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Respectfully dedicate to the assassinated President Ngo Dinh Diem and ladies and gentlemen who have followed his leadership to sacrifice for our fatherland Vietnam, to honor his spirit to continue his political guidance: Fatherland, Honor and Responsibility.

The Vietnamese generations who love their Fatherland Vietnam, their People, Liberty and Peace.

Dear distinguished readers,

Today is April 1st, 2016, after unmasking the fake so-called “politicians” inside and outside Vietnam, we, the authors, would like to share some of our thoughts with our respected, beloved and patriotic Vietnamese inside and outside Vietnam a strategic question and also a concern: “Which direction should we go towards during our ceaseless fight to seize back our country Vietnam from the iron hands of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) and other international political super powers?

Tổng Thống Ngô Đình Diệm

Assassinated President Ngo Dinh Diem who ran the First Republic of (South) Vietnam from 1959 - 1963

Even though, we, the authors of this book, are young whose academic backgrounds and real life experience are not quite to be considered as intellectual and profound, but one thing is definitely sure: Since at a young age, after learning  the speeches of the assassinated President Ngo Dinh Diem which were communicated to the Armed Forces of Vietnam: “Fatherland, Honor and Responsibility” we have been impressed and have always reminded ourselves that everybody including our young students should be striving our best to achieve those goals regardless of  their social classes in the society, education levels or ages. It means we should continue to build up and enrich our country, Vietnam, in every aspect which our ancestors had to work and struggle so hard to achieve, enhance, refine and eventually give and/ or will it to all of us, the future generations, in order that we have to be able to continue working diligently to continue developing and enhance it to a better Vietnam and Vietnamese community on the piece of land, our Fatherland Vietnam, and establish a strong political and economic position for our country among the world community.

The responsibility of the Vietnamese people is to defend and protect this piece of fatherland which was given to us by our ancestors. We not only have to keep our fatherland intact but we also have to protect and enrich it in many different aspects to keep up with the super-fast innovation of the world civilization.

The Vietnamese People has been highly proud with their brave and victorious history of over 4,000 years of Vietnamese fine culture. There are a number of different ethnicities who live in Vietnam. They have been bound together with our cultural ties, living under harsh weather in some parts of the country (Central and North Vietnam) and their historic struggles to defend themselves against repeatedly and massively military invasions of our giant neighbor China in the north. Vietnamese people have learned their lessons well and gained good experience to preserve and develop their country to keep up with international development standards. This is the main responsibility in which all of us and each of us must continue working intelligently and diligently towards that goal to make Vietnam become a keen sense of pride to each and all Vietnamese citizens.   

 Late President Ngo Dinh Diem’s guidance, also a concrete theme, is consisted of only 3 spiritual concepts: Fatherland, Honor and Responsibility. But these words and concepts significantly echo an extremely noble living style, a so fine tradition and a concrete, feasible path to build up our glorious future of happiness, high materialistic and spiritual living standards and spiritual realization for Vietnam and all Vietnamese citizens.

Let us begin with the “Russian Revolution” of October 1917. Why do we choose that point of the world history since the “Russian Revolution of 1917”? Because, since the socialist (closely-communist) Russia was founded in October 1917 after the revolution then the world immediately had a new force which was compatible with the European colonists in the West. These European colonists created a fine justification during their occupations in the other nations as “Introduction of European civilization to the poor and underdeveloped countries” to make its occupation and influence be accepted by the world. However, those European colonists might recklessly create a government agency and named it as “The Ministry of Colonies” to govern those countries which they had dominated. 

Russia was founded with its political slogan “Common/ Shared World” based on Lenin’s philosophy. It means Russia was concerned to the colonial nations which were under the governing of the western colonists. Therefore, since its birth of Lenin’s regime, one can name it as “Red Colonialism” to differentiate with the western colonialism (the old colonialism).  Since its birth, the “Red Colonialism” has learned valuable lessons from the western colonists so it was more sophisticated then the western countries in its invasions and conquests to the other parts of the world. Therefore, to be a counterpart of the Ministry of Colonies, Russia under Lenin gave birth to “The Third International Communist” which is the USSR. The Ministry of Colonies by the western colonists organized administration, employed the civilian governors and subordinates to hold tight all colonies after they invaded, occupied or remotely controlled through their local subordinates. In the meantime, the “Red colonialism” selected, hired, trained and directed their local subordinates in the countries after they invaded those nations. A live example was Vietnam at that time which was under the governance of the western colonists (France). Then the “Red colonists” under Lenin not only selected, trained those local subordinates but they also assisted those subordinates to organize “Coups d’Etat” and seize those local governments under their complete control via the hands of its local subordinating leaders. Vietnam under Ho Chi Minh was a best example in history. Those “coups” were called “Proletarian Revolutions”.

