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Author: Chính Khí Việt
Version in English: Việt Sĩ

When USSR changed the name from “The Communist Party of Vietnam” to “The Communist Party of Indochina” then one immediately understood the USSR obtained approval of “The Third International Communists” (The Ministry of Colony of USSR) to mask up its true face of Red Colonists because the organization, goals and operational budget were directly led and nourished by the USSR). It set its ultimate goal of sizing and completely controlling three Indochinese countries, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos with Vietnam as a sanctuary and the communist soldiers of Indochina is the main attacking force.
To welcome the assignment of this important strategic mission, the communists of Indochina organized “So Viet Nghe Tinh” 1930-1931. Since then, the communists of Indochina have never ended to be the hired soldiers for the USSR on every field, from conquering colonies, killing the core classes of the society, confiscating people’s personal properties to force them to accept being “red slaves”. The communists have transformed religious organizations, especially to Buddhism to speed up the aggression and establish a sophisticated, effective and lasting government inside Vietnamese communist party which uses Vietnam as a cover-up to hide up their real communist nature.

Eventually, the communists of Indochina were forced to work for expansionist Chinese. Because relying upon Russia and China in many assistance programs therefore after a number of public and private meetings a group of cadres were created and trained by Chinese to become “Communist radicals” to fight against “the Revisionists” which were sponsored by USSR. Mishaps and sufferings have been imposed on the backs of the People and our father land since the first birthday of the Russian aggressive forces and were led and advised by the Vietnamese (Ho Chi Minh..) who returned to Vietnam under good smelling baits of “Revolutionary forces to liberate Vietnam, against Monarchism and Imperialism”. Then, additional bloody hands of Chinese to join forces in Vietnam,
Misunderstanding of the concepts of “The War between nationalists and communists”, “Delegated War” was pointed out in previous chapters. Now, it is necessary to differentiate between the first republic of Vietnam under President Ngo Dinh Diem and the second republic of Vietnam under the army generals who played politicians in the Vietnam War strategies.

1/ After being awarded of approximately $US 40,000, the group of armed forces generals horrifically killed President Ngo Dinh Diem, his two other brothers Ngo Dinh Nhu, Ngo Dinh Can and his military and administrative assistants. Calling these generals “slavery dogs” which were worth of $US 40K has never been exaggerating. A precious Tibetan “speaker-shaped mouth” dog is now worth more than $US 2 million. American late President Lyndon B. Johnson in his reports mentioned about these Vietnamese army generals “a goddamn group of thugs… who killed him (President Ngo Dinh Diem) and made the political situation in Vietnam become very much unstable…”

Therefore, the ruling group of the Second Republic of Vietnam consisted of many army generals were absolutely loyal to the U.S government. While the middle and lower levels of soldiers lacked of verified information so they continued to fight against the aggression of Russians and Chinese who used bones and blood of the people in both North and South Vietnam to serve their war objectives of winning colonies for both USSR and China upon Indochina. Via the betraying generals of Second Republic of Vietnam with the assistance of An Quang (Buddhist) combating group under the faked monk Thich tri Quang than the U.S. troops were sent to Vietnam under the term “American troops’ arrival in Vietnam without U.S. Congress’ declaration and approval of war and troops exiting Vietnam without formal farewell speeches”. More than half of a century flowed by (1960s – 2016) but many unethical and dishonest writers still continue their campaigns to sell propagandistic products. They may be considered as crooked writers who work against the right to know the truths of history of the Vietnamese People. As a result, Vietnamese people still have to kneel down on their knees to beg the super powers (America) for their basic human rights in their own country (Vietnam).

Has one ever asked if American government set up plan to murder leader President Ngo Dinh Diem who was the legitimate leader of the Vietnamese People only because he did not authorize American government to send troops to Vietnam to lead the war without respecting the political sovereignty of Vietnam?

The truth was that after American troops were sent to Vietnam in 1965 to directly run the Vietnam War with the ineffective and corrupted assistance of the incompetent army generals of the Second Republic of Vietnam in the South the war became worse with prospect of being defeated by the enemies. These generals and the political parties used the theme “Fighting against communists” to make use and take advantage of the patriotism of the Vietnamese People so they can die for the foreign forces’ strategies. The question is: Why did America help South Korea and West Germany to fight the communists then they succeeded and won the wars but in Vietnam they miserably failed?

