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                                 MAO TSE TUNG’s INFLUENCE in VIETNAM
Author: Chính Khí Việt                           
Version In English: Việt Sĩ

Mao Trạch Đông

On December 20, 2013, in an interview with BBC, Duong Danh Dy, former Vietnamese Consul General in Quang Chau to China, when talking about the influence of Mao, he stated:


Excerpt: "Mao Tse Tung’s popularity has currently diminished. China still needs it to show off when it deems to be beneficial. But to Vietnam, his influence is none, except that to some idiots in Vietnam”.


Duong Danh Dy used to be BBC’s frequent customer, similarly to other fake political opponents inside and outside Vietnam. Dy usually states with his tone as a “modern” Chinese communist who used to be portrayed as an “important witness” about the relations between Vietnam under the governance of China.


Let’s analyze Duong Danh Dy’s statement as follows:


1- When Duong said:” Mao’s influence in China has diminished" (sic) then it should not be understood as he understates Mao. Because that is the truth to everyone who participates in political activities.  


E.g.: In the World War Two, American President Franklin Roosevelt, Stalin of Soviet Union, Churchill of England, Chiang Kai Shek of Taiwan…’s influence to their countries and other people around the world. Now, that how is that influence? Does it diminish?


Their current influence is insignificant. It is true! Because they passed away and have no longer run their countries. But the impact of their decisions while they were in power is still significant. E.g.: If President Franklin Roosevelt had launched the invasive landing in Balkan instead of Normandie then the war ending result would have been probably much different.


Therefore, after Mao died then his influence in China has gradually diminished because his predecessors will continue running China. The important thing is Mao’s legacy will encourage his next leaders to continue his leadership strategies and philosophies or those newer leaders will abolish Mao’s ideology.


2- Duong Danh Dy has “rejected Mao’s influence in China” to imply “Mao’s influence in Vietnam is none, except some fanatic and stupid people in Vietnam"(sic)


Question: Who helped Ho Chi Minh to seize supreme political power in Vietnam? What is the justification to the original armed forces whose mission was absolute loyalty to its father land? But when these armed forces participated to training sessions in China then its mission has been changed to “loyalty to the Communist Party of Vietnam/ CPVN). 



  • After the CPV seized full power in Vietnam and clothed their armed forces personnel and officers in Chinese style uniforms, implanted Communist party members and spies into the Vietnamese Youth Communists in structure with strategic leaders as Political General Division and systems of political counselors in the army. In lower level army units up to higher officers’ offices there are always portrait photos of Marx, Le Nin, Stalin, Mai, Chu Duc, Banh Duc Hoai and Ho Chi Minh which have “bombarded” the environments with loud slogans:” Love to the (Communist) Party, Love to People, Any responsibilities will be accomplished, any difficulties will be conquered, any enemies will be defeated”.  


  • Leaning tight on these power groups, Ho Chi Minh and his group proceeded fast with the “Political Accusation Campaign” to terrorize and secretly killed intellectuals and respectable seniors in the government administration system from central to local levels in order to quickly install direct leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPVN) to match with the formula “Party leads, government administers”. That was a form of a coup d’etat to overthrow the Coalition government which was fighting the French colonist authorities and convert this mass campaign into a war to expand the communist ideology for Soviet Union and China in Indochinese. And since that time a new concept was introduced “Citizens People of the Party, of Uncle Ho” (later on the world People was eliminated to demonstrate brief and concise the slavery status of the Vietnamese people under the third international communism).



And backed up by that armed force which was under direct leadership of Chinese Generals who were sent to Vietnam to be military advisers, political and organizing counselors, propaganda, education counselor and land reform counselors the CPVN launched the “Land Reform Campaign” under disguised objectives as follows:


- Eradicate roots of citizens who are not proletariats.


- Confiscate everybody’s properties.


- Transform all members of CPVN into communists. It means all other people who loved Vietnam and fought against the French colonists were kicked out. Then the CPVN attracted and used all rural gangsters in the countryside as well as opportunists, losers and whoever accepted their slavery lives into the CPVN.


- The CPVN’s ultimate goal was to transform all citizens into twisted communist betrayers (a worst form of slavery compared to red slaves).



Also backed up by those armed forces Ho Chi Minh and his strategic committees continued with:  Reorganization, Cultural and Thought Revolution, Re-Education of private businesses and industrial, integrate production and distribution into remote cooperative organizations. It means Ho Chi Minh and his groups fully confiscated and tightly controlled all land, river and sea of Vietnam, transformed the People into modern red slaveries who indeed were used as hard-labor slaves in recent history. E.g.: In one day people might be hired as writers, the next day they might become armed slaves, the following day they might become slaved peasants (Ex: Victim Doan Van Vuon’s family was a vivid example).


In short, all activities in Vietnam society previously in Northern Vietnam and after April 30, 1975 throughout the country, have been aimed to provide interests to Soviet Union and China. This nationwide tragedy has been crystallized by the late Secretary General Le Duan’s statement: “We fight mainly for the Soviet Union and China”.


Mao’s influence in Vietnam has increased significantly and posed death threats to the People over the years. E.g.:


Under Mao’s administration, Vietnam lost Paracel islands, beaches, borders have been pushed far into Vietnam territory.


Under Deng Xiaoping Secretary General, Vietnam lost a number of additional mountainous strategic areas along Vietnam China borders as well as many villages along Vietnam China borders.  

In Secretary General Jiang Zemin, President Hu Jintao and now Xi Jinping Chinese dominance has always infiltrated deeply and widespread into Vietnamese islands, sea waters, in inland and in all aspects of Vietnamese society, especially in personnel aspects in all Vietnamese public agencies from central to local levels. It is ironic that Chinese national flag in Mao regime used to have only 4 small stars but in Xin Jinping regime Chinese flag was imbedded with 5 small stars in which the added fifth star represents Vietnam. In Hu Jintao, artists at Lao Cai were ordered to play roles of Thi Sach and Trung Sisters who travelled to China to kneel on their knees to pay great respect to Chinese General Ma Yuan.



Vietnamese Consul General Duong Danh Dy did push himself too hard and too far to praise the Chinese officials. It is his deep inferiority and unacceptable behavior in normal diplomatic relations.


In respect to cadres’ outfits, not to mention about the dead communist leaders, the current top Vietnamese communist leaders such as Do Muoi, Le Duc Anh, Le Kha Phieu have still worn Mao’s great suits which have 4 big pockets. Even until the last day of December 2013, the secretary general at Sa Pa highland still worn Mao’s four-pocket suit.  


Is this Mao’s influence or Consul General Duong Danh Dy’s influence?

Then, the authors would like to introduce bitter poetic verses as follows:


“Answering interviews in only few barbaric words

  To contribute strategic benefits to expansionist China

  Has Mao’s influence been miserably diminished?

  Who currently owns Nam Quan border station and Paracel islands?

  16 Golden Words and Four Good Deeds

  Those are exact Mao Tse Tung’s legacy in Vietnam under idiotic slaving communists”


It is the authors’ earnest and sincere hope that the patriotic Vietnamese better pay attention to artificial, make-to-believe statements of the fake democratic activists and fake political opponents. Because if they had been allowed to open their smelly big mouths then they would have created ugly noises, headaches and completely destroyed trustful media”.







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