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Chính Khí Việt: The Late President Ngo Dinh Diem:” Let’s continue working along with my Will”.

The Late President Ngo Dinh Diem:” Let’s continue working along with my Will”.
Author: Chính Khí Vit
 Version in English language by Vit Sĩ

 Tổng Thống Ngô Đình Diệm

These days one cannot say it’s not historically long enough or historical materials are insufficient. The political realities are that our Fatherland Vietnam and the Vietnamese People have sacrificed themselves tremendously because they are so honest, trustful and historical evidences and witnesses are more than sufficient for us to extract our historical lessons, set realistic directions for Vietnam if we want to have peace, independence, social equality, People of different classes are taken care of equally and cultural and historically fine traditions of Vietnam are effectively preserved and enriched. Those historic lessons should be straightly reevaluated in line with political incidents in Vietnam during the period after the end of World War II until now 2014. 


  Sponsored by the colonist French, the last King of the Nguyen dynasty, Bao Dai, in fact was only a spoiled King, playboy and a “Yes Man” in the French  hands. In March 1945, the Facism leadership overthrew the French in Indochina. The French army fully revealed its disgusting behavior similarly to the Petain’s soldiers in front of Hitler. To Vietnam, Japanese fascists focused on this country with their dream of building up the Grand East Asia. Therefore, they created a political party, Grand Vietnam (Dai Viet) and a Cao Dai Church.   

 After overthrowing the French colonists in Vietnam, Japanese fascists transferred the political power back to King Bao Dai because this King was not a strong and determined Emperor especially Japan was in charge of foreign relations and defense for Vietnam. It meant Vietnam was transformed from full subordinate to France to partial subordinate to Japan because Japan was well aware that the collapse of Japan in Vietnam was only in months ahead.   


King Bao Dai authorized Tran Trong Kim to build his administration cabinet. Tran Prime Minister was a patriot who was credited much in education area but he did not have enough experience to manage political instability at that critical time.


Therefore, Tran Trong Kim had issued two patriotic executive orders below which in fact became his bad orders that severely damaged Vietnam which was similar to the Vietnamese old-time legendary story of a working ox. An angel spread down grass seeds first then eventually spread down rice seeds. It turned out wild grass seeds grew up faster, out of control while rice seeds were not able to grow. That “absent-minded” angel had to ceaselessly act as an overworking ox to eat all wild grass and very much laboriously pulled along the plough to prepare soil and plant rice for its owner.

 a)    First order: Released all prisoners. This order gave the Indochinese communists a good chance to regroup all their soldiers and cadres to seize political power of Prime Minister Tran who had earlier set them free.    


b)   Second order: Stripped out authorities and prosecuted imperial officials and locally rich people, especially those who helped Japanese soldiers to pull up and destroyed rice plants of peasants and grow a sturdy plant called “day” for the Japanese therefore almost 2 million peasants in North Vietnam were starving to death in 1945 due to the lack to rice to feed them.   

 Due to these two big political mistakes, the national administration had a vacuum of management. These “politically non-sense orders” did help the national traitor Ho Chi Minh quickly seized the position of President of the coalition government which shared power with other “nationalist” parties of Nguyen Hai Than, Vu Hong Khanh, Nguyen Tuong Tam…and suspended the implementation of Prime Tran Trong Kim’s above two executive orders. Ho only needed to propose his simple idea of pausing Prime Minister Tran’s orders in a cabinet’s meeting, a signature and on behalf of the government then he, Ho Chi Minh, a notorious communist automatically gained absolute loyalty and strong support of the imperial’s officials and corrupted rich people to run the administration that was definitely in favorable to the communist  (aka. labor union) party of Indochina masking under its cover “the Front of Viet Minh” (Coalition of the Labor Party of Indochina and other nationalist parties).   


 2/ In previous commentaries, Chinh Khi Viet has proven that the greed and stubbornness of the French colonists when they came back to Vietnam was the main reason to instigate the flame of patriotism of the Vietnamese People. 