The speculation was that America sent troops to Vietnam in 1965 to help China be entrusted in the U.S. to be against USSR in order to filter out the pro-Russian members in the communist Chinese party. And that China was confident that Russia will not courageous enough to mobilize forces against China while American troops were in Vietnam. And that war mechanism was ready including the Joint Defense Accord between USA and Taiwan and military assistance to provide and exchange new arms and ammunitions to Taiwan. It was not America which was worried that China might launch heavy rockets to Penghu and Matsu islands of Taiwan. That was only public reason for America to sign the Joint Defense Accord with Taiwan and equip Taiwan armed forces with new arms. If USSR had invaded Taiwan or mainland China then “Nationalist and Communist China” would have joined forces to fight USSR as they used to fight Japanese Fascism.

Therefore, on August 5, 1965 American destroyer planes started attacks and bombings in Nghe An and Hon Gai. And then attacks were escalated to cover Lai Chau, Lao Cai, Lang Son and Cao Bang. Then on May 16, 1966, Mao Tse Tung began his “Grand Cultural Revolution of the Proletariats”. Yet its true goal was to eliminate and destroy the top leaders and soldiers in the Chinese Communist Party who supported USSR. It means those party members’ political positions were different from Mao’s.
Mao skillfully used strategy of “Red Guards” to create social instabilities and political chaos, without government then from there Mao completely seized political and military power into his hands. It is noted that Mao created political and social chaos and unrest everywhere except Tan Cuong in which Mao appointed Marshal Tran Van to be in charge. The reason was that a nuclear plant was located in that city which was sponsored and helped by the government. After Mao’s “Cultural Revolution” Mao was proclaimed as saintly individual leader under the mentality of “adoration to individual”. That thought was condemned in the 20th Conference of the Russian Communist Party. USSR and mainland China became “enemies who were never under the same sky”. The conflict between USSR and China has been mentioned in many documentary sources.

Therefore, if the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPVN) has been the main criminal to welcome USSR and China into Vietnam to impose the tyrannical slavery on Vietnam people, then the betraying army generals and crooked political parties, the An Quang group (under “monk” Thich Tri Quang and his associates ), as state-controlled religious group, the faked activists for human rights and sloppy democracy also have been the criminals who assisted the CPVN to use Vietnamese People as experimenting rats in the statewide labs in Vietnam territory. The nation itself, mountains, rivers, waters and islands of Vietnam have been good places for their political and military experiments, including chemical and bacteria warfare. Vietnam indeed has been transformed into the experimenting war zones for the super powers to spar their forces and influence and also conduct strategically regional wars. The immediate goals are the sales of the outdated arms so they can continue to produce new arms after getting rid of the overstocked old, obsolete pieces of arms. Obviously, their arms sales profits are not small.

President Ngo Dinh Diem meets with Buddhist monks in the Independence Palace in Saigon, South Vietnam.

The fate of Vietnamese People and fatherland Vietnam mainly depends on the understanding of President Ngo Dinh Diem’s guidance: “Fatherland, Honor, Responsibilities”. Implementing and practicing those concepts in those 3 words helps Vietnamese People to be owners of their selves and their fatherland Vietnam. Upon that solid foundation, the rebuilding of Vietnam will be directed towards the civilization, progress and unity to defend, protect and reconstruct our country.

Since the betraying generals had established the Second Republic of South Vietnam with the invasion of the USSR/ Russia and China along with the engagement of American ground troops in Vietnam then the Vietnam War was transformed into the Phantom War.

The whole “goddamn group of thugs” (quoted by the late President Lyndon B. Johnson) was worth only $US 40,000. At some point in time, most of those general were close subordinates who had received big favors, protection and support from President Ngo Dinh Diem and his political counselor Ngo Dinh Nhu.

Who won and who lost have been so clear for years. The excellent leadership of visionary leaders Ngo Dinh Diem and Ngo Dinh Nhu have strongly proven that a strong, independent country must be led and served by competent, skillful, clean leaders and subordinates. His theme “Fatherland, Honor and Responsibilities” should be a valuable compass to guide and direct all of us and the prospective political leaders for reconstructing a New Vietnam.

The situation of Vietnamese People and Vietnam has been induced by the following criminals as it has been analyzed in the commentary. They are:

The Communist Party of Vietnam (CPVN)

The betraying army generals of South Vietnam.

