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Tổng Thống Ngô Đình Diệm
Author: Chinh Khi Viet
Version in English language: Viet Si
These days, the Vietnamese inside and outside Vietnam, regardless of their walks of life, old or young, with different religious beliefs and ethnics, if they truly want their Fatherland the People of Vietnam to live in peace, without hatred, discrimination, or foreign domination in any aspects of economy, culture, military, politics…directly or indirectly in incompatible, unfair, unequal foreign relations then the necessary factors which should be considered and implemented would be as follows:
Using the perspective of the Fatherland and the People to collect correct information inside and outside Vietnam which has been happening in reality. It means people cannot be bias with selfish interests of individuals, associations, organizations, “ghostly”, parasite political parties which rely on “reconciliation” with the Communist Part of Vietnam (CPV) to be granted some quick political or economic favors. Also, it cannot be relied on foreign powers when the people have yet had substantial strength in politics and economics. Such dependence is only a financial slavery form to foreign powers. That path is only the first step to repeat the path of fake Vietnamese, human trafficking and illegal trade of national interests to foreign powers of the CPV. Such national objective surely will be historically discarded under similar criminally national offenses of the CPV. 
Assuming responsibility to select realistic track-record proven national strategies to protect and respect our People, protect Vietnam fatherland before all aggressively materialistic or spiritual foreign powers, or both, to preserve the national honor in order that even enemies still have to respect and admire. It was similar to the historic event that the grand notorious national traitor Ho Chi Minh publicly recognized the popular leader Ngo Dinh Diem of the People of Vietnam was an authentic and keenly patriot. At the same time, the potential leader of Vietnam has to bear the responsibility to select the roadmaps for Vietnam in present but he/ she should also have good vision for the future of Vietnam.           
The political structure (preferably consisting of three independence branches of Legislative, Executive and Judiciary) of future Vietnam should include members who are publicly elected in a general election by Vietnamese People on the firm foundation that every efforts should aim for our Fatherland and People based on a democratic, modern and just Constitution which has been endorsed by Vietnamese People via a People’s general referendum which will be organized under international supervision.
Truly patriotic Vietnamese who want their Fatherland be truly independent, free, prosperous, People live in peace and happiness; national waters, islands, airspace, territories be fully and effectively protected then the most important criteria is the People’s determination not to accept any individual, association, organization, political parties which are not chosen by Vietnamese People but they are selected, glistened, covered or recommended by certain foreign power(s). Bitter lessons about the birth and damages caused the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) which was under tight sponsorship of the Third International Communists having been still hot and up-to-date.
In current modern civilized society, even the tradition of parents who pre-arrange their children’s marriages are also outdated.
Only when Vietnamese People create a national political structure which is built on the consent of majority of people then they will be able to construct a modern civilized Constitution. At that time, a legal administration mechanism will truly work based on the proven political concept that the People are the real owners of the physical and spiritual properties of the nation from central to local levels. It means only political leaders who possess strong political power and rarely holy generosity then he/ she would be able to implement the historic “Open Arms Policy” as Leader Ngo Dinh Diem who once created that policy to welcome back individuals, organizations including national traitors who used to serve the enemies to gear towards the humanistic and solidifying spirit which is similar to the same policy by the King in Tran Dynasty after he won the Nguyen aggressors in battle fields. It was also similar to the late President Ngo Dinh Diem of the First Republic of Vietnam who launched the “Open Arm Policy” which achieved great results that transformed many communist soldiers and cadres into productive citizens who assumed responsibilities to construct and protect Vietnamese People before the aggression of Soviet Union and Communist China via the slavery CPV.
We should always remind ourselves about the most expensive political lesson which was originated by the CPV with its staffing set up by Soviet Union and Red China only for their aggressively invasive goal which aimed to completely swallow South Vietnam eventually created countless political disasters and destruction to Vietnam and Vietnamese People until now, 2014. Similarly, the Second Republic of Vietnam which was set up and ran by the less educated, French originated army generals destroyed the superbly fine political achievements of the First Republic of Vietnam under President Ngo Dinh Diem.