They were willing to sacrifice their own lives and accumulated properties of many generations to contribute to the fight against the French. Their ambition and honesty was misled by the Indochinese communists under Ho Chi Minh with support from “politicians” whose hearts and minds always wanted to depend on foreigners’ (free) helps such as Nguyen Hai Than, Vu Hong Khanh, Nguyen Tuong Tam…along with the “intellectuals” and artists whose political judgment were completely blind so they devoted their efforts to work for grand criminal, national traitor Ho Chi Minh, as loyal slaves to transform the struggle of Vietnamese People against the French colonists into the war to invade colonies using blood and bones of the Vietnamese to serve the red colonists Leninist, Soviet Union and red China in the extended war in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. In this war, the traitor Ho Chi Minh was successful with his slogan “Mobile/ Flexible Fighting without stationing in fixed positions” which was the first step to rip off the Vietnamese People’s wealth and stable productivity.    


It is worthwhile to note that:


a/ In Indochinese communists side, from the notorious criminal Ho Chi Minh to his key cadres, except the real patriots who vowed to “die for the Motherland to live” to join the Communist party, otherwise those who survived the war were eventually persecuted in the plough to plant which were called “revolutions”. Those who were re-assigned in the party were cadres who accepted to be brainwashed real well and did show absolute loyalty through concrete actions such as Nguyễn Đình Thi, Bùi Bằng Đoàn, Bùi Tín, Đặng Văn Việt, Cù Huy Cận, Xuân Diệu, Hoài Thanh, Nguyên Ngọc, Lưu Trọng Lư, Lưu Hữu Phước, Huỳnh Văn Tiểng, Mai Văn Bộ, Trần Duy Hưng, Phan Anh, Phan Mỹ, Vũ Đình Hoè, Nguyễn Văn Huyên, Hoàng Đạo Thuý, Vũ Văn Cẩn, Vũ Khiêu, Nguyễn Huy Tưởng,  Tạ Quang Bửu, Tạ Quang Đạm, Nguyễn Bá Thuyên, Trần Duy Hưng, Tô Hoài, Tô Hải….

It means the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV), the administration and all of its political system were, in reality, led by the Soviet Union and the Communist China in all areas including human resources management after the Genève Treaty of 1954 on Vietnam was signed off.

In the “nationalist” side under King Bao Dai, the staffing was also setup by the French along with the participation of some political parties such as Dai Viet, Viet Nam Quoc Dan Dang, Dai Viet Quoc Dan Dang…It means there were no officials elected by the People of Vietnam but they were appointed by the French.


 b/ After the Genève Treaty of 1954 regarding Vietnam was in effect Vietnam was divided by the two nations via the 17th parallel which was the demarcation line next to the demilitarized zone. Ho Chi Minh and his key executives governed North Vietnam. The two ambassadors of Soviet Union and China occupied the finest schools and mansions in Hanoi to use them as embassies and satellite agencies. Immediately, they created the Friendship Association of Vietnam and Soviet Union led by Duong Bach Mai, a member of the CPV’s Committee, also member of the Congress Operational Committee, who served as the President. Also, the Vietnamese China Friendship Association was under the leadership of Bui Ky, father of Bui Diem (Dai Viet party).    
 These two above associations had responsibilities to help people enrich the spirit of respect to Soviet and China concretely through languages, culture, arts, entertainment, clothing fashions; even book shelves in rural areas were also literature pieces of Soviet and China. These two so-called “friendship” associations were also placed where Soviet Union and China selected and employed spies to secretly follow through activities and reports of these association leadership and members to verify the accuracy of reports to the sponsoring governments of Soviet and China. These two associations had authorities to screen and accept members in all government branches, people of all walks of life, all organizations…It means the recruiting of members covered all Communist political system including department of defense, and in public security department there were also sub-associations which recruited middle and high cadres. 

