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Author: Chính Khí Việt
Version In English: Việt Sĩ

   Chủ tịch Hồ Chí Minh cùng Đại tướng Nguyễn Chí Thanh thăm Sư đoàn 312 ngày 01/01/1964.

Photos of killer Communist General Nguyen Chi Thanh and husband/ wife’s “vaginas sealer” former General Vo Nguyen Giap (Head of department of abortion and family planning). Photos taken before killer Nguyen Chi Thanh planned to return to South Vietnam battle fields in July 1967.

Many political and social activities inside and outside Vietnam of the members of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPVN) have clearly demonstrated the dirtiest faces of persisting national traitors, the outdated Vietnamese communists.

One of the obvious facts is the Vietnamese communists have never quit their crucial roles of completely integrating Vietnam into China when they still hold political power in Vietnam or try their best to “tiptoe their feet on a thin rope which connects USA, China and Russia”, especially in political, economic scenarios such as when the international communities have agreed on some specific political or economic setups (e.g. Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a massive, controversial, pro-corporate "free trade" agreement among the United States and 11 other countries – Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, and Vietnam. In order to be admitted into the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the CPVN has created many fake opposition political parties which are so called “Multiple parties” (DDa nguyen) to smoke up the world. These political parties and members play their fake roles as political opposition to the CPVN and Vietnam administration (Nha Nuoc). But in fact these organizations and groups have been deactivated or bought out by the CPVN. All those political parties and organizations are controlled or led by invisible powerful leaders who hide themselves real well under secondary positions such as Vice Presidents or Deputy leaders... E.g. Army Division Deputies in charge of political affairs/ trainings for army divisions; other smaller, cheaper cheaters such as Nguyen Nam Son (nick name Sy Hoang) has illegally solicited more than $US 100,000 from members in chat rooms in Paltalk to finance his gambling addiction; “Monk” Vien Ly has used the name of Buddhist Church of Vietnam to admit fake monks from Vietnam into the U.S. “Monk” Giac Dang committed fraud and stole $200,000 Swiss dollars to build Buddhist pagodas but such pagodas have never been erected…


Therefore, the CPVN organized memorial service for General Nguyen Chi Thanh. This military General was once mentioned by To Huu, a popular, “lips services” poet in Vietnam communist world, as “How crystalized the army General” (sic). In 2013, a “sharp sword” of the communists, Tran Dai Quang, praised General Nguyen Chi Thanh as “the top elite of the fatherland Thua Thien-  Hue, the outstanding leader, a loyal role model of the CPVN, the standards of CPVN, the general of full comprehensiveness of great virtues and military, political talents; brightest brain and in charge of powerful forces of the people’s armed forces” (sic).


(The CPVN’s sword Tran Dai Quang and Nguyen Chi Thanh’s son Nguyen Chi Vinh were viewing the Chinese-controlled General Nguyen Chi Thanh).

 So, what was the true identity of killer General Nguyen Chi Thanh?


1/ Before 1945 while working for communists in the Fifth military zone, Nguyen Chi Thanh was arrested by the French forces. Thanh voluntarily disclosed information to French authorities so a large number of Vietnam communist units were arrested and wiped out. But Thanh blamed this major whistle blowing incident to Dang Xuan Thieu, a cousin of Secretary General Truong Chinh (Dang Xuan Khu).

After 1945 when grand killer Ho Chi Minh seized the power then Thanh was under Ho’s protection and Thanh held important powerful positions. Because the whistle blowing was Thanh’s big mistake so Thanh was completely controlled by Ho. Ho also used his trick of using betraying subordinates such as Vo Nguyen Giap. Because Giap was also another secret whistle blower when he was arrested by French police. Giap also made extra steps by writing letters to French forces promising to work for his “mother country France” and called the general governor of Indochina Marty as his sponsored/ spiritual father.   Therefore, General Giap always kept his mouth real shut before media or criticism to protect his vital interests, especially at that time he had his 2 children who were sent to other countries to study and work. He never meant to be humble to Vietnamese People as the media and some people had wrongly assumed when he was quiet and said nothing to the public.

When participating in the “the proletariat revolution” Nguyen Chi Thanh produced many illegitimate kids even though Thanh already had “legal” wife who was current General Nguyen Chi Vinh’s mother. Dang Xuan Thieu was only to be cleared of national betraying accusation after General Nguyen Chi Thanh was murdered by poison by President Ho Chi Minh in 1967.