The incompetent, fame hungry political parties such as Vietnam Quoc Dan Dang (led by Vu Hong Khanh), Dai Viet Quoc Dan Dang (led by Nguyen Tuong Tam), Dai Viet (led by Ha Thuc Ky) and other affiliated Dai Viet branches, etc.

The associations especially An Quang Buddhist group who were currently work hand in hand with the state-run Buddhist group who assume their name under Buddhist Church. These 2 groups have played their religious trumpets real loud under make-to-believe goal of “religious freedom” to advertise their “missions” to the whole naïve world. Their ultimate ambitious religious but also political goal is to unify and lead all Buddhist faithful inside and outside Vietnam.

Bones of Vietnamese people have amassed into mountain heights, blood of Vietnamese people have been shed as cruel streams of rivers. Waters, islands, forest, rivers, falls, creeks, and natural resources have been illegally exploited and exhausted. Society of Vietnam has been corrupted, ethical standards have been destroyed, Vietnamese cultural and traditions have been wiped out and transformed, somewhat Chinese style, somewhat European style, weird mixed fashions and lifestyles. These abnormal and strange lifestyles happen every day from cities to the country side. The future of Vietnamese People and the sovereignty of Vietnam itself are so gloomy before a possibility of reoccurring a second phantom war between America and its allies against China and its allies which may lead to the disappearance of and independent nation of Vietnam itself on the world map. As a result, the Vietnamese People may have to migrate to other countries and become minority groups in those nations where they resettle themselves and families in those countries.
Everybody can understand that is the beginning of the struggle to seize the monopolistic right to award favors to the world by three super powers Russia, China and America.
But a simple question that needs to be raised is why there are some countries which can still maintain their politically independent positions outside the control of those 3 super powers above. Those nations are: Taiwan, Seoul, Pyongyang, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, and Myanmar.

World history as well as history of Vietnam have yielded real life lessons that strongly prove a solid truth “Nobody gives something to somebody without materialistic or spiritual profit back to the giver”, “No countries help other countries without explicit or implicit conditions from the helpers”.
Vietnam itself is a proof. Otherwise, there are no Chau O, Chau Ri and the territory of Vietnam has expanded into Cape Ca Mau. But Vietnam is also a victim which also lost Luong Quang to China.

To the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPVN):

Intellectuals are valuable resource of a country. In ancient Vietnam, there were national examinations to screen and select ethical intellectuals to lead, construct and defend Vietnam. Until the LE dynasty, national examinations were organized periodically, especially under King LE THANH TON, to choose the intellectual leadership for Vietnam because “Ethical intellectuals are orginal, valuable essence of the nation” which became the authentic concept in the conquest of constructing, defending and enriching Vietnam.

This is also a goal for invaders China, colonist France, Fascism Japan, Red USSR/ Russia and expanded China…to America, France and Japan who all aim to train Vietnamese intellectuals to become the tours guiding guys for Vietnamese People to search for “golden SUNG” (green acrid fruit in Vietnam to eat with mayonnaise raw fish, an exotic dish of Vietnamese) in the “mother countries” where these Vietnamese intellectuals were originally trained. It means those super powers cast the real baits “Vietnamese intellectuals” so these intellectuals can lead their People to pursue and search for imaginary rewards. This sad and ironic anatomy is exactly like the legendary “dog story” which searched for imaginary awards in poet La Fontaine’s story.

It was not without planning that the CPVN set its action goal to destroy four spinal-cord classes of citizens (“The Intellectuals, the Riches, the Landlords and the Influentials”) in the society of Vietnam and classified “Intellectual” in the first row of those four classes in order for them to “Dig up the stumps, pull up the roots”. They aimed to kill the “intellectuals” but they themselves set goals in education as “Build up strong teams of socialist intellectuals”.