 Some facts that need to be paid attention:

  a/ At all central and local government agencies in the CPV, Congress, People Committee, Administration Committee, schools, markets, train and ship stations, town groups, elementary schools, pagoda, church, construction, agriculture, forest wood sites…there were photos of Marx, Engel, Lenin, Krupskaya (Lenin’s wife), Stalin, Malenkov, Molotov, Voroshilov, Zhukov. To China’s side there were displays of photos of Mao Tse Tung, Lưu Thiếu Kỳ, Chu Đức, Chu Ân Lai, Bành Đức Hoài, Trần N

b) Ho Chi Minh decommissioned the Ministry of Justice, the Law School of University of Hanoi and ran North Vietnam by his executive orders. They put all people who were classified as “inappropriate” to their regime including the youths in forced labor prisons or all families were sent to remote wild areas for laborious agriculture work, without government’s initial help, based on recommendations of young police who were mostly more or less than 20 years old.    
 c) Obviously, the so-called “revolutions” were continuously implemented in which the focus groups of people were publicly mocked/ accused, imprisoned and even executed if they belong the groups of “Intellects, Riches, Landlords, Powerful” of the era of Xô Viết Nghệ Tĩnh 1930-1931!!!   


d) One very important fact was that the group who was called “tập kết” (born and raised in South Vietnam were grouped and sent to the North for “being reeducated” to obtain the CPV’s trust before being authorized to work) were allowed to bring along their wives and kids if they were high-ranking officers. Otherwise, the majority had to leave wives/ kids behind in the South and they went to the North. The Northern leadership sweetly convinced this group that after 2 years, the nationwide election would be held and then they would be sent back to the South to reunite with their wives and kids. But the real reason was the scam concerning the nationwide election of the Communists as Chinh Khi Viet already pointed out in previous articles.     

The fates of the "tập kết" people were very toilsome. Most of them were sent to civil/ military agricultural sites (if people were service men), “labor man” to plant wood/ forest in state-run forestry sites. The youths were classified and assigned into “modern jails” which were named “Southern schools”. They lived miserably, starving, cold, lacked of family spiritual support, severe disciplines and hard labor therefore many youths fled out of camps and became thieves, prostitutes, jailers or re-educators in youth camps (another forms of forced labored jails).  


   Following are two concrete examples:

 Example 1: Trần Văn Thành, former secretary general of the Union of Liberation of the Communists in South Vietnam. He had 2 sons who were sent to North Vietnam to attend “Southern school” in Ha Dong province. The day Tran Van Thanh went to the North he was met and warmly hugged by Ho Chi Minh as if Thanh represented the working class in the South. After meeting with Ho, Thanh requested to meet his 2 sons. It took several days to locate his 2 kids who were being re-educated in the Am Thuong re-education camp because they were so starving so they escaped from their school to go to Hanoi to steal merchandise at the state-run shop at phố Tràng Tiền. It was not clear how Tran Van Thanh had reacted but after that all father and his two sons disappeared.  
Example 2: Medical doctor Phung Van Cung,  member of the Central Committee of the National  Liberation Front of South Vietnam(NLF), sent his own cute daughter to “go North” (“tập kết”) to follow Ho Chi Minh. She became so starving and suffering so she escaped to Kim Lien bus station (Hanoi) to sell street cigarettes and worked as a prostitute. The day Dr. Phung Van Cung came to Hanoi he met his daughter at the bus station after getting her whereabouts information from other people. His daughter harshly cursed her father something like:” You destroyed my whole life, go away a cruel Communist”. After that meeting the daughter was also “evaporated/ missing”. And Dr. Phung’s “revolution spirit” has been destroyed completely.    

Example 3: Daughter of Nguyễn Văn Trấn, author of “Sending A Letter to Mother and the Congress”, was repeatedly arrested as a prostitute. Tran was residing in Hanoi so he intervened to get his daughter out of the “camp” and “arranged her wedding” with a soccer player who was originally from the South belonging to Thể Công soccer team (communist military soccer team). 

Briefly, the fates of the Southerners who belonged to organizations of the Communists were forced to go to the North because they were threatened that they will be harassed and revenged by the South Vietnam government. Therefore, they did not voluntarily go to the North. That was why at many places the Southern “tập kết” people created massive fights and some were executed by the bloody hand of top Communist general Phùng Thế Tài. Or many people have been aware of the story of Communist general Đồng Văn Cống’s son, leader of students of the “Southern schools” who made widespread protests across the country from Ha Dong province to capital Hanoi.   

