the real enemies so they accepted the ally who turned out the double-faced friend of their enemies. For a long period of time, the psychological warfare of South Vietnam under the leadership of Lieutenant General Tran Van Trung, the son in law of Tuan Chi (Dao Thi Xuan Yen) who was the girlfriend of the French Envoy and then became the hidden wife of Thich Quang Do. The Vietnamese people did not thoroughly understand the true nature of those communist traitors and their friendly groups since its birth under the sponsorship of Russia. People also did not understand the unique characteristics of those communist radicals and their wording style which use to mislead the public opinion to become favorable to their strict involvement in the war which aimed to overthrow Vietnam free government in Saigon.



After South Vietnam’s collapse to the communist power on April 30, 1975, our Vietnamese refugees in the oversea countries have also misused many terms and slogans. When people gathered in big groups of protesters to boycott the communist leaders when they visited the other free countries. Instead of using the word “protest” (communist delegation) or “boycott” (communist leader Phan Van Khai and his delegation) the protesters in the crowd used the word “hello, welcome” (Da`n cha`o (sic)…the communist delegation). The unclear wording has created confusion to Vietnamese people inside Vietnam who may misunderstand that Communist Prime Minister was welcomed in other countries. It is simple that the word “welcome, “dan chao” merely shows the happiness of gathering people to meet with the communist diplomatic delegations. The wording misuse cannot be justified and sometimes those people may be the double faces who work or to support the brutal communist government. Also, those people proclaim themselves they boycott the communist’s daily talking terms and vocabularies. In fact, these terms are used daily in Vietnam by all walk of lives. If those popular conversational language is not accepted by the “freedom fighters” outside Vietnam then how can they disseminate information and communicate well and easy to understand to Vietnamese people inside Vietnam. These suppressed people in Vietnam have been blocked with updated information with outside world in many ways by government’s media census. If the language of propaganda is still a major barrier, then how can the misleading information checkpoints inside Vietnam can be destroyed to awake the Vietnamese oppressed people. 



There are some other arguments that the fighters should demonstrate themselves be more polite and “more cultural, intellectual” to the communists. In fact, before 1945 with the Communist Autumn Revolution in Vietnam in August, the communist party launched a bloody slogan “The Intellects, the Rich, the Landlords and the Influence must be rooted out totally”. But the reality was these 4 classes of people have helped the communist leaders to create influence and properties for them. So, the slogan “…Root out” slogan has been changed to “Re-educate to transform these 4 classes of people to become Red Slaves” to work for a more important policy of transforming all Vietnamese people inside and outside Vietnam to become…Communist Chinese and Chinese’s subordinates.



It is easy to recognize those faces and statements of those so-called intellectuals who were re-educated to become “red slaves”. These people have been instructed to play their roles of fake political opponents, cheating democracy activists, make-to-believe civil society, dishonest independent society. These goals are: 1- Organize and unite the Vietnamese inside and outside Vietnam to various groups who support the central communist government and to become loyal, (Communist) law-abiding citizens, 2- Help the western politicians who are representatives of the international groups to play political opponents (to current communist government) to form, in the long run, the opponent political parties which serve the goal of creating an artificially multiple political parties in Vietnam to gain America’s and the world’s recognition and support. 



The communist leaders accept those fake opponent parties to cheat the red slaves inside Vietnam. And the western economic and financial interest groups gaining support from those fake opponent parties to please their own citizens in their fatherland. These citizens have never realized they are paying taxes so those twisted politicians are packaging those products of “Human rights and Freedom” to use at best those red slaves in Vietnam. Following steps of those fake opponents means praying the international interest groups to come to Vietnam to exploit them with most modern technologies.   



Before General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong visited America then on June 15, 2015, “red special force” agent Bui Tin wrote up his article “A People Conference should be organized now” (sic). On July 4, 2015, in the first anniversary of the activities of the “Independent journalists association” in Vietnam, Pham Chi Dung in a Vietnamese BBC program, introduced his article “When the civil society is permitted to “participate in the government” (sic).

It is clear that Vietnamese central governing group who is supported by expansionist China and also by the international special financial and economic groups, to certify them as legitimate representatives of the Vietnamese People. It is also assumed that looking at those communist leaders and their Constitution, ambassador Ted Osius may see the Vietnam communist Constitution as one of the most modern Constitutions on earth in terms of respecting and enhancing Vietnamese People’s human rights. Therefore, it might be the reason why ambassador Ted Osius used the word “my friends” to talk to the small group of Vietnamese media whom he met in American embassy in Hanoi.