Therefore, one important aspect that should be noticed is the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPVN) and all of its subordinating organizations and individuals have been survived, progressed and improved until today because that is the contributions of those “slavery intellectuals” who were trained by French colonists to become tools of those French people. It means those French-trained intellectuals have been brainwashed to lose their national origin and Vietnamese-pride in their nature.
Patriotic Vietnamese may want to pay profound respect to the authors who were soaked up with national and patriotic spirit such as Vu Trong Phung, Phan Khoi, Nam Cao, Tam Lang, Tan Da Nguyen Khac Hieu, Tu Xuong, Nguyen Khuyen…because their authentic classic literature have depicted clearly life styles and thoughts of the intellectuals whose national and loyalty spirit to their father land Vietnam were brain washed by colonist French. Especially in “So Do” (Lucky Fate) master piece of talented grand author Vu Trong Phung, he described vividly and accurately those characters under assumed names who were the real people in life, Hoang Van Hoan, Father/ Son Bui Ky. Author Phan Khoi pointed out positively:” Honestly, for 50 years until now there was only one leader like Mr. Ngo Dinh Diem. And this assessment is not exaggerated at all” (Trang An Paper (City of Hue), Number 9, March 29, 1935, page 1). Phan Khoi: Published literature 1935, Research by Lai Nguyen. Publisher: Ha Noi Intellectuals, published in October, 2013).
Author Phan Khoi assessed the CPVN as “Tree of Hog’s Fece” (Cay Cut Lon), and renamed that tree as “Communist trees” and called Ho Chi Minh grand criminal as “Mr. Limestone” (The more he lived the more his brain got condensed and useless as limestone, his thought became more selfish and dead end) – Quote poet Le Dat’s.

The nature of Vietnamese People are hardworking, be ready to sacrifice their own lives’ enjoyment and properties for their fatherland, respect the intellectuals and somewhat feel inferior to follow the intellectuals (essence of the fatherland) but forget to perform extensive background and historical check on those “intellectuals” and sometimes they do not have sufficient information to evaluate the political routes which were led by those intellectuals are right or wrong and serve to which power.
This is the basic weakness of the Vietnamese people. Therefore, the people are usually led and exploited by invading powers via the “horse like intellectuals” that were trained by those super powers.
Special notice

Attorney-At-Law Cu Huy Ha Vu (trained by French) and Bui Tin (Former colonel/ writer of Vietnamese communists who helped raising the first bloody Vietnamese communist flag on top of defeated South Vietnam’s Independence Palace in Saigon. Bui has been the most communist polished writer who has wholeheartedly worshipped Ho Chi Minh (aka Ho Chu Tit).

Via CPVN, USSR and China expanded Vietnam War into the three countries (Indochina: Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos). They mostly used the slavery intellectuals who were trained by the colonist French to brainwash people to adapt to their political environment so quickly to disguise their messily stained faces. They wore 3-piece suits to prove to the people that they were westernized. Their speaking and writing were always quoted with famous European authors. Since Chinese and Russian invasions then they only quoted ancient and modern Russian and Chinese authors. In wearing and clothing those stupid “can ngo” Vietnamese communists only wore Chinese and Russian suits. Cu Huy Can and Xuan Dieu inside or outside Vietnam they always wore Chinese suits which had 4 pockets (to easily steal and hide Vietnamese PEOPLE’s chicken) while Xuan Thuy (with his extra wide mouth and teeth which smiled extendedly broad to his cheek that can fully harbored the whole fleet of the US Seventh fleet of ships) always wore European three-piece suit while they were participating in the Paris Peace Talk.
Xuan Thuy usually took fatty, country-style Nguyen Thi Binh to join him in extra hot steamy sauna bath houses in Paris in their 101% nudity.

The most piteous people might be the victims of “Nhan Van Giai Pham” crush (oppression upon the intellectuals and authors in North Vietnam by “loveable” HO CHI MINH) such as Nguyen Manh Tuong, Tran Duc Thao, Truong Tuu…and other western trained such as Pham Huy Thinh, Nguyen Van Huyen, Nguyen Tan Dzi Trong, Ho Dac Dzi and even to Governor General of Ha Dong Ho Dac Diem and Kham Sai Dai Than (Top Dynasty Administrative Official/ Political Counselor Phan Ke Toai, etc. all wore 4-pocket Chinese suits. Specifically Dr. Le Dinh Tham, M.D. who was appointed by Ho Chi Minh to train the “bald/ religious faking hypocritical guys” to dispatch them to South Vietnam, were also so “proud” to wear his 4-pocket Chinese suits. BIG SHAME ON ALL OF YOU, those “shitty intellectuals who, as a damn whole, are not worth as a single piece of cow SHIT” (Mao Tse Tung’s quote).