The fates of the majority of those “tập kết” people as soon as they set their first footsteps into the North then they immediately became the RED SLAVES exactly like the poor People in North Vietnam.  

The important fact to be recognized was that the whole staffing and organizations of the CPV and the administration were assigned by Soviet Union and China. The top leadership teams of Vietnamese Communists were not elected by their party members but were selected and appointed by Soviet Union and China, The CPV’s members only elected officials within those approved lists. The North Vietnam administrative branch’s staffing were also nominated by the CPV and the People only select within that approved list. Somewhat differently was the CPV leadership was nominated by Soviet and China and CPV members elected candidates within that pre-approved list.      


When King Bảo Đại, as the President of Vietnam, invited Mr. NGÔ ĐÌNH DIỆM to serve as the Prime Minister, there were almost 1 million refugees who migrated from North Vietnam to South Vietnam, leaving behind their land and ancestors’ tombs…to flee to the South voluntarily to follow Mr. NGÔ ĐÌNH DIỆM. They were not threatened or tricked out to go. The number of refugees should have been much higher than 1 million. But, due to some transportation means limitations and especially threats, discouragement and terrorized acts of the Communists so Northern People were not able to migrate to the South easily.      

   On August, 9th, 1954, the Nationalist Government of new Prime Minister Ngô Đình Diệm created the Directorate General of Immigration and Refugees.

 (Almost 1 million Northern Vietnamese casted their votes by their own feet to disapprove the Vietnamese communists (CPV) and entrust Prime Minister Ngô Đình Diệm while leaving behind all their properties accumulated through many generations, lands, plantations including their ancestors’ tombs…in the North to migrate to South Vietnam after the Genève Treaty of 1954 to divide Vietnam into two independent nations). 

It is worthwhile to note that this time was not the time for the Nationwide (General) Election throughout North and South Vietnam as defined by the Genève Treaty of 1954 on Vietnam but the People in North Vietnam determined themselves from bottom of their hearts to select/ elect Prime Minister Ngo Dinh Diem as their top, competent, ethical, dedicated, politically visionary leader and eventually became the very first President-Elect of the First Republic of Vietnam.

1/ In North Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh’s communist party (CPV) throughout their Land Reform Policy, Reorganizations, Cultural and Thoughts Revolution…killed and destroyed all People in order to obtain their main goal of “zero political opposition”. The political purges also affected two parties (1) Socialist Party of Vietnam and (2) Democratic Party of Vietnam, after being created and re-educated by the CPV. They were only fake political parties which were built up as alluring baits to politically blind people in Southern Vietnam or Vietnamese who lived abroad, especially in France. But people around the globe were politically sensitive enough to recognize their suspicious political root and track records.

 They also obtained full support of the Soviet Union, China and the third world, the non-allied nations, such as India, Indonesia, Egypt, Northern and Eastern Europe, France and some countries of Africa, especially via their expensively full scale make-to-believe media campaigns. 
2/ In the meantime, President Ngo Dinh Diem had to inherit massive problems in all areas from “gambling casino” owned/ co-owned by King Bao Dai and former Prime Ministers Tran Van Huu, Nguyen Van Tam who allowed different armed forces of religious Churches, political parties and severe conflicts between political groups. The nation’s armed force was under General Nguyen Van Hinh (Nguyen Van Tam’s son) who bore French nationality and his French wife. So, in reality, Vietnam’s armed force was still fully in the French’s hands. 
And the economy was under complete control of two major Chinese cartels, Quang Dong and Trieu Chau. 