The aftermaths of these damages still destructs Vietnamese society after April 30, 1975 until today and spreading to the overseas, especially the mentality of slavery to foreign powers by political parties, associations and individuals…They like to worship the communist cadres under their glossy masks of defectors, fake political dissidents including the criminals and political opportunists. A concrete example: A numbers of individual and media have “carried up on shoulders” the “braveless” novelist To Hai, a former long-time member of the CPV. Now these people plan to worship him because he was recently baptized by the Catholic Church.       
The baptism on him was very religiously correct because that was the responsibility of the Catholic Church. Similarly, there usually have Catholic chaplains in prison camps to perform Catholic rituals to criminals and comfort the death-row criminals who committed capital criminal offenses before their executions.
The big mistake is that the crooked media worships To Hai, a cowardly guy, who now admits he is no longer stupid (sic). The true fact is he has never been stupid but he has only a big “dishonest and twisted mind”. Is it possible that he dares to confess that as a communist cultural police that entrapped “Mr bearded Toan” group in the “golden music” (singing the free Vietnamese music before 30/4/75) was imprisoned indefinitely; as well as the incident he “destroyed his father’s tomb in Saigon” only because the father’s tomb was constructed by an army general of the Armed Forces of Republic of Vietnam, the son-in-law of To Hai’s father.
The patriotism, the honor of a man who himself declared his writing as a way to fight back the communists, the responsibility of the oppressed Vietnamese inside Vietnam and the community of the Vietnamese refugees abroad, among which the youths are currently wrong when they said  they “have not accepted love or hatred from the past generations”. And especially the responsibility to the Army, People, Cadres and Civilians who sacrificed their lives for our fatherland and to the victims of the communists in North Vietnam since So Viet Nghe Tinh of 1930-1931 until now. So the question is: Where are these above idealistic concepts? 
How have the malicious bloody characteristics of the CPV effectively and brutally developed over years?
The state-controlled so-called “intellectuals” in Vietnam once have accepted to be spiritually slaved via the permanent “cultural revolution”, by learning politics to construct people of Socialism, by assume tasks by 6 months or the whole year to get pay raise, or promotion before Ho Chi Minh group entered Ha Noi in 1954. By all above the Viet communists were able to group up a force of disrespectful intellectuals to those the state-run “intellectuals” to attack and destroy all traditional intellectual works of Vietnam in different areas. They  “changed black and white” on history, created legendary stories to make sainthood to most serious criminals among their communist party including the Soviet Union and China. They fabricated many imaginary figures to use as models then using the state-run, state-paid “intellectuals” to launch propaganda aiming at the youths, students, future intellectuals, so they can continue their conquest. Different forms of literature and art have duty to call on People to be loyal to Soviet and aggressor China not only in political viewpoints but also people and national territories of Vietnam also become members of Soviet and China. Strategic goals in economy, politics, national defense, culture and art…were led and projects/ tasks to Ho Chi Minh group were assigned and controlled by Soviet and China.
Concrete examples:
In the meeting on January 1st, 1955 to welcome the New Year, in front of the Grand Theater of Hanoi, then Communist Prime Minister Pham Van Dong who was in charge of Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Relations Ministry in Ho Chi Minh regime, happily boasted that on his way back home from the Genève Treaty of 1954 he also stopped at Moscow and was greeted by Malenkov, the Secretary General and Molotov, Foreign Relations Ministry of Soviet Union, who instructed North Vietnam to only plant bananas and hunt tigers to export to Soviet Union then North Vietnam will be provided sufficient food and clothes for North Vietnam’s people. 
That was Soviet’s initial suggestion to North Vietnam so Hoang Anh, Secretary in Central Committee and also Deputy Prime Minister was in charge of the banana planting on all the treeless hills in West Northern and North of Vietnam. Also, the top General Chu Van Tan, Member of the CPV Central Committee, Vice President of the Congress and Secretary of the self-governed Northern Vietnam was granted exclusive right to hunt and trade tigers and opium.
In the opening ceremony of the school year of 1955-1956 at the Trung Sister school in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh presided over the ceremony and directly delivered speech which “forbade school girls to wear Vietnamese traditional dress (ao dai). Since then, in North Vietnam, almost all women wore short purple dresses ( “sim”) or dark brown with black or green pants. In winters, women wore thick blue coats produced by China with short hair (“Hy Nhi” style), a Chinese movie star. It meant that time Hanoi looked and sounded like a China town which was also different that its people spoke Vietnamese (because they had not learned Chinese).