2/ In the nationwide starvation in Vietnam in 1945 there were almost 2 million people died in Northern Vietnam. It was assumed there was an agreement between French colonists and Fascist Japanese to limit rice supplies from South Vietnam to the North to feed people. Japan ordered peasants to pull up young rice to sow and plant jute. In the Fifth military zone under General Nguyen Chi Thanh the train convoys which transported rice from South to North Vietnam to help northern people were ambushed by Thanh’s military units. Because, aftermaths of Vietnam nationwide starvation disaster in 1945 resulted in robberies and community’s chaos…which were one of the main ignitions to help Vietnamese communists create the civil war and finally seized central political power (as Lenin already carried out successfully the same revolutionary strategy in Soviet Union in 1917).

It is noted that in 1945 the total population of Indochina (Vietnam, Cambodge and Laos) was 25 million.  Vietnam’s population was 18 million. And 2 million Vietnamese were left starving to deaths. This grave crime was in part created by Fascist Japanese. Yet, somebody was interviewed by BBC.CO.UK dared to make firm statement that this dirty crime in history has been resolved appropriately by Japan for Vietnam. Have the CPVN (Vietnam communists) and its supporters turned away their heads and hearts from this Vietnam national tragedy to ignore 2 million dead innocent Vietnamese and also forgot about their responsibilities to Vietnamese People?

3/ In 1950, President Ho Chi Minh nominated killer Nguyen Chi Thanh to an important position, General in charge of political warfare of the people’s armed forces. The forces’ original mission was “loyalty to the fatherland”. Then these armed forces delegates were sent to China to be endorsed by Chinese President Mao Tse Tung. When the delegates came back to Vietnam, its mission was changed to “loyalty to the CPVN/ Party”.  The forces’ members were dressed with Chinese look-alike uniforms. If these soldiers had not opened their mouths saying something, then people might have thought they were real Chinese soldiers.

In charge of Division President of Political Warfare of the People Armed Forces killer General Nguyen Chi Thanh reinforced and developed the mainstreams of political operations of the armed forces to continue brainwashing the forces’ members towards the strategic goal “RED (thoughts are better) then BRAIN’s SKILLS”. It means the armed forces personnel should be mainly loyal to the CPVN and killing (destroying) the CPVN’s enemies are their ultimate duty.    

In killer Nguyen Chi Thanh’s hands there were communist cadres such as Le Duc Anh, Doan Khue, Dong Sy Nguyen, Nguyen Trong Vinh…”gray tiger” Dang Van Viet (Bang Phong Dang Van Au’s brother) and combatant writer Bui Tin who followed Nguyen Chi Thanh to infiltrate into Vietnam since 1960. Bui Tin was the one who shot dead an old man who was Mr. Vo Tu Dan’s father. Mr. Vo, an 80s years old man, is currently living in San Jose, Northern California.

4/ Merciless killer General Nguyen Chi Thanh was the radical worshipper to President Mao Tse Tung. He strictly carried out:” People classes must struggle without compromises”.  Therefore, after the so-called “Dien Bien Phu victory”, when entering Ha Noi in 1954, Thanh was the first leader who started his very first gunshot “Cultural Ideology Revolution” in North Vietnam via his newspaper article “Against Individualism”. Eventually, the “Humanistic Literature” (Nhan Van Giai Pham) was suppressed. Commander of Military Committee of Ha Noi City Administration was quietly kicked home to raise poultries for his wife; General Le Thiet Hung was under home detention in Pyongyang (North Korea) as Vietnam ambassador, sub commander of the armed forces Nguyen Quoc Tri, hero of Dien Bien Phu battle, was sent to his homeland and was “accused in the People’s court” (“dau to”) with his originality from a “land owning family”; excellent self-competing cadre Giap Van Khuong, chief group Xinh Hau, who was decorated for killing sub lieutenant Bernard De Lattre, the son of French General Jean de Lattre de Tassigny, was accused of “middle class criminal” in the People’s court.


Two role models: One was Russian Paven and the other one was Chinese Loi Phong. Then killer Nguyen Chi Thanh almost ignored Paven but mainly commanded subordinates and the People to “study” great examples of Loi Phong as “the best soldier of President Mao Tse Tung”. Vietnamese soldiers had to watch and wrote their own “harvesting summaries” concerning the movie series “BLONDE HAIR LADIES aka LOOKS LIKE…NO HAIR…AT ALL…LADIES” (sic) which reiterated capital crimes then beheaded Chinese land owners…but prohibited cadres and “people” to view Russian movie “When the cranes were flying along”.