It should not be forgotten that at that time, in South Vietnam, the CPV still secretly “planted” behind key cadres such as Lê Duẩn, Nguyễn Văn Linh, Nguyễn Đức Thuận, Nguyễn Văn Sô, Phan Văn Đáng, Trần Lương (aka Trần Nam Trung, later served as Minister of Ministry of Defense in Nguyễn Hữu Thọ - Huỳnh Tấn Phát cabinet,  Võ Chí Công, Đoàn Khuê, Trần Bạch Đằng, Lê Minh Hương, Võ Văn Kiệt, Mai Chí Thọ, La Văn Liếm, Cao Đăng Chiếm…along with different kinds of rifles, ammunitions, fighting guerillas and also active armed forces…These killing moles only changed their living places by shaving off their hair and many got in pagodas as (faked) monks or lived as parasites attaching to families who had fathers or sons who went up (“tap ket”) North to serve Ho Chi Minh. At that time, there were also the fame-hungry “intellectuals” such as lawyers Nguyễn Hữu Thọ, Trịnh Đình Thảo who accompliced with communist Phạm Huy Thông who returned from France to publicly harass Ngo Dinh Diem administration by lot of protests and hunger strikes…   

Those organizations were surely well identified by the French intelligence that was much better than the young government of Ngo Dinh Diem because the French was well established in Vietnam almost 100 years so they had individuals or organizations, either given birth by them or trained and supported by them to work for them. In Hanoi, France was the only nation, who had had its ambassador but it was changed to the Representative General and permanent reporter immediately when the communists came to seize power right in front of the eyes the International Commission for Supervision and Control in Vietnam (ICSC), in which Canada, Indian, Poland were members (delegates), when they were still in Hanoi. This commission used two biggest buildings in Hanoi as offices where the Shell was located at corner of Tran Hung Dao and Ngo Quyen streets and the commerce office in opposite of Guom lake. The Indian soldiers, worked for Indian delegate was stationed at a place where it became the Ministry of Plantation, about 100 meters from the home of Ph.D. Nguyen Manh Tuong who was named by scholar Ho Huu Tuong as “Fece Idol” because he was originally born in Cổ Nhuế village in which all of its villagers earned their livings by transporting and selling human waste (feces).  

   Indian delegates worked less but many engaged in illegal businesses. Therefore, the soccer field in front of their camp since dark until 10pm became the “black market” for public. Obviously, there were directive hands of VC security force under the approval of the wife of Le Nghia, the deputy police chief and also secretary of Ha Noi public security department.  

3/ It must be straight to admit that, at that time there were no survey agencies, but based on Mr Ngo Dinh Diem’s achievements then nobody could reject his politically strategic visions, his superb courage to assume the most challenging responsibilities during politically complicated disabilities and large scale political turmoil at that time. It was because his holy spirit of serving his unfortunate citizens so the Vietnamese People loyally supported him, the Prime Minister Ngo Dinh Diem.

This was the most solid political foundation by Prime Minister Ngo Dinh Diem who had rare and sharp political vision that was able to cut off the roots of all political disturbances. That was the “People Referendum” to impeach King Bao Dai so Mr. Ngo had full power to launch massive military operations to root out completely the armed sanctuaries of several different religious sects, enacted all power to the administration cabinet and immediately designed and enacted the Constitution and organize the free general election to build a democratic government of the First Republic of Vietnam. That was Prime Minister Diem’s one of biggest political achievements after a hundred year under French colonialism. That was the first time a top political leader of Vietnam was elected by strictly following constitutional procedures. It means from 1945 until that time President Ngô Đình Diệm was the only constitutionally elected political leader in both South and North Vietnam.  



Please refer below links to have updated information concerning President Ngo Dinh Diem’s achievements. Chinh Khi Viet would like to compare President Ngo’s strategies to serve his citizens and the Fatherland while Ho Chi Minh and the CPV ran North Vietnam. 



      Strategic objectives (theme) of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Vietnam: FATHERLAND – HONOR – RESPONSIBILITIES. While objectives of Ho Chi Minh and his CPV: Loyalty to the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV).  

a)        Land Reform, other economic and social issues/ solutions under the First Republic of Vietnam: The national land reform policy gave the land ownership right to peasants without the need of bloody “People Court”’s executions as in North Vietnam under Ho Chi Minh who accused peasants/ land owners and killed them”. This policy assisted peasants and industrialists to run their own business ventures to produce benefits for themselves and at same time contribute to their nation’s economy (Guidance: Economists John Maynard Keynes and subsequent economics authors for economics in free nations…) but peasants had to abide by regulations and laws which protected the workers via well-written legal laws and regulations. Workers also had rights to organize their labor unions.   
In other words, the first Republic of Vietnam (from herein being abbreviated as FRVN) regime protected citizens’ ownership rights and production materials including land, plants…) along with full legal protection for workers. 

