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American ambassador to Vietnam Ted Osius’s interview (Part 3)

American ambassador to Vietnam Ted Osius’s interview (Part 3)


                       American Ambassador to Vietnam Ted Osius with a baby in Saigon, Vietnam



The authors would like to continue with other commentaries which are related to American ambassador Ted Osius to Vietnam and Vietnamese media in American embassy in Hanoi in the “20th Anniversary of Normalizing Diplomatic Relations” between the U.S. and Vietnam. In this important event, ambassador Osius stated: “It is realized that our direct and sincere dialogues about the past issues then we can cooperate in the areas which are not only important to you, our friends, but also crucial to the South East Asia region” (sic).  Osius is pretty much a skillful diplomat because he initiated his welcoming term “our friends” to mention about the Vietnamese communist government and the media.


Communist Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung in the ceremony to mark the 40th anniversary of the takeover of Saigon on April, 30, 2015


To this point, the authors remember Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung’s statement in his speech to mark the 40th year of unification Vietnam (30/4/1975 – 30/4/2015). After brutally condemning Americans, Dung pointed to his brief statement “We definitely carry out our policy to close down the past and look forward to the future” (sic). 


It means ambassador Osius and Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung’s political viewpoints are similar which aim to close the conflicting past between America and Vietnam and have plans to work together in present and in future.


Their viewpoints to close the past and cooperate in future will be likely disapproved by the majority of suppressed Vietnamese people inside and outside Vietnam if they have sufficient information to make sound assessments and determine their political positions. Because there are common goals between ambassador Osius and Vietnamese government but in fact when looking back to the past some historic facts are identified:


America intervened into Vietnam to fight the USSR and China and used the Vietnamese communists as the justification and forcibly sent American troops into Vietnam. There was no official agreement or accord when American troops entered Vietnam in 1965. Therefore, the South Vietnamese government was put in a situation that the American troops in Vietnam was considered as a “matter of facts”. Especially, American forces were not authorized to win the war but used their limited forces in some different forms in the “escalating Vietnam war” were the military experiments and also provided good combat and military experience to the communist allies and the communist troops who were equipped with modern rifles and ammunitions which were superior to the troops of American and Vietnamese allies. The Republic of Vietnam’s troops were forced to be in defensive mode while the Communist forces were authorized to infiltrate deep into South Vietnam to attack, destroy and terrorize military bases and also civilians which caused heavy casualties to both free Vietnam’s forces and to the Innocent civil people. It was definitely an unfair war game in which the free South Vietnamese forces were tied down their fighting hands through limited and outdated weapons and monetary assistance from the free allies while the Communist North Vietnam forces were generously provided with abundant of economic and military assistance from the whole Communist blocs.  South Vietnam’s forces were targets for international and American media to investigate and untruthfully magnified stories while the communist spies who disguised under their writers or reporters covers then their activities to help the communist side were justified as activities of those who were authentic patriotic to their fatherland Vietnam. For example, Australian news reporter Burchett or French reporter Jean Claude label, nephew in-law of scholar communist-pro Hoang Xuan Han. Jean usually went to the secret military sanctuaries of the Communist forces in South Vietnam to meet with then General Secretary Nguyen Van Linh. On April 30, 1975 after the communists took over Vietnam Linh gave Jean a big mansion in Saigon, Phi Nana precinct.


Our question to ambassador Osius: Was the strategically political goal of America at that time in Vietnam War to force Southern forces to be defeated by the communists and had South Vietnam to be dying gradually. After America achieved their complete military withdrawal from Vietnam after signing the Paris Peace Accord with North Vietnam in 1973 then the whole Southern armed forces and 50 million Vietnamese people were abandoned to fall into the international communist’s control under the iron hands of USSR and China. And the Southern Vietnamese military officers and civil services administrators were all imprisoned in the so-called “Re-education Camps” which were the disguised forms of forced labor without pay and sufficient food in year-round-fiercely-cold weather. 

Because the goal was to work for American ultimate interests therefore South Vietnam armed forces were transformed into low-ranking soldiers to serve for American international relations strategy. In additional to help the Communist forces to be well trained to become great fighting forces. Then it might be the over half of a million American GI troops and allies in Vietnam had another strategic mission was to assist with Mao Tse Tung to implement his “Cultural Revolution” in China. The real goal of both America and China at that time might be to destroy the Communist Party of China at that time and replaced it with a new generation of Chinese people to be work hand in hand with the “Red Guards” with ultimate objective was to purge all leading Chinese officials who heavily supported Russia. 



It was the concrete assistance offered by America to China via American “Ping Pong Diplomacy” therefore there was a historic meeting between US President Richard Nixon and President Mao Tse Tung and Zhou Enlai. Then the Paris Peace Accord concerning Vietnam was given birth. America happily returned to the U.S. soil and abandoned its victim who used to be its close ally whom America swore in its loyalty and sincerity to defend Vietnam, the free world’s frontier.  Those suffering people have been Vietnamese military officers and civilian managers who used to work closely with American, especially South Vietnamese wounded and decapitated troops.  


Another example to prove the U.S. pre-determined the political fate for South Vietnam be bloody and tear by using CIA agent colonel Lucien Conein to use $US 40,000 to buy the Vietnamese betraying generals and colonels to overthrow President Ngo Dinh Diem’s constitutionally elected government on November 1, 1963. These Vietnamese generals who ran the Coup d’Etat were truly national traitors (spies for American government under President John F. Kennedy and ambassador to Vietnam Henry Cabot Lodge), with effective assistance of An Quang militant group with one of the top leaders was Thich Quang Do. Do was recently nominated for the World Nobel Prize. In addition to these above figures were leftist M.D. student Nguyen Dan Que. Que’s brother Nguyen Quoc Quan, currently living in Virginia, USA has been also entrusted by America.