Vietnam’s issues

Late President Ngo Dinh Diem & his guidance: Fatherland - Honor – Responsibility

It is better to differentiate between the followers to the Communism. In theory (philosophy) to the application of the theory which is called Marx-Engels ideology there are many different political viewpoints.

First: Among the followers to Marx-Engels there are 4 different “international” groups to explain the theory and application of this philosophy: “The First International, the Second, the Third and the Fourth International”.

In Vietnam, the faithful people (cadres) to Marx-Engels philosophy were named themselves “The Fourth International (or “Trotskyist”). The Third International is the typical product of V.I. Lenin which was the Ministry of Colonies of the USSR (after October 1917 Proletarian Revolution).

The typical idea of the Third International is based on the new colonialism which was created by Lenin by competing for colonies with western colonists such as England, France, Portugal, Spanish…and also to the King of Russia.

These Marx-Engels ’crazy heads and their so-called philosophy/ ideology has been now dumped off mercilessly to big smelly historic dumpsters for many decades starting in 1990s after the complete collapse of this crazy philosophy in the communist cradle USSR. Then it was eventually spread at very fast speed to all over eastern Europe countries after a very short period of time. 

Lenin’s political viewpoint was the extension of the colonialism of the Russian King (both were born to their same biological mother). But Lenin raised the strategic objective to the international level “The common/ shared world”.

It is our attention that the October 1917 Proletarian Revolution in Russia by Lenin was theoretically opposite to the academia logic of Marx-Engels. To mask up his face really well, Lenin borrowed the shirt of Marx-Engels to cover his “Totalitarian Red Colonialism”. Lenin also attached his name tightly into Marx-Engels ideology (“Marx-Engels-Lenin ideology”) and argued that the “Leninism” (in fact it was the Totalitarian Red Colonialism) is “the development of Marx-Engels philosophy in the political environment that the capitalism had developed and progressed itself to reach its decayed summit and transformed itself into the Imperialism ideology…, an accomplice of the consortiums among the capitalist nations, especially the western countries.

Therefore, the acceptance or rejection the “arguments on the colony issues” initiated by Lenin are the standards to differentiate between the Third International communists from the other “Internationals”. Leninism is called the Totalitarian Red Colonialism because:
Members of the Communist Party who became the high level totalitarian rulers are accounted many more than the number of dictators in the monarchy (dynasty) regimes in the old time history.

The ordinary citizens, as a matter of fact, became hard workers as animals without fair pays and internationally accepted working conditions and health and safety insurance coverages under the forms of human beings who are worse than laborious slaves in the old time history.

If Russia was successful in putting the heaviest RED plough on the shoulders of millions of unfortunate Russian citizens in the extra sweet donut “Citizens live in the common/ shared world where they  work leisurely upon their own personal wishes and enjoying everything upon their unlimited demands, needs and desires…” then after repeatedly political purges members of the communist ruling party will be big bosses who actually “sat leisurely and ate freely” on the heads of countless repressed citizens who love peace, society fairness, liberty of religions. These Russian communist big bosses also played roles of the grand bosses whose extended power covered other parts of the world. The local communist members (e.g. Vietnamese communist members) would be their dedicated subordinates to carry their commands to them, the local subordinates to those super communist power authorities.     

Vietnam’s case

In the general conferences of the Communist Party of Vietnam, there are some basic, standard procedural steps as follows:

Conferences to elect the executive committee which bases on the list which is recommended by the previous executive committee which is also endorsed by the superiors’ direct advices and directives. It means the executive committee must be pre-approved by the superior. The proposed list was already pre-approved by the superiors. The recommendation is simply a show-off formality in order to be called “democratic election”. 

However, to be more cautious, the staffing arrangements were pre-approved by the top bosses and the retired committee only suggested that pre-approved list of staff for election but the final step must be the top bosses’ recognition via final resolutions or decrees. Also, the positions of General Secretary, Deputy General Secretary of General Affairs sometimes are always pre-appointed before those elections.

The election procedure is standard from the lowest levels of the communist party up the top level. At top central level there is no election. In Vietnam, in the past that formula was call “Party – Division (Dang – Doan). After the 4th General Communist Conference (1976), the
Party – Division was changed to “Charge Committee (Ban Can Su). e.g. “Charge Committee Ministry of Culture”.

All staffing for these above organization are appointed by the Central Committee of the Party including positions of General Secretary, Permanent, Delegate…are all appointed. Now, the elections of Charge Committees are only a “jokingly chatting story” in leisure time to make up well their “artificial democracy”. Because the election must be compliant and consistent with the “Central” (Ministry of Political Affairs)’s decision ahead of time.