b)      The FRVN was the first elected government in Vietnam after liberated from French colonialism was able to best utilize the national Constitution and its associated, applicable legal systems to run all social activities, wealth redistribution and also completely and effectively preserve Vietnamese culture, art and the nation’s land territories, waters and natural resources…
Meanwhile in North Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh’s CPV implemented the policy of ripping off People’s wealth. They clearly stated in their governmental documents that the CPV is the absolute owner and the People were “productivity means” (slaves) which meant the People were only a purely form of property (productivity) of the CPV. Saying for easier understanding: if living in the nation’s territories in free South Vietnam, the citizens were protected by the written laws as legal owners of properties which were gained through their hard/ good labor/ creativity but in Communist North Vietnam under the CPV they run the country by executive orders to protect its own CPV’s selfish ownership but the People living under this CPV regime People did not have civil and human rights. And, in fact, the People in North Vietnam looked like oxes and cows that literally bore the bodies of human beings. 

The CPV ran the government by their executive and verbal orders such as verbal ordinance under the old imperialism totalitarian regimes. All labor unions were created and directly run/ controlled by the CPV and associates with ultimate goals to control members’ minds, thoughts, labor productivities, trade-related activities to ensure these workers, considered as a tool of materialistic production) best served the CPV to meet their political objectives which were designed by Soviet Union and Red China. Ex: laborers, peasants, novelists, teachers, women. 

4/ During the time on top of power in South Vietnam, leader President Ngo Dinh Diem still strongly demonstrated himself his simplest and most frugal lifestyle. His cabinet assistants were similar to him, the top leader.
On the complete contrary, when Ho Chi Minh and his Communist Party of Viet Cong/ CPV (skillfully being masked as the Labor Party of Indochina) entered Hanoi in 1954 after their “Fall Revolution” they immediately stole modern mansions/ buildings, created special shops which supplied special, luxury “necessities” to them, special hospitals, separate entertainment centers, resort centers and hospitals in other countries. Special health committee was designed and created to prescribe special vitamins such as human fetuses which were soaked very long time in bee honey in Ha Giang province because in that city bees sucked honey in opium trees. They also processed extract of condensed tiger bone, Ban Long and Tieu condensed bone extracts.  

Superb aromatic rice of Huong Canh (Vinh Phu) was a specialty rice of North Vietnam but the output was very low so Ho Chi Minh and his CPV forbade planting this rice but only limiting its supply to serve the Viet Communist PoliBureau and embassies of China and North Korea (because Soviet Union did not eat rice).

In general, the specialty food of Northern Vietnam was only supplied to the Central Committee of the CPV, priority to PoliBureau and Committee of Secretary General. Ex: Sweet Crunchy Rice (Com) Lang Vong, Ha Noi, Yen Minh, Ha Giang seedless persimmon, Hung Yen logan, Anh Vu fish, Phu Tho white crane, Dam Set, Ha Noi tapila fish. They distilled wine from (Than) sticky rice, Tu Son sweet rice, strong horses’ semen, fresh milk from Holland cows, cow ranches built up in Ba Vi and Son La. Those specialty food/ vitamins were transported to the CPV leadership daily by helicopters.   
It meant all utmostly expensive, rare and extra delicious food/ vitamins were daily supplied to the CPV leadership. Therefore, Ho Chi Minh and the leadership in CPV Central Committee were all superbly great looking with super red- bloody-glossy skinned face (like living Marxist SAINTS). Until now, most of them are all beyond 90 years of age but are still alive, alert and very healthy. “Full stomach therefore extra hot kidney and wiggling hands, feet and…horrendous…sinful genitals…” (Vietnamese adage) the Viet Cong CPV built the “Turtle entertainment center” in Quang Ba, Ho Tay, Ha Noi to nourish under-aged girls for their daily F…KING…SHOWS. These were super young girls aged from 17 to 20, selected from highland areas of Son La, Lai Chau, Cao Bang. They were Tay and white Thailandese. These young girls were trained in professional sexual services to proudly “serve” the leadership of Viet CPV….until the…”LAST DROPS…” Sexual services performed by these under-aged girls were also classified as “Marxism Leninism revolutionary activities” (sic). 

