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“Soviet Nghe Tinh Political Uprising” during 1930 - 1931

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When reminding of historical incident “Soviet Nghe Tinh 1930 - 1931 (meaning the Soviet political uprising in Nghe An and Ha Tinh provinces) it would be better to remember the revolt of hero Nguyen Thai Hoc and his comrades in 1930 which was finally completely repressed by the French colonial authorities. The French colonists killed him and his 12 party members. The French dispatched planes to bombard Xuan Lung village, Lam Thao district in Phu Tho province and destroyed the whole village only because there was an operational unit of Vietnam People Party (VPP) in the village. It was a greatly strategic loss to his party by losing president Nguyen, a young, brilliant and brave leader, the main soul of the party. All party’s leader and members were arrested, brutally tortured and beheaded in Yen Bai province, including the young president of the party, Nguyen Thai Hoc. All of them, 13 heroes were beheaded publicly to scare off Vietnamese patriots and citizens who wanted to fight for independence of Vietnam without the French dominance.


One of the reasons of the failure of hero Nguyen Thai Hoc’s uprising was Ho Chi Minh secretly cooperated with and provided French police with accurate intelligence tips to arrest Nguyen Thai Hoc in order to suppress and destroy immediately his heroic revolt.


The tragedy happened as follows:

In order to prepare for a large-scaled armed uprising, Vietnam People Party’s President Nguyen Thai Hoc secretly sent his three comrades to Thailand to make contacts to buy rifles and ammunitions. That time (1930s), Hoang Van Hoan and Nguyen Duc Quy, two active members of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) were secretly working in Thai Lan. Three members of Vietnam People Party (VPP) contacted them to seek help. At that same time Ho Chi Minh also went to Thai Lan and was informed those three members of the VPP were currently in Thailand at that time with their mission of arms and ammunitions purchases.  Ho gave immediate warning to Hoan and Quy not to contact with those three VPP members with the reason the VPP were very dangerous to their Communist Party (CPV).

Therefore, the incident that three VPP cadres entered Thai Lan to make connections to buy arms in Thailand were only aware by Hoang Van Hoan, Nguyen Duc Quy and Ho Chi Minh. After learning the VPP’s members had tried to purchase arms and ammunitions in Thai Lan Ho Chi Minh left Thai Lan at once.


After completing their “mission impossible”, the 3 cadres of Vietnam People Party (VPP) also left Thai Lan. When they just crossed the border of Thai Lan and Vietnam the French secret police were waiting for them near the border and arrested them.


Hero Nguyen Thai Hoc

President of Vietnam People Party (VPP)

The question is how were the French secret police aware of the mission of the three cadres of Vietnam People Party and setup a check point at a specific place along the long border between Thai Lan and Vietnam to arrest those 3 cadres whose mission was to enter Thai Lan to purchase arms and ammunitions for the VPP’s uprising.

With Ho Chi Minh’s worst track record of selling patriot Phan Boi Chau to the French in 1925 and after being reported that the three cadres of the VPP was in Thai Lan to buy arms for their party to fight off the French colonists, Ho immediately left Thai Lan. And then French secret police was waiting at the border between Thai Lan and Vietnam and arrested those three cadres instantly when they were crossing Thai and Viet’s border. Even a least intelligent person is able to understand the whistle blower for French police was Ho Chi Minh himself.


The cruelest whistle blower to French police was Ho Chi Minh

Reliable reference sources were “A drop of water in the sea” written by Hoang Van Hoan and the memoir “I follow the (Communist) Party” by Nguyen Duc Quy. In 1954, when Ho entered Ha Noi to make a quick “Coup” with the assistance of his communist groups and announced his new government cabinet then Nguyen Duc Quy was appointed the Party’s Executive and also Deputy Minister of Culture in which Hoang Minh Giam was the Minister. Secretary of Party and First Executive was Le Liem. After a short period of time Le Liem was transferred to Ministry of Education and Ha Huy Giap from Ministry of Education replaced Le Liem. Ha was also appointed the position of Secretary of Association of Coalition of Literature and Arts, and Deputy of Central Propaganda and Education Committee. His wife, Ha Thi Chi, was appointed Deputy Minister of Auxiliary Industry. 


When selling intelligence information to the French police about hero Nguyen Thai Hoc’s politically armed uprising which was planned really well with a friendly cooperation of French and Vietnamese troops of Vietnam People Party under direct operational leadership of Party President Nguyen Thai Hoc, once again Ho Chi Minh has strongly proven himself a trained and hired agent of the Soviet Union (USSR) who was heartlessly sold his own fellow citizens and heroes to the country’s enemies.


The first time, Ho Chi Minh sold patriot Phan Boi Chau to the French in 1925. The second time, Ho sold intelligence tips to connect to the planned uprising in 1930 of Vietnam People Party under Party President Nguyen Thai Hoc.

Ho Chi Minh’s betraying acts have proven that his thinking was a hateful sentimental to Vietnam Fatherland, its People and Vietnamese fine tradition and culture. Therefore, his letter in 1929 to the USSR was his thoughtful act and his determination to accomplish his selfish political goals by working for the super power USSR to serve his own materialistic and egoist interests.


Six months after the armed uprising of hero Nguyen Thai Hoc against the French, the Communist Party of Indochina (new name created by the USSR), gave birth to the so-called" Soviet Nghe Tinh uprising" which started in December 1930 and lasted only for about 4 months.


To do what?

The CPV launched a propaganda via all means of media to gloom out the warning of the armed revolt of Vietnam People Party which was staged out under our great patriot Nguyen Thai Hoc's leadership.

The CPV used blood and bones of Vietnamese people as their "holy and free gifts" to show deep appreciation to the USSR who had assigned the Communist Party of Vietnam with a bigger military and political roles to invade Laos and Cambodia and transform these two countries into the colonies of the USSR.