Since that time, Vietnamese cadres and students from dormitories in China and in areas which were under communist’s governance and other big cities like Hanoi, Hai Phong, Nam Dinh…almost all cadres wore China-styled “4-pocket cadres’ suits”. Also, youths and “extended employed cardes” in big cities and other provinces in North Vietnam imitated to order China-styled suits/ dresses, especially the “intellectuals” and artists.
That fact obviously proved that Ho Chi Minh group quickly “Chinese-transformed” Vietnamese people at least in terms of culture and clothing styles.    
When a western tourist who, from China, visited Vietnam he would be difficult to differentiate between Vietnam and China with two different people, but he might think that was China because from train stations to government buildings, schools, markets, stores and residents’ homes everywhere photos of Luu Thieu Ky, Chu Duc, Chu An Lai, Tran Nghi…were hung at the most highly respectful spots. Many places, photos of Banh Duc Hoai (China’s Defense Ministry), Khang Sinh (Public Safety Ministry) and Dang Dinh Sieu (Chu An Lai’s wife) were also hung.
On walls in provinces, Chinese movie flyers such as “Pink flags on Thuy mountain”, “White/ No Hair Women” (No hair surely spells out disgusting and most miserable lives which definitely/ eventually destroys these women’s so-called “marriages” or “live-in” arrangements - Source: Street-smart wisdom). 
In education there has been (until now) a unique requirement to young students/ pupils which had never happened in most political regimes, even under French colonization in Vietnam, that all kindergarten and 1st grade students were required to do labor work. All young grammar and elementary school pupils have been required to bring along brooms to sweep garbage on cities’ streets which their brooms are much taller than pupils’ heights. Dirt were blowing high around the streets and to others’ faces and bodies and they all laughed naively while male/ female teachers and people who walked by did not care a bit, just as nothing were happening.
Junior, senior and college students were required to do cleanup work at construction sites or other towns far from big cities and at their own schools/ classes. Students had to participate to construct schools, took turn to cook and did janitorial work, had to join military training programs, classified into self-defense units and practiced fighting techniques using real guns, practiced counter-attacks or school defense/ protection. In 3-month summer with no school, students had to help peasants with agriculture work. Every night, students had to participate in group activities and thoughts self-assessment to be verified if they felt comfortable to “study”. While at school, students studied/ participated school activities in 3-student group. In final examination for higher class, CPV’s members, kins or relatives were given extra grades. Grades for politics, labor, cultural activities (school‘s periodical papers…) were given as extra to participated students which demonstrated their works to compliment the CPV, specifically applauses to Ho Chi Minh, Mao, Angel, Lenine, Stalin...And the very important fact was students’ articles in school papers to accuse the wrongness in thoughts and actions of other students in same class or same school.  Accusations to other students in different classes, different schools were also approved. That means those students’ accusations might be aimed at any other students who were suspicious through their talking or actions that were considered politically dangerous to the regime.
The academic training was not important because the educational goal of Vietnamese communist were brainwashing the young future generations to ensure those students would become the intellectual slaves so the critical objective in education was transforming those students into disgusting and braveless persons. And from that point in time, school scenarios were “facial agreements but not thoughtful accords” between students so students isolated themselves, alarmed against other classmates and to all other people. Therefore, it was very difficult to build up any political conspiracies to fight back the political governance/ expansion by Soviet Union and China upon Vietnam at that time via complete political control structure of the communist Ho Chi Minh group. It is also worth noting that Vietnamese communists had plan to train and organize students as reserved military groups, ready to wear army uniforms to be merged/ solidified into the main armed forces of “Born North, dying South” in their invasion to the Republic of Vietnam which aimed to expand territories and communist ideology for Soviet Union and China’s expansionism.  
Leader Ngo Dinh Diem visited the Vietnamese National Military Academy of Da Lat (in Da Lat Province, South Vietnam).