And the group of fake democracy advocates, cheating political opponents, make-up civil society group in Vietnam is only consisted of about 150 persons but they loudly claim they are representatives of 90 million Vietnamese people in Vietnam. These groups are lying more seriously than the radical communists who have invented the guidance “The Communist party nominates; People are (forced) to vote”. Then these political jokers are playing their unethical roles which are more skillfully than “The Communist Party nominates, the international community plays being blind to comply with the Party’s demands”.




 Another observation is almost all political parties, individual commentators who claim themselves as anti-communists do not understand the wording tactics of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV). Analyzing the communists’ news these commentators are so proud with their political analysis skill and that they follow up closely with the political activities and related international events. However, these political commentators have lost focuses and created lot of interferences to the media. Among these political writers there are some hired and state-run writers. But there are also some patriotic writers. But because of their pride and unrealistic minds they lost tracks and always keep their mindset unchanged as: “Communists must be stupid, their teeth are stained, their butts are red and their…” tails” are long…like monkeys’ tails”. These writers only visualize communists through the northern soldiers who just came to South Vietnam immediately after the takeover April 30, 1975 with all the awkwardness of those young soldiers who just sneaked out from Northern Communist military sanctuaries in deep jungle to come to the big cities after their victory and felt uncomfortable with city lifestyles and many new things in the big cities in South Vietnam. Similarly, after the communist victory on 30/4/1975 the Northern Vietnamese soldiers felt awkward in the new lifestyle which was very common as daily routines to the Southern civilian people. Some sad but funny stories that during the first few days after resettling in the western nations some refugees bought dog food (food for dogs) at supermarkets to eat but these people thought these are dog meat which were packed in cans for sale to human beings.



The Vietnamese communist traitors are not stupid but their nature are cheating and lying. They conduct their brutal lives, inhuman and live their lives with tricks and scams. Furthermore, they have offer assistance to the “slavery intellectuals” inside and outside Vietnam as well as the international special economic and financial interest groups. 



Saying the Vietnamese communists are cheaters is correct. But saying they are stupid then how can one explain about the concrete incident such as their campaign after their victory on April 30, 1975 that “military and officers should bring along food sufficient enough for 10 days of their re-education training” but those who showed up for “10-day training” were imprisoned for decades. Saying the communists are idiotic then how can one explain about incident that people who do not consider themselves stupid, but be proud themselves as popular intellectuals with lot of academic degrees but they have been repeatedly scammed through until losing all their reputation, homes, properties, their families got separated, millions of people got drowned or killed during their escapes to seek freedom. And the rest of people who do not consider themselves as ignorant but they happily did the unhappy campaign “Journey to Freedom” which was sponsored by Canadian appointed senator Ngo Thanh Hai with his piece of legislation S-219.  Via the handshake between senator Ngo Thanh Hai and Vietnam Communist Deputy Minister of State Department Nguyen Thanh Son people are well aware who are the authors and sponsors of the law S-219 in Canada.




Another example: few days ago Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung, when he came to join the Conference of Competition of the Armed Forces, he stated: “The Vietnam armed forces must be absolutely loyal to our Fatherland, our People and our Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam…(sic)



9th Conference of The Competition of the Armed Forces of Vietnam (Hanoi, July 1, 2015)


The Armed Forces of Vietnam in Parade

Just acknowledging Dung’s statement, public opinion bursts out and throws out comments such as Nguyen Tan Dung, for the first time, dared to go against the “party’ bible and missions” of the “People’s Armed Forces” which must be loyal (slavery) to the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV).

Listening to Dung’s statement but BBC in Vietnamese Language (British Broadcasting Company) does not understand Dung’s implications but this popular media company puts out a title in its

Forces Loyal to its Fatherland”


And a large number of slavery (state-run) writers and commentators of Dan Lam Bao, Facebook have all complimented criminal Nguyen Tan Dung and imagined that he is a progressive, modern communist leader, the “Vietnamese Gorbachev” who represents the “government side” to be opponent to the “party side” of Nguyen Phu Trong and Truong Tan Sang. And Dung also has “strategy” of becoming friend of America and escaping from Chinese influence (Refer further articles: Ba Ech, friend of America by Binh Minh Phuong Dong: YouTube: Ba Ech, friend of America, article 1 through 3).

Author: Chính Khí Việt
Version In English: Việt Sĩ

For Vietnamese Readers:


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