The CPV demonstrated to the Russian authorities about their party’s political and organizing ability and its sacrifice spirit. The most important thing was the CPV was willing to serve Russia’s desperate needs of territory expansion. So, Ho Chi Minh and his group in the Communist Party of Indochina were willing to push Vietnamese people to dead places, willing to use local and city gangsters to carry out those unethical tasks that are not "accepted and compliant with commonly social and ethical standards and approved by human conscience". Those acts obviously made Vietnamese ancestors badly hurtful and Vietnamese patriots became angry. The CPV ordered their cadres and troopers to carry out its killing command:

"The intellects, the riches, the land owners and the influentials must be digged up real deep and be rooted out completely ”.


The CPV created reasons for the French colonists to kill and arrest workers, force people to cut down trees to clear up jungle, flatten mountains, help the French seize new land...and officials in old dynastic regimes committing corruptions and selling public service leading positions.  Peasants who lost land became cheap-pay workers in remote plants with low pays or became workers in French-owned rubber plantations.

That was one of the tactics in which the Vietnamese communists used hands of the French free of charges to strip off completely people's properties such as their lands and personal belongings which they worked so hard for many generations to gain those. When the right time came the Communist Party of Indochina took advantages and led those hungry people to launch the "Proletarian Revolution in order to reach the communist paradise where no people rip off people, everybody is equal to work upon their own abilities and consume and enjoy to the maximum upon their own demands". After organizing those workers into working disciplined units then they were under strict control of the government and they "worked at their possible best and enjoy the least and fed (up) with rationed daily meals".

Some misunderstandings about Soviet Nghe Tinh Uprising during 1930 - 1931

In the plants near Thuy sea port (Vinh, Nghe An province) there were about 4,000 peasants. According to the plan of the Russian subordinates under the mask of the Communist Party of Indochina, workers were instigated to protest on May 1st. The number of participants was estimated about 400. The purpose was to make a Soviet Nghe Tinh uprising on that day but it was unsuccessful so the protest starting date was deferred to September 12, 1930 to convince peasants of five surrounding villages of Vinh (Nghe An's capital), around 200 peasants, to participate in the uprising to demand income tax cut. It meant with those 4,000 peasants only about 400 peasants continued to follow the communists plus around 200 poor peasants then the communist leaders planned to transform that protest into a political uprising of Soviet in a village. It is noted that each village has only about 40 citizens including women and young adults. 


Members of the Communist Party of Indochina focused their work in a number of villages by killing all top officials of those villages. They also killed peasants, pagoda/ temple keepers and monks. They seized rice, poultry, waived (forfeited) loans, beheaded some people, stabbed someone, played drums and other big-flat-dish-shaped instruments (pheng la) to celebrate the "Day of workers and peasants" (without soldiers or volunteers as Vietnam People Party's participants). They robbed people without judgments or trials. Only one guy shouted out “killing/ robbing command” and then the whole groups joined robbing, looting and killing people. Then they organized party to drink and eat to celebrate their victories. These incidents were spread to some other villages. Under counter attacks and suppression of the French authorities and also without participation and approval of local residents then only after 4 months all those “uprisings” have died out quickly. The communist leaders called it "Subsiding tides" or "Cooling down movement".


Until now, Vietnamese communists have still inflated themselves too much about the “Soviet Nghe Tinh Uprising of 1930 – 1931” to promote an untruthful and insignificant incident and sentiment. But it flatly lies to itself, lies to people and to many future younger generations.

They called it Nghe Tinh uprising (in 2 provinces Nghe An and Ha Tinh) but in fact the “movement” only existed in less than 5 districts, mainly Thanh Chuong district. Four other districts were only in supportive spirit. In Ha Tinh province there was only 1 participating village, next to Nghe An province. There was no mass of participating workers. Some protesting workers surrendered to the plant owners, some other workers fled to the countryside or to other provinces. Some workers crossed borders to enter Laos, Cambodia or Thailand. A few other workers even fled to Van Nam province in China.


The communists’ exaggerated information that the “So Viet Nghe Tinh movement” lasted for 4 months since September 12, 1930 which was the day the local communist leaders persuaded peasants to participate in the protest and also asked some workers to create chaos, then went back to villages to kill and loot villagers and named that “uprising” and also “formed the Soviet Cong Nong government” (meaning Government of peasants and workers). Initially, the communist leaders talked real sweet to peasants and workers to join “a peaceful, non-violent protest” to request improvement of their working conditions and pay raises in peaceful negotiations. But when gangsters from the countryside came over to join the protest then they uncontrollably converted those “peaceful” protests into violence and finally became looting and killing movements. Therefore, those following workers honestly joined the movement from the start then they had to follow through those violent, killing and looting sprees without ability and authorization to quit it or they would get “caught in the middle”.


Beginning of September 1930 was also the day the French continued the communists’ work in progress. That are the killing, looting, raping and forced exile of tens of thousands of families (not just some persons). “Soviet Nghe Tinh” created by the USSR in Vietnam was a total big failure. Whatever left were human body corpses, burned houses, deserted and eerily quiet villages. There were only thousands of black ravens which aggressively hovered around, up in the sky, to locate dead human corpses to shred up and hungrily eat those rotten human bodies. Thanh Chuong was an example since 1930. Those black ravens which replaced the so-called “Soviet Nghe Tinh” were multiplied fast. In 1960, in Thanh Chuong district, black ravens filled the sky with big black groups of these human- --flesh-eating ravens.


 One fact is worth to pay attention to was Lenin gave birth to a new organization to manage land which were given to peasants by the government. Since then, they gave birth to Ministry of Colonies under the name of The Third (Communist) International then the Vietnamese subordinates to the USSR were considered the most loyal and studious workers of USSR or the Third (Communist) International. And those Vietnamese communists were also the very first loyal subordinates who carried out the Soviet model in Vietnam with a clear goal: Creating easiest conditions to USSR so USSR could permanently govern Vietnam to reach their ultimate objective to integrate Vietnam and Vietnamese People to become extended hands to help USSR seize Indochina and expand their control to the whole South East Asia.

