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Antiques of Vietnam have been stolen ?

Antiques of Vietnam have been stolen ?
hinh anh chua chan long sau khi tru tri thich minh phuong bo di hinh 1
Cuối năm 2013, những câu chuyện xung quanh vị sư trụ trì chùa Chân Long (xã Chàng Sơn, huyện Thạch Thất, Hà Nội) - Thích Minh Phượng (tên thật là Nguyễn Xuân Long) đã gây xôn xao dư luận khi ông có những việc làm không đúng với quy định về quản lý di tích theo Luật Di sản văn hóa

Chan Long pagoda at Chang Son village, Thach That district (Ha Noi) has been classified by the CPV as a “National Historic Architecture” since 1992. In 2001 State-controlled monk Thich Minh Phuong was appointed by the State-run Buddhist Church to be the principal monk. Phuong considers this pagoda as his private home and uninstalled the thousand-year-old antique statutes to sell off or gave them to the CPV top members such as Le Kha Phieu such as a bronze drums (trong ddong) and replaced these historic pieces of antique with very cheap fake pieces of no value. One special fact: Fake monk Minh Phuong moved away and hid a very old Buddhist statute and replaced it by another fake statute whose face is exactly like him. The old tall trees in the pagoda’s yard were cut down to build a car garage for him. This violation was just found out in 2013, 12 years after his violation. The local government agencies has divisions of security, culture, administration…so if there was no conspiracy between fake monk Minh Phuong and those Communist officials then how was those grand thefts could happen?

 Dân bức xúc vì nhà sư rước tượng mình vào chùa


Those pieces of historic antique have been acquired since Chinese Man Thanh Dynasty through the French colonialism, Japanese Fascism. But today those national antique treasures have disappeared to Viet Communists via the bald state controlled fake monks named Minh Phuong.

It fact there is nothing new and strange if all Vietnamese are aware that the “Revolution” slogans since the day the CPV which had been trained by USSR and was given birth in 1930 immediately executed via the so-called “Xo Viet Nghe Tinh 1930-1931” with its main objective until today has been always to “dig down deep to root out the Intellects, the Rich, the Landlords and the Power”.

It is certainly that Vietnamese antiques have been disappearing if Vietnam is still under the CPV’s political power.


The bald fake monks inside and outside Vietnam have stolen from Vietnamese people by all religiously masked professional tricks such as phantom Quang Do and Basset short-legged Vo Van Ai, Thich Vien Ly who former major Lien Thanh called it “Axis Thanh Minh Zen Monastery (Vietnam) – Paris (Vo Van Ai, the super short guy) – US” who have used Buddhists’ money contributions to do “Buddhist affairs” but they seize opportunities to take female Buddhist faithful to hotel rooms such as Thich Khong Tanh as well as the bald guys in the state-run Buddhist Church in which the bald fake monk Thich Minh Phuong at Chan Long pagoda. This is only one out of thousands of scenarios of “real people in real scandals”.

Serious crimes of the bald fake monks have been progressive via unconsciously cooperation of the Buddhists who are still uncertainly aware that their monetary contributions feed and spoil those bad monks and also their sin of “religious destruction” such as Hai Dao Buon, Thuc Vu, Tue Kiem, Da Thao, Minh Hieu (in Paltalk seminar room “Free Voice of Vietnamese) run by the international thief Sy Hoang who directly runs and controls chatters. Money contributors, please think thoroughly before you donate your hard-earned money to those thieves.

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