Saigon 1960, The Two Sisters Trung High Shool Students Parade in the Women’s Day
To compare the governments of South and North Vietnam since 1945 until today, the year of 2014, even a blind person cannot decline that the First Republic of Vietnam under President Ngo Dinh Diem was the only unique elected regime which served best the People and the Fatherland of Vietnam. For the first time, the concepts of democracy, human rights, social fairness, religious liberty, community health care, elementary/ junior high mandatory community education in the spirit of preserving and protection of Vietnamese fine culture and traditions were encouraged in selected ways. Freedom of speech in philosophy, culture, literature and arts…is highly promoted. These included President Diem’s strong campaigns and achievements of the Vietnamization of Vietnam society which had previously accumulated much garbage from French colonization, the declining debris at the end of the Nguyen dynasty which was in nature the loyal tool of the French empire.
The national defense was paid close attention by the establishment of the Vietnamese National Military Academy of Dalat. The armed forces were structured in modern ways with its ideal, unique goal of “FATHER LAND – HONOR – RESPONSIBILITIES” which was definitely much different from the CPV’s armed forces was “LOYALTY to the Communist Party of Vietnam “(CPV). It means the CPV’s armed forces do not have duty to protect its People and the Fatherland of Vietnam.  
In economics, all different classes of Vietnamese people were realistically and financially helped to work and build their own properties. Some restrictions were imposed on some trades owned by foreigners who aimed at minimizing their possible exploitations to the economy of Vietnam. 
In general, the objectives of social and economic activities which were driven by political aspects were to guarantee to the People and Fatherland of Vietnam a meaningful independence, a truly liberty to construct significant fairness in domestic and foreign policies and as result it ensured Vietnam was able to join the international community in its equal and strong position to enjoy mutual benefits and not to be a slave or an escort as the communist group since Ho Chi Minh and his subsequent successors. 
Attention: One important fact was the First Republic of Vietnam under President Ngo Dinh Diem’s leadership highly valued the bodily safety and intellectual properties of the People of Vietnam. It was not only President Ngo’s guiding philosophy was Human Dignity but also his deep thought was that if Vietnam does not have true Vietnamese and Vietnamese intellectuals then the national territories, waters, islands, forests of Vietnam are not meaningful but they bear values of those slaves, years through years, under different colonized political subordinates.   
President Ngo Dinh Diem announced the executive manifesto on April 17, 1963 which commenced the Open Arms Campaign (to welcome back the mistaken Communist soldiers and cadres)
That was the Open Arms national policy. President Ngo had his trust in his People of Vietnam, took charge his responsibilities to the Fatherland of Vietnam, not only to his ancestors during their brave, arduous history of establishment and protection of the country using brains, bones and blood, private happiness of many generations but the President assumed heavy responsibilities to the future generations.
The Vietnamese communists have focused their efforts to destroy the four classes of Vietnamese People (“Intellectuals, Rich, Landlords, Abusing Powerful”) immediate after their CPV’s inception in 1930 under the Soviet Union’s sponsorship. Since then until now, the communists have never ceased their horrendous crimes to thousands of its ancestor generations and its future generations until the day they were destroyed, then the results of their crimes as betrayals and traders of their own nation/ People have left behind many strategic disasters and long-term damages to many future generations who will have to spend much efforts to clean up and rebuild the home of their Fatherland which has been deposited with tons and tons of bacteria and potential complete explosion at any time, to heal the wounds and divisions between the People of Vietnam in order to regain trust of international community to become the a trader/ member in equal position, not the fake equal, respectful position of the political traders and the international trust has been narrowly defined as current relationship between the boss-and-slave relations to the CPV and the international community.
In the First Republic of Vietnam, people who mistakenly followed the CPV to participate in the invasion to South Vietnam were given other chances to understand their mistakes and permitted to continue going to school to learn and take national exams (Ex: Le Hieu Dang, a former communist cadre who was in jail was authorized to take his national examination while serving his jail time). Those returning cadres were provided job trainings to participate in the construction and protection of the nation which was the shared responsibility and great spiritual asset of the Vietnamese People. Remember that the murderers and the traitors to President Diem were trialed in the public fair trials.