During that time, Vietnamese communists did not have much experience to “play with words” to mask up the real responsibilities which the USSR assigned to the Vietnamese communists, therefore those Vietnamese communists (via the Communist Party of Vietnam, CPV) affirmed their foremost and strategic, long-term duty was: “The intellects, the Riches, the Land owners and the Influentials must be digged down deep and rooted up completely”.  



A country without the Intellects, the Riches, the Land owners and the Influentials…then what are the rest? Do people work as stupid slaves and hired fighters for foreign powers? Major foreign power to the CPV has been the USSR since 1950. And for decades now expansionist China has been included. 


Mentioning about the most sophisticated and cruelest USSR in the human kind is contained in the slogan “The Intellects, the Riches, the Land owners and the Influentials, let’s dig deep to pull them up and root them out completely” since “Soviet Nghe Tinh 1930 – 1931 until now and it will continue until it is fully obsolete and discarded by the civilized world.


Dynastic China, colonialist French, Fascist Japan used to request as “free donations” to their countries Confucianism teachers, medical doctors, highly skilled workers but they did not have their guts and extra stupidity to “root out the Intellects, the Riches, the Land owners and Influentials”. To China, under the mask of Communism, they have not digged down deep and rooted out the above classes of people but they have transformed Vietnam and all of its People into Chinese who used to be a strong type of Vietnamese People who have united together to build up their country, defend it and enhance its country to its very fine culture and traditions in its heroic history.


             The profound meaning of “The Intellects, the Riches, the Land Owners and the Influentials should be digged down deep and rooted out completely”.


Only people who understand the slogan “The Intellects, the Riches, the Land Owners and the Influentials must be digged up and killed…” which were invented and executed by the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) since Soviet Nghe Tinh Uprising in 1930- 1931 then one will condemn the CPV’s capital crimes against the humanity. They will also understand the cooperation of foreign governments (it needs to differentiate between governments and its People) to the CPV. And one will be aware of his responsibility to help and save their fellow citizens from the communist disaster. And in front of this national tragedy, the question is how to unite all classes of people, all ethnicities, all communities, all walks of lives inside and outside Vietnam with generous assistance of People who love liberty, democracy, independence, peace, happiness, fairness and civilization so Vietnamese People can be assisted to seize back their lost country Vietnam and rebuild Vietnam into a strongest country which will be stable, trustful with high spirit. This strong country Vietnam in future should honor its international commitments, be compliant with its international diplomatic accords and fulfill its international obligations in its highest spirit of responsibility and full commitments.


We should pay attention to the determination to destroy Vietnam of the Communist Party of Vietnam through its slogan “Dig deep and root out” and compare it to their national policies which were planned since their illegal seizure of government in 1945 as well as their works after the USSR gave birth to their communist party which was initially disguised as “The Party of Laborers of Vietnam”.

The first incident was Ho Chi Minh sold our patriotic intellectual Phan Boi Chau to the French colonialists. This act surely obtained full approval and positive cooperation of the CPV. With such a capital crime Ho was still nominated to top boss position. Ha Huy Tap, the one who reported the incompleteness of Ho, but as a General Secretary in 1935, in his first political report of the CPV, Ha also condemned “King Bao Dai, Innovationist Phan Boi Chau and hero Huynh Thuc Khang…are traitors” (sic)


It is noted that Ha Huy Tap’s first political report was passed through and approved by the CPV’s general conference without a single disapproval. Nevertheless, that report has been secured in the selected Party’s documents published by the national publisher of Hanoi (first edition).   



A political party (CPV) masked up itself with a big name as “Revolution to liberate our People and Fatherland from colonialist French’s dominance”. But it meant to “dig deep and root out” the 4 spinal classes of Vietnam society and sold out the most prominent patriotic innovationist Phan Boi Chau to the French. The name Phan Boi Chau has been honored and named along with the streets throughout Ha Noi, Hue, Saigon and many other cities in Vietnam long before when the CPV was still hiding in Pac Bo cave (Cao Bang province). Therefore, what are our appropriate measures to the CPV which sold off all of our patriots such as Phan Boi Chau, Nguyen Thai Hoc and other leaders of Vietnam People Party…to the French then those heroes were brutally executed. The CPV’s political viewpoints and strategies were perfectly matched and coordinated well with the colonist French to trap, arrest and execute our patriotic leaders and individuals.


They cooperated with the French to kill our heroic patriots whom they themselves recognized and honored those heroes in their own writings of “history” with the agreement of their party members without any single disapproval after Ha Huy Tap’s first political report in 1935.

A question which should be raised to our valued readers, media and historians inside and outside Vietnam, about naming a suitable and infamous name for the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) based on their betraying track records during the last 80 years of their shredding blood and amassing bones of so many innocent Vietnamese people who lost their lives under the cruelest tyranny of the CPV. 


It should be noted that the CPV cooperated with the French and other foreign foreign powers such as Chinese President Tuong Gioi Thach to kill Vietnamese individuals and organizations whose political views were different from the CPV’s. These people did not want to follow Ho Chi Minh group in the Communist Party of Indochina to work for the Soviet Union. The cooperation with Chinese President Tuong lasted after Tuong withdrew from Vietnam (1946). Tuong’s armed forces confiscated arms of Fascist Japan and gave those arms to the CPV and the French. Then Ho’s group launched many raids to arrest other people who did not follow them. Ho’s group also militarily trained other forces to follow Ho in order to completely implement the fighting tactics “Disperse armed forces to jungles to continue fighting” and quickly finished steps of stripping off people’s properties to meet the goals of “Proletarian Revolution”. They dismantled pagodas, temples, Kings’ temples, churches, villages and community places…These were the first steps to wipe out Vietnamese fine cultural traditions, ancestors’ inheritances, other unique cultural construction works and spiritual activities which have been the most important aspects of all Vietnamese people.


Since then one can see:

“Digging deep and rooting out the intellectuals” did not mean physical killings but also it meant to abolish the distinguished aspects of Vietnamese people of different ethnicities who live peacefully together on the same soil Vietnam. The CPV has transformed the weakest intellectuals into slaving people (or galloping, flip flop intellectuals as put it by journalist Viet Thuong) who were timid, soft and scared off in front of powerful people, became blind eyes in front unethical money and illusionary fame. Specifically, there were no such concepts of “Fatherland and People” in those communists’ heads. They acted irresponsibly to their ancestors’ generations, to themselves and their next generations. 


