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American ambassador to Vietnam Ted Osius’ nonsensical speech (Part 2)

American ambassador to Vietnam Ted Osius’ nonsensical speech
(Part 2)


To continue our analysis concerning American ambassador to Vietnam Ted Osius’ speech in his conference with state-run Vietnamese media in American embassy in Hanoi in the afternoon June, 25, 2015, the authors would like to share with the ambassador and with distinguished, respectful readers our thoughts as follows:




American ambassador Ted Osius (standing, in his 3-piece dark suit) in his meeting with Vietnamese media in American embassy in Hanoi on 6/25/2015.

1- Firstly, we appreciate the heartfelt sentiment of ambassador Osius in which he shared his assessments about Vietnam. Let’s ask the media participants who sat around the long rectangular table in the American embassy if they professionally carry out their duties as competent and ethical members of the Vietnamese media community to serve their Vietnamese citizens, also tax payers who daily and generously feed these "media people" using their very hard-earned money. Because, one simple thing is: all people who work for the media or organizations which are under control of the communist party of Vietnam (CPV) through its provincial political leadership channels then their main goal is by all means they have to hide up their true role as loyal subordinating workers who work for the Vietnamese communist government and indirectly work for their two super power Russia and China. These days, the world political activities have dramatically and fast changed then the Chinese leadership requires these faithful Vietnamese subordinating cadres be flexible, hide up their true political (communist or pro-communist) identities in order to perform their jobs really well as professional play writers and political stage performers. They cannot be hard-lining communist media as those in the decades of 1950s, 1960s who only threw out "cut-throat" information, songs and articles on papers…to push people and young troops rushing to the front of the battle fields to "fight imperialist America" but the Vietnamese media should be more creative and tactful enough to work and achieve their political goals (for the Communist party) and also perform other fancifully foul plays to trick and bait the naïve audience, citizens of Vietnam and the public opinions around the globe into their dangerous but extra sweet political traps so they can most advantages of them.

For example: In the ceremony to commemorate the 40th year of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV)’s victory of the unification of Vietnam, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung’s speech was consisted one of these key statements:" Again, we are highly grateful to the socialist republic governments and their people who helped us tremendously to win the Vietnam War, especially our special thanks to our two super power USSR and China" (sic).

His other statement in that same speech:" However, imperialist Americans arbitrarily imposed their new colonialism ideology in Vietnam, to transform South Vietnam into American military bases, suppressed our brave, consistent Revolution of the South Vietnamese people and conducted their massive destructive war against North Vietnam. They created too much pains and great losses to our Vietnamese people and also to our fatherland".

In that speech while mentioning about a series of invasive and punishing war which was initiated by China against Vietnam in 1979 and crushed off a number of provinces along North Vietnam - China border, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung only used very light and vaguest wording such as "Protect our northern borders" (sic). He did not show his rabbit’s gut to point his finger directly to the northern aggressive China, Vietnam’s "good neighbor as teeth and covering teeth and their 16 mutual golden promises/ commitments…"

Also, broadcasting about the Chinese obvious territory invasion in the mainland, national waters, islands of Vietnam, the Vietnamese state-controlled media only covers these extremely aggressive warfare incidents by using super light-weight wording such as "Strange ships", "Strangers". They have never dared to write or say "Expansionist Chinese" or "Chinese aggressors".

2- Secondly, ambassador Ted Osius cannot overlook the politically meaningful gift which Vietnamese representative Pham Quang Nghi handed to U.S. senator McCain when Nghi visited America a couple of years ago to demonstrate Vietnam’s "utmost loyalty" and "Yes- men…philosophy and wishful long-term commitments" from Vietnam communist leaders to America.

In his meeting with Vietnam state-run media, ambassador Osius used his extra warm welcoming message to those Vietnamese cadres by calling them "my dear friends".

America honors American soldiers’ courage, sacrifice and dedication to carry out their patriotic missions in Vietnam War


 3- When ambassador Osius "makes friend" with 4 million Vietnamese communist party’s members and ignores 88 million Vietnamese people than this is his truly unwise decision. Osius is not quite honest to the People of Vietnam. He cannot be bragging so much that he understands the history of Vietnam, Vietnamese culture and its historically profound traditions…which he explicitly expressed in his speech.

When ambassador Osius confirmed Vietnamese communists are his friends then how can he justify his national patriotism to 2 million and 700,000 Vietnamese political refugees who fled away from the communists who took over Vietnam on April 30, 1975. These Vietnamese refugees have been living in the US, constructively contributing and enriching American economy, culture and technology… in many different aspects.