On the contrary, the CPV since Ho Chi Minh and now the group of his successors have brutally killed innocent people who originally played major roles in support and help to the CPV’s success. Ex: Fatal death executions to Mrs Nguyen Thi Nam (Cat Hanh Long), engineer Dao Dinh Quang (VC Nguyen Khanh Toan’s father in law), confiscation of Trinh Van Bo’s properties, the owner of the house where Ho Chi Minh sat to work along witty US Intelligence agent Patty, Vo Nguyen Giap and Hoang Minh Giam to write the so-called “Independence Declaration” of September 2, 1945. The other rich people who helped the CPV tremendously such as Đồng Tháp company’s president, Phú Gia, Vn Li, Tân Vinh, Phát Đạt, C Vương, C Phát, CĐà,Đin Cơ, Vn Vân, Hng Khê, VũĐỗ Long, VũĐỗ Thìn, Đức Minh...and the double Docteur-d’Etat Nguyen Manh Tuong who gave the CPV his villa at Nguyen Canh Chan street, Ha Noi in 1944 were all bitter victims of the bloody CPV.
The CPV’s 3+ million members, its satellite fake political parties/ associations, the An Quang’s fake Buddhist monks/ cold blood militants and so-called “intellectuals” overseas had conspired with each other to create the most sensitive reason of “religious discrimination” to have a strong motives and reasons to murder President Ngo Dinh Diem and his 2 brothers and erect the other regimes which were under much political and social instability for a long period of time until 1967. These days, the An Quang killing militants group has yet given up its political ambition to come back to “power” via its “Petition for (political) Job “submitted to Obama via the cheapest play of the dwarf clown of the century, “PROFESSOR”, COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF VO VAN AI with his secret HEADQUARTER in Paris.   
These days, the CPV has launched countless campaigns that the security force of the First RVN was blood-thirsty and extensively searched to kill the “patriots”. Question: Why were the An Quang fake Buddhist monks, also cold blood killers were not identified and located by President Diem’s security force to be jailed and got tortured? That fact has strongly proven that the An Quang militants had covered on their bodies the religious suits/ vests of Buddhism to freely conduct their covert operations to fight against the first RVN.  They used their Buddhist religious monasteries as safest places to secure their rifles, ammunitions and war related supplies to fight and kill innocent people to achieve their finally dirty political goals. Because if the first RVN conducted extensive/ thoroughly searches on all Buddhist temples and carried out complex surveillances upon Buddhist church leaders and faithful as they faked up their stories then how these An Quang killers were able to cooperate with the betraying generals and foreign powers to murder and overthrow President Diem and completely destroyed his super fine political, economic and social… achievements in his very short tenure of only 9 years. In fact, the Coup drove Vietnam and its People into the darkest political and economic instabilities in history. Even the delegation of international Buddhism and also that of the United Nation arrived in Vietnam to conduct on-site investigations were not able to find a single trait of religious discrimination and suppression condemned by the CPV via the killers-for-hired An Quang. And these delegations finally issued formal resolutions to completely clear up those politically driven accusations against President Diem’s administration.
The endless war in Vietnam since 1945 is still going on until today. The truth is the People of Vietnam have never been able to live in completely meaningful Peace, Independence and Liberty. The claws of the colononists of different colors have deeply poked in the People’s bodies; sometimes they have hovered themselves searching on top of the poorly thin corpses of Vietnam Fatherland and its unfortunate People. Blood, bones, dignity, brains and natural resources of People of Vietnam have still drained out of Vietnam.
The first RPVN was collapsed after the malicious dirtiest murder scheme of Leader Ngo Dinh Diem and his two brothers mainly because most political parties, associations and organizations in both South and North Vietnam have put their own organizations’ selfish interests on top of Vietnam’s Fatherland and its People. Most leaders of those groups have had a shared goal that they want to be used/ helped by the foreigners who would be able to set them up with the top-boss positions. They have never learned the valuable old time lesson of history until after the World War Two. 
They have never strategized that the economic self-sufficiency should be the main goal and the foreign aids are only at minimum levels in certain aspects that will be good enough to keep the national sovereignty for their nations. It should never be hoped that financial assistance from banks will be charged with no loan interests.  
It is one of the reasons why until now the state-run “intellectuals, historians, writers…” can be easily recognized in several main “school of thoughts”: a= Communism, b= Free world (one-way free, due to their interfering and analyzing in other countries’ businesses), c= Developing countries. Besides the state-paid “historians and writers” then another major group is the “Vietnamese-rooted intellectuals” who live in other countries outside Vietnam mostly have a similar view about the Vietnam War.   