Let’s observe activities of the intellectuals inside and outside Vietnam to see how many percent of those who act as self-respected intellectuals and if they truly represent elites of the country. The percentage of those deserved people is a very humble statistical figure.


There was a 100% real life story recited by witnesses who are still living outside Vietnam. In 1955, the year in which Ho Chi Minh entered Hanoi to steal the government then at the New Year days of that year, the northern newly formed government organized a New Year meeting so Prime Minister Pham Van Dong VEU, whose teeth were infamous, disarrayed and bad misaligned like a garage’s roof so he could say his best wishes to the People during the first few days of the New Year in front of the main theater of Hanoi. After his New Year’s well-wishing speech as the introductory section of his unpopular speech, prime minister Pham Dong Veu happily grinned and said:” When our diplomatic delegation came back to Vietnam after attending Geneva Conference (which divided Vietnam into 2 parts North and South Vietnam) via Moscow we also stopped by the USSR to pay respect to the Secretary General Malenkov. Then we were advised by him “Vietnam only needs to hunt tigers and plant banana trees and sell all of those to us then all Vietnamese people in North Vietnam will be self-sufficient with food and clothes. All Hanoi authentic residents had to keep their mouth real shut and did not dare to laugh big while listening to “Long employed for many decades” Prime Minister Pham Dong Veu’s most ignorant speech ever in VEM’s political history.



After finishing his “historic” speech, Dong Veu slapped up his hands real loud and smiled broadly and happily which was extended at maximum extent up to his bony cheeks which showed all his crooked, gold covered teeth. Then Tran Duy Hung, Vice President of Hanoi Military Governing Board, quickly stood up straight and howled out real loud:” Long live the USSR, the strongest fortress of the world proletarians…”


Dong Veu’s infamous and most stupid political statement was surprisingly implemented to become a reality in Vietnam, the front most idiotic soldier of the expanded Communist bloc. The Central Agriculture committee was given birth with Hoang Anh, Delegate of the Secretary Committee, nominated as the committee chief. Hoang Anh threw meetings with the agriculture engineers such as Nghiem Xuan Yem, state-run smelly, “leaders’ butts- blower” poet Cu Huy Can (he also had a degree in Agriculture), Doan Trong Truyen (Agriculture engineer), Secretary General of the People university, President of the Economics and Finance college, President of Economics, Finance of the National Assembly, PhD. Thai Van Trung, extended employee at Hanoi University who was also the author of his book “About the aftermaths of botanies in Vietnam”


As President of Central Committee of Agriculture, Hoang Anh ordered planting banana trees on all deserted hills in Northern and West Northern hilly areas of Vietnam “to sell to USSR to…” feed and…pamper up the People of North Vietnam” as wisely taught by the USSR Secretary General Malenkov.


All the group whose names were indicated earlier sat eerily still, without comments, including state-owned poet Cu Huy Can who was nominated by chief monk Dang Phuc Tue as “grand and most loyal public servant, the poet of centuries of the (communist) regime”. In their hearts, the whole group quite understood the suggestion of Hoang Anh, President of the Central Committee of Agriculture were infeasible, impractical and unrealistic without results to the most extent of ignorance and stupidity which has been never been imagined of by the human kind.

Intellect Thai Van Trung softly commented “the roots of banana trees cannot survive on the hills”.  Just listening to Dr. Thai Van Trung’s comment, Hoang Anh immediately stood up and pointed his fingers to Dr. Thai and cursed him so loud to reject Dr. Thai’s “constructive” contribution. 


Planting banana trees on deserted hills were continued. Citizens, cadres, police and soldiers…were mobilized (with no pay and no food supplies…) to plant banana trees to “sell to the USSR”. And then banana tree all died few days after they had been planted into hilly rough soil.


The “banana worst and tasteless joke” was still concluded in “good spirit”. Banana trees all died but nobody was administratively disciplined. There was only a small change that Hoang Anh was ceased to be President of the Central Committee of Agriculture but got promoted very soon afterwards to become Deputy/ Vice Prime Minister and also Minister of Finance Department.


Thai Van Trung, Ph.D., the intellectual who was cursed badly in the conference by Hoang Anh was not investigated with his resume of “extended employment” probably because he was the author of “About the aftermaths of botanies in Vietnam” which was noticed by Russia so he was awarded a Russian Ph.D. degree and he did not need to travel to Russia to receive his Ph.D. diploma.


The tiger hunting operations hinted by Secretary General Malenkov to prime minister Pham Van Dong (Veu/ outward-sloped teeth) was also implemented seriously. Top general Chu Van Tan, Central Commissary, Vice President of the National Assembly, President and Secretary General of the Military Zones of the North, was assigned to be in charge of hunting tigers. His assistant, Colonel Hoang Dien (“tap ket” officer after Geneva Accord of 1954), was in charge of Division Chief of Lumber Inspection.