A “monk”?, Dr. Le Dinh Tham’s billboard, Tu Dam Pagoda (reportedly the headquarter of VC’s Tet offensive 1968 in Vietnam), Hue Massacre with mountains of human skulls and bones (Northern Vietnamese Communists’ Tet Offensive, 1968 in Vietnam)

Novels, poetry, logic of literature, arts and text books were all designed to comply with Russian and Chinese styles. Elements of chemistry by Antoine Lavoisier have been changed to A. Butlerov’s law of chemistry.
Russian novels contained biggest volumes in libraries which were translated from Russian language to English, French and Vietnamese. These Russian novels were classified as top-notched works. Even when mentioning about the literary realism then Gorki of USSR was nominated as the founding father of the literary realism. And almost all Gorki’s literature works were translated to Vietnamese language. While Balzac and Stendhall’s works were translated into Vietnamese with limited quantities of 150 to 500 books for research only.
Chinese novels such as the works of Lo Tan author to other published novels such as Thuy Hu, Tay Du Ky, Tam Quoc Dien Nghia, Dong Chu Liet Quoc, Hong Lau Mong were all republished many times.
To Vietnamese authors only books of reserved or active members of the State-run Association of Authors of the CPVN. Author Nam Cao, the only realist writer, and then his works were also published only because he died before 1954.
Renowned authors Vu Trong Phung’s works were strictly prohibited to be published. Other realist writers such as Ngo Tat To, Tam Lang and other authors of Tu Luc Van Doan Pen Club or poets including authors who followed the communist party whose books were created before 1954 were forbidden to be published. Music pieces of Dang The Phong, Hoang Giac, Doan Chuan were obviously under governmental strict censure and prohibited of publishing.
Chinese and Russian musical and song lyrics were translated to Vietnamese and arrogantly and loudly performed on stages as well as on state-controlled broadcasting stations and music/ song performance were also imitated Chinese and Russian fashions and styles.
Two songs, considered as the introduction of all group activities were (1) “Uniting”, Chinese music with Vietnamese lyrics was directly started with first words of song lyrics by Ho Chi Minh whenever he participated in those activities. (2) Second song was Vietnam – China, mountains connecting mountains, rivers connecting to rivers, Ho Chi Minh – Mao Trach Dong” was sang in groups and loudly broadcast on radio stations days and nights to force in the thoughts of absolute submission to grand expansionist China.

The most awful and disgusting fact was almost the French-trained intellectuals have washed off their Vietnamese identities and voluntarily be Russian-like or China-like, they, regardless young or old, all opened their extra big mouths to sing those 2 songs without shame.

It is those brainwashed intellectuals who were drained out Vietnamese blood by being bribed with materialistic awards by French, Russian or China then they were the ones who rottened the young intellectuals in South Vietnam as students, pupils and other artists who had foreign-admired/ obeyed mentality who “ate nationalist rice/ food but worshipped communist phantom”. Along with those “foreign-trained intellectuals”along with the red bald pretended monks indeed led the honest Buddhist followers into the slaughter houses of China and Russia with the executioners were communist party members, Or at the least, those Buddhist faithful themselves have destroyed their fatherland Vietnam in it they had a peaceful and prosperous lives in only a short period of time of 9 years under President Ngo Dinh Diem’s leadership.