They explain the Vietnam War was:
The war between Nationalists and Communists
They mean Vietnam War was the war between the “Nationalist” in South Vietnam against the “Communists” in North Vietnam after Genève Treaty of 1954 pertaining Vietnam was in effect.
This explanation is lack of convinced information or truthfulness of these intellectuals in general and specifically, historians.
Before and until the formal establishment of the CPV, its members under Ho Chi Minh’s leadership, via their concrete actions, also confirmed in the CPV’s strategic guideline that they have mission to destroy not only the other “Nationalist” political parties, groups, associations…but also the “Nationalism” concept. 
Therefore, the notorious Ho Chi Minh sold patriotic senior intellectual/ pioneer Phan Boi Chau to French colonists and planted his spies in Senior Phan’s organization. Ho sold YEN BAY uprising of national hero Nguyen Thai Hoc. Ho himself also led the most bloody countrywide campaign to root out completely the four spinal classes of Vietnam:  “Intellects, Rich, Landlords and Abusing Powerful” in Soviet Nghe Tinh national campaign during 1930 – 1931. Eventually, another strategic plan was the critical infiltration into Buddhist religion of Vietnam to aim converting this complex and unstructured religious entity into their active combat tool for the CPV.    
Ho Chi Minh’s letter which was sent to Soviet Union which confirmed the CPV is a direct satellite (branch) of the Soviet Communist Party, promised to obey Soviet and implement Soviet’s global plan to “boshevik” Vietnam and it People has strongly proven that the CPV has been always a dull, idiotic political and military tool of Soviet in their conspiracy to invade the Indochina. It means the CPV has been, for centuries, a group of fake, dishonest, bloody, killing communists of VIET CONG.  
It means since 1930, the Soviet Union used the CPV to invade Vietnam quietly via the French colonialism in Vietnam specifically and in Indochina in general.
The historical events from 1945 to 1954 are also noted that was the invasion war of Soviet with the participation of the Chinese expansionists.
Therefore, the CPV seized the government of Tran Trong Kim cabinet by publicly announcing it was the August (Fall) Revolution of 1945.
A number of so-called “Nationalist” political parties which were lacking of information, naive in politics, irresponsible to Vietnamese People and the Fatherland of Vietnam did not recognize that the so-called “August/ Fall Revolution” was in fact the publicity of the INVASION WAR in Vietnam via the Vietnamese communists (CPV) using the guerrilla warfare tactics/ strategy and covert operations to quickly seize political opportunities while  exploiting the disarray and lack of unification of nationalist parties to steal the authority of the Vietnamese government.
Immediately after the sincere cooperation of the leadership of the so-called “nationalist” political parties, the CPV quickly organized and announced scores of “nationalist” parties, associations but unconsciously trumpeting to brag good things about themselves while hiding their bloody flags of Satan such as Democratic Party of Vietnam, Socialist Party of Vietnam, Country Saving Kids, Country Saving Youth, Country Saving Women, Country Saving Elderly, Country Saving Workers, Country Saving Peasants and specially Country Saving Buddhism! 
It can be safely to say that such names like Vu Hong Khanh, Nguyen Tuong Tam, Ta Quang Buu., tran Huy Lieu (that time few people was aware he already quit People Party of Vietnam to follow CPV), Minister Bui Bang Doan, Emperor Representative Phan Ke Toai, Attorney Nguyen Manh Tuong, Scholar Nguyen Van To, Governor Ho Dac Diem, Doctor Professor Ho Dac Di, Scout Leader Hoang Dao Thuy, Professors such as Trinh Thuc Vien, Phan Thi An, Doan Phu Tu, Cu Huy Can, Medical Doctor Vu Huy Can, Engineers Nguyen Xien, Nghiem Xuan Yem, Do Duc Duc, Ton Quang Phiet, Dang Thai Mai, Truong Tuu (aka Nguyen Bach Khoa), writer Hang Phuong, District Chief Duong van Dam, Minister Duong Van An’s oldest son Ta Quang Dam…all blindly joined those communist parties/ organizations including King Bao Dai and Huynh Thuc Khang who were accused of “corrupted/ criminal Vietnamese”  (Viet Gian) which was explicitly written in the CPV’s Political Guiding Principles in their First General Conference in Macao in 1935.