Banana trees planting was “super short lived” also with a happy ending. The tiger hunting “historic mission” was likely happier than banana…” big nuts…strategic plan” in which General Chu Van Tan was in charge of Committee of Health Care for the Party’s Central Committee. He was also in charge of opium planting operations. Since then, opium was used to poison the Republic of South Vietnam’s people with their large scale invasion to South Vietnam. The North Vietnamese communists sold opium to South Vietnamese people to finance their intelligence activities (similarly as the money sent to Vietnamese’ relatives in Vietnam), terrorize and support the “political movements masked up as social demands” such as Peace, Democracy, Mobile Singing Along… It was similar with the CPV has used funds of the 36th Resolution to feed and support fake democracy activists who have acted as opponents to the CPV, but in fact they are artificially political parties…     


During his tenure of opium trafficking management, Chu Van Tan also managed bee honey production. Because bees sucked flower buds of opium trees so their honey were medicinally great after being soaked in human babies’ fetuses. Tan and his cadres secured those “honey, the extra extra strong vitamins” in big jars to use as “old styled Viagra” for the CPV’s members. It was not clear about its scientific benefits but top leaders of the CPV life expectancies were extra-long such as Tôn Đứt Thắng (Broken brakes), Phạm Văn Đồng (VAU/ Hilly teeth), Võ Nguyên Giáp (Without Armor at end of his slavery life), Lê Đức Anh (His tomb was heavily bombarded with human feces by angrily repressed local citizens), Đồng Sĩ Nguyên, Nguyễn Trọng Vỉnh, Võ  Chí  Công, Hoàng Văn Hoan, Đỗ Mười (Mentally retarded since his birth with his initial job of cutting off hogs’ testicles to transform hogs to “proletarian hoggies”), Nguyễn Duy Trinh, Lê Thanh Nghị, Trần Quốc Hoàn (Top cop who stole and raped Ho Chi Minh’s beautiful mistress and finally killed her to hide victim and also live witness),  Phùng Thế Tài, Chu Huy Mân…Exciting, unbelievable and incredible was former Secretary General Do Muoi. Muoi lived up to almost 90 years old and was still able to “f.” and create (hopefully non-retarded…like Dad) babies to his beautiful wives at his very ugly old age. Oh my God!


“Digging down real deep and rooting out completely the Intellectuals, the Riches, the Land owners and the Influentials” so in North Vietnam under Ho Chi Minh, it is worthwhile to note down some incidents as follows:

In North Vietnam since 1954, the year the Ho Chi Minh group was temporarily and internationally authorized to govern Vietnam from the 17th parallel up to Northern regions of Vietnam, all activities from industry, business, agriculture, finance, banks, distributions, hand crafts, transportation…to the means to serve the public convenience were all strictly in the hands of Ho Chi Minh group which were run by the bureaucratic mechanism of the communist CPV in the manner of “Absolute Chief” which means no formulas, no regulations, no paper work required. All works were complied with the Chief such as President of the Communities. All were personal tastes of organization heads such as Ministers, Presidents of Committee, Directory General…President of North Vietnam once had 11 Vice Presidents, each Vice Prime Minister has 5 or more deputy ministers. Complexity and overstaff are at all levels of Vietnamese communist government such as Directory General, divisions, institute, room…leaders, etc.


The CPV government system is extra cumbersome, very much heavy and as a result it has been ineffective to the most. In addition to it, there are so many web-alike satellite organizations.

Example: the communist cabinet is consisted of department of state, internal, external commercial trading, culture, information, education…then at the central level of the Communist Party of Vietnam there are also committees of foreign affairs, economics, education/ training, information, education…to guide and oversee those ministries (departments) in the cabinet of the communists. Nevertheless, it is much more complicated that in the Prime Minister office there are additional offices such as Minister of Prime Ministry, Minister in charge of internal administration which oversees the ministries of public safety (police) and internal affairs; minister in charge of cabinet education, following up science and technology, minister of finance and trade which oversees national finance and trade…

Such an extra web-alike complicated cabinet managed 18 million citizens in North Vietnam during 1954-1960 which was much more complicated with their satellite organizations to each of those ministries (departments) such as general labor union is accompanied by the college of the labor union which has many committees such as organization, education, competition, people culture and its paper “Lao Dong” with its own publisher “Lao Dong”. Association of Women, Coalition of college students, Ho Chi Minh Youth League, Young Adults Committee, Peasants Association, Partnership of Crafts, World Peace Conference, Friendship Association such as Russian-Vietnam, Vietnam-Germany, Viet-China, Viet-Cuba…Associations…all contained lot of idle members who sat around with no work to do except talking…EXTRA BIG about Ho Chi Minh and his imaginary identity and his bogus, unverifiable achievements except his real jobs as washer, janitor on internationally ships were “hidden” to the maximum extent.  All those organizations and associations are closely monitored by the Fatherland Front (“Mat Tran To Quoc”). And the structure of the Fatherland Front is also consisted of many departments, divisions, sections, rooms…exactly like a mini-governmental cabinet inside a bigger, motherly “cabinet”.  The Fatherland Front also published its own paper “Save the Fatherland” and supervised many other papers such as Independence of Democracy Party, Fatherland of Socialism Party, 1 paper of Viet- China Association and the “Good Causes” paper of Committee of Religions, etc.


Before the “Soviet Nghe Tinh” uprising, the “Influential” class administratively managed the whole society before 1954, then this class of citizen was “rooted out deeply”. Therefore, the cabinet of the communist government of Vietnamese communists along with all of its “rear-ends whistle blowing” satellite agencies were excessively and exceedingly inflated like super shiny bellies of bragging, arrogant toads. At that time, the communist leadership probably recognized serious issues to their complex, insecure bureaucratic government so they launched massive campaigns to cut spending, fighting waste, ensuring 8-hour work shifts, no briberies, no corruptions, boosting initiatives, brain-storming sessions, saving production resources, minimizing below-par products…Those campaigns blossomed like Champaign and cakes which are opened in New Year days (TET) via all media channels such as papers, radios, public loud speakers. Ho Chi Minh ordered “Constructing new socialist citizens” through his political campaigns as “Good people with good work outputs”, “Honest workers, fine works”. All papers ran columns of nominations to achieving workers who would be awarded with “Uncle Ho’s armorial” and certificates of acknowledgement and appreciation. Then those awardees should be able to tuck out their “heads” from the crowds of red slaves and quietly stepped in the ranks of “officials” or “civil servants” in those state-managed offices in order to be trained in Vietnam or be sent to other “Communist allied countries” such as USSR, China, Cuba…for training to become future leaders after they “graduate overseas” and came back to Vietnam to “serve” their…unfortunate, suppressed People.   