Those above groups have been assisted by the moles who had been implanted in South Vietnam after Geneva Accord of 1954 which divided Vietnam into two parts, North and South, the military demarcation line was at 17th parallel. This fact was mentioned in some work of the authors about those spying groups who have worked hand in hand with leftist forces.



After the first Republic of Vietnam under President Ngo Dinh Diem was overthrown, the subsequent Southern Vietnamese governments only lasted for a short period of time. The turn overs between governments was high. These military led governments worked under the White House’s direction to serve American interests. This sad political situation was predicted by Political Counselor Ngo Dinh Nhu, President Ngo Dinh Diem’s brother. Therefore during 9 years of governing South Vietnam, Diem did not approve the military, especially US troop direct intervention in Vietnam. Diem only requested military and economic assistance, personnel, military trainings and US advisors…In his well-known book “Main Political Issues of Vietnam”, Political counselor Ngo Dinh Nhu predicted very much precisely that “if the First Republic of Vietnam collapses then shortly after South Vietnam will fall to Northern Vietnamese communists and then shortly the whole Vietnam will fall into Red China’s control…”



“The main political issues of Vietnam” (Author: Vietnamese Political Counselor Ngo Dinh Nhu)


To serve America’s international police role, more than 58 thousands American GIs have sacrificed. It is regretting that many Vietnamese citizens who fully entrusted into American promises to defend South Vietnam so they expressed their profound appreciation to America as the most sincere and loyal ally of South Vietnam. However, if we think deeply then that expression of appreciation should be questionable if American help is worthwhile compared to other heavy casualties and damages to Vietnam and its citizens for many generations after the whole Vietnam fell under the communists’ hands.


The appreciation to American involvement in Vietnam during the Vietnam War is not quite amusing because the big sacrifice of 58 thousand American GIs and tons of money poured into Vietnam battle fields have not resolved any big issues for the fatherland and the People of Vietnam. Now, the American troops fought in Vietnam was truly one of the strong reasons for the communist leadership to instigate the Vietnamese “patriots” to join the communist group to fight against South Vietnam, America and their allies. Those “patriots” had been misinformed and misled in the war by both America, Russia and China. 


The psychological war information was also seriously misled with the assistance of the communists in Eastern Europe, the leftist groups in Western Europe such as France and England.  


Therefore, during Vietnam War, Vietnam was transformed into the battle field between the international powers to fight for their own selfish interests. That was the US dollars which were dying by the blood of innocent Vietnamese citizens in Vietnam. The longer the political and military bargain in Vietnam War had been then blood of Vietnamese people would have been shed heavily in accordance with the negotiation time and Vietnam fatherland would have been destructed in similar velocity.



If it is the matter of “sincerity to the past issues between America and Vietnam” (sic) then Mr. Ambassador, these are the truths which are not fabricated by the authors of this book, but this awful truths have been recognized by American top diplomats. That are the dirty political coup in Vietnam on November 1st, 1963 in which American government under President John F. Kennedy / ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge who accomplished with An Quango militant group (Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam to overthrow and inhumanly kill President Ngo Dinah Diem and his brothers Ngo Dinah NH, Ngo Dinah Can and their assistants.


Recently America honored the armed forces of the Republic of Vietnam and a number of generals who killed himself on April 30, 1975 when Saigon fell down into the Communists’ hands. Among these were super brave and dedicated colonels Ho Ngoc Can, Police Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Van Long, Navy major Nguy Van Tha scarified themselves with his subordinates in defending duty of Hoang Sa islands. His name has just been named for a major avenue in Houston, Texas (


The naming of those military heroes are quite historically justified. Also, please do not forget that the sacrifice of those general of the armed forces of Republic of Vietnam on April 30, 1975 should be included those of the other officers, non-commissioned officers, soldiers, police, military police and other civilians who are under the suppression of the communist government in North Vietnam who did kill themselves because their last hope for the rescue by South Vietnam evaporated. All these people who committed suicide because they have been well educated with the guidelines of President Ngo Dinah Diem: Fatherland, Honor and Responsibility by which President Diem and his assistants carried out since 1954 after Diem took charge of South Vietnam.

President Ngo Dinh Diem met the Budhhist monks in the Independence Palace in Saigon

                        President Ngo Dinh Diem and Political Counselor Ngo Dinh Nhu’s family


Therefore, the most serious omission is that the American government has not publicly expressed remorse concerning the intervention and responsibility of previous American administrations who had intervene deeply into internal politics of the Republic of Vietnam for decades and their final responsibilities about the deaths of the 3 Ngo’s brothers. Indeed, it is our wish that American government needs to publicly express sorrow and somewhat bear the responsibilities in whole or in part about the horrific deaths of the Ngo’s brothers. By that, the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) and the Vietnamese refugee’s community can reflect themselves on the example of self-sacrifice, dedication, patriotism of President Ngo Dinah Diem to Vietnam fatherland and to his Vietnamese People. President Ngo Dinah Diem’s memorial statute should be erected as soon as possible, side by side with the statute of the deceased soldiers and civil managers to set a guiding torch to lead the way for the patriotic of Vietnam who can follow President Ngo’s outstanding, patriotic leadership.


Chinh Khi Viet & Viet Si

June 29, 2015





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