Not only was there the “Turtle Entertainment Center” at Ho Tay but in all provinces there were “female servers” to “serve” Communist high-ranking cardes and “extra specialists” in the homes which were called “Courtesy Homes”. Specifically at Hung Yen province, the province’s secretary general Le Quy Quynh built up a prostitute group masking under the name “Provincial permanent agricultural arrigation group”. At Quang Binh province, the province’s secretary general Nguyen Tu Thoan set up the province’s music band to serve the “leadership” with their Marxism’s sexually animalistic arousing needs.     

It has not been mentioned to the Communist leaders in the “Henry VIII green-beard escort team” to chief Ho Chi Minh who publicly “slept” with their subordinates’ wives. Ex: Ho Chi Minh (referenced by author Vu Thu Hien, who lived most of his life in North Vietnam, in his work “Nights During Days”) that Ho Chi Minh at every single noon authorized pickups via automobile his “niece Linh Nham” who belongs to the Central Musical Band to visit his President Palace to eat lunch with “Uncle Ho” and performed poetic verses so “uncle Ho” can sexually purred out and yelled out real loud:

 “Ec ec ec….ah ah ah ah ah, oh oh oh oh, ah ah ah…uh uh uh, oc oc oc, a..a… e…e…e…uhm, uhm, i…a’… e’ ehhhhhhhhhhhh….” as a strong naked PIG in its… free loader’s sexy show (in “No family, no religion, no fatherland…play script”) whose big…balls were being harshly castrated but at same time was probably happily (state-implemented) consficating Marxism Leninism PARADISE/ NIRVANA !!!
That’s why “Uncle Ho” was able to enter his naps satisfactorily every noon after “finishing his…full scale Revolutionary…Operations” with his “niece Linh Nham” in order that he could be healthy and happy enough to tackle “strategic national affairs…” “for the People, by the People and from the People…” (Sources: Chu? Tịt Hồ Dâm Tặc’s ecstasy voice recording extracted from Hanoigate’s super top secret archive). 

Top Vietnamese Communist Pham Van Dong, Viet Cong Prime-Minister-For-Life mated with actress Dam Lien of the Performance Art of the 5th Zone,Heads butcher Vo Nguyen Giap mated with Hong Hanh, wife of writer Dao Vu, Major General Nguyen Trong Vinh slept with his adopted daughter, a member of the Central Acrobat Group, Ung Van Khiem matched with the widow of deceased Minister of Agriculture Huynh Van Loc in Ho Chi Minh’s cabinet whose wife jealously fought back so To Huu rematched this widow with state-run writer Hoai Thanh, Nguyen Van Tran slept with both mother and daughter of wealthy Pho Gia Tuong at Pho Hang Bo, Ha Noi. He also dated with his daughter’s friend, a player in the national table-tennis team, Nguyen Thi Mai.     
That was the main reason why Nguyen Van Tran, the Secretary General of the CPV, ordered to flat out the Poli-Technique school, which was originally built since the time Vietnam was still under the French colonialism, to erect/ build the tennis table club. There were countless of horrified, corrupted incidents in the CPV’s killing history. Let’s take a look at grand heads butcher Tran Do, a star of some young intellectuals in Canada, led by medical doctor Lam Thu Van. He came to Saigon and arrested while he was “intimately sleeping” with a “niece stewardess” at Huu Nghi hotel. Other top VC Nong Duc Manh stole the lover of his son, Nong Quoc Tuan. And the fake political dissident Cu Huy Ha Vu was arrested while he was shirtless, extra fat and super dumb like a sweating pig who was sleeping with a girl in a hotel and with his 2 used wet condoms (probably to divert the investigation of the VC investigators). Even a “no hair bald” guy Thich Khong Tanh was arrested at a “love scene” in a double-bed 3-star hotel room Hoang Yen while he was “preaching his Buddhist sermons” to a young attractive female Buddhist in that hotel room.   
  For years, the above-mentioned truths have been well hidden by the Communist authorities so People in Northern Vietnam were not able to know, so how could People in the South and even the VC armed forced of “long hair and troops’ mothers” in Southern Vietnam be aware of those ugly dirty,  cheating stories.  
  5/ Nowadays, the suppressed People of Vietnam have been aware of some of the past and present truths of the CPV, not only via media but also from the witnesses and their own victims who have been long repeatedly abused by the political system of the CPV.     

