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Website “People’s Armed Forces” of the Vietnamese communists on February 18, 2014 announced the introduction of the book “Strategic Intelligence Agent Pham Xuan An” (sic) written by American historian Larry Berman.
Berman, in Hanoi, has transferred his copy right to the company “Initiative Culture Tri Viet- First News" to organize his book introduction. He also spent some extra time in Vietnam to produce its associated documentary movies of 120 minutes “Perfect Spy X6”.
This book was first introduced in Vietnam in September 2013 and 25,000 copies were sold. In the first page of this book, Larry Berman wrote: “Any time when I see the birds that are migrating from the sky, I immediately think of my friend, Pham Xuan An, who are smiling with me" (sic).
Larry is an American, also a professor of history. Communist Pham Xuan An was a spy who was sent to America to study since 1957 in order to understand American society so he could secretly work as an intelligence agent and joined in to work for American major papers. Therefore, up to 1975, communist Pham Xuan An already had 19 years of working and established close relationship with American journalists and media and also to American popular intelligence agents without being detected.
Born and raised in South Vietnam, then studied and worked for the Republic of  Vietnam (South Vietnam)  it meant communist Pham Xuan An was formal citizen of the Republic of Vietnam and built up relationships with American media who was the main and strategic ally of the Republic of  Vietnam to fight against the USSR and China in their horrified invasion to spread the Communism throughout Indochina via the red slaving soldiers of the Communist bloc.
As the principal ally of the Republic of Vietnamthe American human casualties were 58 thousand of American soldiers who were killed by the communists. Until now, the fate of other American troops who were missing in actions and many other dead soldiers’ remaining bones still have not been located. Whose interests did those American die for? Supposedly those death casualties were not fully for the interests of the Republic of  Vietnam then it is certain the sacrifice of those soldiers were for the American interests.
Berman’s complimentary support to the communist spy Pham Xuan An and his recognition of Pham as “a friend of mine” has caused confusion to the patriots around the world who truly love their countries. As a historian who clearly understood that America was a voluntary ally of the Republic of  Vietnam. Also Berman has probably never visited the historic wall in Washington D.C. which was made of shiny black granite on which 58,000 names of those American troops who got killed by the communist troops in Vietnam War were carved on. And Berman likely has never felt the sharp pain of the American dead troops’ widows and their family members who had desperately waited for these soldiers to come back home from the battle fields in Vietnam and then sadly welcomed back their relatives who lost their legs or arms during the war or these soldiers have been diagnosed with the “Vietnam syndrome”. Some soldiers only came back in their relatives’ dreams because they were reported “missing in actions”. Those pains were effectively contributed by Berman’s communist friend Pham Xuan An and his achievement was big enough to be praised by the grand killer Mai Chi Tho when he wrote: ”After the Vietnam War, we promoted Pham Xuan An to the army general and awarded him title “Hero of the People’s Armed Forces”. There is no need to say more details. Only the above decoration of the top communist leader can certify Pham Xuan An’s important role in the communist invasion war and what he has accomplished for the communist armed forces (Tomas A Bass’s The Spy Who Loves US, The New Yorker, page 23, 2005).  
Vietnam Veterans Memorial
All actions of communist Pham Xuan An have created concrete and serious damages to the U.S. and also to his “fatherland”, the Republic of  Vietnam, which raised him until his maturity. The strategic negative effect is still significant until now. But historian Larry Berman was naïve enough to listen to Pham Xuan An’ssweet talks and has not studied thoroughly in Pham’s detailed work. As a professor of history, how can Larry Berman explain to his students about patriotism and the betrayal of a national traitor as Pham Xuan An?
 These days, in the world, America is the only country which respects and concretely protects its citizens’ freedom of thoughts and speech. Evidence for this freedom is the recent movie “The House of Cards” produced by Kevin Spacey. This is the fact people “love America, Americans and whatever Americans protect” (sic). But the way of thinking and the book of Larry Berman are certainly favored by the Vietnamese communists and Pham Xuan An himself. Therefore, 25,000 copies of this book have been sold in its first introduction. And the Vietnamese communists has committed $US 1 million for the production of its associated movie “Perfect Spy X6”.
In “The Perfect Spy” Larry Berman maintained that communist Pham Xuan An  was different from other members of the Communist Party of Vietnam. He is the one who dearly loved America, Americans and whatever the America protects”.   
All American administrations during the Vietnam War against the “Red Colonization Ideology” in South East Asia all publicly committed to protect the Republic of Vietnam. Arguing as Berman does it mean these American administrations formally stated that they protected the Republic of Vietnam but in their real actions did they protect the Vietnamese communists?” is it possible that Larry Berman’s ideas mean 58,000 American troops who had killed by the communists during the Vietnam War were misled by American governments?  Or were these American troops’ sacrifices in Vietnam worthless to the core interests of America? 
Communist criminal Pham Xuan An has significantly contributed his strategically destructive intelligence work to kill more than 58,000 American soldiers.  More than 58,000 family members of those dead soldiers have suffered with daily depression to their widows, orphanage (children without fathers), and depressive parents. After the war, Pham was promoted from lieutenant colonel to general, also honorable title “Hero of the People’s Armed Forces” and many other military decorations and medals.  If Larry Berman considers communist criminal Pham Xuan An as his close friend then what kind of relationship does Berman offer to58,000 American soldiers and their family members. There is only one single answer: “These 58,000 deceased American soldiers’ relatives are truly enemies to American historian Larry Berman”. 
Finally, Larry Berman has been proud to be a friend of Pham Xuan An, the national traitor, when he had written: “Whenever viewing the migrating birds then I always think of my friend Pham Xuan An is smiling from the sky" (sic). Such of Berman’s imagination may be true. However, people may also continue their dream along with Berman a scenario of Pham Xuan An is looking down onBerman while grinning and murmuring: 
I am the Hero of the People’s Armed Forces with my goal to be loyal to my Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) with my 50 years of membership to my party since my childhood until my death. Besides turning your back to the America and Americans, you are only a disgusting betrayer to 58, 000 American troops who got killed in Vietnam and also a worst enemy to those soldiers’ relatives and friends then how dare you consider me as your friend?
I strongly demonstrated my capacity inside my enemy’s territories without any obstacles because I knew how to best take advantages of those naïve people like you. It is so good for my CPV’s objectives and at the same time I was mostly admired by you, one of the most idiots on earth. Therefore, I have never been paying sympathy to you to bend down my back and my great pride to be your friend, the STUPID HEAD, Berman!
Chính Khí Vit
Version in English language by Viet Si
 February, 19, 2014
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