The unity of college students who left Vietnam decades ago to attend universities in the U.S. such as Nguyen Dan Que, Nguyen Quoc Quan, Doan Viet Hoat, Nguyen Gia Kieng and the “extra red” Nhat Hanh – Cao Thi Phuong, couple Vo Van Ai – Phuong Anh. There have been many documentaries which show that these intellectuals have been working with the CPVN to influence the oppressed Vietnamese people to accept and live along with the foreign invading forces with the most dangerous power of Chinese Xi Jinping
Now, the pro- communist force above has been increased significantly due to students from Vietnam came to the U.S. to study. Among those there are some students who contact and unite the “intellectuals”. In fact, these intellectuals have been friendly to the CPVN since they were nationalist Vietnamese citizens along with other intellectuals, artists, writers, armed forced people who had been brain washed, surrendered in the communist “re-education” camps. These people betrayed their comrades and accepted favors and money from the CPVN to infiltrate into various agencies and political, cultural, art, media and business organizations to work for them. The other influential religious is former An Quang Buddhist combating group. This dangerous group now has become the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam under the leadership of Thich Quang Do who used to be the senior assistant of “faking monk, double agent” Thich Tri Quang of An Quang Buddhist killing group in 1960s to fight and overthrow President Ngo Dinh Diem and his legitimate regime. Tri Quang was a double agent who used to work for both CPVN and CIA. He played a prominently crucial role in the Coup d’Etat in Vietnam on November 1st, 1963 along with “a group of damn bunch of thugs” (quoted by President Lyndon B. Johnson) and the Buddhist “monks” in which Thich Quang Do was one of the most senior assistants of Thich Tri Quang. The other figures were “professor” Vo Van Ai (in Paris) whom nobody has ever known which colleges or schools he taught at and “monk” Thich Nhat Hanh (in America). These people’s political identities and disgusting track records concerning money, women and other disgusting acts have been unmasked for decades. This group’s main mission is to nullify the anti-communist unification and actions against the communists (CPVN) by the nationalist groups of Vietnamese people, especially the former armed force members and administration officials. These people have been educated well with President Ngo Dinh Diem’s guidance of “Fatherland (Vietnam), Honor and Responsibilities”. At least, they try to prove to the Vietnamese “older generations” that the Vietnamese communist force is now so strong so they better give up the struggle against these communists. The younger Vietnamese generations are directed toward “No supports/ no debts to the past”, “changed political thoughts” under campaigns of Attorney Tran Thanh Hiep, Professor Vu Quoc Thuc, Professor Nguyen Manh Hung, etc.

These are also the political goals of political parties such as Viet Tan, Việt Nam Quốc Dân Đảng, Tân Đại Việt Quốc Dân Đảng, Đại Việt, Liên Minh Dân Chủ, Cao Trào Nhân Bản, Dân Chủ 21, Dân Tộc, Họp Mặt Dân Chủ with those leaders such as BÙI TÍN, NGUYỄN CHÍ THIỆN, NGUYỄN MINH CẦN, VŨ THƯ HIÊN and followers such as Bùi Diễm, Trần Thanh Hiệp, Nguyễn Ngọc Bích, Trần Bình Nam, Đoàn Viết Hoạt, Vũ Quốc Dụng, Lâm Đăng Châu…). This political group just met in their 13th conference at San Jose State University in San Jose, California from May 29, 2014 to June, 1, 2014 to “Peaceful transforming to democracy for Vietnam”.

Relied on these political groups in America, the CPVN introduced the Cu Huy Ha Vu. This figure was popular as a “twisted, opportunistic galloping (like horses) intellectuals” who was nominated by the faked oppositional group in Vietnam. At the same time, the dishonest writers outside Vietnam such as Bui Tin who wrote his article “The meeting in front of the Memorial Site to the victims of communists” which was published in Dan Chim Viet on June 2rd, 2014. A big group of “writers” complimented Cu Huy Ha Vu as “Double Ph.D.s Degree from Sorbonne” who was absolutely brave to sue former communist Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung.

By only one simple assessment, the retired attorney Le Duy San quickly unmasked the wicked minds of those dishonest supporters to Cu Huy Ha Vu. Furthermore, Cu Huy Ha Vu’s petition to the Executive Board of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPVN) to seek its appointment so he can become Head of the Department of Culture of Vietnam absolutely showed his greedy, shallow, shameless and self disrespect of a Sorbonne trained Ph.D. “Like father like son”, the notorious poet/ intellectual father-son Cu Huy Can and Cu Huy Ha Vu have been willing to bow down their heads real low and kneel down their knees to beg for fame and materialistic benefits.

As to the political lawsuit of Cu Huy Ha Vu vs. former Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung, retired attorney Le Duy San explained:”If this political lawsuit had been approved to be judged than the court would not have been in need to appoint or elect an experienced judge to preside this lawsuit. But the court would have granted jurisdiction power to a less experienced judge to preside it because Cu Huy Ha Vu would have never had any interests in this lawsuit to stand as the plaintiff in court to be against Nguyen Tan Dung. The judge would only need to grant his decision:”Judgment is denied in formalities because the plaintiff has no interests in the lawsuit to intiate his legitimate motives” (sic).