 However, if some people who are still not convinced with the cruel and bloody killing face of the CPV then they are much likely influenced by the truth -or-dare (true-or-false) stories by the state-controlled, state-paid writers such as Vu Thu Hien, Bui Tin, Nguyen Minh Can, To Hai with his quote:” There was no such ban to the Nhan Van Giai Pham writers  by the top Communist leaders Le Duc Tho and To Huu…but they banned themselves to write…”). Also those whistle-blowers of the CPV such as Truong Minh Hoa, Hua Vang Tho in TinParis.Net. These 2 individuals have created faked or modified, bias news pieces or commentaries so the People, witnesses or victims inside Vietnam are extremely suspicious on the news broadcast to Vietnam from other free countries. This tactic reduces the positive impacts of the media fronts/ battles from abroad into Vietnam to unmask the CPV to the victimized People of Vietnam.

6/ Now, the systematically oppressed People of Vietnam have understood a big chunk of brutal truths about the CPV. However, their knowledge about the First Republic of Vietnam administration under the excellent and ethical (super clean) leadership of constitutional President-elect NGO DINH DIEM is still very limited. Because they have not been informed of all the historical incidents throughout Vietnam so the People are still suspicious, holding negative attitudes and easily fall into traps of the faked dissidents, groups or parties. These faked forces are either setup, paid and maintained by the CPV or belong to the special interest groups. Their “stainless-steel glossy” credentials are made up by the CPV or the special interests groups or by the cooperation of both groups because they have common interest that they can exploit labor, exhaust Vietnam’s natural resources, utilize bones and blood of Vietnamese People, Vietnam Fatherland’s territories, waters and airspace into their own international politically gambling and speculating plans.

At this critical moment of the history of Vietnam, the People (inside and outside Vietnam)’s decision is  ultimately and critically important:   
 a/ The People’s necks will be completely and in all aspects shackled under China’s dictatorship if an appropriate attitude (proper political strategy) is not be chosen and implemented before the disaster happening to our Fatherland Vietnam and its unfortunate People.

b/The People of Vietnam will become “red slaves” under China to comply with the direction of the CPV who are playing the role of the “faked modernists/ false dissidents…” or become “green slaves” towards the shortcuts of the faked democratic activists/ dissidents… such as Nguyen Dan Que, Cu Huy Ha Vu, Pham Chi Dung…and other “ghostly political parties” inside and outside Vietnam which have had bad track records of grave betrayals without solidly proven political contributions or achievements.   
  c)  Or, follow a challenging strategy of self-control, self-respect, humanistic human-beings, fairness, truly independence and liberty such as proven political strategies under the astoundingly achieving  leadership of the late President NGO DINH DIEM under his short 9 year of governance under the First Republic of Vietnam with its popular theme/ objectives: FATHERLAND, HONOR, RESPONSIBILITIES to lead and plan accordingly and properly for the national interior and foreign relation policies as well as using this theme of the above  simple words to control and review the implementation of the national strategic policies.      

 The members of the Armed Forces, People, Administration and Political Parties of the Republic of Vietnam and all People throughout Vietnam should question ourselves what we have done for our FATHERLAND VIETNAM, what we have accomplished to protect the reputation of our Fatherland Vietnam, how much responsible we should have been bearing to all of us and to each of us to our ancestors in the past, to ourselves and our fellows in present and finally our responsibilities to the national heritages that we inherited from our FOUNDING FATHER VIETNAM and our responsibilities to our next generations and to our People and FATHERLAND VIETNAM in the twenty-first century and beyond?  
 Author Chính Khí Vit
 Version in English language by Vit Sĩ


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