They meet to elect new members of local agencies of their communist party then at same time they elect delegates to attend meetings of the upper level.

In Vietnam, before the USSR collapse, by the political guideline of the communist party, the organizing, staffing and planning to change the communist party’s charters and regulations to the economic, cultural, social, defense plans…the authorized delegates such as Secretary General, First Secretary or at least Permanent Secretary (the second figure in the party) must meet USSR’s authorized officials (Bolshevik) to review the final documentation and arrangements before bringing those documents back to Vietnam to the so-called “Central Conference to approve those documents in the conference”. During the conference, the reading, reviewing those documents and the staff election are only a simple, quick procedure for formality which do not discuss or understand the contents of those documents. That are the most relaxing time for the Party’s member and Congress to make all conference attendees be happy and together they howl out real loud in the big conference room “Unanimously, unanimously, unanimously agreedto follow Uncle HỒ CHỦ TỊT’s strategic steps (who lives forever at the ...bottoms…of all Vietnamese People) …to save the sinking Vietnam and the losing unfortunate Vietnamese People…”


Such election standards are the “uniqueness” of the “Centralized Democracy of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV)” since Ho Chi Minh’s administration, at the time the Second General Conference was held in North Vietnam (1951) and it gave birth to the Labor Party of Vietnam. Before that time, important leading positions in the Party were directly appointed by the USSR authorities.

Ex: Le Hong Phong was in USSR, who was appointed by the USSR to replace Tran Phu because Tran Phu died. But when he just arrived Saigon Le Hong Phong was arrested so the USSR officials appointed Ha Huy Tap (Chief of Committee of Foreign Relations) to replace Le Hong Phong. USSR official also appointed Nguyen Thi Minh Khai to become Secretary General in Saigon and Phung Chi Kien to replace Ha Huy Tap as Chief of Committee of Foreign Relations. And then USSR also appointed Phung Chi Kien in charge of Vietnam’s Armed Forces. But Phung Chi Kien was arrested by Ho Chi Minh and Vo Nguyen Giap and Kien was shot to death. Then Giap was appointed by Ho to replace Kien’s position (in charge of the armed forces) along with Chu Van Tan.

When the “Revisionism” and “Dogmatism” happened then the Vietnamese communists had to be under the leadership of both Revisionist Russian officials and Dogmatic Chinese officials.

Revisionism or Dogmatism were only the propagandist justifications of totalitarian Russians and expansionist Chinese who fought against each other to seize the “three-legged chairs” but they themselves were all Totalitarian Red Colonists/ Expansionists.

The differences between the two ideologies (Revisionism and Dogmatism) were:

Revisionist Russians considered communists and capitalists could live along with each other peacefully (“Peaceful Coexistence” Policy). The author of the Revisionism was USSR General Secretary Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev (April 15, 1894 – September 11, 1971).

Chinese Dogmatism considered WARS were inevitable in the world because Imperialism still exists, leading by the imperialist America, the international police (big cop) and the giant guy, America, whose feet were clay.

The authors would like to make some comments:

Firstly:  After the USSR had launched campaigns for their “Peaceful Coexistence Policy” then they secretly transported nuclear missiles to Cuba which aimed directly to the American soil. USSR trained and supported Cuban armed forces to invade some African countries by conducting big arms and drug sale channels as in Congo, Ethiopia…USSR also sent troops to Afghanistan and got deeply sunk down in that mountainous country. Finally, USSR had to withdraw all of their armed forces from Afghanistan after some 10 years of fruitless occupation.

China predicted “Inevitable, unavoidable World Wars” and blamed it America but China itself repeatedly launched big-sized mortars to Banh Ho and Ma To islands of Taiwan, instigated regional conflicts with the USSR and India. Even though with its national widespread famine, China still built strategic highway through desert Karakoram Pakistan. It was mostly ridiculous that the international conference at Bandung, Chinese Zhou Enlai and Indian Prime Minister Nehru signed an accord about the “5-point Peaceful Coexistence” and had “the international police America whose feet made of clay” to ignore the fact that some American scientists who lived in Xinjiang (China) be protected by Marshal Cong Tran Van to build nuclear bombs and strategic long-range weapons for China.

Secondly: Clothing outfit: “Revolutionary Political Communist Party of Vietnam”, Heart: Groups of crooked, decayed and…heartless communist leaders and cadres.

For over 80 years, French colonialism was forced being implemented and carried out upon Vietnam while Vietnamese People had ceaselessly fought against the French and then the three major political powers invaded, conquered and completely controlled Vietnam: French colonists, Japanese Fascists and the Nguyen Dynasty.