There was only one single politician who did not participate the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) even though he was seriously invited by Ho Chi Minh was political Leader Ngo Dinh Diem of the People of Vietnam. Because political Leader Ngo Dinh Diem was well aware that behind those appealing political slogans such as “Saving the Nation”, “Unification”…were big groups of armed, stabbing, killing for hired gangsters who worked for the red invaders were competing to become slaving workers for the French colonists.
And there was only one man, Political Leader Ngo Dinh Diem of Vietnam, who was able to thoughtfully understand that the Nation of Vietnam had to bear the main responsibilities in the war to fight off the invaders. The CPV and its slavery satellites parties were only the tools to invade Vietnam directly under fake covering coats and dangerous political masks to hide their real killing identities. That was the starting point for the birth of President Diem’s Strategic Hemlets, Human Life Hemlets, Economic Prosperous Zones and the Open-Arm National Policy to cleanse up the communist poison to help the former communist cadres to become good and productive citizens. That was the signigicantly political symbol of unification of all People of Vietnam to fight the invading super powers.
The Armed Forces of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN)
The Authorized/ Delegated War
The authors who advocated this argument have never been honest. They have kept changing between white and black to mislead the audience who lacks of information and even poisoned the audience’s thinking so they misunderstood about the idealistic objectives of the war against the Soviet and Chinese expansionist invaders via the communist undercover soldiers in South Vietnam so they could directly launch major attacks against the ARVN.  
It should be remembered that the CPV group was a terrorist organization who was staffing, trained and paid by the Soviet and was assigned to play the combat role to expand the colonial territories for Soviet.
Concrete evidences:
Notorious criminal Ho Chi Minh was responsible to coordinate the communist members in different unorganized groups in Vietnam so they can join the Preparation Conference to work out plans for the introduction to the public the “Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV)“ in 1929. And on January 6, 1930 the Vietnamese communists officially announced the CPV. But when the report was sent to Soviet Union then Soviet immediate ordered to change its name to “The Communist Party of Indochina” (CPI) while at that time there were no Laotian or Cambodian people in this party. Therefore, after that incident the CPV again made changes in those parties’ inception day. They set January 6, 1930 was the inception of the CPV and February 3, 1930 was the inception day of the Communist Party of Indochina (CPI).      
It was obvious that the red Soviet colonists ordered the big spy web of Soviet staffing by Vietnamese to assume the main role under the name “CPI”. The duty of the CPI was to recruit members in Indochina, under the cover as a political party to carry out propaganda campaigns for Soviet to hide the fact that Soviet Union was a modern colonist super power which conquered other countries using a new strategy. It means the previous invasion war by the western colonists were “Sovietized” under a new name “revolution of people liberation” or “revolution of proletariats”.  
The CPV was definitely a dedicated volunteer group who served Soviet Union’s goals. Those goals were to completely sell the People of Vietnam and their Fatherland to Soviet Union in spiritual and also in materialistic meanings. It means the CPV has been responsible to wipe out completely all the traits and unique characteristics of the Fatherland and the People of Vietnam. 
The above life-and-death strategic objective of the CPV was clearly written in the CPV’s Guiding Principles but also in their operations to “fight the narrow-minded nationalism”, “Revolution in Vietnam is a mechanism of the socialist revolution under Soviet Union’s leadership”, “Must Bolshevik our communist party then bolshevik the People”, “Must root up/ out the Intellectuals, the Rich, the Landlords and the Abusing Power”, “Must Monopolize in leading the armed forces, police and all other administrative departments”. Until now, in the revised Constitution of 2013 of Vietnam they still keep the Fourth Article with its main meaning “The CPV is the foremost force to lead Vietnam and People of Vietnam, etc.”. Similarly, through much “open doors and changes for new” the CPV still tightly keeps the group words “Socialism Direction”, “Armed Forces Protect CPV” because they use the armed forces to invade their own country Vietnam so they have been always afraid the People will destroy them. Therefore, they have to set goals that the armed forces have to protect them (CPV). Similarly “Police is the CPV’s sword” means using police (uniformed and under cover) to early suppress the organizations of the patriotic Vietnamese so the people cannot organize a united strong force to fight off the invading super powers from different nations. The CPV always uses the slogan “The CPV leads, the administrative cabinet manages” and the national policy concerning “islands, sea, river, forests…” are all under mandatory ownership of the administration via a vague, cheating, malicious slogan “The People’s ownership is managed by the CPV and its administrative cabinet”.  When the cabinet is only a dull and blind tool of the CPV then there is nothing more obvious than the fact that the Communist Party of Vietnam/ Viet Cong (CPV) is absolutely the real owner of everything which is otherwise must belong to the People and the Fatherland of Vietnam.     