Intentionally or not, Cu Huy Ha Vu has transformed University of Sorbonne into an academic organization which produces slavery wicked mind naïve like CU…LAN….LUA (naïve and bragging scholar)
As to the Republic of Vietnam:

Again, there is a clear difference between the First Republic of Vietnam under the visionary leadership of the Late President Ngo Dinh Diem and the Second Republic of Vietnam under the military generals who happened to become politicians as the history flowed along with the military intervention of America in the Vietnam War.

The distinguished quality of political leadership of President Ngo Dinh Diem with his brother Ngo Dinh Nhu as his bright and visionary political counselor and a group of loyal competent military and administrative assistants and the strongest support of Vietnamese People and officials of the government from central to local to make the First Republic of Vietnam becoming a very strong bond. Diem’s regime achieved outstanding political stability and economic progress compared to the South Asian neighbors such as Cambodia, Laos, Thai Land, Korea…during only a short period of 9 years under President Ngo Dinh Diem. President Dwight Eisenhower complimented “Ngo Dinh Diem is a Churchill of Asia”.

Unfortunately, the communists from North Vietnam along with the French who were greedy to come back to Vietnam after the end of World War II (led by French General Petain) to go along with Britain armed forces to disarm the Japan troops. Along with these power there were younger generations of Nguyen Dynasty (under former exiled King Bao Dai have infiltrated into political activities in South Vietnam via a group of faking Buddhist monks to build up their infrastructure, plan and organize their long range battles against Diem. The comeback to Vietnam of the French troops was explained unfavorably by the top leader of the Communist party of France Maurice Thorez’ non-diplomatically saying to General Leclerc who led the French armed forces to Vietnam as “Cognez-vous bien”, meaning in English “General, please attack enemies fiercely”. Communist Maurice Thorez of France wholeheartedly supported colonist French to fight Ho Chi Minh who used to be a comrade of the colonist Russia.

The intellectuals of Vietnam and the “leaders” of the “nationalist political parties” who used to “bottom up” Ho Chi Minh at that time were kicked out by Ho Chi Minh. These political leaders seeked refuge and protection under the First Republic of Vietnam under Ngo Dinh Diem. After resettling themselves well these leaders teamed up with the army generals to act as “old horses get back to their old tracks/ old betraying habits” as Caravelle intellectual group to fight against Ngo Dinh Diem. One of these educated leaders was novelist Nguyen Tuong Tam. Nguyen committed suicide during the police interrogation in Diem’s administration because Tuong Tam felt so shameful and disgusting himself when his true face of petty materialistic was unmasked.

In such tumultuously political chaotic situation, President Diem and his First Republic of Vietnam run efficiently government while fighting vigorously against the communists from North Vietnam. The head of American government, Taiwan ‘s Shang Kai Shek, Phillipines and even Ho Chi Minh who all paid great respect to the patriotic spirit of the Great Leader Ngo Dinh Diem. Some compliments have strongly put forth “Before 50 years and after 50 years one has not been able to find a great patriotic political leader like Ngo Dinh Diem”.


President Ngo Dinh Diem (raising hat) of the First Republic of Vietnam (1954- 1963) was warmly greeted by the U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower and his delegation at his arriving airplane’s
boarding stairs. This photo/ motor arcade was taken in New York

If those above-mentioned intellectuals still have patriotic spirit and independent thinking minds.

If the group of betraying army generals had had 10 human cells in their brains then they would have been promptly denied the very small bribery/ award of only $US 40,000 of CIA Colonel Conein to them, a group of more than dozen generals and colonels. Because $US 40,000 is much less than the purchase price of a Tibet dog which costs millions of US dollars.
If Vietnamese Buddhists followed the holy, fine paths of Buddha’s teaching and were able to differentiate between the Buddha ‘s ethical teaching and the murdering paths of those faking religious leaders such as Thich Tri Quang, Don Hau, Minh Chau…Nhat Hanh, Ho Giac etc.
If those four above IFs had become the reality then the Republic of Vietnam would not have been prematurely terminated along with mass murderers of the three brothers of Ngo Dinh Diem, Ngo Dinh Nhu, Ngo Dinh Can and their competent political and military assistants after political crises had been created in Vietnam and in American Senate and House of Representatives. And eventually as a result, there were bold intervention and involvement of the French and eventually American forces into the political arena in Vietnam.