Also, how can ambassador Osius justify his political position to the deceased 58,000 American soldiers who were killed atrociously by the communists in Vietnam War. The Vietnam War was the war in which his U.S. governments and its previous American presidents have considered that as a dutiful war to fight for the right causes, for the Democracy and the world freedom… to fend off the Russian and Chinese expansionism ideology in which their goal was taking complete control and ownership over Vietnam and other countries in the South East Asia region, according to the "Dominoes effect" of the late President Lyndon B. Johnson.

Furthermore, ambassador Osius has made dedicated efforts to "polish up bronze faces" of the fake fighters in Vietnam who play tricky political games as noisy critics against the Vietnamese communist leadership and their affiliated organizations. Also, Osius has acted as a creative political contact to make connections between those state-controlled cadres with the outside world and the Vietnamese people outside Vietnam with his goal to wipe out the lines of political differences between the Vietnamese communities inside Vietnam and other Vietnamese who live outside Vietnam. Therefore, he can achieve his final objective that all Vietnamese inside Vietnam and around the world will recognize and politically support the cruel Vietnamese communist regime.

4- Let’s friendly remind ambassador Osius that the political resolution of the Vietnamese communist leadership in their 9th (11th session) conference on May 14, 2014 of the Party’s central committee, Vietnam has created "The Party Delegations in Oversea Countries". Certainly, the ambassador cannot say he was unaware of that establishment. As a powerful American ambassador he should have been very sensitive, be informed and ready to all those important scenarios which strictly pertain and impact the U.S. intelligence, U.S. security, economy and society. He cannot claim he is unaware of those significant political scenarios and decline his acknowledgement or involvement.

It is obvious the ambassador’s "Vietnamese friends or comrades" have created their leadership organization, "Committee of Overseas Vietnamese" to comply with the communist strategic guide line "Party leads, Administration runs and the People fully own…their last tattered 3-hole T shirts" in order to push people hard and make their Congress’ "36th Political Resolution" become a glorious reality. In the meantime, other satellite organizations of the "Committee of Overseas Vietnamese" are the big-mouthed "walking dead" who wear "blue shirts for peace but communist red underwear" to play all kind of colorful tricks. Other Vietnamese political parties, associations, surrendered, losing individuals and systems of media and music entertainment of different forms, shapes and sizes have also been built up simultaneously and been enhanced rigorously to contribute their political parts (having disguised themselves really well under artistic, musical, cultural activities…) throughout the past 40 years.

One concrete example was "Nguoi Viet Media Group" under the late founding President Do Ngoc Yen. He presided important meetings with Nguyen Tan Dung, then vice prime minister of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, and with other communist leaders. This photo below has definitely certified Do Ngoc Yen’s communist supportive political position and at the same time he immediately became a disrespected key media leader" among the Vietnamese political refugees community around the world. Most importantly, this photo has strongly demonstrated his strategically political missions assigned by his superiors to lead the public opinion to become favorable to the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) and its legitimacy and legality.

Image result for hình đỗ ngọc yến chụp chung với nguyễn tấn dũngImage result for hình đỗ ngọc yến chụp chung với nguyễn tấn dũng

It is not necessary to repeat but ambassador Osius has fully understood the "Nguoi Viet group" has written and published articles, cartoons and pictures…to badly smear the Vietnamese refugees community and their national heritage yellow flag. That is why the Vietnamese community has ceaselessly protested and boycotted Nguoi Viet newspaper and its satellite agencies. But why the Nguoi Viet group has still hanging around with its business and become stronger to file lawsuits to sue people who rejected their "servant media" role to the brutal CPV. The prominent case was Nguoi Viet vs. Little Saigon lawsuit. Obviously, the Vietnamese refugee community has quickly recognized that the rulings of the courts in the case "Nguoi Viet vs. Little Saigon" were just big and poor jokes.

The authors have strong feelings that when the American government, via ambassador Ted Osius, has recognized the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) and its loyal cadres as "dear friends" then our question is: "Why the US government has also endorsed the free Vietnamese community"? This free Viet community has been ceaselessly condemned and attacked by the Vietnamese communist leadership and badly labeled as the groups who try to overthrow the communist government.

In addition to those political tricks there are also faking, dishonest and unethical political jokers who have self-promoted and self-tagged themselves as political opponents to the Vietnamese communist regime to blindfold and politically mislead everybody including American policy makers. These are extremely complex dirty political foul plays which are of dirt cheap value in the history of our time in its deepest meaning.

Chính Khí Việt & Viet Si


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