In the nutshell of the attempts to “simplify” extra complicated communist government, the leaders did otherwise and inflated too much about their totalitarian government. In lacking of confidence and trust they created too many other satellite organizations with all of their additional complexities and pure bureaucracy themselves, wasteful expenses and inflated budgets. They selected workers and assistants based on their own friendship, social groups, trust, relations and especially if the assistants were members or supporters of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) or members or supporters to Ho Chi Minh’s Youth Leagues then surely those people would be nominated and obtained better positions in those “communist extra giant and complicated governmental…webs”. They talked too much and created so many “Totally unanimous political agreements and resolutions” but in real life, they achieved too little, compared to the international standards or even compared their achievements with the South East Asian nations or even compared with their Indochinese neighbors Laos and Cambodia. It means until now (2016) there have been too many governmental departments, divisions…at central and at local levels, down to the provinces, districts, villages…And all these administrative agencies/ divisions and their satellites have been under “The Fatherland Front”. And even inside the Fatherland Front itself there are its own super complex structure of bureaucracy...Its crisis, misuses, fake academic diplomas/ degrees in order to obtain good positions to sit on top of other employees’ heads and work little have been serious disasters everywhere in Vietnam for decades. That sentimental of “academic degrees oriented” has been influenced by the French system and has been one of the most damaging factors to pull down Vietnam society behind aggressively practical “equal job equal pay”, job quality, job accomplishment, “real work experience not theories” …sentimental and work ethics.     

Before April 30, 1975, the first officials who were appointed by Ho Chi Minh to reorganize their government was Do Muoi. After completing their “Digging real deep and rooting out all Riches” of North Vietnam Do Muoi and his deputy Khuat Duy Tien became mentally ill. Both Do Muoi and Khuat Duy Tien were sent to China for medical treatments. After 2 years of treatments, Do Muoi was somewhat recovered so Ho Chi Minh ordered Muoi back home and assigned him that same job of “digging and rooting out” the Intellects, the Riches, The Land Owners and the Influentials” in Vietnam. But Khuat Duy Tien was still seriously and mentally sick until the day he died.   

Since Ho’s big worst jokes of “Building new socialist people”, “Good people, good work”, “Real People, real work” which were all invented by Ho there were so many unbelievable stories. Those were poisonous scams of the CPV and its serious damages to Vietnam and its People for many generations. Many smart and self-respected people purposefully to “self-dig down deep” to hide themselves good to stay away from all cruelly political purges and killing sprees which were initiated and systematically implemented by powerful forces of cadres and police of the CPV to wipe out all citizens whom they considered as political opponents (enemies) to their CPV and to their government stability.


The slogans and top goals during Soviet era 1930 – 1931 was selecting staff, training them tactics to divide people or groups of people, organizing fake patriotic movements to attract the truthful nationalistic people and wisely (playing dumb and uninformed) infiltrating into patriotic political parties, providing money and meeting people’s demands and wishes and working secretly or publicly using the Soviet politically skillful organizing system. Eventually, China also participated to lead, advise and support the CPV’s plans. Also, other countries in the Eastern communist bloc also kicked in to help the CPV in their strategic plan at that time to “Dig deep and root out” the Intellects, land owners, the Riches and the Influentials of Vietnam. Question: Why has the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV), its structure and its bad leadership quality been so complicated, ineffective, obsolete and inhumane as such but why the CPV and all of its worst aftermaths and damages to Vietnam during almost the last century been able to survive politically, economically and financially until now without any challenges or attacks for changes?


Followings are authors’ several humble ideas in our attempt to contribute our prolonged and profound concerns about seriously politically, economically and socially crises to our fatherland Vietnam:

It has been surely the CPV itself has been given birth by the USSR. All of its strategies and tactical action plans have aimed to serve the “Russian totalitarian government and Russian Expansionism”. Along the years afterwards, Vietnam shares a long border with China and has been supported, helped, trained and assisted in all aspects by China also. Therefore, Ho Chi Minh group has also served expansionist China. In other word, Ho Chi Minh and his communist group have voluntarily worked and served the Soviet, which has been its “birth mother”, and has also served the expansionist China (which has been its adopted mother) in order to work towards the goal of converting and transforming Vietnam into the the colony to the two greedy colonists USSR and China; and transform Vietnamese People into slaves of those two super powers USSR and China.    


Therefore, the slogan, also the goal, which was written in governmental directives and was pronounced publicly in the introduction of the Communist Party of Indochina, during the “Soviet Nghe Tinh” uprising 1930 – 1931 has been carried out by the CPV and its cadres since that time until now. A different aspect: In the beginning of Soviet Nghe Tinh, the CPV transformed its party and the People into Bolshevik. Now the CPV has converted its party into Chinese subordinates and also converted all Vietnamese citizens into Chinese or Chinese look-and-live-and die like Chinese people. If the CPV and its loyal followers have 2 bosses (“su fou”) the USSR and China then the Vietnamese People ironically have to be forced their necks into 3 shackles: USSR, China and the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV). Under those 3 sturdy and extra heavy shackles, Vietnamese People only live their slavery lives like dummy oxes to haul oxcarts to earn their daily livings.


The Vietnamese communist ruling group has fought against each other because their own dilemma: “1 neck wears 2 shackles”. That is the permanent conflict between USSR followers and Chinese followers. Vivid examples were / are the court trials “Spying revisionists against the CPV and People”. Also, the brutal assassinations in 1979 between the CPV and China. 


Therefore, it should not consider the Vietnamese communist soldiers who got killed by China in the battles between China and Vietnam in 1979 and additional fights between the two as “sacrificed heroes” because they were hired soldiers for USSR and China due to long time conflicts between the two super powers China and Russia who wants to be the top boss of the world. The real victims are Vietnamese people and the other people who have not been aware of which way they should have been going and moving towards, especially the horrific wars between China and Vietnam after the fall of Saigon on April 30, 1975.