The main points the authors would like to share with you here are:

The very first time in Vietnam history of building and defending our fatherland there was a group of communist cadres who raised up high their flags to “save people, seize back beloved country from the French” but it hid their true faces of a group of political crooks. They voluntarily gave out our Fatherland Vietnam and its People to the communist super powers, Russia and China. It is the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) whose leadership and fanatic members were skillfully selected and trained in Russia and China to work in the roles of Russian and China’s subordinates to transform Vietnam into Russian and Chinese’s properties. It transformed Vietnamese People into free laborious slaves under very harsh working conditions without internationally accepted health and labor contracts protections. In Vietnamese communist leaders’ political viewpoints, both the nation of Vietnam and its People belong to the USSR (Russia) and China.

The so-called Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) is consisted of the Vietnamese Russian Bolsheviks and Chinese trained radical communist leaders because they confessed themselves that their top leadership are the top leadership of the USSR and China. The CPV’s party flag (until 2013) is having red background and yellow hammer and sickle which is also Russian national flag and it all bears the bloody red background color of Chinese national flag.

Because not all Vietnamese communist members were trained in Russia, therefore, after the general conference to prepare unifying the communist party under Russian direct supervision, Ho Chi Minh had written his report to Russia in 1929 that after the introduction of the CPV then the CPV itself under Ho Chi Minh leadership strongly affirmed:

The CPV is the direct subordinate of the Third International Communist (the Ministry of Colonies of the USSR).

The USSR is the CPV’s fatherland.

The CPV only obeys and complies with the USSR’s commands and directives.

Until now, the CPV has often implanted its cadres into all political organizations and almost all sizeable Vietnamese People’s social associations which still treasure their “nationalism spirit” then those communist cadres will find ways to seize the leadership positons of those organizations fully or partially to achieve the goals which were set up by the USSR leadership to meet with their selfish political and economic requirements and interests.

The CPV has transformed all CPV’s members into Bolshevik people and has a wild dream and wish to transform all Vietnamese People into Bolshevik in all aspects of Vietnam society. In their view, all Vietnamese People should become slaves and soldiers for the USSR to struggle against their enemies and struggle themselves to achieve Soviet’s strategic goals to expand Soviet’s colonies. And in their view again, recently in the last few decades, all Vietnamese citizens should become slaves of the greedy expansionist Chinese.

1925: Ho Chi Minh sold patriotic revolutionist Phan Boi Chau to the French for a big amount of money and obtain French honorable acceptance and recognition.

1930: Ho Chi Minh sold to the French colonists the secret information of the uprising of Vietnam People’s Party under the party young president, 30 years old, Nguyen Thai Hoc.

1930 - 1931: Ho founded the “Xo Viet Nghe Tinh Revolution” under Soviet’s direction.

It is worthwhile to remind all of us that after the party presentation (introduction) under its name “The Communist Party of Vietnam” (CPV) then the Soviet commanded the party name be changed to “The Communist Party of Indochina” but at that time there were none of Cambodian or Laotian members in that party. The party’s name change confirmed a few things:

“The communist party of Vietnam” being changed to “The communist party of Indochina” means the USSR has assigned a major responsibility to Vietnam communist Party (CPV) to invade, conquer and force the communist ideology to all three Indochinese countries Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. That is the true identity of the Vietnamese communists, represented by the CPV which has been a sharp tool of the USSR in Indochina which was still under the French governance and strong influence at that time.

The real meaning of the Vietnamese communists’ slogan “Fighting the French colonists to seize back liberty for Vietnamese People and independence for our Fatherland” was only a big thick mask of the Vietnamese communists to hide their heartless strategy of using free blood and bones of Vietnamese People including Laotian and Cambodian citizens and all national and human resources of all these three countries to help the USSR expand its international communism. And later on, during the course of history the Vietnamese communists also helped Chinese communists to expand its Chinese communist dogmatism.

The fact that the Vietnamese communists accepted the USSR’s order to change their party name “Communist Party of Indochina” was the evidence the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) has been the best tool of the USSR to spread and force the communism over the 3 Indochinese countries, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

Briefly speaking: The Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV), under any name, any political  masks, since its birth until now and to the coming days in the near future when it is completely destroyed by itself from inside of its CPV and/ or also by the strong political will of all Vietnamese People to free themselves from communist tyranny, then the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) itself is simply a group of voluntarily political subordinates, Russia-and-or-China-paid “politicians”, who work for their international communist supervisors, Russia and China, to serve their foreign commanders-in-chief’s selfish political and economic interests. Regardless of whatever the CPV has done under any bombarding slogans such as “strategic plans” ...those are all under the utmost leadership and strict direction of the international communist ideologies Expansionism and Dogmatism.

Chính Khí Việt & Việt Sĩ


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