Had the concrete and feasible concepts of Fatherland (Vietnam), Honor, Responsibilities been employed as the solid foundation for interior and foreign policies then Vietnam would have been be able to unify both in geography and its People in order to enrich and preserve Vietnamese culture and ethics to filter the best science and technology of foreign countries and discard the spirit of voluntary subordinates to the foreign powers only to enrich their own families or parties, not our fatherland Vietnam and the majority of unfortunate suppresses People. This mentality of slavery to other super power (America, Russia, China…) is the worst mentality which has been nourished by many foreign-countries trained intellectuals for centuries now under colonialism in Vietnam.
The murders by those betraying army generals to overthrow the First Republic of Vietnam and kill those charismatic and popular leaders such as Ngo Dinh Diem, Ngo Dinh Nhu and Ngo Dinh Can were capiltal crimes which have been comdamned by historians in the history of Vietnam and in international forums for ever.

Since the Coup, one can ascertain: After the First Republic of Vietnam was overthrown then the People of Vietnam lost their country. Northern Vietnam was governed and advised by Russia and China. Southern Vietnam was led by America.

The crimes of those principal traitors with the accomplice of the disarrayed and deep division of political parties such as Dai Viet, Viet Nam Quoc Dan Dang, Dai Viet Quoc Dan Dang…along with other associations and organizations to lose the fatherland of Vietnam is as serious as the crimes of the communists (CPVN). A Vietnamese adage:” (Crimes of) one person weighed 8 ounces compared to other person weighed 7 ¾ ounces”. It means those grave capital crimes of losing permanently our fatherland Vietnam, which is abundant in rich, sophisticated in culture and patriotism…, to China and other foreign powers have never been tolerated by the People of Vietnam forever.
Those slavery intellectuals, party members of the Republic of (South) Vietnam and the faking monks are the most heinous criminals because they voluntarily do their jobs that is different than the Northern Vietnamese who are under the CPVN’s control.

Their most serious crimes with the assistance of the “nationalist parties” and the fake monks have stained those places of worship to God and to Buddha. The innocent and faithful Buddhists were/ are not knowledgeable enough so they have thought they defend their religion while those bad leaders and instigators have destroyed their holy religion. In the last few years, Ho Chi Minh statutes have been sat in many pagodas in parallel with Buddha statutes. This is another final serious blow and drastic violation to the leaders of the original Buddhist Church by the CPVN.
The big sinful mistake of betraying army generals under President Diem was solicited out to America CIA at a cheap price. Therefore, the U.S. government via CIA chose that option to avoid the formal diplomatic channel to become a legal ally of the First Republic of Vietnam without signing formal diplomatic (and/ or war) accord as it did with Japan, West Germany, Taiwan, South Korea, Philippines. America only needed $US 40,000 to transform South Republic of Vietnam (1963) to become the most bottom soldier on the international war/ chess games between America, Russia and China.

They needed only $US 40,000 to use blood, bone, land, sea waters, rivers and culture of the Second Republic of Vietnam on the international chess game. They are also able to sow the seeds for the culture and economic benefits of America in future when they need those seeds to completely blossom all over along the S-shaped Vietnam territory. When Vietnamese characters were disclosed as CIA agents then they feel proud as “Agents of America”. There are plenty of examples recently about those CIA agents such as Đặng Mỹ Dung, Đỗ Ngọc Yến, Trần Thiện Khiêm, Nguyễn Quốc Quân - Nguyễn Đan Quế, Nguyễn Đình Thắng, Cù Huy Hà Vũ… The most horrific crimes are those “agents have created favaroble conditions to the pro-CPVN groups to commit more serious crimes against the benefits and interests of the majority of people in Vietnam.

Those unclear, disguised political activities of many branded “nationalist” parties and organizations have likely created favorable conditions to the CPVN to best utilize the disarrayed, unstructured Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam (under Quang Do) and also the State-Controlled Buddhist Church of Vietnam to become strategically religious super sharp tools to brainwash honest Buddhists. It means the CPVN through their faking, hired “intellectual” agents inside and outside Vietnam to unite and use all Buddhists inside and outside Vietnam to work under the only big top boss CPVN. This blood thirsty communist party (CPVN) has, again in history, taken advantages of the looseness and unstructuredness of the Buddhist churches to use those as powerful agents to invade the Vietnamese communities inside and outside Vietnam.


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