Only the armed forces of the Republic of Vietnam (AFRVN) who sacrificed their precious lives to defend their Fatherland are deserved to be nominated as “sacrificed heroes”. Because those gentlemen and ladies of the armed forces of the Republic of Vietnam truly sacrificed their own lives for the interests of our Fatherland Vietnam and for their Vietnamese People. It cannot mix them up with the communist soldiers in the name “sacrificed heroes” (Such as the so-called writer Phan Nhat Nam who has assimilated the deaths of the soldiers of the AFRVN (ex: Major Nguy Van Tha, with the deaths of the communist soldiers). Throughout 4 years (1975 – 1979), be blind and arrogant with its victory the communists heartlessly pushed the AFRVN officials and administrative managers into hard labor “reeducation camps” to be punished and starved in harsh weather. Many families of those prisoners were dismantled. They were discriminated and lived like wild animals in those “re-education camps” which were called by disguised name as “New economic zones” to be killed slowly.


The whole Republic of Vietnam was toppled upside down. The human values, traditions, history, civilized lifestyles from cities to the countryside and also the highland areas of ethnic citizens have been destroyed and seriously damaged.

The communities of the ethnic people were terrorized, land in Northern areas was confiscated or flatly robbed off.

A form of Soviet Nghe Tinh 1930 – 1931 with political slogan “The Intellects, the Land owners, the Riches and the Influentials must be digged real deep and rooted out” was carried out again wisely.


The young adults of the Republic of Vietnam were forced to join the communist army under a nice name “Elected, selected to serve international responsibilities”. In fact, that was only hired soldiers for the USSR to help them invade Cambodia, a subordinate to China, and also the short wars against China in northern provinces along China – Vietnam border.

In the past, the armed forces of the Republic of Vietnam (AFRVN) was the main forces to defend and protect our fatherland Vietnam, ensure the safety for all activities in our society from producing products to education, culture, science, arts, liberty for religions. Those forces were greatest and strongest barriers against Vietnamese communist traitors. Therefore, they did not dare to kill all those members and/ or officers of the AFRVN so they staged a plan which was similar to the plan they already implemented before April 30, 1975 in North Vietnam from the 17th parallel. It means the communist authorities used all means to deactivate those forces, or they used some weak, surrendered members of those forces as hired subordinates to carry out their work inside Vietnam or in other countries outside Vietnam. A typical work is to hire former members of those forces (AFRVN) or former civilian officials to infiltrate into associations of nationalist Vietnamese people to spy, collect information or to create conflicts between members of those associations and finally dismantle or “steal” those associations to gain strategically political benefits for the CPV. 


They hire those former members of the AFRVN or civilian officials to meet the CPV’s objectives. Let’s check out at some former members of the AFRVN and civilian officials who immigrated to America through the U.S. Humanitarian Program (HO Program) to resettle those former long-term prisoners of the CPV who used to be “re-educated” by the communists in remote prisons under harsh weather and insufficient food supplies to survive. For years, in America or in other countries, a few number of those former “re-educated officials” who got hired by the CPV discussed topics, wrote literature, participated in Vietnamese communities, would probably raise questions about their identities, political views and actions towards their former enemies, the communists, represented by the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV). 


The authors’ commentaries are objective to its best based on public information which has been broadcast by the CPV. This info. is easily to be checked out by everybody. And those “real work, real people” are published by the communist media on a daily basis. All this information may be checked out easily by anybody inside or outside Vietnam.

It is worthwhile to note that in Ho Chu Tit’s book “Ho Chi Minh’s Bibliography” published in 1993 by the national publisher in Hanoi then as the President of the coalition government Ho signed his executive order dated January 6, 1946 to integrate all armed forces of the participated political parties to become one armed force. That force was named:” The Armed Forces of Vietnam”. In the commencement ceremony to the Army of Vietnam in Son Tay province, Ho Chi Minh, on behalf of the coalition government, handed the army flag to the Army on which it bore the embroidered guidance to the National Army: “Loyal to our fatherland (Vietnam), pious to (Vietnamese) People”

However, since Mao Tse Tung won the civil war in China 1949 and became President then Ho, on behalf of the coalition government, urgently sent Vietnam’s national troops to China, in rotation, to be trained, armed, equipped and reorganized similarly to Chinese army. The most important fact was Ho transferred the leadership to the armed forces of the coalition government to be under hard-core, radical communists’ direct management and control. Since then, Ho renamed the coalition armed forces to “People Armed Forces” after troopers and armed forces personnel were trained in Chinese military training schools to become the People Armed Forces (aka Uncle Ho’s Armed Forces: Bo Doi Cu Ho). And the original credos were changed from “Loyal to our fatherland Vietnam, pious to Vietnamese People” to “Loyal to the Communist Party of Vietnam, CPV; pious to Vietnamese People, Any assignments will be accomplished, Any difficulties/ challenges will be overcome, Any enemies will be defeated”.


And from the credo “Loyal to the Communist Party of Vietnam, CPV” skillfully  embroidered into the heart of each trooper of “the armed forces of Uncle Ho: BO DOI CU HO” and Uncle Ho confirmed wholeheartedly in his petition of 1928 sent to the Third (Communist) International, Ministry of the Colonies of the USSR that the CPV is always an “organ”/ a branch, a subordinating agency…to the USSR Communist Party and absolutely obeys all USSR authorities’ commands and advices…(and USSR’s punishments or humiliation?). This critically ironic fact has been in black and white printed confirmation, in the CPV’s history/ documents published by the national publisher of Hanoi, first edition. And since the very beginning, Ho sold our patriotic, intelligent Phan Boi Chau to the French in 1930, sold our young hero Nguyen Thai Hoc (Vietnam People Party) to the French and then through the “Soviet Nghe Tinh Uprising 1930 – 1931, Ho and his comrades in his “most intelligent people on earth” slogan (“DINH CAO TRI TUE NHAN LOAI” (sic) did destroy all spinal classes of Vietnam “The Intellects, the Riches, the Land Owners and the Influentials: Dig them down extra deep, root out all of their roots” (to reach down deep, root out and mercilessly kill 3 generations of those…”idiots, anti-proletarian revolution”  (“Giet, giet het ban tay khong phut nghi. DDe ruong ddong xanh tot, lua len mau”) (quote in Vietnamese poetic verses of notoriously state-run and state-owned TO HUU aka “grand poet” TU HU NUT).

