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American ambassador Ted Osius to Vietnam’s interesting interview

American ambassador to Vietnam Ted Osius’ nonsensical speech
(Part 1)


A reader of Chinh Khi and also a Paltalk chatter in Australia introduced an interview to American ambassador Ted Osius in his seminar “20 years of normalizing Vietnamese American relations’ (sic). This report was written in Vietnamese published on Dan Tri daily news, a state-owned paper. 


The author does not have the English version of the interview therefore the translation of the state-directed translator does not surely reflect ambassador Osius’s statements.


However, according to a number of news sources inside and outside Vietnam, Amercican ambassador Ted Osius speaks Vietnamese pretty much fluently. He used to live in Vietnam for many years. Therefore, he had certainly reviewed the Vietnamese version and has been pleased with this version. His reply the audience’s questions in Vietnamese were answered directly by him in Vietnamese, not in English. That is the press conference as the photo below:

Đại sứ Ted Osius trong buổi họp báo tại Đại sứ quán Mỹ tại Hà Nội. (Ảnh:

Ambassador Ted Osius in a press conference at the American embassy in Ha Noi (Photo: TP)

 Đại sứ Ted Osius: Việt Nam đã thay đổi rất nhiều sau 20 năm. (Ảnh:

Ambassador Ted Osius: Vietnam has been changed tremendously after 20 years (Photo: TP)

  After reading the press’s questions, the state-paid writers and ambassador Ted Osius’ replies then the first impression of author Chinh Khi Viet was: Generally speaking, Ambassador Ted Osius is a super honest diplomat. He frankly disclosed many things. Perhaps his predecessors in Vietnam before 1975 under the Republic of Vietnam as well as after April 30, 1975 under the so-called “Socialist Republic of Vietnam”, or precisely after 1995 or other American ambassadors, for example American ambassador to Cambodia, were all never been able to express themselves so diplomatically that proves ambassador Osius has a good knowledge about Vietnam.

Because, even though ambassador Osius lives for many years in Vietnam, speaks Vietnamese fluently, rides his own bicycle and meets all walks of Vietnamese lives; but according to the authors, even though he had had a great ambition to understand Vietnamese people he would not have been understood profoundly the unique characteristics of Vietnamese people since 1945 (if one does not want to mark the calendar since 1930 or far beyond this year since the establishment of a group of Vietnamese communists who worked as dedicated propagandists for the international communism. Officially since 1930, under the directives of the Soviet Unions the Communist Party of Indochina was founded. It is specially noted that in the Communist Party of Indochina there were no Cambodians or Laotians.

 Equipped with wisdom of an experienced diplomat along with his ambassadorship tenure and his length of residency in Vietnam ambassador Osius only meets with the Vietnamese people who have been brainwashed in communist re-educated camps or in the big prison, the whole Vietnam nation. Since 1951 China and Soviet Union conducted an aggressive war which seriously violated the Geneva Accord of 1954 and the Paris Accord of 1973 concerning Vietnam in order to publicly launch massive nationwide invasion to seize the whole Republic of Vietnam on April 30, 1975. As a result of this success of that massive aggression the Vietnamese communists have netted up all Vietnamese people of the Republic of Vietnam in their last giant communist trap. 

 Image result for hình ảnh T-54 tràn vào dinh doc lap   Image result for hình ảnh T-54 tràn vào dinh doc lap Image result for hình ảnh T-54 tràn vào dinh doc lap   Image result for hình ảnh T-54 tràn vào dinh doc lap

Ambassador Osius’ statements mistakenly suggest he understands Vietnamese history, traditions, culture and the Vietnamese People. But his assessments likely pertain to the type of abnormal Vietnamese. These Viet people have been brain washed and “red color dying” with communism ideology. Therefore, their communist parent generation had not been normally mental developed then their children generation would likely have been impacted and been transformed to similar physical and mentally disable people. Those lay people and the Vietnam communist troops including the American G.Is who fought in Vietnam and their children might also get negative impact by herbicide chemicals used in the war which was spread generously over on the thick forest areas in Vietnam where the communist forces were hiding.

 In brief, those fighters on both sides in the Vietnam War which were exposed to those herbicide chemicals may have changed their physical appearance and also probably changed their brains, their thinking and reasoning abilities.
Author: Chinh Khi Viet
Version In English by Viet Si



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