Thanh also imitated Mao in “Public Production Groups”, “Greatest Leaps”, “Great Camps” therefore he personally asked Ho Chi Minh’s permission to lead the nationwide campaigns of cultivating land restructure. Killer Nguyen Chi Thanh created cheap and funny tricks such as “GREAT WIND, COASTAL WAVES” in order to completely strip off properties of all Vietnamese peasants in Northern Vietnam via the political / economic campaigns such as “Economic Cooperation” (Forced peasants to participate in village producing groups). He also breathed his extra smelly breaths into idiotic “modern models” such as Binh Minh 2 Producing Group in Ha Tay province, Ke Go in Thanh Hoa province, Dai Phong (Great Wind) in Quang Binh province. 

However, the long-run strategic nationwide integration plans of Vietnam into China by killer Nguyen Chi Thanh was his prominent focus. When he was the Secretary Central General Commander of South Vietnam military zones (officially under the name of People Revolution Party) he requested Ho Chi Minh to send all combat soldiers from North to South Vietnam to fight in the world notorious “Tet Offensive 1968” (Tet Mau Than Offensive). In North Vietnam, at that time there were already 300,000 Chinese soldiers and Thanh requested additional 300,000 Chinese soldiers be sent from China to Vietnam to reinforce North Vietnam territory to stand by ready to fight “American – Vietnamese aggressors”. 

This was the main reason why Ho Chi Minh, supported by the Soviet Union, had to make his critical decision to poison Nguyen Chi Thanh to death in a dinner between Thanh and Ho before Thanh was dispatched to South Vietnam in 1967.

Therefore, “dead meat turned extra purple” and self-mocked Nguyen Chi Thanh was the only one in the communist national traitors group was “solemnly” paid with last visits by President Mao Tse Tung and then successor Lam Buu at Vietnam embassy in Beijing, capital of China, with extra colorful memorial wreaths and “empty yet speaking out loud” tributes and sympathies from those “communist killing wolves”, their so-called comrades whose teeth should bite teeth, legs should twist tightly with other comrades’ legs, hearts “bang bang” with comrades’ hearts… (or finally be heartless…?).

Why was Nguyen Chi Thanh solemnly commemorated in 2013?

In 2013, the CPVN welcomed and signed many treaties with a number of governments which China authorities had not endorsed. These nations were: USA, Russia, India and Japan. Also, the national commemoration in Vietnam for Nikita Khrushchev was arranged by General Vo Nguyen Giap. It is noted that Khrushchev was the author of “Revisionism” (Xet Lai) so the Soviet Union can share and live peacefully with the free world. Khrushchev’s ideology, philosophy and thoughts…(Revisionism) in Vietnam was introduced by General Vo Nguyen Giap. 

When the CPVN (Communist Party of Vietnam) organized solemnly the national commemoration for their late General Nguyen Chi Thanh they strongly, loudly confirmed that the CPVN has wholeheartedly been loyal to China as General Thanh used to demonstrate his utmost dependency to his grand great master expansionist China

Dedicated communist Tran Dai Quang, one of the sharpest swords of the CPVN has quoted Nguyen Chi Thanh’s “original teaching” as follows:

“Our enemies skillfully hide their horrific atrocities of their “hired fighting” armed forces to trick their own People and soldiers. They said the armed forces do not involve in politics, be above the People (classes) and with no involvement in political parties…In fact, this reasoning is similar to the concept of government by capitalist scholars who were fiercely rejected by Karl Marx, F. Angel and V. Lenin.  Those capitalist authors have been revealed their weaknesses a long time ago.

We all understood the history of human beings are the final product of people’s classes extensive struggles. It is not a granted gift fallen from the sky. Our armed forces are political tools of the CPVN (The Communist Party of Vietnam), of People’s classes, of the physical laborers. We must accept political responsibilities of the CPVN periodically” (Excerpt, “Learning magazine”, 8th edition, 1959, page 7).

Conclusion: These days, whoever has not dared or been unable to understand the animalistic nature of those Vietnamese traitors who have sold their own fatherland Vietnam to China decades ago then these previously mentioned people, in fact, have gravely misunderstood Vietnam history and have been unmasked themselves to portray their seriously capital crime of treason. 




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