However, there are still some writers who have acted like ostriches which ducked their heads deep under the sand to create stories of “Party group against cabinet group”. Also there is some imagination that there is “Dual power groups in Vietnam”.
In conclusion, it has been long quite clear the facts and evidences above strongly prove that:
For almost two-third of a century (1929 – 2014), The CPV has never set their national goals and implementation plans to serve and protect the Fatherland and the People of Vietnam.
In the beginning, the CPV was the fully dedicated slavery tool of Soviet Union. After the World War Two it was a dedicated slave to Soviet and China. For that reason, inside their party they were divided into 2 groups: the Pro-Soviet (de_Stalinization) (XET LAI) and Pro-China (The radical communist group).
The Soviet Union had collapsed then the CPV quickly continued assuming its slavery role to China.
With the conspiracy of “modernization and open-door” the CPV has welcomed the Western powers whom they used to consider those as their enemies in the past. In fact, those Western powers were enemies of their boss China. Now, their boss China has conducted businesses with the West then with a fate of a dog, obviously they also let their Chinese boss’ business traders rub their heads. But be careful, when the People become enemies of their boss China then the CPV will be protecting their boss and use any dirty tricks to trap the People of Vietnam into a big war to protect China until the last Vietnamese.
To demonstrate with above evidences and current political events in Vietnam one can conclude: The war of the so-called “The Democratic Republic of Vietnam” (Communist Ho Chi Minh) and the First Republic of Vietnam (President Ngo Dinah Diem) was:
The communist side under the cover of “Democratic Republic of Vietnam” was the extended hands of Soviet and China to invade South Vietnam using heavy armed forces and large scale offensive at last. The Vietnamese communists were similar to Le Duong mercenaries who were paid professional soldiers of the French colonists who invaded Vietnam. Who should call that invading war with participation of Le Duong mercenaries as “Delegated/ authorized War”?
It is clearer that the so-called “Delegated/ authorized war” did not bring back any benefits to the oppressed people in North Vietnam besides the fact that the Northern People had to supply at no charge their own bodies/ manpower, human bones amassed up high like mountains, human blood drained out along rivers. These soldiers were nominated as “slave soldiers” for Soviet and China to destroy their fatherland in South Vietnam and killed their fellow people in Southern Vietnam. Forever, their crimes are recorded in the history of Vietnam and will never be forgotten.
It is also noted that the Vietnam War was not only included arms, rifles and ammunitions supplied in large scale by Soviet, China but it also included almost half a million advisors, specialists, and soldiers of Soviet, China and Eastern communist bloc such as Cuba, North Korea and also the Communist Party of France.  
To the First Republic of Vietnam under President Ngo Dinh Diem and political adviser Ngo Dinh Nhu, who was one of excellent strategists in the anti-invasion history of Vietnam, provided outstanding leadership to the soldiers, people, cadres and political people of the first RVN under the name of Fatherland, Honor, Responsibilities. The NGOs leaders effectively ran the war to fight off the invasion war of Soviet Union, China, Eastern communist bloc, its communist militants and webs of Soviet and China’s undercover spies under the lead of Vietnamese cadres in Southern Vietnam.     
How can the state-run writers and malicious “intellectuals” be dishonest and unethical so they could write on papers that the war against the Communist invasion along with TRADITIONAL PATRIOTIC SPIRIT of Vietnamese soldiers, cadres and people equipping with the ideal guidance of Fatherland, Honor, Responsibilities be a “Delegated/ authorized war”. Which foreign nations can authorize/ delegate the Vietnamese People to protect their fatherland and beloved citizens”? This question is obviously also a clear answer to audience. Thank you.

AuthorChinh Khi Viet
Version in English language: Viet Si


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