And then there have been series of inhumane activities such as inhumane trafficking, illegal trades performed by Ho Chi Minh group of traitors from that time until now. The recent diplomatic agreement which has caused the most hatred and animus was the accords between the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (SRVN) and China in 1999 and 2002 concerning the ceding of Vietnam’s land territories and sea waters to China’s ownership and its economic advantages.


For the sake of recent honoring General Vo Nguyen Giap, the Vietnamese state-run “historians” broadcast Giap’s achievements but they also noted down in history documents and other official papers that “Giap has biggest credits to “fight the colonialist French and kick out Fascist Japanese” in order to make our “August/ Fall Proleterian Revolution” successful.


The truth was the French were stripped off power through the Japanese’ Coup d’Etat in all three Indochinese countries, Vietnam, Cambodia and Lao. And the Fascist Japanese Armed Forces were waiting the Allied Armed Forces come to be demilitarized and their guns and ammunitions be confiscated. Another truth was: When General Giap died, a closest aide to Giap named Le Trong Nghia, 92 years old, former colonel, Director of Civilian and Military Intelligence during 1946 -1968 disclosed that in 1945, Communist General Vo Nguyen Giap ordered “all of Giap’s armed forces to cease all attacks to the Fascist Japanese Army and make friendly contacts with Japanese armed forces” (sic). Due that important fact, the Vietnamese communist army was able to enter and seize Hanoi (sic) (quoted from, ref.: “General Vo Nguyen Giap through the angle of view of an intelligence commander/ director”, published by Vietnam Express dated October 11, 2013).


Therefore, the Vietnamese communist armed forces never swept out the Fascist Japanese army but “to talk and make friends with those Japanese armed forces” so the CPV could advance its army and seize Hanoi (sic). This is also a vivid evidence that the Viet communists worked with Japan to “steal” the government of the Vietnamese People who were nationalists and had the credo “Fatherland – People” and they have never been “WITHOUT FATHERLAND” as the communists have been.


In order to accomplish all those strategies, implementation plans and associated tasks then all the patriotic Vietnamese inside and outside Vietnam should tightly unite together as one bonding unbreakable mass to seize back the ownership rights and management rights of the Fatherland Vietnam from the communists’ iron hands. Then those Vietnamese winners should reorganize the government to make it become effective and up to international and Vietnamese cultural standards, also build up supportive political parties to reinforce and help out that newly-rebuilt government and run that government effectively so Vietnamese People including all ethnicities to have true liberty in many aspects of life (e.g. liberty of worship and religion, democracy, human and civil rights…) to contribute their efforts to rebuild Vietnam so our Fatherland and our People’s quality of life could be advanced and matched with the international and our neighbors’ standards.



The above summarized assessments are logical conclusions about the unnecessary complexity, cumbersome, repeating, duplicated efforts, big waste in labor and all other aspect of Vietnam society which have been still enforced on the heads of Vietnamese People. The strategic and administrative issues have been created in the production of goods and its transportation means, cultural, arts, athlete activities, tourism to media, religion, spiritual, education, national defense to “organize People into groups and social agencies” to easily oversee and control them…and offer directions in all aspects of life to the People of all walk of lives to the People inside Vietnam and even to the Vietnamese people who live outside Vietnam. It is our concrete conclusion that the communist agencies whose scopes of work are outside Vietnam territory with their names such as “Vietnamese Communist Delegate in overseas countries”, “Committee of overseas Vietnamese” which work in parallel with the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (SRVN)‘s embassies, consulate general, consulate in other countries outside Vietnam.



It is also noted that the armed forces of the Communist SRVN at all administrative levels and the “People Public Safety Agents” and the “People National Defense, Order and Public Safety Forces” have been assigned duties as follows:

Army members whom to be owned, be discreetly led, managed whose foremost mission is to protect the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV).

Public safety personnel are extra sharp “swords” of the CPV. Its main meaning is to threaten and control and if the needs arise then these “people cops” will kill the People to protect and enhance the CPV’s political stability.

People security agents (sic) are disguised, unclothed soldiers and public safety agents have been implanted in all people organizations, associations and groups…from youths to elderly people, from retirees to ex-soldiers, writers, novelists’ associations to religious organizations…including in gangster bandits, whorehouses, gambling casinos, robbery gangs, drug trafficking groups, hired killers… These ugly, clumsy spies (moles) have been even implanted into the fake democracy activists, fake revisionists, cheating anti-communist groups…such as some notorious persons whom the readers have been known really well in Paltalk political chat rooms…And especially the groups of state-controlled religious leaders who have desperately longed for international prizes and other materialistic awards for decades.


Summarized commentary in lieu of conclusion: In order to defend the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV)’s selfish economic interests, political stability and survival and prevent nationwide uprisings of the People and fulfill responsibilities to the “mother authorities” and to various international financial and economic groups, the CPV has continued maintained an extra complex and intertwined government structures with so many agencies and divisions and their satellite organizations and agencies. That weird and wasteful, ineffective government structure helps the CPV and the cabinets oversee and inspect each other and prevent other non-communist people to infiltrate into their communist organization and party.


The expansion of the government (especially the Executive/ administration branch/ cabinet) and so many of other satellite organizations is surely a tactful compromise to share money and power between different political groups who work for their mother countries (e.g. USSR and China…) and various powerful international financial and economic groups. The extraordinary complexity of the CPV’s “make-to-believe” three branches of government is the major loophole to help the repressed Vietnamese People to locate the weakest conjunctions (links) of the CPV’s web-like government in order to launch political campaigns to destroy those weakest links with all creativities of our Vietnamese suppressed citizens. Only the suppressed People in Vietnam are able to recognize, understand and be able to examine and assess those weakest points in the CPV’s monstrous machinery of suppression to their own long-time unfortunate, physically and mentally suffered 90 million citizens in order to fight back the CPV and gain back their Fatherland Vietnam. 
Chính Khí Việt & Việt Sĩ


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